Nephews Firsts 3


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I woke up from my sister touching my shoulder "TC? You awake?" I looked down and around and saw that the boys were gone. She saw me looking around and said "They're in Ric's tent snoring. How late did you keep those guys up, anyway?"

"'Til about 3:30 or so. And it's the other way around. They kept me up! What time is it, anyway?"

"Almost 11. Stan and I are going into town to do the shopping for the week. Will you keep an eye on the boys? Angel is going with us."

"Umm... Sure. Pick up a paper for me, Sis? You guys take your time. When the boys wake up, we'll fix something for brunch." I saw Stan and Angel getting into the car already and Sis was headed that way too. I settled back down and dozed off again.

I woke up again with sunlight on my face. I heard giggling and laughter coming from the tent. I had my morning piss-wood. I sat up, stretched, stood up, walked to the bank, and pissed over it. Then I walked over to the tent. The boys had quieted down, and I thought that maybe they had gone back to sleep. I was wrong. I got up to the side of the tent where the screened window was and I could see in. There they were, laying on the air mattress naked, both boy-pricks hard, pointed up and in-hand. They both had that look of concentration on their faces. Drew gasps out "Almost there.... I feel it under my balls! Ready yet?"

"Not.... quite.... almost.... hang on... slow down.... wait a second!"

"Huh-uh.... can't wait that long.... I bet I can do it again before you're done! 'Cause here cums mine! Ungh.... yessss! Oh yeah!" The same orgasmic response as yesterday. His legs stiffened out straight. The toes curled. His right hand curled around his prick slowly pumping. This time though, his left hand massaging his balls. (I wonder where he picked that up!) His prick-head is dark purple and it expands as it throbs. "OH Man! Sssooo good! Yyyeeesss!" Another throbbing pulse! He stopped pumping, just rubbing across that spot! Another pulse! "Ahhhh!" One more slow gentle pumping stroke! Then he moves his fingers off his dick. "Yyyeeesss!... Ungh... Awesome!"

"Didn't you guys get enough of that last night?" I asked quietly as I stepped around the side to the door which was open.

"Duh...NO! Did you when you were our age?" Asked Ric as he just kept on stroking. "Still not there yet, D." Drew had begun to slowly stoke again. This time with the open palm stroke.

"<chuckle> Nope. I didn't either when I could jack-off as much or as often as you can now. Move up a bit I'm going to sit here at the bottom of the mattress." My dick was just about to full hard-on already so I dropped my shorts and dropped down onto the mattress as they slid up a little. They had to break grip while they did that but they got settled back down and re-gripped and began to stroke again. I stretched out across the mattress at their feet and rolled onto my side with my head propped on my left hand and arm, facing them. I reached down and spread my legs slightly and bent my 'top' leg up at the knee so my crotch was open and available to my right hand. I began to massage my growing prick to bring it to full hard-on. It didn't take long!

"Didn't YOU get enough of that last night, Unc?" Ric asked with a giggle and wicked grin.

"For last night yes, but it's a new day, and I don't have my minimum daily required cums for the day yet!" I answered laughing and began to stroke steadily. "So Ric, you said Mike taught you how to jack-off? When did he do that?" I could see from Ric's face and body that he was getting close to the edge.

"Ummm... <groan> Almost a year ago... no... ungh... yessss... two years ago... almost there! We share a bedroom and ummm... he sneaked in late on a ungh... Friday night after a basketball game and dance and I pretended I <grunt> was still asleep. He ummm... whispered 'Yo, Ricky? You awake?' I didn't answer... ungh... He got undressed. Just dropping his clothes where they fell like usual but this time he even dropped his shorts. Ummm... He was bare-ass naked. His dick was hard and sticking straight out! ungh... I hadn't seen his like that since we were little. Umph... Yeh... Ummm... He isn't little anymore! Ahhh... Yesss..."

"Almost there? (a nod) Just let it cum!"

