My Son Is Getting Married by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : My Son Is Getting Married
Written by : Hector Himeros
Words : 8,100 words
Scene : M/M, straight/gay, incest, masturbation, anal, first time
Setting : Bedroom - apartment
Location : Warsaw, Poland
Time : Present day
Character #1 : Mandek - 54yo - uncut Caucasian gay top
Character #2 : Antoni - 26yo - uncut Caucasian straight - bottom

Mandek's only son, Antoni, is about to get married to a young woman that day. As a father, Mandek feels he is going to lose his son. The truth is Mandek has sexual interest in his 26-year-old son. The thought of losing him drives Mandek crazy. With much determination, he enters his son's bedroom only to find him shirtless. Lust immediately courses down Mandek's veins as he finds the courage to admit his true feelings to his son.

A new day began as the sun rose up in Warsaw. It should have been a very special day for Antoni, a handsome Polish young man, because he was going to marry a young woman. However, he had mixed feeling about it. He had to marry her because he accidentally impregnated her. Unknown to Antoni, his father, Mandek, did not want to see him marry to a woman. As the sunlight shone through the bedroom, Mandek unwillingly opened his eyes. Lying lazily on the bed, he rubbed the sweat off his damp torso. His callused hand wiped away any dampness left on the broad chest. The briefs that he wore were rather damp, too. Staring at the ceiling, he realized what day it was. His son was about to get married on that day. Although he did not feel like waking up early, he forced himself to sit up on the bed. It took him some time before he could gather himself. As a father, Mandek did not know what to think. Of course, he was very happy for Antoni's marriage, but on the other hand he was also sad. For years, Mandek and Antoni had lived together, just the two of them. But suddenly, Antoni would move out to build his own life. Being in his mid 50s, Mandek was afraid of living by himself. He knew for sure that he would miss his son very much.

Staring at the mirror, Mandek saw the reflection of his own face. Half of the hair on his head had turned grayish. But he still had not lost his aura of sexiness. Being an ex fitness instructor, Mandek still possessed an athletic body. The muscles he built years ago were still there, but they were covered by thin layers of body fat. Soft mat of grayish body hair was not seen growing on Mandek's torso because he had shaved it the day before. A pair of brown nipples turned erect as the morning breeze greeted them. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Mandek ran a hand down his torso. As the palm touched one of the pecs, it immediately squeezed the pectoral muscles. Looking down, Mandek found his morning hard-on sticking out of the tight briefs. As he lowered down the waistband to let his erect cock spring out, the cock throbbed hard. Being uncut, its foreskin had already been retracted down. The reddish glistening dick head was glaring at Mandek.

Sighing, the Polish man touched his own erect penis. 'Fuck! My son is getting married. He's going to move out. I'm losing him. If only I had the courage to fuck him when he turned 18, maybe I wouldn't have to face this day.' A small drop of precum oozed out of the slit. 'If only Antoni knew the sexual desire I had for him. All these years, I always watched him secretly, especially when he wore nothing but briefs. He was always there in my jack off fantasy. No, I don't want to lose him.' Indeed, Mandek had been gay for years. He started to have sexual desire for his own son when Antoni reached his teenage years. Mandek freaked out as he realized that Antoni was about to leave him. The Polish man stuffed his erect cock back into the briefs. The waistband snapped back against his waist, creating a loud snapping sound. Wearing only briefs, Mandek stormed out of his bedroom. His heart was beating fast as he rushed to Antoni's bedroom.

But as Mandek stood in front of Antoni's door, he was chickened out. With little courage left within him, Mandek turned the door knob and peeped in. Inside the room, his son was preparing himself for the big event. Not wearing any shirt to cover his bare athletic torso, Antoni wore a pair of black trousers. The expensive black tuxedo was still laid on the chair, untouched. The faint fragrance of Antoni's cologne tickled Mandek's nostrils. Quietly, Mandek slipped in and closed the door behind him. Seeing his father, Antoni called out to him and asked for help to get him dressed. Watching himself in the mirror, Antoni was admiring his own bare chest. His dad was a fitness instructor, thus Antoni became addicted to fitness. Years in gym had shaped his body pretty well. There was hardly any body fat in Antoni's body. As Mandek stood behind him, Antoni could see his dad's reflection on the mirror. Secretly, he was comparing his body to his dad's.

"Dad, help me get dressed, will you?" Antoni said, still fixing his eyes on the mirror. At times, he would flex his body in front of the mirror. His mind wandered around, imagining his first night with his wife-to-be. Although he did not love her, he could not reject great sex. The dirty thought soon created a bulge in his trousers. "Oh shit! I get a hard-on," Antoni cursed. The straining dick inside the tight briefs gave Antoni uncomfortable feeling. As Mandek wrapped his arms around Antoni's waist, Antoni did not protest. He thought that his dad was going to clean the trousers. Then, Antoni felt Mandek pull his body close to his. The young man could clearly feel the outline of his dad's fleshy chest pressed against his naked back. "Dad, what are you doing?" he asked, out of curiosity. 'Something is not right,' Antoni thought, trying to get his dad's hands off him.

But as a good father, Mandek was quite persuasive. "Can't a dad hold his own son on his son's wedding day?" Mandek asked innocently. That innocent question did not sound weird to Antoni. Thus, Mandek got permission to hold his son's shirtless body. Sighing, Mandek added, "My son, you're a grown up man now. Daddy loves you so much, you know?" The arms wrapping Antoni's waist grew tighter. One hand then crawled up, groping Antoni's chiseled abdomen. The other one headed down and accidentally touched Antoni's hard-on through the trousers. "You have an erection, Antoni. You should release its tension. It's not healthy to maintain an erection without doing anything to release its pressure," Mandek whispered, resting his chin on Antoni's broad shoulder. Sensually, the Polish daddy massaged his son's hard-on. The hand was moving in circular movement, caressing the bulging meat.

