Nephews Firsts 2


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Later on that evening I was sitting at the kitchen table with my sister having some coffee and just catching up about who was where and doing what. My brother-in-law was outside with the kids helping my other nephew (our brothers 13 year old, Ricky) who had come out with my sister, to set up his own pup tent out in the side yard. "TC? Umm... you raised boys. How did you handle sex things and stuff like that?"

"Hmmm, well... pretty casually I suppose. The school system had a "Personal Hygiene" class for fifth or sixth graders where they laid out the 'facts-of-life' without all the 'operating instructions' that they seem to have added these days. So we didn't need to have 'that talk' but we had our moments anyway. Why do you ask?"

"Last week I got up in the middle of the night and passed by the kids rooms on the way to the bathroom. Drew's door was half open and I looked in as I went by and he was spread out playing with himself! Isn't he kind of young to have discovered that yet?"

"He's, what, closing in on twelve? Nope, not too young. Lots of kids discover it earlier than that even, but most are probably a bit older before they learn 'cause and effect' of 'personal massage'. Hmmm, he went to Scout camp this year, didn't he? (A nod from her.) Don't worry, Sis. It's probably a 'learned' behavior he picked up at camp."

"He really can't hurt himself, can he? Or do it too much?"

"No he can't. Speaking as a former young male, one usually stops doing 'it' if it begins to hurt. And there's really no such thing as 'too much'. It's a discovery thing. He'll slack off after awhile. Did you interrupt his 'personal massage' or make a fuss or did he see you?"

"No, none of the above. I kept on going down the hall and into the bathroom. By the time I came back he was curled up and sleeping."

"That was a good choice. Have you told Stan (my brother-in-law) about this? He would have a another male point-of-view about all of this."

"Not yet."

"You probably should. You guys have a closed door rule?"

"Yep. If it's closed you knock first and wait for an answer before you open."

"Works for me. It sounds like Stan needs to remind Drew about privacy and closing doors when he wants to be 'by himself' even during the night. Drew's a bright kid. He'll catch on, but probably not without a little blushing. But I suspect he'll be less embarrassed hearing it from his father who is, after all, another male."

"I guess so, but he's still so young!"

"Now I hear a Mom speaking. They do eventually grow up, you know. 'Can't stop it even with lead weights', as I've heard Dad say more than once. Tell you what though, if I get the chance, I'll talk about closed doors and work it around to a reminder about closing them when you want some 'private' time. Okay?"

"I...Hmmm....I guess. Thanks, TC."

"That's what elderly brothers are for 'Sister dearest'." Besides, I now had some new topics to explore with him!


After they got the pup-tent set up and Ricky fixed it up with his air mattress, (a king size no less, the "pup-tent" was actually a four-man dome tent!) sleeping bag, battery lantern, small table, comic books, gamer mags, etc. they decided to catch a quick swim before dark. While they were down swimming I went out and set up the lawn furniture (a long chaise/couch, a shorter loveseat and several chairs of various descriptions.) With all kinds of pillows, cushions, and throws I set them near the edge of the embankment, but back a bit, considering that there are kids about, looking out over the lake. Absolutely perfect for watching the meteor shower! NACITS as the local weatherman says, Not A Cloud In The Sky. I went back in, picked up my pocket humidor, poured a large glass of brandy, turned out most of the lights, (and as an afterthought) picked up the brandy bottle and a bottle of wine, and went back out and settled into one end of the couch. It was a beautiful sunset! They started coming up from the beach a bit later, when the sun had completely set and the last traces of light had sunk slowly after it. I had already seen several shooting stars, and the moon wasn't going to rise until after midnight, so it was looking like it was going to be a good show.

The kids had gone racing into the cottage to change and my sister and brother-in-law (who had not actually gone in swimming) came over and sat down in a couple of chairs next to my end of the couch. I picked up a couple of cups and handed them over then the two bottles. We settled back and I pulled out a cigar, offered one to my brother-in-law, fired them up and resettled. The kids came roaring out with snacks in hand. My niece grabbed a couple cushions and plopped down in front of her mother and handed her a hairbrush with a mumbled "Do me please Mom." The two boys grabbed a throw and several cushions and pillows and spread them out in front of me and the couch and sprawled out on them. They all quieted down pretty much after that except for the occasional crunch, chomp, and other sounds of consumption of snacks and a whisper and giggle or two with some quiet questions about what we were watching and quiet conversations now and then. We were watching a very nice sky-show!

