The Following is not a true story, it is all fiction. If there are similarities to actual people, places,

or events it is entirely coincidental.

This story involves gay sex between family members, and adults. This is written for the purpose of your enjoyment. Once again this is fiction.

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Naked Logan

Chapter 3 - Summers Heat

The summer I spent with James, was the hottest ever, both temperature and sexually. We shared the same bed every night, and enjoyed the experience of a warm naked body.

James was hot! I got rock hard just looking at him naked. He stands about six feet ( I am about three inches taller), with a slender athletic build. A smile that lights up the room, and eyes that are the deepest brown to match his hair. He kept his hair short, and hardly ever shaved, so he was always scruffy. The body was toned and smooth, with nice nipples, and a pierced belly button. The legs just a lean and trim as the rest, but his cock and ass was my favorite. The ass was like to round mounds that were firm and hard to the touch. The cock was nestled in a bounty of pubic hair, the only hair he had on his body. James's circumcised cock head shown in all the hair. Soft the penis was about five inches, and hard it is about seven and half inches and very thick .

So you can guess that this morning, began like all the others...

I awoke from a restful nights sleep to find my cock hard and James laying on my chest. I wasn't into shaving then so my chest was covered in hair. I get that from my Dad. James didn't mind and love to play with the hair.

I could see that James too had an erection. Moans of pleasure were coming from his mouth. What ever he was dreaming must have been great, his cock only got harder with each moan. I was not shy when it came to me and him, so I grabbed his cock and stroked it. Three strokes in and he was awake. He smiled, and I smiled.

"Morning" I said while stroking his pulsing cock.

"Morning, and thanks for the tease, but you will have to pay," James stated with a smirk.

Rolling on top of me our mouths met, and the kissing began. Slowly turning from passionate, to a lustful savage make out session. Hands and faces meshed together in a sexual frenzy. Pinning me down he grabs a hold of my cock and squeezes its veiny hard surface.

"I want one thing from you and that is what my girlfriend don't got," said James, as he choked my cock to a deep red color.

Grabbing the vaseline from the drawer he slathered his ass and laid down on the bed. Holding his knees up to his chest and begging me to fuck him. I of course took the offer.

With one strong push my man tool was buried deep in the tight ass. He arched his back and started to cum. I had not even really fucked, and he was already cumming? Cum was all over his chest and yet he remained hard as I continued to fuck his ass. Pushing my cock deeper with each thrust.

I don't know what he had been dreaming, when I had awoke him, but what ever it was, it had left him in a sexual high. James squirmed on the bed in the joy of sex. Moans and gasps for air filled the room as each of was lost in the lustful actions. His legs now rested on my shoulders, and his hands pulling at my nipples.

"OH FUCK!!! LOGAN!" he yelled. "Mmmmm...oh man... don't stop, I need you... more... ahhhhhhh"

He was never to loud, today I was worried about waking my aunt. But I could not stop he only made me more horny. I was now fucking and pounding my cock harder and faster into his ass.

I could tell he was getting close to cum again. His cock was oozing precum, and was pulsing and edging its way to the explosion. I too was reach the point where I would plant my seed into his ass. One last push and my seed started to flow into the canal of his ass. This moment only sent James over the edge, he reeled in some erotic state shooting cum farther than I have ever seen. His body clenching and relaxing as the spasms of cum shot.

There he lay out of breath and me on top holding each other in the afterglow. His cum soaked body caressing mine and feeling our cocks rest. We kissed and lay there for what seemed like hours.

"Wow, James, you were really horny, never seen you get so loud" I commented.

"Hell, that was great! Fantastic sex dream, followed by the real thing. Doesn't get any better," he smiled.

We shortly there after arose from bed and showered and carried on with our day. Sometime after lunch we were to meet friends at the park to play football. So the time came and we walked on over to the park.

When we got there, one friend was missing, and we had uneven teams. We were ready just to play anyways, when I noticed Mr. Ted. Mr. Ted was the high school coach, and was really cool, I use to chill with him when I attend the town. I ran across the street and asked Mr. Ted to see if he would play. He agreed and came to join.

The open spot was on the team with me and James. We were the no shirts, so you can guess Mr. Ted had to take off his and join. I had forgotten what his body looked like. Never saw him naked, but I had my fantasies. This time he looked better and muscular than before.

Mr. Ted stood a little taller than James, so I guess about six feet one. I knew is age and he looked sexy and hot for a man of forty, and still had no wrinkles on his face. He hair was brown, with just a touch of gray on the sides. His jaw was strong and his voice deep and almost sultry (if a man can be). He was toned and muscular. You could tell he worked out, the pectorals were defined and board, in the middle a forest of hair, with a tapering waist. I was distracted by the treasure trail leading into his shorts. With the gray waist band of the underwear showing. The calves were muscular, and big as was his feet, and bulge. Oh how I wanted to peek into the shorts and see the goods. But I it was time to play, and that would have to wait, or be the focus of my late night fantasies.