"No, Dad, It's wrong. We can't do this," Antoni gasped, doing nothing to prevent Mandek from exploring his body. His bare body shuddered as he started to enjoy his dad's groping. "Dad, your hand feels so good on my cock. Ah, Dad." Even though he knew that it was wrong, he was powerless to stop his dad. The longer Mandek rubbed his hand on Antoni's body, the hornier Antoni became. Antoni was definitely not gay, but he was turned on by his dad's hands. Helplessly, Antoni gasped for breaths. His eyes were closed as he laid his head back on Mandek's broad shoulder. "Dad, stop it. We can't do this. It's incest and it's gay. Please stop, Dad," Antoni gasped softly. Although his mouth said no, his body acted the other way around.

"I must confess something to you, Antoni. I have had sexual desire for you, my son, for a long time. I'm always thinking of you when I jack off. I want you, Antoni. Please, let Daddy feel your sexy body," Mandek whispered, licking Antoni's ear lobe. The Polish daddy did not know why he suddenly had the courage to molest his own adult son. "Antoni, I'm so hot for you," he said again, rubbing his son's crotch. Licking up and down, Mandek bathed his son's neck with a thick layer of saliva. "I want you to be mine, my son. Daddy loves you so much," Mandek breathed, groping Antoni's chest with the other hand. "Oh, you have a great body. I like it," he whispered, swirling his tongue around Antoni's neck.

"Oh, Dad," Antoni whispered, raising one hand to stop his dad's. As he touched it, he felt waves of lust rushing into the veins of his body. Antoni had often touched his dad's hand, but he had never felt anything like that. "Dad, I..." Antoni tried to protest. But he was speechless as Mandek squeezed Antoni's hard-on through the trousers. As a horny young man, Antoni could not resist the sexual pleasure that his dad offered him. Sexual desire began to fill Antoni's defenseless mind. His level of horniness increased rapidly. "I'm so horny, Dad. Oh, Dad," he whispered, squirming helplessly within Mandek's strong arms. All of a sudden, Antoni felt like a small boy in his dad's embrace. That thought rendered him powerless to fight his dad's perverted intention.

"Be a good boy, Antoni. Daddy needs your help," Mandek whispered back, lapping up the sweat that started to bead up Antoni's neck. "You taste delicious, my son. You make me horny." Purposely, Mandek thrust his hips forward. The big bulge in his briefs poked Antoni's ass shamelessly. "Do you feel it, Antoni? That's my hard-on. I'm as hard as you are now. Why don't we release each other's loads? Let me help you. Daddy wants to see you shoot your cum." The hand groping Antoni's crotch started to fiddle with the zipper. A faint unzipping sound resounded. As soon as it happened, a big bulge pushed out of the fly. "Yeah, son. Let me see your cock. Daddy wants to fondle it." Lewdly, Mandek reached over to rub his son's lewd bulge. The outline of Antoni's mushroom-shaped dick head was clearly seen. Mandek's hand continued to unsnap the button. In a second, Antoni's trousers dropped onto the floor, leaving him in briefs.

Antoni really did not know what to do. His whole body had been filled with sexual thrill. The urge to cum began to build inside Antoni's ball sack. If he did not immediately loose the pressure in his balls, Antoni felt that he might explode. "Oh, Dad, you've made me so horny. Your hand feels so good. Oh," he gasped, flailing helplessly. Half of his mind still protested for it was wrong to have a gay sex, much less incest one. But the pleasure he received was too great to resist. One thing for sure, the bulge in his briefs grew harder. It had even started to ooze out precum. Antoni could not help letting out a soft gasp when his dad groped the crotch for the umpteenth time. "Dad, I'm too horny. I must cum."

Without saying anything, Mandek acted more bravely. His hand directed itself into Antoni's briefs, slipping under the tight waistband. Mandek almost lost his breath as he felt his son's hard cock. Antoni's meat was throbbing in Mandek's hand, like a dream came true. The foreskin-covered bulbous head had already dripped out some precum. The liquid stained Mandek's palm, leaving slippery stains. Driven by his lust, Mandek wanted to see his son's hard-on. His other hand then quickly gripped the waistband and pulled down the briefs. Instantly, Antoni was left standing there with nothing on. Mandek's hard-on grew harder, as if it would tear his briefs apart. The elongating meat pressed itself against Antoni's bare ass. Breathing intermittently, the Polish daddy tried to undress himself as fast as he could. In less than a second, he too was standing naked in front of the mirror.

Craning his head over Antoni's shoulder, Mandek was observing Antoni's hard dick on the mirror reflection. In his mind, he was very proud that his son's cock was as big as his. It was actually not the first time that Mandek laid his eyes on his son's dick. But that was the first time that he could really hold Antoni's dick and feel it throb in his hand. Holding the foreskin tightly, Mandek pulled it down. The glistening cock head showed itself, pulsating shamelessly before Mandek's eyes. It was truly the most beautiful piece of man meat that Mandek had ever seen. The knob was perfectly shaped like a mushroom head. Precum drooling out, Antoni's cock slit looked like a one-eyed red monster. When Mandek purposely brushed the head, Antoni flinched for his dick was very sensitive. A slight touch could jolt Antoni's body.