Around midnight I had to get up and stretch and walk a bit. When I got back, I saw that my niece had gone to sleep curled up at and on her mothers feet. My sister and brother-in-law had been nodding in and out of sleep for awhile. I reached over and touched Sis and whispered "Bedtime for y'all?" She looked around and then nodded. "Nudge Stan and take the little princess with you guys. I'll take care of the boys. We may just sleep out under the stars tonite. It is a very pleasant evening." She thought about it for a few seconds then she nodded again, "'k ...thanks boys behave ...nite." Stan had apparently heard my whisper because he just got up, scooped up his daughter, whispered "Later." Then they all headed into the cottage. While I waited for them to get settled, the rest of the lights to go out, and quiet to settle in again, I refired my cigar and poured another brandy. The boys were still semi-conscious and watching the sky.

"Uncle TC? What does that stuff taste like? It smelled like something sweet." Ricky asked.

"When did you smell it?"

"Today when I saw it on the kitchen table and nobody was in the kitchen."

"Hmmm...well it is sort of sweet. As it says on the bottle, this 'stuff' is brandy. Most brandies are sweet but not all. They make this one from one certain kind of wine and grape which is also slightly sweet. They heat the wine up to boil off some of the water that is in the wine and that makes it taste sweeter because it concentrates the sugar. It also gives it more 'kick' because it concentrates the alcohol too."

"Kick?" from Drew.

"He means it can get you drunk, Drew."

"Faster than the wine, and how would you know that, Ric?"

"Mike told me." Mike is Ric's older brother.

"Hmmm...well anyway it does taste sweet, you can taste the grapes or at least a fruity taste, and taste the alcohol too. That adds a slightly bitter taste but fiery taste to it."

"Can we taste it? Unc? Hmmm? Please?"

"Hmmm...I don't know......."

"Just a sip? Please? Look... Uncle Stan didn't finish his. So can we?" I looked and there was about a finger's worth left. My sister had left about the same in the bottom of her glass too. Ric jumped up and went over and picked up Stan's glass.

"Mom left some in hers too." Drew had rolled over and sat up and picked it up. "See? Can we? Hmmm? Please?" Hmmm...well it shouldn't be wasted should it? And there wasn't enough in either glass for them to be really 'wasted'.

"Hmmm...Well we shouldn't waste it...I guess just a taste is ok...but don't tell the 'rents that I let you do this. If they ask, I won't know what they're talking about." Said with a wink and a nod. Neither set of 'rents' would really mind anyway, but here is a conspiracy we could enter into.

A duet of "Kewl!"

"Alright, just bring the glass up to your nose and smell it." I did the motion as I told them. "Smells sweet but kind of fruity too, hmmm?" Two slight nods. "Now just bring the glass down to your lips and then tip slightly to drink it. Don't swallow it right down. Let it swirl around in your mouth a little bit. Then swallow it... Don't take in the whole glass! Just a sip!"

Oops...too late with last instruction. Ricky's eyes went wide, but he swallowed before he gasped out. "Fire! It's hot!"

"Not really. That's just the alcohol. That's why they call brandy a spirit. Because it's got a fiery or spirited taste. Is it so hot now?"

"No. Now it's just sweet but it tastes kind of like wood too."

"Some brandies like this one are aged in wooden barrels before they put it in the bottle. It picks up some of that taste. How about you, Drew?" He had been intently watching his cousin. He tipped the glass up a bit and sipped.

"Wow! It does burn!" He took another bigger sip and so did Ricky. They both breathed out a "Wow!" and then they finished off the glasses!

"More?" Both holding glasses up.

"Nope, that's enough for now. Sit back and wait a bit for that to settle down in the bottom of your stomach. Then we'll see."

"What do you mean 'let it settle'?...Ohh! It's feels real warm down there!" Ric sat down and back quite heavily on the other end of the couch. Putting his hands on his lower tummy, "Wow!" He sighed out.

