My Son, the Peeping Tom, part 5

The next few nights in my den I noticed my son hadn't appeared as he usually did. I was a bit concerned about this. Afraid that maybe he'd had a delayed reaction to our frank talk about his spying on me and then the night when he sat at my side and watched me jerk off and eat my cum.

I didn't know what would become our our time together in my den. I'd explained as reasonably and calmly as I could that what he'd been watching me do in my den over several nights was to kept a strict secret between the two of us. I wondered, now, as he'd had time to fully absorb what he'd seen me do if maybe he was feeling a bit awkward or embarrassed or afraid. I hoped he'd come watch me again and then maybe we could talk some more. I wanted to allay any fears he might have, about sex, about what he'd seen, about our relationship, or any thing he wanted to talk about.

So, although alone this night, I started viewing cams and vid sites. It seemed some nights were hotter than others. This night seemed to be a slow night. Not many interesting men on cam. Mostly young, which rarely interested me.

I had about 3 windows open, resized so as not to take up the whole screen, As usual, I left a blank area on the side of the screen in hopes I 'd catch movement of my son's arrival at my den's door to once again watch his dad jerk his cock. I found I liked being watched....only I wasn't certain if it was because it was my son or just the thought itself. I'd never jerked off in front of anyone before, except, rarely, in front of my wife.

So, I was surfing these 3 sites: one a live cam site, and two sites of videos. I'd seen a few cams that were not very exciting and watched a few vids of some hot men, but all the vids were too short. I would be just getting turned on watching the guys jerk their cocks, when they would cum suddenly and the vid would end. At my age, I don't harden and get fully excited in 2 minutes like I used to.

Anyway, after some time I found a vid whose icon looked interesting. I couldn't make out the objects in the icon but it showed it to be almost 5 minutes in length. I opened the vid and it was one I'd never seen before nor had I ever seen the type of playing the guy did in the video.

The vid had sound which always made me hot. I like to hear the sounds of the cock stroking, and moans and groans and grunts and heavy breathing always heightened the excitement.

In this video, the guy was hairy crotched and hairy bellied. Something that always added to my enjoyment. He had a nice cut cock, with a thick shaft and big head and nice large peehole. I watched as he stroked his cock and groaned in pleasure. The cam was close in to his crotch and his cock and balls filled the view. It was hot watching those hairy balls bounce as he stroked his cock.

This was a hot cock and balls and started my cock rising. Then slowly he pulled back on the cam to allow a wider view. His belly came into view. It was a nice furry belly with a deep innie navel. Innie navels always seemed hot to me. Liked the way my navel filled up with the last spurts of my cum.

He played with his cock and balls and the cam jittered a bit. I saw something at the top edge partially come into the cam view. After watching him play with his balls, his cock and his navel for a few minutes, he then pulled the cam out more, but slowly, I saw a chain appear across his midriff. As

pulled out slowly, I saw that the chain, arced, seemed to span his chest. Slowly he pulled the cam out more, widening the view.

When his chest was fully in view with his crotch, I saw the chain's ends were anchored on his nipples. Mmmm, this was interesting. I didn't know exactly what was going on but continued to watch as the chain was jostled by his cock stroking. Then he pulled in close with the cam and focused on one of his nipples to fill the view. It appeared there were clips on the ends of the chain and they were clamped on his nipples. This made his nipples look flattened and squeezed. He showed each nipple up close with the clamp on it. Then he pulled out some more and showed us him tugging on the chain to pull on his nipples. Each time he did this, he would moan. This was a hot vid! The guy liked having those clamps on his nips and tugging them as he jerked.

Of course, my cock got rock hard. Not only from the view and sounds, but from his moaning more each time he tugged on the chain. He then stroked his cock faster as he tugged on the chain more frequently. He was moaning and groaning and grunting all the while. I saw his belly rise and fall more frequently as he continued to stroke his thick cock and tug on the chain as his nipples swelled with each pull.

The he slid forward in his seat a bit. His cock was balls were closest to the lens with his chest and chained nipples in the background. I heard him grunt loudly and suddenly his cock started spurting.

Thick ropes of creamy white cum shot out of the head fiercely. The spurts were so strong the they went past the top of the view. Then as the spurts weakened, we saw his creamy white cum drip down his shaft. Man, this guy shot some load!! From the weaker spurts that were seen in the view, his head was covered with cum and the shaft was coated in the drips. The cum glistened thick and white and creamy. He sat there with his cum-covered cock. After a bit, he took the clamps off his nips as his cock started softening.

Man! This was hot!! The guy really enjoyed what he was doing and shot a great load. Finally the vid cam to its end. I scrolled down the page and found a link to the guy's posting id. Since I'd found his play so hot, I wanted to see if there were more of his vids as hot as this one.