Holding Antoni's shoulders with both hands, Mandek whispered to him, "Daddy likes seeing your naked body, son. It's so beautiful." His eyes were riveted to the mirror reflection in front of them. Sensually, Mandek reached out his hand and groped Antoni's hardening dick from behind. "It seems that your dick is as long as mine. Oh yeah, I bet it tastes delicious. Do you want to feel daddy's big cock?" Without waiting for the answer, Mandek lewdly rubbed his naked hard-on against the crack of Antoni's ass. He could feel how Antoni's body reacted to the sensual rubbing. "Yeah, your body craves for cocks. You shudder with lust. Oh yeah, daddy can satisfy your lust, son." Tightening the grip around Antoni's dick, Mandek jerked his son's cock. "Does my hand feel good on your cock, son?" he asked lasciviously, pushing out his tongue.

"Yeah, dad!" Antoni gasped, out of breath. Confused, the handsome young man did not know what happened to him, but suddenly he was very lustful towards his own father. The only thing that he could think of, at that moment, was sex. Realizing that he had never fooled around with other guys sexually, only excited Antoni more. "Yeah, Dad, jerk my cock off. It does feel good, Dad." Helplessly, Antoni surrendered his body to his dad. He just wanted to be satisfied sexually. "I'm so hard, Dad. Keep jerking my cock. I like it. Oh, Dad!" At that time, Antoni did not mind the fact that he was about to have sex with his own father. All he wanted was to ejaculate. Squirming, Antoni kept producing lewd gasps. Those gasps spurred Mandek to bring more pleasure to Antoni.

"Oh, Daddy likes jerking you off, son. You're a man now. Daddy can make love to you," Mandek whispered, licking up Antoni's neck. Mandek's other hand grabbed Antoni's chiseled torso, giving it a hard squeeze. "Let me please you, Antoni. Daddy wants to taste your body." And with that, Mandek swept his tongue down Antoni's sturdy neck. The soft body hair growing on Antoni's back was dampened by Mandek's saliva. The young man could not help gasping as Mandek twirled the tongue on the bare back. "Oh yeah, daddy is licking your body, son," Mandek whispered, admiring the muscles within his son's naked body. As the Polish daddy went further down, he lowered his body to get a better angle to lick the unreachable spots. Mandek's excited cock swayed about, precum drooling out profusely. It throbbed wildly without being touched. Each throb seemed stronger than the previous ones as if Mandek's cock demanded to be stroked.

"Oh Dad! Yeah, I like it! Stroke my cock, Dad!" Antoni moaned, thrusting his hips forward. Antoni's dick smeared his dad's palm with a thick layer of precum. It seemed as if his dick could not stop oozing out that slippery substance. As a guy who loved sex, Antoni had fucked a number of girls. But he had to admit that having sex with his own dad sounded more horny and exciting. Imagining that Mandek's fist was a tight hole to fuck, Antoni shoved his throbbing dick repeatedly through it. "Ah! Fuck! Yeah, I'm so horny, Dad! Ah yeah!" Throwing his head back, Antoni produced a low growl. His whole body shuddered as pleasurable waves washed over him. Glancing down, he saw his dad kneel down in front of him. "Yeah, Dad. Do you want to suck my dick? Do you want to eat my big fucking dick? Open your mouth, Dad," he breathed, taken over by the perverted lust.

But Mandek did not want to suck his son's dick, yet. He still needed to taste more of Antoni's body. The tongue then swept across Antoni's hairy crotch. The pubic hair got entangled inside Mandek's wet mouth. Acrid manly smell hit Mandek's nostrils as he breathed in the musky aroma emanating from his son's crotch. As Mandek bathed the base of the cock with saliva, some of his son's pubic head tickled the nostrils. The masculine smell of a macho man was a great aphrodisiac for Mandek. Smelling his son's body simply boosted his ever growing lust. Sloppily, Mandek dampened Antoni's manhood with his tongue. When it brushed the cock head, Mandek could taste Antoni's dried cum. Heading down, Mandek targeted Antoni's ball sacks. Down there, the smell of manliness was much stronger. Mandek's head was reeling as he inhaled the aroma. His tongue roamed the crumpled skin of Antoni's nuts. Those balls seemed heavy with cum, stretching downward.

"Do you like my balls, Dad? Lick them wet. Oh! You turn me on. I'm so horny for you, Dad. Keep licking my balls. Oh yeah! Satisfy my lust," Antoni gasped, reaching down to grab his dad's short hair. The relentless stimulation soon brought Antoni one step closer to the unavoidable orgasm. Mandek's stroking hand was trying to pump out his son's cum. Crazy with lust, Antoni wanted his dad to finish him off. Whimpering, the young man tried to endure the overwhelming pleasure he received. "Oh fuck! You lick much better than my girlfriend, Dad. Oh fuck! I like your tongue. You don't hesitate to lick my balls. Yeah, keep wetting those balls with your tongue." Slightly, the muscles within Antoni's body contracted and grew larger. His whole naked body was radiating ecstasy.

After spending several minutes on his son's balls, finally Mandek headed for the throbbing shaft. As he was still tonguing the hard rod, Mandek lapped up a globule of precum. Hungrily, Mandek tasted it. The clear liquid actually tasted just like his own precum, which he had tasted several times. However, because of the fact that the precum came from his son's cock, his mind created illusion as if his son's precum tasted more delicious. Wanting more, Mandek aimed his tongue at the cock slit. Sensually, Mandek's tongue was dancing around the reddish glaring head and lapping up any remains of precum. Antoni's dick throbbed as Mandek's tongue swept across its glossy head. The more Mandek licked it, the more he liked it.