"That's what I meant. That's the alcohol. It actually numbs the nerves in the stomach, but it feels warm." Drew followed his cousin's settling in and leaned against me.

"!" They both looked up at the sky but not real focused. I just sat back and drew on the cigar, slowly blew it back out, and just generally mellowed out, letting them enjoy the rush.

After several minutes I quietly asked, "Feel okay, guys?"

Another hushed duet of "Oh yeah. Kewl!"

"Good. Just stay comfortable and watch the stars. Everything is indeed 'Kewl'!" They giggled when I imitated them. We sat that way for a good half an hour. I could see they were getting drowsy again so I slowly sat up and stood up and turned around and set Drew up in my corner.

"W'sup Unc?"

"I'm getting sleepy but I have to pee."

Another chorus of "Me too." I walked over towards the edge of the bank, dropped my shorts, took a step out of them, and proceeded to piss over the bank. That produced more giggles from close behind me.

"Hey, Unc, the outhouse is that way." Ric says thru his giggle and points behind him.

"This is closer and I don't like the smell up there anyway!" I turned toward them as I'm talking. "You mean you guys go all the way up there in the middle of the night? I usually just step out into the lawn, away from the door, at night."

"Hey! Watch where you point that thing!" Which produced new laughter. They were both in the process of copying my actions, so that when they were avoiding my stream they stepped out of their shorts.

"Opps! Sorry! I didn't get any on you guys did I?" I swung around again facing the lake to finish. They both stepped up on either side and started pissing.

"Nope." I saw both Ric and Drew looking down at me and each other as they pissed. "Weird!" "Wow!" "Kewl!" They aimed towards my stream and all three combined into one. Mine finally started to slow to a dribble and then just drops. Then I thought I'd try something. I turned around and kicked my shorts toward the couch and walked over to it and sat down. They looked for a moment then looked at each other then kicked their own over that way and followed me over and sat down on each side of me. All three of us naked from the waist down! I leaned back into the cushions and settled down. Both of them slowly eased back too. I put my arms up on the top of the back cushions and heaved a contented sigh.

"I want to watch the sky a bit more and I think I will just sleep out here tonite. It's warm enough and this couch is real comfortable. If you guys want to sleep out here you can too, I think."


"It'd be just like camp this summer! We slept out on the ground a bunch of nights 'cause it was so hot."

"Oh, that's right, Drew, you went to Scout camp this year. You did too, didn't you, Ric?"

"Yeah. Two weeks. We had a kewl time. We slept out on the ground some nights 'cause of the heat too."

"Was this your first time at Scout camp?"

"No, I went last year too, but only for a week."

"This was Drew's first time. You know, now that I think about it, that's probably where you learned what you were 'practicing' upstairs this afternoon, hmmm Drew?"


"What was he 'practicing'?"

"Um...well, I don't know... hmmm... it's kind of a private thing... but we're all guys anyway... hmmm?... (I got a couple nods.) Well, I was asleep up on my bed when he came up to change into his swim suit, but he got sort of sidetracked, right Drew?" A slight nod and then he looked down at the ground. "Don't worry Drew. I'm sure Ric 'practices' those 'moves' too!" I think the light was beginning to dawn on Ric, but he still had some of that "Huh?" kind of look. "Ric, my old health teacher, who was also our boys gym teacher, used to call it 'personal massage'." I could see two small rods shadows, now that the moon had risen above the horizon, one on each side of me. Even mine was beginning to stiffen and grow with this talk. Ric got a big grin on his face.

"Oh... I know what you're talking about, Unc. You mean 'jacking off', right?" I nodded.

"Yeah...don't worry about it Drew, all guys do it!" Drew looked up and had a shy smile.

"That's what you said this afternoon, Unc."

"You guys talked about this? But I didn't learn how to 'jack-off' at camp, I learned from seeing Mike do it! But we all jacked-off at camp too!"

"Yeah we talked about it a little after I saw Drew jacking-off! After he woke me up from making too much noise!" I said, chuckling.

"Unc, you did it too!" It was his turn to giggle.

" too, Unc? But you're too old!" Ric says with a wicked grin and giggle.