The game began, and for about an hour we all continued to play till I was tackled and I was left exposed. This was not the first time I had been tackled, but this time, my shorts ripped, leaving my cock and ass on display for all to see. The ripped my mesh shorts from the waist band on one side and then all down the middle seam. Well if they didn't know I was well endowed the town sure saw it now. It didn't bother me, but I knew it was not appropriate or legal to be this exposed in public, with children playing in the park.

I grabbed my shirt and had to debate what side to cover, and I choose the front and tied it around my waist. I was about to run and change and come back and finish, but as I was running away I heard a voice.

"Logan! stop, I can take you in my car" It was Mr. Ted. "Then you wont be mooning the world as you run through town."

I accepted the offer and walked with him to the car. We talked as we walked, and I discovered that he was not Mr. Ted anymore. The school would not allow him to use the first name anymore, so he was now Mr. Summer.

We reached the car, and got in. As he started the car I noticed him looking at my crouch. The shirt had moved when I got in, and left a nice view of my limp cock. I covered myself again and we drove off. But know that he had looked got me all excited. So my cock started to tent the shirt, leaving my shaft exposed again to the driver.

"Wow, Logan thats a cock!" exclaimed Mr Ted, I mean Summer.

I smiled and pulled the shirt over so only the tenting shirt was visible. My cock was getting really excited, as was I, my heart began to race. I started to watch Mr Summer and see if he was still watching me. But to my enjoyment, I could tell that his own cock was starting to get hard under his shorts.

Well Logan, we have too options, you can run into your aunts house with that woody, or you can borrow my shorts. I have a garage and so you can get out there and not worry about others seeing." he questioned.

I was totally cool with going to his house, "your house, but is you wife there?"

"Nah, she is out of town this week"

"Sounds like a good place to stop. I will return the shorts tonight Mr Summer."

"Don't worry about the shorts, you haven't even seen them, and you can call me Ted."

We drove into the drive and the garage door closed. My cock still hard, and my mind racing trying to figure out how to get fucked. But I soon found out her had the same in mind.

We got out of the car, and I followed him into the kitchen. He turned around and looked at me, with his own bulging hard on.

"Well I think you will find fitting a hard cock into shorts a little problematic. As you can see by mine."

I licked my lips and smiled, and walked towards him. Grabbing his hand I placed it on my hard shaft. I placed my hand on his bulge and rubbed his shorts.

That was all he needed, he was now ready to go, he knew I wanted it too. He eagerly started to undress me, and him. There we stood naked in and I could now see his cock. It was so thick, It must be about seven inches around like a can. The cock was an average length with a beautiful mushroom head.

"We will have to make this quick since the boys will be waiting for us, but we can always do more later," Ted said, as he approached me and kissed me on the lips.

I fondled his cock and balls with my hands, feeling the thick tool rubbing and fucking in my hand. I knew what he wanted, my ass was what he wanted. I turned around so his cock to play in my ass crack. Feeling is member rub against my hole. I leaned against the counter and spread my legs so the optimal fucking could begin.

"Ted come and fuck me, and spill that seed in me."

He lubed up his cock and my ass, and away he went. Slowly pushing the massive thick tool into my ass. The hard mushroom top, opening my ass wider and wider. The head was in, and now he pushed all in with one mighty push. I yelled in pain as is thickness stretched my ass.

"OH Shit! Your fucking huge!" I exclaimed in agony.

His thick tool was stretching and plugging my ass. The pain shot into my whole body. I started to tear, and debated on begging him to stop. His fast fucking got easier as and I soon relaxed and enjoyed is fast fucking of my ass.

Grabbing onto my hips he pushed ever more deeper into my ass. His moaning and slaps got louder and harder. The cock was in me, feeling his skin on me, and is strong hands holding me.

His breathing was deep and quick, as he fucked for life. The cock was needing release. Ted surprised me as the moment drew close for him to shoot, he pulled me up from the counter so my back was to his chest. Ever so sweetly he started to kiss my neck. Oh how it felt so good. No one had done that before. with one hand he was jacking my cock hard and fast. As he kissed my neck he would nibble on my ear occasionally. All I could do is melt and moan in his embrace.

He could tell my cock was about to shoot, for he gripped tighter and fucked harder. With one final push he was planted deep in my ass, and started to shoot the seed into my ass. Ted moaned in joy and started to bite my neck ever so softly. This only sent me over the edge and my cock too began to shoot its cum. His cum now seeping out of my ass, and mine on the counter and back splash.

Ted pulled out of me and kissed my neck again. Turning me around he kissed me lips. His tongue commanding my mouth to obey.

He smiled, and went down the hall. He came back with shorts and through them at me.

"Get dressed, I will clean the counter," he ordered.

I dressed in the shorts and we headed out to the car.

"Logan, thanks for coming to my home with me, I haven't enjoyed a boy since Vince graduated," added Ted.

"No way Vince liked to be fucked, so wish I would have known that back then,"

"Yup, we fucked all the time, sad that you are not staying for school this year, we could have real fun."

"I may not be here for the school year, but we have all summer."