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By The Mariner


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Collin got on his back on the bench-press bench. There was a one-hundred pound weight already in position and, with only a little effort, he did three quick presses.

‘Impressive,’ I thought, watching the smooth expansion of his chest, the impressive thickness of his biceps and bulging forearms and, the flatness of his abdomen with a very noticeable ridge of muscles as he inhaled and exhaled while pressing the weight. Unavoidably noticeable was the bulge in his crotch as his hips reacted to the pressure as he pumped the weight.

He, of course, dared me to match his lift and just as I was about to straddle the bench, mom called. “You two quit messing with that contraption and get cleaned up. Supper will be on the table in ten minutes.”

Recalling the accuracy of her predictions, I slid under the weight and did three quick reps with one added until later on. Collin didn’t say anything…not then. Later was to be a revelation for both of us.


Supper was as I remembered it. Dad sat at the head of the table as usual and Mom sat at the opposite end, as usual. The difference was Collin and me sitting next to each other rather than facing across the table like when we were kids. The remodeling that had been done had reduced the size of the dining room and the large oak table had been moved against the new wall under a new window that gave a great view of the outdoors.

After Dad had taken his place, Collin and I sat down. Mother would sit as soon as she had finished placing food on the table and pouring Dad’s coffee.

One thing that was different was the feeling of Collins leg pressing against mine. Every now and then, while not talking, I would feel his leg muscle flex and, a few seconds later he would glance in my direction. I thought he was just playing around and, I didn’t pay any attention to it.

After supper, Dad asked me what my plans for the next day were. I answered but as soon as I finished answering, I yawned and, it was almost as if Mom was waiting for a cue. She said, “ well, you may think you are going to get all of that done but, if you don’t get some rest, you won’t be able to do anything tomorrow or any other day.

“I’ll make sure he gets up in the morning,” Collin said, looking at me and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

He didn’t get a chance to say anything else. Mom pounced and said, “as for that, young man, you let your brother sleep and take care of your chores first.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied, sheepishly.


When we started to help clean the table, Dad had already taken his newspaper and retired to the living room with a fresh cup of coffee. Mom shooed us away.

Collin led the way down the steps into the laundry room and then, following his lead down the steps, they were replacements for the old ones, into the basement. There was a new oil-fired furnace that had replaced the coal burning furnace. The overhead shower was still where it had been installed years ago but, there were new water pipes into Collins bedroom-bathroom and, new sheet-metal air ducts replaced the old hot-air pipes from the coal furnace.

The partition that Collin and Dad had built, reduced the basement size by almost half. But, there was still plenty of room for the furnace, Mom’s storage shelves, overhead hooks for drying the washing during winter and, Collins weights tucked away in the corner next to the partition.

We hadn’t gotten into his new room yet, he wanted to show off his weight training skills before supper and Mom calling us precluded seeing his new digs.

I was standing over the floor drain remembering the times that I had pissed down the drain when showering. Memories of the gobs of teen-aged gushing from my cock and disappearing down the same drain caused a smile to cross my face and me cock tingled from the memories. Inhaling deeply, I asked, “when did Dad have the new furnace installed?”

Collin was standing in the doorway to his room watching me and, he said, “Dad had it installed just before last winter. Mr. Miller gave him a good price. When they were installing the new duct work, that’s when he finished the plumbing too my bathroom. Before then, he didn’t think I needed it as long as the old shower was still good so, the only thing I needed was the toilet and sink.”

“That’s the ’old man’,” I replied, watching as Collin started to strip off his shirt. His satiny smooth muscles rippled as he removed the shirt. His arm pits revealed only a small portion of dark brown hair. It was obvious that he shaved them like me and a lot of guys did who worked out. But, his thick chest muscles highlighted by twin dark nipples surrounded by large, pinkish-brown areolas’ were magnificent. The first of triple rows of muscle merged at the sternum where his thick chest muscles met, forming a perfect valley leading down to his naval where a thin line of dark hair led down over his abdomen into the waistband of his jeans.

Tossing the shirt in the direction of a clothes hamper he turned toward the weight area. His back muscles rippled under summer tanned, tawny, unblemished skin. His thick lateral back muscles spread over his back and then at his lower spine, they merged, forming his very small waist. Almost as if an afterthought, there was a thin line of dark hairs exposed over what had to be the center line of his spine leading down to the cleft formed by tight buttocks encased in dark denim. I felt my cock stirring as I watched him.

Placing one hand on the weight bar, and glancing over his shoulder at me before he turned to face where I was standing, enthralled by the vision he presented, he said, “how about another go at the bench press?”

Collin stood quietly, his sculpted chest expanding as he inhaled and exhaled and, there was a twinkle in his eyes. He was daring me.

I had seen a lot of good-looking, well-built men but, my sixteen-year old brother was magnificent and, he knew it.


Discarding my shirt, I flexed my muscles for a minute before walking toward Collin. He watched intently and for a moment, I thought I detected a hint of apprehension or envy in his eyes. I was the oldest but, I kept myself in as good a shape as he had. Maybe, I was pressing an advantage, but, I couldn’t resist saying, “so, you think you can beat your big brother!”

Licking his lips, he grinned and said, “maybe.”