"Ok... Ummm... Oh! Yeeessss! Umph... He had a few little dark hairs right at the bottom of his dick! He ummm... yeah... grabbed his dick in his fist and stroked it up and down a couple times slowly! He kept looking at me and whispered again if I was awake." Ric tensed up, sucked in a quick breath! "Ummm... Yesss... There it comes! OH My God yeeesss!" His dickhead swelled a bit more and let loose a streamer of boy-juice up to his chin! "Feels sssooo good! <grunt>" Another string up onto his chest! "Umph! Oh yeah!" One into his belly button! "Ummm... yeah! Awsome!" A dribble onto his pubes! Another down his fingers as he stopped stroking and just rubbed across 'the spot'! "Sooo good!... Ahhh!... So good!"

Chuckling I said "Yeh, the first cum of the day is usually the most intense. Ummm... Feels so good to get rid of your morning wood, doesn't it? <grunt>" I continued to stroke mine and I was very close from watching him cum.

"You almost there, Unc?" Ric asked, now watching me again. He had begun to slowly stroke again. His dick hadn't got completely soft.

"Ummm... Yeah! Almost!... Here mine cums now! Oh Yeah!<grunt> GOD! Yeeesss! Umph!... Oh yeah!" My dick swelled out and I spit a short rope onto my shorts in front of me. "Ungh... Yeah... so good! Yyyeeesss!" One more rope spit out and then a couple of dribbling pulses! "Ahhh! So good!... <sigh>... Awesome way to start the day!... In fact 'the only way to start the day'!"

"Unc! Here cums mine again! Oh Yeah! <groan>" D had been stroking hard while he listened to Ric and me and watched us cum! He drew a quick breath and stiffened up! "Yeeesss! Oh yeah!" He swelled a bit more and then the pulses went thru him! "Oh Man! Ooohhh Yeeesss!" As two pulses throbbed, you could see his boy-dick expand and get redder on each pulse! "Oh WOW!... Yeah!... That feels sssooo good!" Then as a third pulse hit him he shuddered! "Oh jeez! Oh WOW!" He milked the shaft once more. "That one felt the best!" A clear drop oozed out the slit! "Hey Unc! Ric! Look! What's this?" He milked one more slow stroke and the drop got a little bigger!

"I'm not sure. Touch it and see." He put his finger-tip in the drop and lifted the finger. As he did, it formed a string between his finger and his dick. "Looks like cum to me!"

Ric said "D, like Mike told me 'Now you're a man!' Awesome!"

"How cum my cum's clear?"

"There are several things inside you, called glands or organs, that each add a part to the cum, and some of them haven't started to add their part to the cum yet. Don't worry. When I started mine was like that too, every guy's is. If you look at Ric's, his is still sort of clear too. He's only been doing it for a couple weeks. Right Ric?"

"Ummm... yeh. That's right. Mike's is like yours, Unc, but ummm thinner. Cums out in a string like mine has the last few times. Yours is thicker more like jelly. Mike's has little bubbles in it sometimes, but it's milky colored."

"That's only 'cause I'm older so it's been happening to me longer. As I get older though, mine will thin some again." We were all back to slowly stroking again. They were both stiff again and mine was stiffening. "So what happened with Mike?"

