The Naked Ranch

Chapter 1 - The Family

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This chapter depicts sexual acts between Adult males and Boys of varying ages, mostly engaged in incest. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages (related or unrelated) Please leave now. This story at times will include beastiality (sex with animals), if this offends you please leave now. Also if it is illegal, immoral, in your particular state, providence, country, or even your home, STOP READING NOW! You must be in accordance with your local laws of age and sexual belief to read the story.

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The Naked Ranch

Chapter 1 - The Family

- - - - - - -

Seeing my sons asleep on the bed naked and intertwined is an healthy and normal site in our home. I have three sons, One with a naked ass displayed in the morning son, others with an arm, let and torsos all exposed in the rays. The sheet barely concealing the mornings woods of each sleeping satyr in restful repose.

My eldest sons are twins, Skyler and Sampson, they are fourteen years of age, but are still boyishly smooth. Each have blonde hair long below their shoulders, and hazel eyes. They have been working out with me in the gym since they were twelve, so they have body sculpted in youth perfection. Their round dimpled asses, only exclaim they beauty of the body. Tenting up the sheet was their seven inches of uncut dicks with little glob of precum wetting the tip. When it comes to the physical side of my twins, I cant tell them apart save a freckle on Skyler's ass. They dress the same, and do everything the same.

My youngest son is Sexton, he is the most sexual and the most ready for any sexual perversion I am in the mood for. He truly is my pet and shadow. He's eleven years old, with light brown hair, in a shaggy mop of a mess. His eyes are brown, and sparkle in the light. His lips are always eager to suck from his fathers tap, the perfect pucker for kissing too. His body is lean and boyish with not a scrap of hair on his body. His cocklet is only four inches hard, but his foreskin covers the head and allows a lot of extra skin to hang over even when erect.

- - - - - - -

This morning I left my sons sleep in, I could tell they were exhausted from last nights fuck fest. And I am not alone in the house, so there are options. I lived with my brother and knew he would be available to care for my morning hard-on. Dad had taught us the way a family should bond, and so we have continued to share his love.

My brother was twenty-seven and one good looking jock. Tyler is six feet tall and all muscle. His hair is blonde, almost sun bleached white, with a slight grazing of hair on his chest, arms, legs and is ample pubes. His rod of steel was veiny and pulsed in is raising erection; at completion the hard member stood nine inches away from his body. He too had a morning wood that needed care.

Crawling into his bed I wisp the sheet off his body and began sucking his organ. Soon Tyler was awake and moaning in my successful sucking of his dick. To my surprise he shot fast into my mouth flooding my mouth with his gooey sap. Struggling to swallow his gift, all Tyler can do is grunt as his dick unleashes its juice. Once the torrent streams were over, I licked and lapped up the drops and puddles of escaped cum.

"Tyler! Fucking shot to soon man," I questioned.

"You woke me up form a fucking fantastic dream, you were fucking me and then BAM! you on my cock I couldn't hold it anymore!" he smiled.

"Well, roll over, I need to fuck my nuts out."

Without a complaint, Tyler eagerly flopped over and gave me access to his round meaty ass. Each mound was of perfection, pulling them apart and exposing his pucker I begin to lick and wet his sex chute. Each flick and push of my tongue made Tyler moan in pleasure.

Taking my cue, I spit lube my cock and shove it into my slutty brothers snatch. The warmth and tight chute hugged my cock, I could feel his ass muscles begin milking and begging for my nectar. Pulling my cock out, I would quickly ram the cock deeper into his hole. Making him know I am master, letting him know that I am in control. Using his body for my cock, was pleasing; for his chute was perfect for my fuck pole. For a good hour I raped and abused his tender orifice till I was ready to shoot my load deep into his womb.

Shoving him and pushing him as my engorged cock fucks deeper into his ass. Rolling and bouncing all over the bed in our heated fuck session. You can here the bed moan and bend under my force; at times you would expect the bed to break.

Biting his neck, Tyler moans and lets out a second rapturous load of semen. I shove my cock deeper still into my brothers ass, this time he feels it and whimpers as my member probes into his stomach. Now I am ready to release my torrent seed into him. Allowing my body to cum I shoot rope after rope into his jock ass.

Emptying all my seed till it poured out of his ass, with great pressure. I was happy, and left my brother to sleep the fuck off.

- - - - - - -

Tyler and I do have two other brothers, but they do not live at the ranch. First there is Ethan, he is a family man, chained to his wife, and due to this we hardly see his naked body. Ethan is twenty-four years old, with three brats for kids, unloved and uneducated.

Then last is Tyler's twin, Kip. He is also married, but lives closer and comes around weekly to share and celebrate our bond. He has children, but none that have been introduced to the faith. Kip is waiting for more kids, and then to divorce his wife. Only then will he begin educating his children.

As for me, my name is Gavin and I am the master of the house and ranch. Being the oldest son, I am thirty years of age. I stand six feet three inches tall, with brown hair and a full covering of body hair. I keep my hair long almost to my ass; and mostly wear it in a pony tail. I work out regularly to keep my body chiseled and looking good. I have a bush of pubes that Sexton loves to braid. My cock when erect leans against my abs at ten inches and seven inches around in girth. I have the cock that molests and impales all its sees.

You may wonder where my kids mother is, well I was sixteen when the twins were born. She was a common whore my dad had brought me to fuck and seed. Her only purpose was to give me children, and once complete she received her money and drugs and left. Soon I will let my boys seed and bring more into the world.

- - - - - - -

The ranch as been in the family for some time, we have a lot of work to do to keep it up, but we are rural and most know that we are nudists, so if they swing by there is no shock of finding us naked on a horse or walking about. We keep the sexual fun to more secluded areas.