"Fuck, Dad! Your tongue feels so good on my dick. Yeah, keep licking it. I love it, Dad. Worship my cock," Antoni gasped, his body squirming with passion. Grabbing his dad's head, Antoni guided it to his cock. "Suck my dick, Dad. I'm so fucking horny. I have to release the pressure in my balls. Make me cum, Dad. Oh!" Holding onto Mandek's ears, he brought his dad's head closer to his dick. "Open your mouth, Dad. Suck my big dick," Antoni gasped, shoving his hard manhood against Mandek's closed lips. Precum stained Mandek's lips as Antoni's dick rubbed them. Sensing that his dad was about to suck his dick, Antoni drew in a deep breath. It was going to his first time, ever, to get sucked by another man. "Don't hesitate, Dad. Suck my dick now, please. You know you want it," Antoni breathed, his eyes closing.

Actually, Mandek did not need any convincing because he would be more than willing to give his handsome son a blowjob. Mandek's heart was beating fast when Antoni inserted his dick into Mandek's willing mouth. The smell of musky masculinity hit the older man's nostrils. Instantly, as the dick head touched his tongue, Mandek tasted the salty fresh precum. Forming a tight ring with his lips, Mandek held Antoni's cock securely inside his mouth. 'Oh, Antoni's dick is so delicious,' Mandek thought, 'I want to get more. Oh, I can't believe that I'm actually on my knees and sucking my own son's hard dick. Fuck! I'm so horny.' Indeed, Mandek was very horny. His own dick could not stop throbbing. A string of precum was stretched down onto the floor, hanging on his dick head.

"Oh, fuck!" Antoni groaned as he found his dick head wrapped inside his dad's sucking mouth. It was certainly a thrilling experience. "Suck it, Dad. Suck my big dick. Oh, you like sucking cock, don't you? Suck mine. I want to cum in your mouth, Dad. Fuck! Come on, Dad. Suck the cum out of my dick. Yeah!" Antoni's mouth, producing deep guttural growls, gaped open from time to time. The muscles in his body flexed as waves of rapture coursed down the spine. Still pulsating, Antoni's dick oozed out more precum. Inside, his dick head was licked by Mandek's hungry tongue. Looking down, Antoni witnessed his dad's facial expression. 'Shit! I think my dad is a homo. He doesn't show any disgust as he sucks my dick. In fact, I can see the pleasure on his face. I never thought that my manly father liked sucking my cock. But at least, I can use him to my advantage,' Antoni thought, letting his dad slurp on the cock.

'I think my son starts to enjoy being a gay,' Mandek thought, fabricating an elaborate plan to trap his own son into homosexuality. 'I want him for myself. I can't let him marry a girl and move out. I want to have him by my side forever. Yeah, Antoni groans as I suck his delicious fuck rod. When he least expects it, I'm gonna pound my hard cock into his virgin straight ass. Oh yeah, I'm gonna enjoy ravishing his ass.' Mandek's dick throbbed again uncontrollably. The thought of molesting his own son excited him too much. Reaching down, Mandek grabbed his own dick and gave it a few strokes. 'Oh yeah, I'm so hot for Antoni. He's such a stud. His cock tastes so yummy, too. Oh, I want more.' After relaxing the muscles around the throat, Mandek then tried to gulp down the entire cock shaft.

"Oh shit, Dad! I had no idea that you could suck cocks so well," Antoni groaned, noticing that his dad gave him a deep-throat. No one had ever done anything like that to his dick, not even his wife-to-be. Antoni's eyeballs rolled upward as Antoni enjoyed the blowjob. "Shit, Dad! Ah!" Grabbing Mandek's ears, Antoni moaned out his sexual ecstasy. His cock throbbed harder inside Mandek's oral orifice. The wetness of Mandek's saliva and the warmth of his mouth mixed into one. Throwing his head back, Antoni growled, "Dad! Fuck yeah!" The ecstasy seizing his body was far too strong to endure. It vibrated through Antoni's muscles and shook both of his sturdy legs. Antoni could hardly stand. "Fuck! Dad! Oh! I'm gonna cum! Oh!" Not planning to release Mandek's head, Antoni shoved his dick deeper into his dad's willing throat. That young man groaned for the umpteenth time as his dick head was rubbed against his dad's wet throat. The sensation was so overwhelming that it could not be described using words.

Slurping sloppily on the hardening meat, Mandek exerted his sucking skill to please his horny son. Antoni's throbbing cock slid in and out easily, lodging itself into Mandek's mouth. Precum stained the back of Mandek's throat as Antoni's dick head hit the spot repeatedly. Mandek used his tongue to carefully massage his son's cock head while lapping up any traces of precum. Each time the tongue touched the sensitive cock head, Antoni would echo out a low guttural groan. Sometimes, the groan would soon be followed by the oozing of Antoni's precum. Mandek's tongue was always ready to scoop up any remaining precum off the glaring cock head. No matter how much he tasted it, Mandek always wanted more. The Polish daddy was so turned on that his dick could not stop leaking. Since his mouth was stuffed with a large dick, he could not groan out his ecstasy loudly.