"Oh yeah.... Ummm... So Mike leaned over to me again, and said 'Ric you awake?' I didn't answer so he says 'It's okay. I saw you peeking an' besides you've got a bone tent in your sheet.' I was surprised! I hadn't even felt it get stiff. I had boners before but this time it felt different. He said 'It's okay. You've seen mine already and I got to do this so bad and do it now! You can do yours too if you want! I don't care if you watch me! I need this bad!' He went back to rubbing it up and down. I asked him what he was doing. He says 'Jackin' off! or Jerkin' off! All guys do it sometimes. 'Cause it feels real good to do it and if you do it long enough it feels even better!' 'It really doesn't hurt? I heard you groan like it did!' 'No I groaned 'cause it felt so good! Try it! You'll see!' So I uncovered and watched him stroke his and reached into my shorts and started to rub mine. He said 'It's easier if you take your shorts off. There's more room to move your hand!' I lifted my butt enough to pull my shorts down to my knees and then off my legs onto the floor. Then I looked at him and tried to copy his stroking but my hand was too big. He saw that and said 'Try using just your hand flat and push your boner against your tummy! That's how I did it when I started doing it. It felt great that way too! No, like this!' Then he unwrapped his hand and flattened it out and started rubbing his dick against his tummy. 'Damn! I haven't done it this way in a while and it feels so good!' He started rubbing faster. His hand was almost a blur! I started to do it like he was showing me. Just like this, Mike? 'Yeah! Feels so good! Don't it?' He asked me. Ungh! Yeah! It does! Feels real good! Yyyeeess! <grunt> Yeah! Then he started to groan again and I did too! 'Oh Man! Oh Yeah! Yyyeeesss!' He gasped out! 'Feels so damn good, Doesn't it?' he asked me. I said yeah but it feels wierd too, like I gotta pee! He says gasping 'Don't worry... you won't pee... ummm... It'll feel real good any second now... Oh God Yes! I'm almost there too!' I could feel that warm tightness under my dick and balls! I told Mike that! He said 'That's it!... It'll happen any second now!... UUNNGGHH! Take a breath and try to hold it! Oh YESSS! Here it cums!' He took in a deep breath and then his dick got bigger! He gasped out 'OH GOD! Yyyeeesss! OH yeah!... Watch my dick cum!' He slowed down his rubbing and shortened his stroke! Then I saw his cum string out onto his chest! Again once more on his chest! Then on his tummy into his belly button three or four times! He was still rubbing slowly and it kinda just dribbled out a couple times! He groaned out again, 'OH Yeah!... Man I needed that!'"

By this time we were all stroking hard and fast again! D looked like he was on the edge again. Ric did too! And I know I was starting too! "So... did you keep going 'til you 'Throbbed' umm... had your cum umm... 'shot your wad'?" Both boys bodies then stiffened!

"Oh yeah, Unc! Ummm... yes I did but I didn't know yet just how good it was going to feel! It felt good but I was scared a little 'cause I didn't know. I started to pull my hand away, but Mike kept 'Cheering' me on between breaths 'No Dude! Don't stop it yet! Keep on jackin'!... Oh yeah Little Dude!... That's right! Ungh!... That's it! <grunt>... I can see it! You're gonna cum right... NOW!' And I ummm... felt it start at the bottom of my... Oh yesss!... <groan> dick!... Just like that now!... 'cause here IT cums!" He slowed his stroke down and a string of cum hit him on the chin! "OH Yyyeeeaaahhh! Good one! <grunt>... Got another one!... Umph!... Oh yesss!" The second one was on his chest. "One more! <grunt> Yeah!" The third on his tummy and two more dribbles onto his pubes! "So good! Aaahhh!"

"Here's mine too, Unc! OH MAN!... WOW!... Yeah!... Yyyeeesss!" chimes in D! "I'm cumming!... Oh GOD!... <grunt>... Oh Yeah!" He stroked twice and stopped and just rubbed across his boy-dick! You could see his small dick-head swell and throb with each of his grunts and groans! Then as the third pulse came a drop came out of his slit and dropped to where his pubes would be soon! Then another drop dripped on the next pulse! "Oh Wow!... Man look at that! More cum!... Ungh!... Yyyeeess!... Oh yeah!" He pulsed twice more and a drop dribbled down his dick onto his tummy!

That was enough for me! I stroked twice more hard and was rewarded with cum spraying on the bottom of D's foot! "OH GOD YES!... Ungh!... Oh Yes!... Sssooo Goooood! So Damn Good! Umph! <grunt> Oh Yes! So good!" Two more spray's onto my shorts! Then a couple dribbles onto them! I just rubbed slowly and gently a little more and then let go of my dick and dropped my hand away. "Wow!... Whew!... That... was a good one!... Sorry about that, D. Here I'll wipe it off." I picked up my shorts and wiped the cum off. "Phew! Oh that's bad! Ric, have you got soap and shampoo?"