"Gee thanks, but you're never too old for this!" I reached down and fingered my growing dick to put it into a more comfortable place. I noticed the both of them had done the same a couple of times too. "After I saw Drew doing it I started to get stiff 'cause I knew what it felt like when I was you guys age and since he was enjoying his personal massage, I figured I could too!"

"See, yours is getting real big again! See Ric, he's bigger than us!"

"Yeah, but he's not bigger than Mike!"

"See Drew? I told you I wasn't that big. Lots of guys are bigger than me."

"That's what Mike says too." All three dicks were now fully hard and being slowly and gently massaged. "Ummph...I guess I'm getting 'horny' least that's what Mike calls getting hard."

"Ahh...umm...It's called 'horny' because your horn gets bigger and harder... and... umm... you're right! We all are!" They both giggled at that but slouched down a bit more, and so did I. Sliding our butts out a little and spreading our legs apart some too. "That's right. We might as well get comfortable. Some times it feels even better if you are thinking or hearing about doing it while you're doing it. Ric said he learned from seeing Mike doing it. Drew, how did you learn to do it? Who taught you?"

"Umm... yesss... I'm more comfortable now. <sigh> <giggle> Two of the ASPL's, Robbie and Jake... I saw them laying on their bunks, end to end, doing it, the second day of camp!"

"They're older guys? How old are they?"

"Unhh... umph... yeah Robbie and Jake are both... umm... 14... and... umm..."

"Sorry. You were saying you saw them doing it?" By now we were all stroking really well. Varying speeds, stopping, rubbing, and fisting strokes. I could feel the motions thru their bodies as they leaned up against me! I looked over at each of them. Drew was using his usual thumb and two fingers. Ric's favorite stroke appeared to be four fingers and no thumb on the underside with the topside flat against his belly. His cut dick was a little longer than Drew's, but about the same thickness. It was too dark to see if he had any pubes yet. I could hear the rapid breathing, the grunting groans, the sighs, the gentle slapping sounds, and the gasps on each side of me as they were both getting more into the feelings coming from their own 'personal massages'.

"Umm...yeah... I had to come back to the cabin to... unhh... get my handbook. I... umm... heard them sort of talking as I... umm... came around the wall into the bunkroom. I guess they were into the 'feelings' too much to hear me until after I got right next to Robbie's bunk and... umm... asked them what they were doing. Umm... They both jumped and tried to cover up but Jake could see me and said don't worry it's just one of the new guys... umm... Drew... unhh... Robbie turned his head around then and said 'What's it look like we're doing, Drew? We're jerking off!' and they both laughed and uncovered again and started stroking up and down on their dicks again. I asked what 'jerking off' was and didn't it hurt? 'cause I heard you guys moaning. 'No way! It feels really good. That's why we do it! To feel good! Don't you ever do this?' I said no. 'Well sit down on Jimmy's bunk there and try it!' Why? 'You'll see. This feels really good when you do it!' Umm... unhh..." I could feel him beginning to stiffen up clenching his muscles! He was getting close! Then he took his hand off.

"Getting close to 'cumming'? (He slowly nodded.) Don't worry. Go ahead. Don't wait for us. We'll get there too. (He started stroking again.) Besides... umm... Ric, do you 'squirt' yet?"

"You mean 'cum'? (I nodded.) No, unh... well not too much anyway... umm... just a couple drops. I just started to cum a couple weeks ago! Mike says I'm a man now!" (We'll have to ask more about this later.)

"Well Drew's still is dry. So he can do it over and over again like he found out this afternoon! Drew, we can't keep up with you so you can just keep going!"

"You mean he didn't know he could... Ummph... cum lots of times in a row? I been doing that for awhile!"

"Well he just realised that he could do that this afternoon." I could feel him tensing up again. "Almost there again? (a nod) Just let it happen! So what about Robbie and Jake? Did they teach you how to jack-off or jerk-off then?"