"Oh fuck, Dad! Suck my cock. Ah! Please me, Dad!" Antoni's body shuddered uncontrollably from time to time. Knowing that his dad was such a good cock sucker, Antoni wanted to release his pent-up man cream inside his dad's willing mouth. Minutes had worn on, bringing Antoni closer to the inevitable orgasm. Indescribable ecstasy, emanating from his stimulated manhood, was enveloping his naked body. Being unable to control the balance of his body, the young man kept groaning as he let his dad take control of the blowjob. Getting tired of holding Mandek's head, Antoni used one of his hands to trace the athletic contour of his own body. "Oh!" he gasped as he groped his own chiseled torso. Glancing at the mirror, Antoni watched his dad perform oral sex. Antoni could not deny that it was truly such an erotic sight. "Oh, Dad! I've never been so horny like this in my entire life. You've turned me on. I like it. Ah!"

Saliva filled up Mandek's mouth. Antoni's cock was bathed in drool. Slurping on the throbbing meat, Mandek continued to give sexual pleasure to his son. As he busily sucked Antoni's erect pecker, Mandek used his hand to carefully knead Antoni's hanging balls. Ever so gently, he pressed the balls together. The reaction he got was a soft groan escaping from his son's quivering lips. The cock in his mouth throbbed harder, too. At times, Mandek would pull the balls down. The more he manipulated Antoni's balls, the hornier Antoni became. 'Ah, my son's balls are so big and heavy. I bet they contain much cum. I would certainly like to see him squirt out his precious cock juice into my mouth. Oh, I'd drink it all down. Fuck! I'm so horny for my own son. I love his body. I love his cock. He has to be mine!'

"Dad, suck my dick! Suck it!" Antoni slurred, shuddering. The pressure inside his balls increased. His dad's hand massaged the cum inside those balls. "Yeah! Oh yes!" Antoni groaned as his own hand tweaked one of his own nipples. Antoni's chiseled abdomen contracted as pleasure radiated from the stimulated nipple. The brown nipple grew hard thus it was very easy to tweak it. Again and again, his nipple was rubbed by his dad's callused fingers. Sweat started to bead up Antoni's naked back. As the breathing got deeper, Antoni's athletic chest heaved up and down. Staring at his own reflection on the mirror, Antoni knew that he was about to lose his cum. "Dad! I think I'm so close to cumming. Oh! I'm gonna shoot my cum out in your mouth. Ah, fuck! Dad!" he groaned, grabbing a handful of Mandek's damp hair. Antoni tried to control his cock but orgasm was not something that everyone could control. "Fuck! Dad! I'm cumming now! Oh! Take it down your throat! Dad! Oh! Yes! I can feel my cum rush out! Dad! Oh yes!"

Knowing that his son was about to cum, Mandek increased the force of his suction. He tried his best to stimulate his son's dick. Mandek's tongue rubbed the drooling cock head, as well as the cock slit. His lips massaged the entire length, masturbating it, while his throat served as a hole to fuck. Antoni's precum was generously oozed out, flooding Mandek's mouth. Gladly, Mandek gulped it all down. Just seconds away from Antoni's orgasm, Mandek hurriedly released his own drooling erection. Without any warning, Mandek suddenly brought a precum-coated finger to Antoni's asshole. The finger slid easily into Antoni's virgin manhole. Not expecting his dad to do that, Antoni groaned painfully. However, to Antoni's surprise, the anal pain heightened the stimulation. At then, Antoni came!

"Fuck! I'm cumming! Oh! Fuck my ass with your fingers, dad!" Spurt after spurt of creamy cock juice jetted out. Each squirt was followed by a loud guttural cry. "Ah! Yes! Oh! Fuck me!" Antoni was very vocal in expressing his orgasm. The muscles in his naked body contracted, wracking the entire body. As it shook, the throbbing cock in Mandek's mouth throbbed wildly. While cumming, the cock hit itself against Mandek's tongue. More cum was splattered. The thick gooey cum rushed down Mandek's throat, lubing up its way. Repeatedly, the warm cum forced its way out of Antoni's cock slit. The horny young man, groaning loudly, held onto his dad's shoulders for his dear life. It was truly the most amazing orgasm he had ever had. As the cum was milked out, Antoni cried, "Oh yes! Dad, eat my cum! Fuck yes!" As the last drop of cum left the cock, Antoni's orgasm was over. Sighing softly, he tried to maintain his balance because, suddenly, his legs were not able to sustain his body weight. Streaked with sweat, Antoni's muscular chest was heaving up and down. A droplet of sweat hung on his nipple for several seconds before finally it dripped down onto the floor. "Oh Dad, it was amazing," he gasped, looking very tired yet satisfied.

Mandek quickly stood up to support his son's body after his finger popped out of Antoni's clenching ass. As he held his son's sweaty body, he realized that they had similar body size: strong and athletic. But Antoni's was packed with pure muscles while his was packed with a good combination of muscles and body fat. Gingerly, he dragged his son to the bed. Antoni fell down onto the comfortable mattress, bouncing on his back. Looking down onto Antoni's nude body, Mandek's lust boiled again. 'Damn! Antoni looks so damn sexy. I can't hold back my lust anymore. I have to fuck him. He is mine. And I'm gonna fuck his tight ass,' he thought, groping his own dick. The thought of molesting his son was so strong that he could not stop precumming. As Mandek towered above his son, a string of precum dripped down onto Antoni's heaving stomach.

Lying on the bed almost motionlessly, Antoni looked up at his dad's handsome face. Not knowing what his dad was thinking about, Antoni smiled at him appreciatively. "Thanks for the blowjob, Dad. I never knew that you're such a good cock sucker." However, he immediately noticed that something was not right because his father kept staring at his naked body lustfully. "Dad? What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?" But before Antoni could know what exactly happened, Mandek had already climbed up onto the bed. Mandek's hard dick slapped Antoni's thigh and left a trail of precum there. Then it dawned on Antoni that his dad might try to rape him. "No, Dad! I've let you suck my cock. What more do you want from me?" Antoni asked, terrified. "Stop, Dad! You can't do this to me. I'm your fucking son!" But Antoni's reasoning was not heard as Mandek was lost in his perverted lust.

