Nephews Firsts 1


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At my family reunion this past summer my nephews and I had a nice time learning about each other. My younger sister has been putting together a family reunion each summer for the past few years at our parents cottage on Lake Erie. It is a small place (but has six bedrooms upstairs) and quite primitive (i.e. no running water or indoor toilet.) It is in a small group of ten such cottages on a farm owned by a distant cousin. They do have electricity and phones lines but that is the extent of the "modern fixtures." Various extended family members of our Dad's family own the cottages.

I think it's just an excuse for her to stay out there for a week or two each summer but I have enjoyed the place many times over the years, too. I spent many summer weekends there when I was growing up. This summer the timing was right for me so I could spend the week out there, but my wife couldn't get away until Thursday night. So I drove out on Sunday and settled into the bedroom I had always had as a boy. I have three boys (ages 26, 23, and 20). My younger brother has two boys (ages 17 and 13). My youngest brother has a boy (age 4). My sister (our 'baby' sister) has two children, a boy and a girl (ages 11 almost 12, and 9).

I had fallen asleep on the bed taking my usual Sunday afternoon nap listening to the ball game. I woke up and thought I heard a noise. Then I did hear a noise, a gasp followed by a sigh and low grunting "umph" all accompanied by the very distinct slapping-smacking sound of a "personal massage." The sounds were coming from the bedroom next to mine (my 11 year-old nephews room.) I got up very slowly so as to make no noise and slowly stepped over to the doorway. There are no doors on the bedrooms just curtains hung on a bar at the top of the doorway. The walls between rooms are just simple wooden partitions that only go up about eight feet. When I got to the edge of the doorway, I could see my nephew laid back on the bed with his head at the foot of the bed that was against the wall between our rooms. His shorts and tee shirt were piled on the floor and his swimsuit was at the end of the bed next to his head. I could see him through the 2-inch crack between the curtain and the doorframe. He was completely hairless and his fully erect cut cock was about 4 to 5 inches long. His eyes were closed tightly. He was using the ages-old thumb and two-finger grip of a young boy-man and was stroking quite rapidly! As I watched (all males are voyeurs), he was varying his speed and length of stroke. He sucked in a few deep breaths letting them out in the grunting sighs that I heard on waking (and which probably woke me up.) "Ummmmpphh!" and then with this last one a long hissing "Yessss!" My own prick had hardened and stiffened out straight! I reached down and dropped my underwear and started doing some of my own stroking! I was beginning to ooze pre-cum as I squeezed my full hard-on! I could see and hear that he was getting close to the point of no return. He stopped stroking for half a minute holding onto the head of his small boy-prick at the corona. He was using the two fingers to rub across the bottom side of the head and under the corona. His fingers were on that "spot" is that sends you over the top! I was stroking faster and harder and then took my cue from him! I concentrated on the underside of my prick and was suddenly getting close to the edge myself! He took in another deep breath and held it as he resumed stroking in short quick strokes at the head of his very reddish purple small boy-prick! His legs stiffened and straightened out and spread out! His toes curled and straightened and stretched out! He was THERE! (remember those soul-wrenching orgasms when you were about that age!) Seeing him get there pushed me over too! "Ooohhh! Yyyeeessss! ....That's it!.... Uuummmppphhh!" I heard him in a long drawn-out gasping sigh thru clenched teeth! I let out a small grunt myself as I began to splash spurts of cum into the air to land on my under-shorts piled at the base of the wall! Three spurts and then four more pulses that just dribbled a few drops of cum out onto my fingers! As I watched his orgasm hit him, his strokes slowed down to slow rubbing! I watched his dick swell and get even darker and then throb and pulse! Three throbs then four or five small pulses! His arm stiffened as it stroked slowly! He would stop the stroke when it throbbed and just rub the bottom slowly! Then a couple slow strokes and then the rub! He had certainly learned this massage movement well! His other arm stiffened out straight and he clenched the fist! He dropped it down at his side with a soft thump on the mattress! I could see all the muscles on his chest and side clench up! His tummy sucked in and clenched taught! He slowed down his stroking even more and finally just held onto the head with a slight rubbing motion of the fingers as the last two pulses went up thru his prick. He sucked in another breath, let it out slowly and slowly dropped his stroking hand down to his side! I saw no cum squirt or dribble out of his prick, not even a pearl drop at the tip. A Dry Cum! (remember those?) Before I could step back, (I was still cumming down from my own orgasm), he opened his eyes and turned his head and saw me watching him! His eyes went down the crack to my still hand-wrapped and slowly shrinking prick that I was still slowly and gently squeezing and then back up to my face! He blushed even more red than his orgasm had flushed him. "Uncle TC! I thought you were sleeping? How long have you been standing there watching?"

"Long enough I think, but don't worry about it! All guys do what we are doing. Even when we get as old as me or even older! Besides you were probably enjoying your 'cum' so much that you didn't hear me stop snoring." He looked down at my prick again.