"Sure, Unc... Why?"

"'Cause us guys and this tent smell like Uncle Art's boar's pen! (Uncle Art is one of our distant relatives that has a farm around here. He's actually our great-great Uncle.) One thing you need to learn is that old dried cum stinks especially if it's still on your body! You're going to have to learn to take a shower every day. Let's head down to the lake and take a bath."

"I'll go get my suit, Unc."

"Nah, don't bother with them unless you've got cum in them too?"

Ric looked thoughtful for a moment and then says "Nope I haven't jacked-off in them out here yet."

"Then just grab your shorts, towel, soap, and stuff. You too, D."

"What... naked?"

"It's okay. There's nobody else in camp. Just bring your shorts along to wash and wear if someone comes into camp." The cottage folk called the little grouping a "camp". We walked down the steps cut into the embankment onto the beach. "Bring your stuff with you. We'll go out on the gravel bar." There's a gravel bar out about 100 feet from shore and it runs parallel to the shore. I've been told that it is a relatively common occurance on the Great Lakes shores. You can walk up on to it and the water drops off over my head but you swim up on to the bar until you can walk on the bar and it is just below your knees in the center of the bar. "Push that log out with us to put the soap and stuff on." The log was a piece of driftwood that the kids had been playing with and they had beached. It was a section of a tree about ten feet long and about two feet thick. It made a nice floating platform both as a diving perch for kids to climb on and as a table to put things on. Ric put the soap and stuff on the log and pulled it off the beach. I asked Ric if he had cum in his shorts or not he said no so we left our towels and shorts on the beach. I put mine on to wash them out on the bar since I had just sprayed cum on them in the tent. We swam out to the bar where I could stand and then beached the log on the bar. Then we swam for a while with them dunking me and me them. I finally breathed water one too many times and walked up on the bar. They followed me up standing around the log. I peeled my shorts down stepped out of them as they sank then applied some soap and washed them. Rinsed them out and laid them on the log. The boys had started shampooing first.

"This is just like showering at camp. We had a table in the middle and there were a bunch of showerheads along three walls." says D. "Each shower had a hook under it to hang stuff on but everybody usually put their stuff on the table." I could see that D was hard again and Ric was about half hard. That made me start to stir.

I pointed to D's hardon and Ric's semi-stiffy and grinning asked, "Did that happen when you showered at camp too?"

Ric and D both laughed but they both got stiffer too!

"I was just thinking about that and it started to get hard again. That happens alot to me lately, Unc. A lot of times it happened like that in the showers, too. Usually when I was with Robbie, Jake, and a couple other guys after last swim period when our troop had their swim time. That was when Ron would join us in the shower too."

"Yeh, D, getting a hardon or stiffy a lot means you're growing up. It happens to all guys that way, doesn't it Ric?" Ric nodded, giggled, grinned, and started rubbing his semi too. I put some shampoo on my hands and worked up some lather on my head. Then I began to rub my increasing stiffness working up a lather around my 'other' head too.

"Using shampoo feels good, don't it Unc?" Ric asks as he applys some shampoo around his dick too, and then begins stroking again.

"Oh yeah! Any type of lubrication feels real good. It lets you stroke longer and harder without getting sore! Did you learn that from Mike too?"

"No, at camp from some other guys when we took 'showers'. But Mike and me used it too when we've taken showers together before. It's lots of fun! <grin> saves hot water too! I use it too when I shower by myself! It helps me cum twice during the same shower!"

"Hey D? (he looks up at me) Ron? Who is that?" I asked. He took some lather from his hair and put it on his dick too!

"That feels so good! Ummmm! Ron? He's the swimming junior councilor. He's 17. Robbie and Jake knew him from last year when he was a CIT for swimming. He's on the high school swim team."