Although Antoni had a stronger body, he was powerless to fight his dad. Mandek easily got on top of Antoni and subdued his own son. Whispering in Antoni's ear, Mandek said, "I want you for myself. I'm gonna fuck your ass, Antoni. I've been longing to do this for years. Finally, now I have the courage to do so. Oh! Antoni, you're gonna be mine forever. Give daddy your ass." Forcefully, Mandek pinned both Antoni's hands to the bed. His body weight held Antoni's body down securely. "I'm so horny for you, son. I want to rape your ass. Let me enter your ass, Antoni. I'm gonna shoot my cum inside you." It was of course not easy to hold Antoni's body still, because the young man put up a fight. During the fight, Antoni accidentally hit his own face because Mandek managed to deflect it. Instantly, Antoni lost his consciousness and lay motionlessly under his dad's body.

"You're mine now, Antoni," Mandek whispered, staring gleefully at his son's naked body. He ran his shuddering hands on Antoni's sweaty skin. While wiping away the sweat, Mandek squeezed the muscles to feel how hard they were. Obviously, Mandek was turned on by his son's masculinity. Straddling Antoni's naked body, Mandek sat on the legs. Some of Antoni's leg hair tickled Mandek's ass hole. Leaning over, Mandek brought his mouth to Antoni's chest. 'I love his pecs. Gosh, my son has turned into a sexy handsome man,' he gasped, observing Antoni's erect nipples. Sensually, the horny father stuck out his tongue and lapped around one of the nipples. 'Oh, Antoni's nipple makes me so horny. It's so hard and delicious. Oh, I want more,' Mandek thought. Hungrily, he tongued the nipples, one by one. At the same time, he ran his hands over Antoni's body. Mandek's cock continued to throb as a streamlet of precum flowed down the shaft and dripped onto Antoni's legs.

Although Antoni fainted, his sub-consciousness reacted to Mandek's perverted action. Antoni certainly did not realize it, but his body seemed delighted. Antoni's dick remained erect. Throbbing, it even drooled out a clear drop of precum. And Mandek saw it! The Polish daddy just smiled to himself as he resumed worshipping his son's body. Mandek's teeth gently scraped the nipples. In seconds, both nipples were covered in a thick layer of spit. They looked rather swollen from the excessive licking and gentle biting. Loud slurping sound echoed as Mandek relished those nipples. The soft nipple hair that grew around the aureole was soaking wet with saliva.

Several minutes had passed. The horny daddy was satisfied as he watched his son's wet chest. "Oh, Son, I want to have sex with you. At last, I can ravage your straight tight hole," Mandek whispered lustfully, his eyes glistened with pure lust. Still straddling Antoni's nude body, Mandek carefully rolled it over. As the muscular young man was lying on his chest, his ass was vulnerably exposed. "It's such a beautiful ass," Mandek whispered, reaching out to squeeze the bubble butt. "My son is indeed a stud. And he's mine." Positioning his body on top of his son's, Mandek slowly buried his throbbing dick in Antoni's ass crack. "I really want to fuck your ass, Antoni. Daddy wants to feel your tight straight ass. I wish you were awake so that you could feel the pleasure I'm going to give you. Oh fuck, I'm gonna drill your ass! Open up for daddy."

Coated with precum, Mandek's hard cock wormed its way into Antoni's ass crack. There was not much space there. The cock head was pressed between the ass cheeks. Grunting, Mandek gave his cock a push. Pressure started to build around Antoni's clenching ass lips. Slowly, Mandek's cock head gained entrance. Ever so gently, the ass was stretched open. "Fuck! Your ass is so tight, Antoni," Mandek gasped, wincing. His sensitive dick head was being squeezed by Antoni's ass muscles. Without being touched, Mandek's foreskin was retracted because it could not pass through the ass hole. A droplet of precum quietly seeped out of Mandek's narrow cock slit and lubed up the fuck canal. "Fuck! I'm gonna push in. I will break your ass, Antoni." After taking a deep breath, Mandek exerted all his strength. His cock finally budged, inching in. "Oh! Yes! I can feel your ass open up for me. I'm fucking your ass, son!" Antoni's ass lips were pushed inward, being forced to make way for Mandek's dick. Slipping through the hole, Mandek's cock pried it open. The slick head lubed up the ass lips, making it easier to go through. Suddenly, the cock head popped in as the ass lips snapped back and choked the shaft.

"Fuck! I'm in!" Mandek yelled triumphantly. His chest, covered by a thin layer of sweat, was heaving heavily. Embracing Antoni's body tightly, Mandek buried his nose into Antoni's hair. The shampoo fragrance tickled Mandek's nostrils. Placing both hands on Antoni's broad shoulders, Mandek repositioned himself so that he could fuck Antoni more easily. "Yeah, your ass is warm and tight. Daddy loves it." Mandek grunted, pushing in the rest of the cock. His dick slid in quite easily with the help of his oozing precum. Thrusting his hips forward, Mandek planted his dick as deep as he could. "Shit!" he groaned desperately as he realized that his entire dick had been buried deep inside his son's warm ass. Mandek's thighs had come in contact with Antoni's ass. Grinding his crotch, Mandek began to cause havoc inside Antoni's ass. As the cock jabbed its way in and out, it smeared the rectum with more precum.