I clicked on his link and was brought to his profile page. It told of his age, location, and his sex tastes. It stated he was bi and into toys and kink. It had a link to subscribe to his posting, and a link to add as a friend. I clicked on both. Then, I noticed to the right that there were vids and pics links of his.

I clicked on the vids link and a list appeared in the next window stating the length of the vid, a brief title, and the date it was posted. Some of the vids seemed pretty long as 10 minutes. The vid I'd seen that led me here was just under 6 minutes. There were about 6 videos with various dates, but all within the past 6 months. I saw the icon for the vid I had just seen and was curious to see more of this guy in action.

I clicked on one vid that seemed particularly interesting. It opened and there was the guy's hot cock and balls closeup in view. The guy was cut but I found his cock exciting. I wouldn't mind seeing that cock in person and playing with it.

The guy was stroking his cock and massaging his balls. Then he took a stretchy ring and stretched it around his balls, making them appear tight and bunched. Then he took another stretchy ring and placed it around his cock and balls. Then he took a smaller stretchy ring and wrapped it around the base of his cock just above the balls. Man, this looked so hot!!!!

Then he started stroking his cock and squeezing his balls a bit and moaning erotically. His balls and cock filled the view. It was as if I'd had my head between his legs. Never did I think I'd become a cock-hound, but ever since finding the pics and cam sites on the net I found a new source of excitement. I watched enthralled as my cock hardened like a rock.

Then as he continued to stroke his bound cock and balls and moan constantly, slowly his cam panned out to a wider view. Slowly we saw his belly appear. As the cam pulled out slowly, his chest came into view. Again, he had a set of clamps on his nips. He tugged at the chain as he stroked his cock and made his tight, bound balls bounce. The scenes in this video were hot enough to make my cock rock-hard, but its audio made it so much hotter. Hearing this guy's rapid breathing and moans as he played only made it that much hotter. I'd seen some vids where guys used dildoes, some where they tied their balls or cock, or both, with rope or string or some other gadget. But seeing this vid with the guy actually putting the things on and hearing him as he did it only made it more exciting. It was as if I were there watching the guy put on a show for me.

The view remained the same for a bit: his clamped nipples, his bound cock and balls and his moans as he continued to alternate between stroking his cock and massaging and squeezing his balls a bit, and his tugging on the nip clamps chain. I was so mesmerized by the sights and sounds of this vid I didn't realize I had stopped stroking my cock. My mouth was agape as I continued to view and hear this hot guy play. My cock continued to stay rock-hard without stroking. So exciting was this vid!

The cam pulled out a bit more and we could now see from a bit above the pecs down to his crotch. You could see his pecs stretch as he tugged on the clamps chain. He continued moaning and tugging and jerking. I watched raptly.

Then I saw that he was moving one of his arms off cam. The next sight I saw was his hand holding a rod object that looked like a pencil but seemed too long. It also seemed to have a taper to it. I wondered what this was and what was its purpose.

Then he placed the narrow end of the rod on top of his cock head. I wondered what this was about. Then, slowly I saw him push the rod against his cock head. I couldn't fathom what was happening here. By now, I was so excited from what I'd seen so far, I couldn't stop looking.

He continued to push that rod against his cock head. I saw that this hand was lowering as the exposed part of the rod seemed to shorten. Surely, I thought to myself, he couldn't be pushing that rod into his cock!! When the rod seemed to shorten to just about one inch exposed, he pulled it out and then started pushing it back in. The cam then closed in on his cock and balls. He was moaning and said something about, "Watch me as I fuck my cock now." He placed a finger on the underside of his cock and said "
Watch my cock shaft. You'll see the rod moving up and down in my urethra." I thought this was very weird but couldn't tear myself away.

He continued to push the rod up and down in his cock. I'll be goshdarned, I thought. You could see the rod moving in his urethra on the underside of his cock. He would pull it almost all the way out to the head and then push it all the way down, slowly, so that the filled urethra looked wide and full. The widening continued down to his balls. He then said, "I've got about 6.5 inches of rod in my cock. The end of the rod is now just below the top of my balls. Man, this feels go good! I love rodding my cock. Cock-rodding makes me so hot."

He continued to move the rod up and down the whole length of his urethra and moaned as he did it. "Lord, I would do this for hours if it didn't make me so hot and make me cum so quickly." He continued rodding his cock fully, tracing the end of the rod in his urethra for the viewers' benefit. Showing where the end of the rod was in his urethra as he pulled it up and pushed it lower. Then he pulled out the cam view and showed his cock and balls and his hand on the end of the rod. Then he pulled it out fully. Then he turned the rod around to show the other end. This new end appeared thicker then the one he had just pulled out.

He said, "Now, I am going to use the thicker end of this rod in my cock. I like the thicker end more."

With that, he placed the end of the rod against his cock head. As soon as it started going in, he said. " Oh yes! Oh, yeah, that feels good! Love to feel this thick end going into my cock!" More and more of the rod disappeared into his cock. I couldn't be sure but the rod looked to be about 7 inches long.