Ric pipes up, "Kewl. We had a couple JC's that swam with us too this year. We had a lot of 'fun' (emphisizing his stokes on his boyjoystick pushing his hips out) with them too <big grin>!"

"I know we're gonna want to hear about them too, Ric, but let's hear about Ron first, 'k?" as I looked at him, winked, and pointed to our stiffening dicks.

Ric nods, grinning and stroking, he asks "D, what about when Ron joined you guys shower time?" I nodded, wanting to hear more about D's adventures at camp too.

"Well ummm late on Monday afternoon after we were done messin' around at the cabin and got our swim stuff on; Me, Robbie, and Jake stayed on in the water messing around until we were the only ones left with Ron. Robbie said it was OK 'cause Ron was cool and they did it last summer. He even came in the water with us and played chicken fights and wrestled in the water with us. We ganged up on him a couple times and dunked him. He finally got out and told us it was time to get out too. It was getting close to supper time. Robbie and Jake headed toward the showers and Robbie says, 'Cum on, D. You need one too, after all the excercise you've had this afternoon.' So we went in and turned on the three in one corner. Robbie was on one side of me and Jake on the other side and other wall. Robbie rinsed off and then peeled his trunks down. So did Jake. Jake had a stiffy. Robbie just laughed and said 'Ready already, huh Jake?' Jake just grinned and turned back into the shower slowly rubbing his dick. Robbie wasn't full hard but starting to get stiff. I just stood there a minute and Robbie told me to go ahead and strip off too. I did after a minute and turned back into it too. Then Ron came in and got under the shower next to Jake. I guess Robbie saw him looking at me 'cause he said 'It's OK, Ron 'cause D is cool.'"

"'k, real glad he's cool with this, 'cause I so need this 'shower'.' then he peeled his suit down and stepped out of it. When he stood back up he put his hands on his dick and balls and he was hard too, just like Jake. He was about the same size as Robbie but had alot more hair around his dick. He began to stoke his dick up and down. "Ahhhhh! That feels so good! I've really needed this all afternoon! I didn't get to do it this morning or yesterday. GAWD! That is so good! Feels soooo goooood!" He began to stroke it faster and harder. Both Jake and Robbie turned around. They were both hard and stroking their dicks. Ron keeps talking 'Ungh! Almost there aleady! Even my balls were sore. I really need to cum bad! Ummmm .... Yeeessss! So good! It's gonna happen!' Then he groans and grunts while he strokes. He slows down and rubs accross the bottom too. Then he speeds up and strokes fast and hard again. Both Robbie and Jake are rubbing real fast and hard too. 'If you're gonna cum, you better be quick D! This has gotta be a short quick one! It's real close to dinner time.' After a few seconds I started to rub mine too! It felt so good, like now, but different 'cause I'd only just started doing it that afternoon. All of us were groaning and moaning and feeling really good."

"'Yeah... umph... so good huh Ron? This is D's first 'Circle of Brotherhood' with more guys than just me an' Jake! He just started with us after lunch today! He surprised us in the cabin. We thought everybody was gone. We was jackin on our bunks when he snuck up on us. But we kept on and even showed him how to do it! Didn't we, D?' I just nodded. Watching all three of them and rubbing my own dick was too much to do to talk too. Robbie kept on strokin' and talkin', 'Oh yeah! Feeling better! Getting there! Almost there! Ungh! Gonna cum! Jake! You there yet? Ready to shoot, Jake? 'cause I'm cummin' right now! <grunt> Oh yeahhhhh!'"

"All... most there! Oh yeeesssss! Now! Here it cums!" yells Jake!

D is stroking faster and harder here with us too! His stroking hand is a blur! His other hand is massaging his tight little ball sac! Ric is flogging for all he's worth! Me too for that matter! Ric is moaning and gasping for breath! The lather they both have on their dicks is thick and creamy from frigging those boydicks! I was getting close too!