"Prob'ly." I took my hand off it and turned to the side to pick up my under-shorts from where they had landed up against the wall, where I had stepped-kicked out of them. I began to use them to wipe up the residue and he saw my still semi-hard dick again. "Yours is big!"

"Well, thanks I guess, but it's not really. It's about normal size, maybe even on the small side, for an adult. Yours will get as big or bigger as you get older. So where is everybody? I can see that you felt you could enjoy yourself without anybody 'interrupting' you." He stood up grinning and blushing and reached for his suit.

"They're all down on the beach swimming. I heard you snoring when I came up. So I guessed I had time to do it. I wish I could squirt like you just did!" He was looking at my under-shorts as I was still wiping my self off.

"Don't rush it, you'll be squirting soon enough. You know what? You see how mine has gotten soft? Well, you're luckier than you think! Because right now while you're not able to make it squirt yet, yours will stay hard if you want it to. You could lay down again right now and jack it some more and get to 'cum' .... ummm the throbs and the good feelings? ... all over again in about two minutes if you wanted to! I can't do that anymore. You see mine is getting soft and shrinking again? I used to be just like you when I was your age. Now it takes me at least ten minutes and most times more than that to 'recover'." He sat down on the bed and his prick was hard again just from talking and thinking about it.

"I can do it two times in row? Wow! I want to try that!" He stretched out on the bed and began to stroke his prick again. "Oh wow! You're right! It feels real good doing this some more! It usually gets way too 'tingly' after I stroke it like I just did. After it throbs and feels good, 'cum' (he looked questioningly at me. I nodded and grunted assent.) I just let go of it and stop stroking on it 'cause... it... is... unhh... way too tingly!" He continued to stroke as he talked and it was swelling out and getting reddish purple again! From his pauses in speaking, he was getting into the 'feelings' again!

"You haven't tried to do this before? I mean doing it again right after the first one? Yeah it gets way sensitive after you 'cum', but since you don't squirt yet, if you just stop jacking or stroking for 30 seconds or a minute the tingly feeling goes away and you can start jacking again! See what I mean?"

He was beginning to stroke faster and it was several seconds before he answered me as he was lost in the 'feeling'. "'re right! It feels good this time too......just like the first time......but different......<groaning grunt>...... Yeah!......This feels so good! Y'know?"

"Oh yeah! I know!....Now hurry up and finish before someone wonders why you're taking so long to change and comes looking for you! We can talk more about this later, if you want too." He kept on stroking and now was gasping for breath.

"! Feels sssooo good! Feeling good! Yesss! Here it cumsss! UUUHHH!" I stood and watched in fascination and awe as the orgasm swept thru him again! Same routine as before - his legs stiffened, his muscles stiffened, his hand clenched! His cock swelling and then three throbs and a couple pulses! "WOW! That felt so good! Different from the first one but good too!"

My own prick had started to stiffen again watching him enjoy himself so much! "See? Now just wait a little bit and then try a couple strokes to see if it's still too 'tingly'!" I finished putting my under-shorts on again (I'd let the lake help clean them while I swam) and grabbed my suit and started to pull it on.

He had stretched back across the bed this time and gave a couple soft strokes to his still hard cock! "Umm......Uncle TC, you're right! It's not tingly anymore. It feels good!...Can I do it again? I thought you said you needed more time to 'recover' but I saw you getting stiff again." Watching him I reached into my shorts and gave mine several loving slow strokes and then pulled my hand out after moving my prick to a more comfortable position.

"Yes I guess I am, but I'm not completely stiff again even after I just jacked it a bit. It still takes me too long and right now we don't have the time for me to get there again. But you should be able to finish once more! Let's see if you can before I find my towel and sandals and tee shirt and get them on." He continued stroking while we talked and he had that 'look' again! Grudgingly I walked over to my dufflebag, dug my towel and sandals out of the bag, sat down on the bed, and took the time to do up the heel straps. I stood up again and put my tee shirt on and walked backed to the doorway. I had heard him gasping, groaning, and stroking while I finished dressing. I moved the curtain aside and watched him get off once more. (I don't think I could ever get tired of watching it happen.)

"Unc!...Here it cums again!...Unnngh!...See? ... Yessss! Oh yessss! There!" Stiff cock. Stiff legs. Stiff-arms. Dick swelling up. Throb! Throb! Pulse! Pulse! "That felt good too, but not like the last two times... It didn't last as long!"

"I know. The more times you do 'it' in a row the less intense the later ones get, but they still feel good. Even your young body can only take so many 'cums' in row. Now get your suit on and let's go swimming."

"Wait...Can't we talk more about this?"

"Yeah we can, but not right now. Tell you what; I'm going out to watch the meteor shower tonite and you can join me if you want. We'll probably have company for a while but everybody will head for bed eventually."

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