My Studly Cousin

This is the final draft, for some reason I accidentally sent the wrong one to submit. Whoops. Anyways, this is a work of 1st person fiction. If you are turned off by the thought of sex between a member of the family or a younger guy having sex with an older guy, then turn around now. Otherwise, grab some lube and enjoy. This story is loosely based on some role-plays that I have encountered with other guys online.

My Studly Cousin - by Teknodave

Man, I thought today would never come. It has been two years since I have seen my little cousin, and he was gonna be spending his summer here with me, while his mom is travelling to Europe for work. He is 13, almost 14, and will be a freshman in high shool. I have talked to him online now and then, he just took 1st place at state in wrestling. He sent me a pic of him in his gear. He was really lean and toned, about 5 foot 3 and 115 pounds. The kid had excellent muscle definition for his age, and I wanted to lick him all over.

Hi, my name is Derrick, and I'm gay. I am 5 foot 10, and 180 pounds of rock hard muscle. Packin' 16 inch guns a massive 45 inch chest hanging over an 8-pack washboard stomach, and with my bodyfat at 5%, I was the shit. I got a $100 bill from a dude at the club I work at as a go-go dancer one night...I ended up taking him home and fucking his brains out with my 8x6 thick cut cock. I have gotten a ton of $20s and a few $50s, but this dude, was celebrating his 21st birthday, so I gave him a present he will remember for all eternity. Working at the club and as a model, i am making more than enough money to live on my own.

Living alone in my own small house was great. I can do what I want, when I want. I usually trotted around naked, but that cannot be done when Tyler was over. I looked up at the clock, and it was time for me to leave for the airport to pick the little stud up. I took another look at his pic and my cock stirred in excitement. If I got lucky, maybe I would catch him naked, I thought. I slipped on some Abercrombie shorts, hiked them low to show off my cut serratus muscles I have going, and put on a sleevless A&F top. I was ready to hit the town. Had to make a quick stop in front of the mirror to make sure my spikey blond hair was just right, and I was good to go.

After locking the door, I hit the alarm button on the remote to my Mustang Convertable. Cherry red, decked out with chome rims and low-profile tires and a 6 speaker, 6 disc Infinity stereo system. She was my baby. I put in a CD I burned from the internet, and it was off to the airport. Days like today made me glad I got a convertable. Clear blue skies, dry, temps in the low 80s. I will probably be taking Tyler to the beach if he wanted to, and get some rays.

I pulled into the airport parking garage and got a ticket to pay upon our return. With the new terrorism threat, I had to wait for him at the baggage level, they would not let us goto the gates to wait anymore. I checked the flight information on the board, Tyler's plane was due in a few more minutes. There was another group that was just now picking up their luggage - a group of hot and sexy college baseball players from the local university. I recalled reading about them going to a summer ballcamp down in San Diego, and they were all wearing either sleeveless tops or tank tops, exposing their huge guns and beefy pecs, totally smooth and tanned from the California sun. I licked my lips at the site of these beautful jocks, as my cock started to stir in my strap. I have taken a few nights off from the club to get ready for Tyler's arrival, and I am extremely picky as to who I sleep with. So needless to say, its been awhile since I have gotten any. And to be in an orgy with these baseball hunks just made my mouth water.

The voice over the intercom broke my trance. "Now arriving: Flight 1701 from Duluth. Flight 1701 is now arriving from Duluth."

Yay! I thought. Tyler will be here shortly, adjusting my crotch. I looked for the flight information to flash above the luggage claim, so I know where to find Tyler when he gets off the plane. As the group from the plane decended to the baggage claim, I spotted Tyler instantly. He was even sexier now than he was in his photo. He looked thicker, more muscled. He must have been working out.

I waved to get his attention. "Tyler!"

The young teen flashed a smile. "Hey cuz." He gave me a quick glance. "Lookin' good cuz, been workin' out a bit, I see."

I playfully poked at his chest. "Looks like I ain't the only one. You look bigger than in your wrestling pic."

"Yah," he said. He flexed his arm. "Put on about 15 pounds of hard muscle in three months. Give it a feel. Hard as a rock."

That wasn't the only thing hard as a rock right now, I thought, as I felt his young, silky smooth bicep. "Very nice," I said, smiling wryly.

"If you think thats tight, check this out," he said, as he lifted his tank top to show a chisled chest and six-pack. He had his shorts so low, they are almost exposing his dick!

"Okay, quit teasin' the ladies around here and lets go home," I lied. He was so beautiful. He is my cousin, but I wanted him so badly. Those abs were just to die for -- flat and rigid, and his pecs had distinct seperation lines. To top it all off, just like himself, there were no visible tan lines. Tyler was an Alpha Teen. I grabbed one of his suitcases on the turnabout while he grabbed the other. The fibers in his muscles tensed, as his paper-thin skin stretched to pull the weight of the luggage. "If that's everything, let's go," I said.

"Lead the way, Big D," he said, slapping my ass. This really got me aroused. If it were not for the jockstrap I was wearing to help hold my cock down, I would be tenting right there in the airport. I needed to bust a nut -- bad.

We proceeded to the car, and the summer heat blasted us as the doors slid open. Tyler already began to sweat, I could see visible beads roll down the back of his neck, down the deep valley of his spine, disappearing under the fabric. "Fuck, its hot out here!"

"Tyler!" I snapped. "Watch your mouth!"

