The Following is not a true story, it is all fiction. If there are similarities to actual people, places,

or events it is entirely coincidental.

This story involves gay sex between family members, and adults. This is written for the purpose of your enjoyment. Once again this is fiction.

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Naked Logan

Chapter 2 - Driving Home

When I was seventeen my Dad gave me the opportunity to travel back to the town where I grew up and spend the summer with my cousin. I missed James, and was excited at the chance of fucking him again.

I had a jeep, I had received when I turned sixteen. My Dad bought me a raised jeep, it was red and so much fun to drive and go off-roading. So I could drive myself home for the summer. I always called town home, it was were my heart was.

It was summer, so I packed the jeep up and drove off heading home. This was my first road trip alone, it felt great to have the top off and feel the sun on my face. About twenty minutes into the drive off came my shirt, followed by my sandals. Well being a teenager, I was horny 24/7, and my cock reminded me of that fact. It pushed and pulsed under the cloth of my shorts begging to get out and get attention.

I pulled over to the side of the road, and unbutton my shorts and pulled them off. I was about to stay there and start the deed, but I so longed for home and to be in the embrace of James. So I tossed my shorts to the passenger seat, and headed out on my naked drive.

I began to toy and milk my cock as a drove, edging myself to a sexual high. The cock now at full attention standing nine and half inches tall. Oozing the sweet lube of precum all over my shaft.

For about an hour I drove like this, just enjoying the air and my cock. Truckers would pass and honk, but non caught my fancy till a latin god passed by. He wasn't a trucker, but drove a raised black truck. He sat taller than my raised jeep and he saw into my cab with my hard oozing cock. He honked and rolled down his window.

"Nice cock, want some help with it?" he yelled.

I nodded yes, from what I saw he was muscled, and had the face of a god.

He begged me to follow, so I got in the lane behind him. At the next exit we were off the highway heading on a dirt road. I was so horny, I wanted this man and the sex he as about to provide. I think we traveled for fifteen minutes on the road till we reached a field and could see no one around.

He stopped and parked his truck. The door opened and out came the man, that would become the motivator of all my wet dreams. He was in deed a muscular man with a package of a devil.

His face was chiseled and rough, with a goatee. One eye brow was pierced with a barbell, along with both ears. He neck was thick and and sat on the meanest shoulders, bulging with power. The pecs were covered with black hair each nipple also pierced. The torso tapered perfectly with an eight pack abs, in a forest of hair. Then the cock, the biggest I have ever seen, and have yet had. It must have been twelve inches long uncut, with a prince albert piercing at the end. A ladder of barbells down the underside of the shaft, leading me on to his hairy balls. My God those balls were huge, I thought mine were nice, now I don't know how he would ever wear pants. His legs were strong and muscled along with his arms. He had some cool tattoos, one on the pec, right shoulder, and thigh, each in a tribal fashion.

I stepped out of my jeep and walked towards him. We smiled and noticed each others hard cock. He invited me into the bed of his truck.

Once inside the bed he grabbed me, standing in the bed and kissed me. Our tongues danced in each others mouths. Our bodies rubbing and caressing. My cock pouring out the precum onto his hairy pubes and stomach. Moans of pleasure and arousal, escaped our kissing. Soon I was off from his mouth and toying with the pierced nipple in my mouth. My hand milking and tugging at his massive tool.

"Oh man... yea.... don't stop" he urged me on.

His nipples now at attention, I move on down to the object of my lust. The massive erection was now before my face. I knew I could not deep throat the entire twelve inches, but I would go as far as I could. I started on the head, pushing the foreskin back. Then placing it in my mouth and rolling it with my tongue. It was weird working with the PA, but also exciting too. Then my hand milking and jacking the cock as I played with the smooth red cock head. Slowly I worked his cock deeper into my mouth. I got about 9 inches of his cock into my mouth and throat. Sucking and drinking the precum out of his tube. Licking and wetting the shaft with my tongue.

"FUCK," he shouted as he collapsed on the side of the truck bed.

This only made me suck hard and faster, my hand working the underside of his cock fiercely.

"OH Shit! STOP, I don't want to cum," he said as he pushed my face of his cock.

"I don't care if you cum, I can shoot five times in a row, I got plenty to spare," I replied.

He joined me on the bed of the truck floor, and sat my ass on the floor. He eagerly looked at my cock and wanted a taste. He then laid on his side jacking his cock as he sucked mine. Taking all my manly inches into his mouth. I moaned and cheered him on. He was a professional, and no stranger to sucking a cock.