Seizing hold of Antoni's shoulders, Mandek brought his hips upward. The cock was pulled out, its shaft rubbing against Antoni's rectum. Mandek could only gasp at the sensation that his cock felt. "Oh! Shit! It feels so damn good! Oh yes!" His naked body shuddered when the pleasure vibrated from his dick up to his spine. Just as the cock head almost popped out, Mandek hurriedly shoved it back. "Ah yes! Fuck you, Antoni! Ah!" The cock plunged in, passing through the fuck canal once again. Precum had been smeared well inside the ass thus making the penetration became somewhat easier. The cock kept worming in until it could not go any further. Again, it was pulled back. Steadily, Mandek fucked Antoni's deflowered ass. "Ah yes! I'm fucking your ass, Antoni. Oh, I wish you could feel it. Yes, oh!"

Lying motionlessly, Antoni's nude body was rocking back and forth. The handsome young man looked as if he had been sleeping. Despite the anal pain that was radiating from his bruised ass lips, Antoni did not show any painful expression. However, his cock remained erect as ever. Trapped between the chiseled abdomen and the bed, Antoni's dick was rubbed against the mattress. A streamlet of precum continued to ooze out from the narrow cock slit. The liquid was then immediately absorbed by the mattress. Hard thrust delivered by Mandek's cock made the wooden bed creak from time to time. Each thrust pushed Antoni's body downward as Mandek tried to fuck his son deeper. Antoni's hard cock thus continued to rub against the bed. Pulsating, the cock slit slightly parted and oozed out another drop of precum.

"Fuck yeah! Daddy is riding your ass, Antoni. And I love your hot tight ass," Mandek groaned, increasing the speed of his fucking. In and out, his dick was ravaging Antoni's hole. The ass lips were stretched wide apart. It looked as if they were about to be torn apart. Having constant friction, the ass hole grew puffy and swollen. Some minor cuts appeared on Antoni's anal muscles. Still grunting, Mandek rode his son's ass feverishly. "Yes! I'm fucking your ass! Fuck! Yes, I love it! You're mine now and I'm gonna keep you with me forever. Fuck yeah!" Sweat dripped down from Mandek's body onto Antoni's naked back. Mandek's body was literally glistening, covered in sweat. The sweat had also dampened the bed sheet. "Yes, Daddy is fucking your ass, hard and deep. You're mine to fuck. Ah yes! Fuck yes!"

Inside the fuck canal, the cock was sliding in and out with no difficulty. Precum had already lubed up the way. Throbbing, it smeared more precum as its head brushed against the rectum walls. Without any clear direction, the cock wormed its way in, hitting everything that might stand in its way. By luck, Mandek finally found Antoni's prostate. "Oh, this must be your happy spot, son," Mandek spoke as if Antoni could hear him. "Yeah, Daddy is going to stimulate it for you. Daddy wants you to enjoy the fuck. You'll cum in gallons. I can't wait to see your cock spurt out cum. Yes, you're gonna cum while I'm fucking your ass. And you'll remember this moment for the rest of your life." After withdrawing his dick, Mandek quickly shoved it back in as deep as he could. The slimy cock plunged in and hit that same spot. Antoni's body reacted; it shuddered. Although Mandek could not see his son's cock, he was certain that his son was dripping a handsome amount of precum.

Placing both of his hands onto the mattress, Mandek supported himself as he plunged his dick in and out of his son's deflowered ass. A drop of sweat rolled down Mandek's body and headed for his nipple. As the horny daddy continued to fuck his son, the sweat hung onto the nipple. But after several swaying, the sweat drop finally dripped down onto Antoni's bare back. Excited groans resounded through the room, accompanied by the loud creaking of the bed. Slapping sounds were heard each time Mandek brought his crotch down. Since the fuck canal was flooded with overflowing precum, the friction between the cock and the rectum created sloppy wet noises. Some precum was seen flowing out of Antoni's swollen ass lips.

Antoni did not remember what happened. The last thing he remembered was that everything suddenly turned black and noiseless. Slowly, he started to see a glimpse of light. As the light grew brighter, Antoni received extreme pain and unspeakable pleasure. His body was rocking back and forth with his face pressed against the pillow. "What the fuck?" he groaned weakly. Then it came back to him. Antoni was soon fully aware that he was being fucked by his own father. "Fuck you, Dad!" he cursed, trying to throw his dad off, but Antoni was too weak. All he could do was lying on his stomach to receive his dad's thrusting cock. Pain burst out from his ass, splitting his body into two. It was so excruciating that Antoni could not find the right words to describe it. "Dad! You're tearing my ass! Ah! I'm not a fag! Stop fucking me, please. Dad!" he begged, bursting into tears.

"Oh, shut up, sissy boy! You're a man! Take it like a man. My cum will make you a better man. Besides, I'm fucking hitting your prostate now. It's your happy spot. And it can make you cum," Mandek panted, intentionally aiming his thrust at his son's walnut-sized organ. "Yeah, can you feel it, son? I'm stimulating your prostate. Feel it!" Breathing hard, Mandek brought his cortch down again. Taking hold of Antoni's hands, Mandek embraced his son's naked body from behind. "I enjoy fucking your ass. And I'm so close to cumming. I'm gonna fill your ass with my cum." Lustfully, Mandek ran his lips on Antoni's neck and landed a few kisses there.