"Umm... yyyeeesss... almost there... feels sssooo good! unhh... yeah Robbie said 'See what I'm doing? Sit down and join us! Just drop your shorts before you sit. That's ungh... right... umph... <gasping groan> now sit back and... umm... use your fist like this... almost... yesss... that's it... yeah..." Drew's orgasm hit him! He stiffened up and I felt the orgasm throb go thru his entire body! "Sssooo good! Yyyeeessss!... Yeah!... Oh Yeah... Umph... Ahh!..." There were three throbs that I felt go thru him! "Oh! Wow! Unc!... That's the best one... <gasp>... I ever had!" Then I felt Ric stiffen up too. I could feel the vibrations from his stroking. Drew's cum sound effects must have set him off.

"Oh yeah! Me too!... Almost... yyyeeesss... there... Ohhh! Wow!... I'm cccuuummming! Yeah... Oh yeah! umph... umph... yesss!" He had stopped stroking and then started very slowly again as his prick began to throb! Then I saw it glisten in the reflected moonlight! He had cum a streamer up onto his belly on the second throb! "Ungh... Yeah... Oh yesss!... See?... See this? That's the most I've ever cum!... It's usually just a couple drops!... Wait 'til I show Mike!" I could feel them both slowly rubbing, getting the last waves of the feelings cumming from their personal massages. "Hey Unc, You didn't cum yet, did you?"

"Nope, but I will soon. I want to hear more about Robbie and Jake, Drew. It'll help me squirt sooner. So what happened after you kicked your shorts off?" I leaned back into the couch cushions more, brought my hands down to my stiff cock, and began to personally massage it seriously! One hand on my cock and one on my balls, juggling them! Both boys leaned forward a little to watch, but began to stroke their own again too and they slowly settled back again as they stroked!

"Well, umm... I didn't kick'em off at first. I asked him why. Robbie said 'cause it feels so good to do it and it really don't hurt. When I didn't move, Robbie said to just watch them then and he and Jake'd show me how anyway! So I pulled Jimmy's bunk closer to them and sat down so I could see'em both. Robbie's cock is a little bigger than Jake's. Robbie has a little hair right at the bottom. Jake has just a couple hairs. They both went back to stroking on their cocks. I asked why again. Robbie said 'so we can make our cocks squirt jizz. And it feels really good too when it squirts.' Jake laughed and says 'Yeah really good.' I asked 'What's jizz?' They both laughed and Jake says 'It's this white cream that squirts out of your cock after you jerk it for awhile. That cream makes babies when it squirts into a girls pussy.' I asked him 'What was that?' Robbie says 'You know... her slit. It's what unhh... girls have where our pricks are. If you really want... unhh... to know... umm... what jizz is... yessss... just wait a few more seconds... Ahh... and we'll show you... yeah... almost there... umph... you close too, Jake?' 'Oh yeah... I'm there... yessss... there it is! Oh yesss!' 'Watch Jake he'll show you first!' I looked over at Jake. He stopped stroking and just rubbed the bottom side! I saw a big drop squirt out of the tip and drop on his tummy! Then another drop! Then some more just came out and dripped down on his fingers! All the time that was happening Jake was gasping and moaning and grunting and saying stuff like 'Sooo good! Feels so damn good! Yeah! Yessss!'"

While Drew is telling this, I'm getting really close to the edge... about ready to blow... especially after hearing about Jake cumming! I'm watching both of the boys and they are both full hard again and Drew is really working his again.

"Drew... ungh... try rubbing it the way Ric does it... <groan> It feels different... Yeah... Almost there guys!... You too?... Ungh!... "

"What do you... umm... Ric? Oh I see! All four fingers flat out!... Hmmm... Jake does it like that sometimes... Hmmm... This feels different!... Real good!... I'm gettin' close again, Unc! Just like this afternoon! Umm!... Yesss... "

Ric pipes up: "I'm not there yet, Unc! But... umm... gettin' close!"

"Just keep workin' it, guys! Ungh... Yessss... you'll get there again! Drew, Did Robbie cum then too? <groan>"

"Umm... Yeah... Umm... Then umm... Robbie says 'That's jizz, Drew... ungh... yesss... now watch me, D! 'cause I'm cumming too! An' I can shoot more than that! ...Oh yeah! ...There it is! ...Yessss!' I turned to watch him. He umm... arched his back and umm... stroked his cock faster! Then ungh... I saw a string cum out of the tip of his cock! Ungh!... Yesss!... Then another! Ungh!... They both went up on his umm... chest! Then another <groan> small one on his <grunt> belly! Then some more just umm... dripped down onto ungh... his hand!... There... I'm there... That's it!... Umph!"