He continued this view showing his clamped nipples behind his cock and balls as the rod descended deeper into his cock. He was moaning and grunting and moving his legs a bit as he pushed more of that rod down his cock. He then zoomed the cam in to show only the underside of his erect cock and balls. He said, "Watch as the wide end of this rod goes down my peetube."

I watched in a trance as I saw his peetube widen as the rod went deeper. He was moaning all the while. The rod continued to go farther down his peetube judging by the widening seen along the length of the underside of his cock. Finally, the widening disappeared. He said, "I now have the tube deep enough in my cock that it is past the top of my balls. Man, that feels so good feeling my peetube stretched and stuffed so deeply. Man, this makes me so hot. I am trying to keep my cool so I don't cum too quickly."

He then started pulling the rod out. You could see the rod's progress as the peetube narrowed as the rod came out. Then he started pushing it back down. My eyes were glued to the widening and narrowing of his peetube as I watched the rod go up and down his cock shaft.

Then he said, "This feels so good it's made me so hot I have to cum." Once he said this, he zoomed out the cam so once again we could see from his pecs to his crotch. He had the chain taut with his finger pulling on it and stretching out the pec muscles. The rod was exposed only about an inch above his cock head now.

He then pulled out the rod. He had about what seemed like 2 inches of the rod exposed above the end of his big, swollen cock head. He said, "Now I am gonna make myself cum the best way it's ever felt to me." Then, he placed the nip clamps chain under the tip of the exposed rod. Now, we saw the chain taut and pulling on his nips as his hard cock held its position. The chain was looped under the exposed end of the rod in his cock pulling on his nips.

Then, he started flexing his cock. Each flex of his cock pulled on the chain more. He was moaning with each cock flex and his chest was heaving. "Oooh, yeah!!! Oh man, this feels so fucking good!! Ooooh, mmmmmm, so hot!! So fucking hot!!!" He kept flexing his cock which tugged on his nipples and his moans became louder and longer and his legs started twitching.

"Oh yeah, man! Here it comes! Oh yes! Oh yes! I am ready to bust a nut! Oh, yeahhhhhh" His cock started flexing more rapidly and his moans came faster and louder. Then I saw some cum jet from his cock head around the embedded rod. More cum started oozing out around the embedded rod as his cock continued to pulse. His moans were constant now. After about 4 or 5 oozings he pulled the rod out of his cock in one movement. He placed his hand on the clamps chain and continued to tug as he stroked his now rod-free cock. Cum spurts gushed out of his cock head. Big spurts of thick white cum shot from his cock as he stroked it and moaned. He must have shot about 5 or 6 spurts of thick cum as he stroked. Finally, the spurts stopped. He remained motionless for a second then zoomed in on his cock head. It was covered with cum. Then he zoomed out the cam and showed his cum slick shaft and then showed the puddle of cum on his chair ledge. Man, what a puddle of cum this guy shot! It was impressive. It looked like two loads of my cum.

He then said, "Man, that was hot!! Man, that felt so good! I thought my cock head would explode! I thought my balls would burst from the force of my cumming. Man, that load felt intense. Look at how much cum I shot. "

I must admit I had never seen anything like this before. At first I was squeamish thinking this guy must be into pain. But as I watched and heard him play I realized that this brought him a great deal of pleasure. To see him do this and hear him moan and tell us how good it felt made it very hot.

The cam stayed on the view of his cum puddle for about ten seconds and then the video ended. I thought to myself, 'man, that was hot!!! How could that be so pleasurable? It must be since he likes doing it and it makes him cum so intensely.'

I clicked back to his home page. I looked at the icons for his other vids. I didn't want to watch them all at this time. I wanted to see them a bit at a time. Who knew if this guy was a regular contributor and would post more. I clicked on the vid I had just seen and was able to speed view it to the end. I didn't want to watch it at normal speed for fear I would cum, I was so hot, but I wanted to remain this hot as long as I could before cumming. At the end of the speed viewing of his vid, the viewer could post a comment on the vid. I posted a comment saying I'd never seen anything like it. I thought it was painful and would turn me off. I said, that since he had audio on this vid and I could hear how good it felt to him it turned me on. I said I hoped he continued to post more pics and vids. I wanted to see everything he posted. I clicked and posted this comment on his vid.

Then I went to his homepage again, I found that you could send a message to the poster. I opened the message window and again commented on how amazed and turned on I was by his videos with the clamps, alone, and the video with the clamps and the rod. I told him that I had discovered male pics and cams on the net in the past 6 months and found them very hot. I mentioned that I'd seen dildoes and nipple cups used by men in pics and vids. I went on to say that I'd never seen a video as hot as his rod video. I said I hoped he'd post more of his hot stuff. I told him I found his cock and balls and nip play very hot. I gave him my email address so that he could contact me if he wanted. I then left his page and continued to surf for a while longer.