His head reeling, Antoni was about to curse his dad's perverted action, but a wave of unfamiliar pleasure changed his mind. He had never felt such an exhilarating experience like that. Despite the anal pain that was wracking his body, Antoni received an orgasmic-like sensation. Pressed under his dad's body, Antoni could clearly feel that his own dick was dripping out precum. The dampness on the bed had spread, dampening Antoni's stomach. "Oh!" Antoni growled when another ecstatic wave washed down his body. "Dad! Ah!" Antoni gasped. Before he could say something, another orgasmic wave coursed down his naked body. 'Fuck! This pleasure is so great. No wonder many gay men like getting fucked.' Deliriously, Antoni started to chant, "Dad, fuck my ass. Fuck me." At that point, Antoni's mind had gone numb, seized by the pleasure glowing from his battered prostate. "Fuck yes! Oh! Dad! Fuck me! Ah!"

"Yes! Daddy is fucking your ass, son! I will never stop fucking until I cum. You're mine," Mandek groaned, responding to his son's lewd request. "Yes, do you feel my cock? I'm ravaging your straight ass. Daddy is going to turn you into a gay man. That way, I can fuck you whenever I want to. Yes! I love your tight ass! Fuck yeah!" The horny daddy kept saying lascivious remarks. Mandek's dick throbbed harder inside Antoni's lubricated fuck chute. "Oh yeah, my cock is getting harder. I don't think I can hold it for long, son," Mandek groaned, sweating profusely. "I'm going to spew out my cum in your ass, son. Daddy is going to breed you." Grunting, Mandek tried to restrain himself from cumming. But the stimulation that his cock obtained was too much.

A big change had happened. A minute ago, Antoni cursed his dad for raping him. But soon afterwards, the young man encouraged his dad to release the cum inside him. "Fuck me, Dad! Cum in my ass. Breed me! Oh! I've never felt anything as pleasurable as this. Ah! Cum in me! Yes, Dad! I want to feel your cum rushing into my ass. Cum for me, dad!" Ecstasy continued to conquer Antoni's body as it ran through every nerve in it. Most of his muscles contracted. Heaving heavily, Antoni's broad chest was pumping in some air. He, too, felt that his orgasm was near. "I think I'm gonna cum, too, Dad! This is so incredibly horny. Ah, Dad!" Antoni's dick throbbed harder, exuding another streamlet of precum. The constant body rocking had pushed that young man to the edge of orgasm. "Fuck yeah! Dad! I almost cum! Dad!"

But it was Mandek who ejaculated first. "Fuck! I'm cumming, son! Take my seeds, son. Fucking take it!" he yelled before finally letting his cum loose. The cock head was buried deep, almost touching Antoni's prostate. There, the dick exploded, spraying a gooey gush of cum. The milky liquid immediately flooded Antoni's fuck canal and splattered the rectum walls. Repeatedly, the cum was squirted out. "Yes! I'm filling your ass with my cum, son! Fuck! Yes, oh yes!" Lewd groans continued to echo. Still ejaculating, the horny dad slammed his hips up and down. His sweaty torso was rubbed against his son's athletic back.

At then, Antoni reached his orgasm, too. "Fuck Dad! I'm cumming! Oh!" Without being touched, Antoni's cock spewed out its loads. Trapped between the bed and the weight of Antoni's body, the cock continued to produce strong spurts. Thick warm cum stained Antoni's chiseled stomach. However, it was soon absorbed by the mattress. Following the ejaculation, the dampness on the mattress spread wider. "Ah! I'm cumming! Yes! Oh! Dad, fuck me harder!" Panting, Antoni was bucking, owing to the orgasm he was experiencing. Fortunately, Mandek's heavy body managed to pin him down securely. Cum still spurted out for several seconds. Each was accompanied by a deep guttural groan. "Ah! Fuck yes! Oh! Breed me, Dad! Ah!" The creaking sound produced by the bed was louder than ever. The muscles within Antoni's body flexed as they endured the powerful orgasm. Antoni kept groaning out his orgasm as his dick emptied its loads. It felt like forever to him.

Finally, the shattering orgasm ended. Looking exhausted, Mandek and Antoni lay next to each other on the cum-soaked mattress. Both of their chests were contracting as the lungs worked hard. For a moment, sweat was still oozing out from the pores. Mandek then rolled to the side so that he could hold his son's naked body lovingly. He wanted Antoni to know how much he needed him. Weakly, Mandek whispered, "Daddy loves you, son. Please don't leave me. I want you to be mine, son. Stay with me."

At then, Antoni did not know what to say. Everything happened so fast. He was not sure about his sexuality anymore. Suddenly, there were noises outside the bedroom. Someone was about to walk in. To Antoni's horror, the door suddenly opened.

"What the fuck?!" an older man shouted, shocked to see Mandek and Antoni lying naked with cum stains all over their bodies. It did not need a genius to figure out what had happened. Immediately, the older man freaked out and started cursing at both of them. "Antoni, you pervert! I'm not gonna let my daughter marry a fucking faggot like you! And you, Mandek, I can't believe you're fucking your own son! You two are abomination! This marriage is cancelled!" Angrily, he stormed out of the room as he tried to escape the horrible view.

Mandek's pale expression soon changed and he began to smile. "This is good news, son. The wedding is off. Now, Daddy can be your companion for life, loving you always. And we'll have so much sex together," he said, kissing his son's cheek from behind. The faint smell of Antoni's shampoo still lingered in Mandek's nostrils. "I wish you knew how much I love you, my son."

Still confused with his newly-found homosexuality, Antoni was speechless. But he did realize that he had no wish to marry a woman whom he didn't even love. The thought of experiencing the gay pleasure with his father sounded more intriguing. Looking into his father's eyes, Antoni kissed his lips with much passion. And as their lips were pressed against one another, both of them knew that they would be happy together.


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