"It surprised me Ummm... but I was gonna cum right then too! That warm tingly wave right under my balls that were tight against me! <grunt> I yelled 'Here I cum too! Robbie! Jake! Ron! Look at it! Ungh! Yeeesss!' as I felt my dick get harder and bigger! 'I'm gettin' it! Yyyeeesss! There it is! Just like before in the cabin! <groan> Oh man! Feels sssooo gooood!' As my cum hit me I saw Jake squirt out a string and then another and then his cum just dripped out. I stopped stroking my dick and just rubbed accross right under the head! That felt so good! Just like this now! I can feel it down there now! I'm gonna cum again, Unc! I'm so close!"

He stopped flogging and just rubbed across the bottom! "Oh yeah! That's Ungh... that's okay D, just keep going! <grunt> Let it cum! Ric and me are close too and we want to cum too!" Ric nodded and actually sped up then he stopped and just rubbed the bottom too! I knew he was right on the edge too!

"Ummm... Yesssss! Then Robbie shouts out 'Yyyeeesss! That's it! Ungh! There's another! Yeah! and more!' Robbie's dick swells even bigger in his fist! Then a string shoots out in front of him and onto the shower floor at least two feet out front of him! Then another one shoots out right next to it! 'Yesssssss! another shot! Mmmmmm! Oh yeahhh! There's another!' He had shot one more small stream that landed on the floor in a big blob! Then two more cums that just dribbled down his hand onto his foot!"

Then D takes a deep breath and holds it as his boydick expands and a single large drop cums out of the slit! Then another pulse and the drop runs down onto his fingers and drips onto his ball sac! "Oh WOW! There it is again! ungh! and again!" He pulses twice more but no more cum.

I let him get a couple breaths and then asked "Ok that was you, Robbie, and Jake with your cums, but what about Ron? He was jackin' too. Didn't he cum too?" I looked over at Ric, since I saw that D had cum. Ric was slow stroking with his flat open fingers on the bottom side of his dick all the way from his balls to the head. After seeing and hearing D cum he speeded up but still used that long stroke! The head against his belly button! He was pushing harder! He was breathing in hard short gasps! After seeing D's cum, he was ready too! Then he just stopped again just rubbing the bottom!

"Oh yeah! He came too! Boy did he cum! Ron yells out 'That's it guys! I'm gonna cum too! NOW! OH MY GAWD! That is ssssssoooooo goooood!' Ron's dick got real dark purple and bigger. His slit opened up and he shot a streamer that landed just in front of my feet! 'God I needed this! Here's another shot! Ungh! Oh my yessss! Yesssss!' Another shot on the floor about halfway between us! Then another about two feet out! Then one splat just in front of his feet! Then the last three just dribbled out down his dick to his fingers and onto his feet! I just stood there and stared at his dick and the cums on the floor! He rocked back against the wall under the shower! and then slowly slid down the wall to sit on the floor gasping for breath! WOW! I've never seen any thing like that before! Not even Robbie's cum just before Ron's, and that was awesome too! It makes me hard again just thinking about it!"

As D is describing Ron's cum shots. Ric is still rubbing across the bottom side of his dick and slightly stroking up and down a very short stroke as he rubs side to side. He is gasping for breath and then mutters "Oh yesssss! Cumming! Ungh!... Now!" His dick expands and a cum string squirts out straight onto his belly and slowly begins to run down to his pubes. Two more strings into his belly button then two huge drops ooze onto his fingers disappering into the lather! "Oh yeah!" he groans out as the last pulses cum out.

Seeing his first two strings shoot out is enough for me! I stroke two more times and feel the first shot cumming from the base of my dick! "Oh man! Yesssss! I'm cumming now!" I take a deep breath and hold it as the first streamer ejects from my piss slit out into the air and drops into the water in front of me! Plop. That one is followed by one more. "Ungh! Good One! Another! Umph! Mmmmmm! Oh yeah! So good!" Two more large drops drip into the water off my fingers! Then one more oozes out and down too! "That felt so good!" Laughing! "Now you guys are going wash off again!"

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