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By The Mariner


This true erotic story is intended for ADULT readers only. If you are not of legal age in your locality to be reading erotic material or should you disapprove of such material, PLEASE LEAVE.



Removing my shirt, I glanced over at Collin. He had finished undressing while I was removing my shirt and, my head was awhirl with thoughts. His physique was similar to mine except on a slightly smaller scale. His lower stomach was flat and there was prominent evidence of a hard-ridged six-pack of muscle visible where his pectoral muscles met, forming his sternum. He had a thin but prominent, dark trail of hair leading downward between the ridges covering his abdomen to his inny naval and then spreading over the flatness of his lower stomach before merging with a full, silky bush of pubic hair that surrounded the base of his fully erect, smooth and beautifully tapered cock. I was uncut but, Mom and Dad had Collin circumcised when he was born. The surgeon had done a beautiful job of removing the skin. The surgical scar was barely visible.

Smiling softly, Collin moved toward me. His perfectly developed chest rose and fell as he breathed and, his strong, at least six-inch shaft thrusting outward from his loins was not the 'willy' of the ten-year old I remembered.

My breathing had increased perceptibly as he walked toward me and, my still confined cock had swollen and stretched down the leg of my trousers.

`God,' I thought, trying to remember that we were brothers. 'If Mom and Dad had any idea that we both might be gay, I don't know how they will ever understand having two gay sons."


Chapter #9

Collin's, impressive, beautiful cock waved from side to side as he sort of glided across the room. His chest rose and fell rhythmically and, his lithe muscles rippled sensuously with each step.

My mind was racing with a jumble of thoughts but instead of answers, I heard myself saying, "Collin do you know what you are doing?"

"Yes," he replied. "I am doing what I wanted to ever since I realized that I liked boys instead of girls. But, most of all, I want us to make love. I've wanted that ever since I watched you through the peephole."

Desire replace common sense and, I stood up, dropping my trousers as I stood. My throbbing cock sprang free from it's confinement and there was a glint in Collin's eyes when he saw me standing naked, my cock exposed.

"You have gotten bigger, Ryan, since I watched you jerking off under the shower."

"So have you," I whispered as we encircled each other with our arms. "From what, I can see, I can't call you my little brother anymore." He was becoming an attractive, strong, well-built, virile, young man."


Collin's lips felt like satin as we kissed. His tongue was a dueling epee fighting for supremacy, searching, exploring and our rigid cocks rolled together as we ground our hips into each other.

Several second elapsed before we parted and, still holding each other, looked into each others eyes. There was a smoldering fire in the depths of his that revealed answers to the singular question that I had asked myself, 'Collin was gay.' When two brothers looked at each other with such intensity, all thoughts of being related succumbed to the desires of the flesh.

Collin's skin felt like warm satin, his eyes shimmered with tears and his soft, succulent lips quivered as he whispered in a low voice, "I love you, Ryan, I've always loved you, but, but, it's different now. It's different than just being your brother, its, it's a feeling like, I don't want to ever lose you. But, I`ve always felt that if I told you how I felt, you would hate me."

We sat beside each other on the bed, my mind still whirling with questions. 'Was Collin really gay or just reliving a fantasy of the two of us having sex?' He had to go further than we already had, he would have to tell me more than just how he felt. I liked a lot of the boys that I saw but, that didn't mean they liked me the same was that I liked them.

Taking Collins hand in mine, I squeezed it gently and said, "Collin, do you want to tell me what could be so bad about loving me that, I would ever hate you?"

When I was in the train terminal and, I saw how much different Collin looked, I couldn't help but think of him as someone whom I would love to take to bed. The thought of him being my brother and that it would be incestuous never crossed my mind. Some may think of that as being wrong but, it never occurred to me. Deep within me, I knew that he would have to tell me he was gay before anything would happen.

I felt Collin massaging my forearm while, I was unconsciously thinking and rubbing his back. When, I heard him mention my name, I said, "Yeah."

"Ryan, do you remember Eddie Elliot over on Glenrose Avenue?"

"Eddie Elliott," I mused out loud. "Wasn't he that skinny, blond headed boy that was with you were in the first grade?"

"That's him," Collin replied. "But, Eddie isn't a skinny boy anymore. We have been working out together in his garage and, he's built as good as me."

"And, is he hung as well as you are?" I asked, grinning slightly while recalling what Collin's cock looked like."

"He's about the same as me but, his is not circumcised like mine is and that makes it look a little bigger but, not much."

"Did you two jerk off together?" I asked while trying to envision cute, little, blond-headed Eddie Elliot and Collin jerking off.

Collin sort of chuckled before saying, "Yeah, we did and one time about a year ago, we did more than that, he sucked me off and, it felt great. I loved the feeling."

"Did you shoot in his mouth?" I asked, trying to sound amazed.

"No, he pulled off just as I was ready but, I loved the feeling of his mouth on my cock."

"That is not unusual, Collin," I said. "I don't know any guy that does not like having his cock sucked but, it is fantastic when they let you go all of the way and you can feel your semen shooting down their gullets."

"Yeah," Collin said, a note of excitement in his tone as he spoke. "I guess that is okay but what about when I`m in bed jerking off and wishing we were doing it together?"

"You and Eddie?" I queried, standing and stretching.

"No, Ryan, me and you," Collin replied. "Jerking off with Eddie was okay but, since I watched you jerking off, I've felt there was something different about the way I felt about other boys. When Eddie sucked my cock, something inside of me told me that I was gay and girls would never be as satisfying as making love to another boy and besides, Eddie there is only one boy that I've wanted be with,," he said, exhaling explosively and breathing rapidly for a few seconds before he continued. "Good or bad, Ryan, I think you love me the same way I love you and that is all that, I want."

My legs buckled at the knees and for a moment I thought that I might collapse but, recovering quickly, I pulled Collin up and encircling his waist with my arms, he slipped his around my neck. Pulling his satiny soft body against mine, I brushed his lips with mine and whispered, "Are you really, really sure that is what you want? Because, Collin, once we cross that line, there is seldom any going back to the way things were."

His eyes glistened for a moment and, I felt his hard cock pressing against me as he thrust his hips forward and said.

"There is nothing that will ever change how I feel."

"Let's get that shower," I whispered.