"What are you gonna do, cuz? Wash my mouth out with soap?"

I just shook my head and smiled at Tyler. He was a cocky little bitch. He was cute as hell though.

"Hey, you said you had a weight set in the basement of your place, right Derrick? Coach said I gotta keep workin' out at least 5 times a week to look my best and to get bigger." We got into the car and proceeded for home.

"Sure do, cuz, and I got all the supplements and shit to help get ya even bigger. Maybe I can take you to the Big Boyz Gym while you are here too. See what real muscle is all about." What I really wanted to do is show him off to the guys...but alone in my basement, filling my basement with the sent of sweet teen sweat was appealing.

"Tight cuz, really tight. I think I am gonna enjoy the next three months here."

I put my hand on this smooth leg. "Me too." The heat that Tyler radiated was intense. I quickly removed my hand before it ended up the teen's shorts. The intensity of the brief contact with his supple flesh sent a shock though my hand right down to my crotch, which filled my jockstrap immediately.

"I have been itchin' to try out your weight set," he said. "Mom says you put alot of money and effort into it."

"Yah," I replied, giving my tris a quick flex as I am holding the steering wheel. "Gotta look your best to be the best."

Tyler nodded. "Yah. I hope to be as ripped as you someday, cuz."

I turned the car into my private drive. "Well, from what I see right here, you are already well on your way."

The teen smiled broadly, and rubbed his hands over his small chisled chest and abs. "Ya think?"

I nodded, as I got his luggage out of the trunk. "You bet, guy. Your mom sent you here to do housework and yardwork for me. Doin' that, on top of an intense workout in the gym will get you hella buff, ready to take down anyone."

"So let's get your shit in your room, and hit the gym."

"Hey!" Tyler snapped, slugging me on the arm, hella hard. "Watch your mouth. Don't make me wash it out!"

"Heh, I would love to see you try, cuz," I smirked.

I led him into the house, and took his stuff into the guest room. Tyler's eyes went wide as he was greeted by high valuted celings, skylights, large king sized bed, entertainment center and large corner desk with a computer. "Wow, cuz. Tight. Really tight." He leapt in the bed and bounced up and down. "Nice, plenty of room too!"

I smiled, admiring his youthful playfulness. "Okay, kid, lets hit the gym. There's one rule, though. No shirts." I took a risk saying this, but I wanted to see his young muscles buldge and expand with no obstructions.

Tyler did not hesitate. He immediately stripped the tank top off and put his thumbs under his short's waistband, shoving them down way below where they should normally be worn. His v-taper was beyond amazing. He ran his hands all over his tanned and toned body. "So ya think I can get bigger this summer, and work on a real suntan, not a fake and bake?"

I nodded. "Yah," I said, while shedding my shirt. "With a lot of hard work and dedication, you can look like this!" I said, doing a double bi and most muscular pose."

Tyler smiled a shit-eating grin. "Tiiiiight."

We went back downstairs, and then into my large basement that I had converted into a gym. Huge weights everywhere, I had everything I needed to keep in shape. I just went to Big Boyz to show off mainly, to have some of the blokes to have something to cream over when they got home, or in the locker room. Heh.

Tyler immediately went for the barbell, packed with 35 pound weights on each side and started to curl like a madman. Veins started to erupt on his forearms, and huge hoses looked like they were going to rip under his paper-thin skin wrapping around his biceps, as the blood from them engorged the muscles. He grunted after each rep. I went to the pec deck, so I could get a good view watching my cousin work out. After a couple of sets doing that, I moved over to the bench press. "Hey, cuz, come spot me."

Tyler did a couple more reps, then struggled on the last one. With an animalistic growl, he pulled it up to his sweaty chest. "Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about!" He flexed his biceps a few times, and the last one he flexed it hard, leaned over and licked it. "Yeah," he moaned.

My balls were churning hardcore right now. I slapped on a pair of 45's on each side, while he positioned himself behind the bar. "C'mon cuz, you can do it, gimme 15!" I lifted the bar up and started pushing the bar up and down. By the 12th rep, I was stuggling a bit. "C'mon cuz, you can do it." He started to inch closer to my head, I could see up his shorts and there it was. His dick was firmly being held by the tight fabric. I took a deep wiff of his teen scent and that pushed me to get another three reps up.

I pushed up the bar back with a big clank. I stood up and flexed my chest. "Yah, there we go, mmm, yah!"

"I'm dealin' with some serious jetlag, cuz. Can we hit the showers?"

"Sure, let's go. Follow me," I said. I let him back to his room. "Bathroom's right there," I pointed. I am gonna jump in first while you get ready."

"Okay," he said, closing the door to his room. I went in, started up the shower. I took my jockstrap off to release my cock, which hardened immediately, all nine inches of it. I had some KY in the medicine cabinet, and lubed up my cock, stroking it while jumping in.

While I was stroking, there was a knock at the door. "Cuz? I got to take a wicked piss, can I come in?"

"Sure," I hollered, letting go of my cock. I did not want to have him hear my balls being bounced around. The door opened, and I could see his shadow though the curtain as he stood by the toilet.


"If ya need to take a dump too, be my guest," I joked.

"It's not that," he said calmly.

"Then what's wrong?" I asked.

The curtain was shoved open, and there was Tyler, naked and totally boned. About 5 inches, thick and cut. "I got this fuckin' boner, and I can't take a piss." be continued

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