The Following is not a true story, it is all fiction. IF there are similarities to actual people, places,

or events it is entirely coincidental.

This story involves gay sex between family members, and adults. This is written for the purpose of your enjoyment. Once again this is fiction.

If you are not of legal age, or offended but this material please leave now.


Naked Logan

Chapter 1 - Introduction

My name is Logan, and at the age of fourteen I was no longer a virgin. It is easy to loose when your cousin is as horny as you are.

I grew up in a small town with only my Dad and me in the house. My Mom had left when I was young, and I have never seen or heard from her since. So when she left, my dad moved back to his home town; to raise me with his family. For that I am truly grateful, it was an environment of love and fun. Me and my cousin; James, hit it off from day one; best friends scooting around everywhere. James and I are about the same age, only he is a few months older than me.

We wrestled in Junior High, and so you can bet we wrestled each other. It was a struggle for power, who was the best and strongest. Wrestling started our sexual experience, two horny fourteen year-olds romping on the floor. We ended up getting a little aroused with boners pushing against each other through our shorts. We knew that each of us jacked off, so we unzipped and decided to masturbate together. Pumping our young teen cocks to a sexual high, we liked doing it together, it made it more exciting and hearing the other moan and pant was... well awesome!

Buddy jacking lasted for awhile, we would jack each other off too, then about two weeks later we wanted to feel a blow job. So I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it off till he came, and he did the same for me. Now we were sucking each other and jacking off, almost daily. A month later we were fucking, shooing our loads in and out of the ass. I still remember that first time... were were jacking each other off and I was fingering my ass, when I thought about his cock in me. Well he didn't say no, so in James went. A little vaseline for lube and he was set. Fucking felt great shot the biggest load of cum. Next time I fucked him and then that was it, we were now going to fuck each time and every position imaginable. We even did it in school, in the fields, you name the place we did it.

I think we must have had sex every day for years. Horny boys will be horny. I still remember the sensation of holding him on the hot summer evenings in my bed. I enjoyed the sex and the taste of his seed. But above all he was my best friend in life, still is. James has been there for me on my journey through life.

Then at the age of sixteen my dad got a job offer he could not refuse. So we packed up and moved to the city. Leaving my cousin and best friend behind. The city was cool, but so different. But I had been cut off from my sex supply, and I was not about to ask my Dad about it. Hell, he didn't even know I liked men. So I turned to the internet and found out about a local restroom where men would go to shoot there load during lunch. It was the end of summer, so I decided to go and try the restroom for sex. It was easy, the hungry cock sucker would go in first, and sit in the back stall with it unlocked. Then the man with the cock to be drained would come into the stall and the loads would shoot.

So I spent my time there sucking a cock or two and then getting mine sucked. I did this until I found a man, a real man to love. But with all my relationships, it ended. I prefer single life, I can fuck whom ever I want, and when I want.

When I turned nineteen I told my Dad I was gay (he was excepting) and moved out of the house and got my own apartment. That is when I really started getting voyeuristic and my exhibitionist self excelled. I always went commando and slept naked, my Dad did, and so did I. But now I could go naked all day, and find activities to spend time in the nude. I found the pleasures of being a nudist. Being naked and letting my body show for the world. I love the thrill of eyes watching my naked body any seeing others in their naked glory. Wearing mesh pants with no liner is my favorite, making sure my penis is easy to see for the manly masses. It is pure bliss being naked!

In my sexual adventures, I have discovered that I prefer married men, and hung muscle men, all with sex drives like bunnies. I also like the anonymous sex and one night stands too - fuck, sex rocks.

Only thing close to sex is jacking off, I love rubbing my cock off and shooting my load onto my chest or in my mouth. Feeling my dick grow and harden in my hands and, rolling the foreskin in my hand. Right now I am into shoving a beaded chain down my piss slit, its like jacking your cock from the inside. Feeling the beads caress the inside of my shaft, then feeling my cock in response get harder than before. This jacking technique makes me shoot a ton of sperm. I have a dildo that I use regularly, but I do still finger my ass too. Then I must rub and play with my nipples, that gets me all horny and ready to go. I ooze tons of precum when I get really horny, its like a river of sticky water. Then my semen is chunky, think, and salty, mmm I love eating my seed.

I am now twenty-seven and loving life. I stand six feet three inches tall with a body of a god. I know that might sound conceded, but I work hard at my body, and its shows. There is not an ounce of fat, I am lean and full of muscle. I have chiseled facial features with deep green eyes. I have a nice sized adams apple and a think muscled neck, that is set nicely on my broad shoulders. My arms are about eighteen inches around at the triceps. My pecs are sculpted, but nice and supple, each with a nipple about a quarter size. Nice V shaped torso with a nice six pack with the adonis lines on the waist. My waist is twenty-eight inches and I have nice legs, my calfs are my favorite part of my legs, really sculpted. I have blonde hair that is down to my shoulders, with a an occasional scruffy face. I have hair on my body, but I shave smooth. I like to be smooth, then you can look at my muscles and not be distracted by the hair, and not to mention it feels great.

Now I bet you want to hear about my favorite feature on my body. My Cock! First my balls are a nice size about 3 inches each egg, and resting on top is my soft cock; about 6 inches with a lot of foreskin covering the pink head. When erect its about nine and a half inches and about seven inches around. Veins all pulsing and bobbing for attention, it stands strait out for a man to suck. Truly a beautiful cock. Gets me horny just thinking about my man tool.

This is what I hope to share with you, the adventures of my cock, the bodies its penetrated, and the pleasure I have received. When I was sixteen I was given a journal by a friend, but I didn't want to keep a journal. But I loved sex, so I journaled each sexual experience from solo love to the men I have fucked. I love sex, and hope you enjoy my memoirs. If you have questions, please feel free to email me: nakedlogan@yahoo.com