I felt him shudder and stiffen up! He did it again! I heard Ric gasp and then groan! I felt him shudder too! Then I could feel the rubbing motion vibrations from both of them too! That was too much for me! "Was he like this, D? 'Cause here I go!" I arched my butt up into my fingers to push my straining cock against my hand because I had switched over to the open palm too! "Oh Gawd Yes... Here it cums guys! <groan> Yessss... There... it's there... Oh yeah! Oh! Ahhhh!... Shoot'n it guys!... Yeah!... Oh yessss!... Ahhhh!" My first shot was up under my chin! So was the second! The third was on my belly! The next was at the top of my pubes! The next two pulses were out onto my lower belly dripping out into a puddle which just added lubrication for the last two pulses which dripped out too! "Oh Wow! <gasp> <gasp> Oh my God! That feels sooo good! Oh Yeah! <groaning grunt>" I sighed out as the last little pulses came thru and I stopped stroking and started just gently rubbing the bottom. The boys were watching intently. I finally stopped pulsing and began to catch my breath. I milked a couple drops out that just ran out onto my fingers.

"Oh Wow! Yea he squirted like that too! All over his chest and tummy!"

"Then what happened with Robbie and Jake, D."

"Jake was watching Robbie when he squirted and started jacking his dick again real fast! He said 'Watching Rob got me hard again!' Rob said to me 'Why don't you try it now?' I thought about it for a sec then stood up enough to drop my shorts. I hadn't really felt it before but my dick was hard. I'd had stiffies before but I'd never played with them like this before! I sat down and leaned back. I asked Rob to show me how again. He said his was still too tingly but to watch Jake 'cause he was jackin' again big time! Jake had his fist wrapped around his dick, this time, but when I tried that my dick was too short. Rob saw that and said 'Try it with your thumb and just the first two or three fingers!' I changed my hand and that was a lot better! Rob said to move the thumb and fingers down as close to the bottom as I could get them and then stroke up and down with the loose skin!' When I did that, it was even better! I never felt anything so good before! I began to get the good feeling waves as I pumped my hand up and down on my dick! Rob said 'Look at Jake, D! You're getting close again, ain't you, Jake?' Jake says 'Oh yeah gettin' it again!... Almost there now!' 'That's Jake, D. He's real quick!' Rob said laughing. 'Well it looks like you're almost there too, D! It's real red and swelling up!' I was getting close but I didn't know it 'cause I hadn't done this before. It felt so good! Rob said 'Try holding your breath. It'll help you cum faster!' He started to stroke his dick again 'cause it was gettin' hard again! Jake started to laugh and said 'Oh yeah try that!... Umm... Yesss!... Here it goes again!'" I could see and feel both of my guys doing their own stroking again! "Hey I'm hard again, just like this afternoon! Oh and so is Ric!"

"That's right guys. Do it again if you're ready. I will be awhile yet. How did it go from there with you and Rob and Jake?"

"Umm... ungh... Well Jake said 'I'm close... Ummph... are you there yet, D?' It felt umm... so good, and then that feeling started at the bottom of my dick. I ungh... said 'I think so but it umm... feels like I gotta pee bad!' Both Rob and Jake laughed and Jake says 'That's all right! Don't worry you won't pee. It just keeps feelin' better! Just keep jackin'! Like me! 'cause here I cum again! Oh yeah! Yesss!' I looked at him and he shot two drops out again! That's when the wave hit me and... umm... Yesss... it's just like now!... Ummph... Oh yessss! Yeah!" He shuddered again! Then I felt Ric tensing up again!

"Here it cums again Unc!... Now! Oh! Ahhhh! Yessss!" He shuddered again and dripped a couple drops! They were both gasping for breath now and slowly milking the last waves out! (Oh to be that age again!) They slowly came down and caught their breath again, then slumped back into the cushions again. They started to doze off and so did I. I woke back up and nudged them awake.

"Why don't you guys grab your shorts, put them on, and then curl up again? We don't need surprises in the morning." They did it slowly, but were soon sound asleep again. I did the same and soon joined them sleeping.

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