We went through alternating two-lift repetitions, increasing the weight by twenty pounds until we reached one-hundred sixty pounds. Sweat was pouring from both of us when we finished but, I felt a grudging admiration for Collins ability. He had matched me lift for lift and pound for pound. We had spotted each other and it was fascinating to look at the sculpted development of his chest and watch his rippling muscles moving smoothly with each lift. There was a look of determination in his eyes and, I detected a struggle within him that didn’t need to be nurtured. Rather than continue the contest, since he was only sixteen and was as hard-headed as I was, I called it a draw.


We sat silently on the edge of the bench, breathing heavily, for several moments before we were breathing normally. Both of us were glistening with sweat. Just as I was about to speak, Collin spoke up and said, “how about a shower before we hit the sack?”

“Sounds like a plan,” I replied, standing and offering him my hand.

Pulling him up by his arm, I followed him into his room.

Inside the doorway on the left, I spotted my luggage sitting next to one of the twin beds. The walls of the room were finished in light-oak paneling but, not very much of it was visible because of the posters of famous bodybuilders. Sherman Alsip, one of my favorites, Glenn Bishop, Frank Affront, Ernest Albert, Jim Alexander, a fantastic blond hunk that I had seen posing nude and dressed in an Adonis magazine. All of the posters featured both nude and non-nude poses but, the posing straps left very little to the imagination.

“Hey, Collin,” I said as I looked around. “You’ve got quite a collection of posters.”

“Thanks,” he said. “Jim Alexander and Glenn Bishop are my favorites.”

Glancing at him, and grinning, I said,” I can see why they would be, but, don’t mom and dad object?”

“Yeah, but, Mom seldom comes into my room and Dad, when he does come in, which is not often, he sort of pretends the posters aren’t there.”

“Mom, I can understand,” I replied. “Dad though, I don’t know why. He knows you lift weights and it’s only natural for a kid your age to have pictures of favorites in bodybuilding.”

“Southern Baptist, I guess,” he replied as he opened the door to the bathroom.”

“Maybe so. But, you and Dad have done a hell of a job. The two of you have built a really nice room with your own bath.”

“Yeah, I guess so but,” he sighed as he sat down on the bed and started to remove his gym shoes. “I always wished we could have shared a room.”

Sitting on the bed next to him, I put my arm around his shoulders and said, softly, “there were a lot of things we could have done, Collin, but its been a long time since, I left home and things change.”

We sat quietly for several minutes, me with my arms around his shoulders and his head partially leaning against my chest. I could feel his slow breathing and the soft beat of his heart. When he dropped his gym shoe to the floor, he lifted his head and said, “Ryan, do you remember when you came home after you re-enlisted?”

“Yeah, you were about ten years old, if I remember right.”

“And,” Collin whispered, “you were twenty-one.”

“So,” I replied, wondering what he was leading up too.

“Do you remember when we slammed the basement door so hard it broke the glass and, Dad had to put cardboard over it until the glass could be replaced?”

“Yeah” I replied, chuckling to myself. “I thought, Dad was going to kill us both for that one.”

“Me too but,” he said a little nervously, “when you were home, I put a hole in it so, I could watch you taking a shower. You had the most beautiful body that I had ever seen and, I wanted to be just like you.”

“Well, from what I can see, it looks like you have done a pretty good job of it.

Collin inhaled deeply before he said, “Maybe but, when I was watching you rubbing your hands all over your muscles and, I saw your dick getting hard, it excited me. When you started jerking off, I didn't think my dick would ever be as big but, I imitated what you did and, I did it the same way. Nothing came out like it did when you reached your climax but, I felt really good and watching you made me feel even better.”

We sat quietly for several minutes after Collin stopped what was almost an admission that hadn’t wasn’t sure that I wanted to hear. I was gay but, I wasn’t sure that, I wanted to hear that he was or thought me was. What he had said could only be the memories of when he was ten-years old and had a brother’s crush on me, his older brother.

Removing my arm from around his shoulders, I moved to the other bed and unconsciously started to undress while I was thinking. Collin had, more or less, used me as a model to improve himself and he had done a damn good job of it. I noticed the improvement the moment I saw him in the terminal. His arms were fuller and stronger and his body felt hard. Most gay guys notice things like that but… about their brothers?

Removing my shirt, I glanced over at Collin. He had finished undressing, removing his shoes and jeans. My head was awhirl with thought as I looked at him. His physique was similar to mine except on an only slighter scale. His stomach was flat and there was prominent evidence of a hard-ridged six-pack of muscle. He had a thin dark trail of hair leading down from his inny naval and then merging with a full bush of pubic hair that surrounded the base of his fully erect, smooth and beautifully tapered cock. I was uncut but, Mom and Dad had Collin circumcised when he was born. The surgeon had done a beautiful job of removing the skin. The surgical scar was barely visible.

Smiling softly, Collin moved toward me. His perfectly developed chest rose and fell as he breathed and, his strong, at least six-inch shaft thrusting outward from his loins was not the ’willy’ of the ten-year old I remembered.

My breathing had increased perceptibly as he walked toward me and, my still confined cock had swollen and stretched down the leg of my trousers.

‘God,’ I thought, trying to remember we were brothers. ’If Mom and Dad had any idea that we both are gay, I don’t know if they will understand.”