With one hand he began to open and play with my ass. Fingering it and making it his toy.

"Oh yes," I moaned. "Don't stop... finger it deeper... ahhhhh...mmmmmmmm"

Slurps of joy were sucked and milked off my cock. Closer and closer I came to the edge of no return. My body reeling in the arousal of my cock and ass.

"SHIT," I yelled as the moment had come. Out poured my seed into the mouth of the hungry stranger.

Licking and eating every drop, he then left my cock and kissed me, sharing my cum in his mouth.

His cock now covered in thick veins, engorged and red, looking ready to pop and spill its juice. I was about to grab it and suck it off has he did me, but he stopped me by grabbing my hand.

"No, I want this," he stated has he shoved three fingers into my ass.

I eagerly spread my legs wider to let him gain full access to my boy pussy. His cock was not waiting in anticipation of the warm inside that awaited his seed. I rolled over and arched my ass up in the air. Lustfully he quickly lubed my ass with spit, and milked his cock. My ass was now dripping from the wet kisses he provided, then with a few spits to his cock, he shoved the head into my tight warm ass.

"AAHHHH," I screamed has he shoved all twelve inches deep in my ass.

Holding no mercy, he pulled out and shoved it all back in.

"OH FUCK MAN! Your so big... mmmmmmmm," I whimpered.

"Take it man, take all my cock," he demanded.

The cock fucked me raw, feeling the pierced cock inside me; the barbells were like tine beads massaging my ass. I was now on all fours enjoying the cock within me.

"Mmmm, your ass is great," the latin god exclaimed.

He then reached around and started to jack my cock with each fuck of he pounded my ass. We moaned in arousal and joy of the moment. The sex got more aggressive and fast with each fuck. The man was now panting and forcing his cock deeper into my ass.

I could feel his cock get rock hard, I knew the moment was approaching. My cock in response hardened, and awaited its on explosion.

Then it happened, the pierced cock shoved in one last time, as he gabbed my hips and screamed.


What seemed like gallons of cum poured into my ass, so much it started to spill out around his engorged cock; falling to the floor, now mixing with my own jizz, spewing from my cock.

He slowly pulled out his half hard cock from my ass, my ass still pouring out the cum. I stood up and started to leave. He grabbed my hand and would not let me go.

"We are not done, I thought you had cum to spare?" he smiled. " I thought you could fuck me, I need a nice cock in my ass."

His cock now at attention again.I smiled and joined him on the floor again. Our kissing was passionate and lustful. He laid me on the floor and took some cum and spit to lube my cock and his ass. Then he slowly lowered his ass onto my cock, taking all 9 and half inches.

The ass was warm and tight, I could feel his flex and tighten the ass around my shaft.

He bounced up and down making my cock fuck him. This lasted for about five minutes and then I started to get up and lay him on his back, his face up at me. I entered his ass again and began to fuck him fast and hard. I loved his ass

Each time my penis plowed deeper into the ass, he moaned and reeled in erotic joy. I played with his cock and foreskin as we fucked. His hands tugged and pulled at his nipples.

My pounding got faster and harder, He started to speak in spanish, as his cock hardened more and my cock got ready to spill.

Now holding his knees so my cock could go deeper he yelled, "Oh man thats the spot! mmmmmm... Fuck yea!!"

With that his cock released the semen, rocketing from the cock head. Like a fountain, ropes of cum shot from the huge dick. It shot all over me and him, then once the seventh or ninth shots were done, the cock oozed out more cum, coating his cock and pubes.

This only spurred me on to fuck harder and deeper, still wanting to cum and shoot my load. He clenched his ass tighter, and begged me to cum. I shoved in and out, enjoying the feeling of the warm embrace of the anal love.

His cock was limp and laying on his abs when my turn came. I shoved in deeper than ever before, and began to plant my seed into the ass. A few more flows of cum existed his lifeless cock. My cock enjoying the ass, and spilling for what seemed forever.

The muscled hunk lay on the bed of the truck spent, and panting for air. I pulled my cock out and let his legs fall to the ground.

"Glad I saw you on the road," I said, as I thanked him.

He smiled and laid there, rubbing the cum covered hair. I kissed is lips, one last time.

As I left he stated that he hoped to see me again on the road. I got to my jeep and cleaned myself off with my t-shirt on the seat. Then I drove off naked and ready for more.