We have cattle, horses, dogs, and other farms animals. The ranch has a stream and pond, and lots or area for wilderness fun. Our animals are part of our family, and our sexual activity is not limited to human.

- - - - - - -

Waking up my sons from the slumber was fun. My dick was happy and now it was chore time. Yes, even though I live life through my cock, chores and work had to be done to keep things going on the ranch.

Waking them up and sending them each on their way to work, was a pleasure. Seeing there asses walk away to the barn. As for me my chore today, it was taking care of the fence.

I hiked over to the barn leaving Tyler to clean and tidy the home. I loaded the truck and took off; following the fence line for any breaks. Hours upon hours I drive and checked the fence of our land. Making sure all was strong and secure.

Once my task was finished I drove the truck back to the barn and took my trusty steed for a ride to the pond.

- - - - - - -

Once there I let my body feel the cool water on my naked skin. Feeling horny I began masturbating my cock to a ridged harden state. I leak precum like a river as it coats and lubes my cock. Leaning back on the shore and finding my spot next to a bolder, I continue massaging my girth. Enjoying my moment a dream and think of the fucking that have happened here in this pond.

Soon I hear the hooves of a horse approaching and I see its my little Sexton. "Hey Dad, I hoped you be here," He says pointing to his boy boner.

"I'm here waiting for you to do your duty," I replied.

Leaping off his horse he runs to me a gives me a kiss and then instinctively lowers himself till he his faced with my engorged cock. Slowly he swallows every inch of my cock. Although he does this regularly, I am amazed for only he, my littlest boy can engulf and swallow every inch of my cock. Not breathing, he deep throats and continues his duty of pleasing my cock.

I take one hand and begin to bless his anus with my fingers pushing in and letting the pond water enter in. The other hand massaging his cocklet, the boy boner hard and ready. Sex quivers, moans, and almost rams his cock into my hand making my masturbation of his cock more quick, but also plunging my finger deeper into his ass.

Soon he is all a flutter of movement as he stutters and reels in a boy orgasm. His body ridged as my hands still caress and tantalize his body. Waiting for his body to cool I kiss him and ready body for my fuck. With one forceful push my cock wrecks into my sons tiny chute.

Letting out a shrill yell, the anus eases and allows my cock to fuck him. Ramming and using his ass with force, and feel his innards move and stretch to encompass and except my large penis. My little Sexton struggles not to cry with the onslaught of my cock. I pull all my inches out, and whisper into my sons ear, "Here comes all my love, remember to take it."

Ready, Aim, Fire, the cock rams into his boy chute; fucking him to the hilt. Fucking him like a toy and making my cock feel its length and the warmth of my son. Sex's body just wriggling on the shore with his ass under the water. Fucking his ass with all my force filling him with every inch as my cock would give.

Slowly my boy began to come close to his orgasm, and I it was not time, so a swat to his nuts did the deed, and curbed his orgasm.

Now Sex is getting into my rhythm each forceful fuck he moans and accepts. His body is in ecstasy as my cock fills his void. Moaning and begging my cock to go deeper, I only fuck him with more vigor. His cunt tugs and pulls on my cock, bringing me closer to the edge of no return, close to giving my son the very seed that gave him life.

Soon it was time I allowed Sexton to have his boy orgasm again, while my cock unleashed its violent stream of cum. Filling him till his ass exploded the load out of is ever fucked chute.

Collapsing on top of his body I kissed his lips and made out with his young mouth. My little sons trembling body as he held me and kissed me.

"I love you Sex," whispering into his ear, as I nibbled on it.

Sexton panting and moaning as I touch and fondle his naked self. Once again I am enflamed and ready to fuck, Sexton opens his legs and eagerly shifts himself onto my rod. The cum soaked pussy glides over my veiny cock and soon its to the hilt again.

Greedily I fucked his pucker while I lay on top of the youth. This time more gently, but more passionate and strong with each slow fuck. Each deep push only makes Sexton gasp.

I could almost imaging my cock pushing so far to impregnate is youthful body. Nothing by sexual joy filled my sons body as his daddy rubbed his prostate with his shaft. With howls and whimpers my son showed me his gratitude in the fuck I gave him.

Picking him off the ground I rolled him over to the top and let him work the cock in and out of his fuck chute. Each time Sex would lower his body on the pole he would shudder and tremble with a euphoric glow. He picked up pace and fucked himself harder and harder. My member growing harder as he pleased me.

"OH Daddy can I drink your cum this time, OH FUCK DADDY," My boy moaned.

I nodded yes.

With that he lit of my cock, and started to swallow the tall shaft. My cock was so ridged it would not bend down his throat. He chocked and gagged to swallow and please my life giving penis.

I tried to hold back, but he is a pro at sucking, holding nothing back, begging for the juice to fill his mouth. I let loose the torrent streams for cum, gushing and flooding from my huge daddy nuts. So much he could not drink it all, it began to spew out, then he gaged and the rest shot onto his loving face.

Smiling at me and licking some of the sap from his stained face, I let him know I had more to give him.

Standing up and aiming my cock into his mouth I shot the first drops of cum and piss. Then the steady hot stream began to flow. My lusty son bathing and drinking my warmth. Once complete he rinsed off in the pond as I contemplated another fuck with my semi hard dick.

Instead I knew what I would do to finish my cock off for the day.

- - - - - - -

The rest of the day was quite nice; me relaxing by the TV, drinking a beer, slowly just edging my cock till I was ready for my final deed. The boys all playing with each other from time to time, hearing there moans and groans. Tyler even had fun fucking with the lads that afternoon.

As for me I was waiting for a tired and tuckered out twin to fuck, but not till I was ready would I take him to our chapel.

- - - - - - -

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