Nephews Firsts 4


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"Are you feeding the fish like you used to do with cousins Bruce and Barry while I watched, Uncle TC?"

That scared me half out of my skin and took away half of my hard-on. I turned my head but I had recognized the voice. It was Ric's brother Mike. He had apparently arrived, seen us in the lake and come down to the shore, stripped and swam very quietly out to us on the sandbar. He stood up and he was totally naked and very hard.

I laughed and nodded. "Yes Mike we were. In fact we just finished feeding them. Ric does quite well and now even D can do a bit! It's good to see you Mike! You appear to be doing very well and growing up and out nicely!" I reached out and hugged him. "But you almost had me feeding shit to them too, you scared me so bad. Yes I haven't seen B and B in a couple years. But we used to have a lot of fun together especially down the shoreline a bit in the little cove there, out of the grownups sight. And yes I remember you hanging with us quite a few times. We tried to warn you that what we were doing was for big boys only, but you just stood there and watched us. After awhile you started rubbing your small preteen dick too, imitating our playing. You even learned to strip off you suit in the water and throw it back on shore! You never did feed the fish but you certainly looked like you enjoyed yourself!"

"Yes Unc. I certainly had many good cums while we played. We even had many 'midnight' swims down there with several other cousins who were in camp over the summer. I saw B and B last summer. We had a fun time with their little brother too over the summer."

"Oh yeah, Brad! He's what 12 or so now?"

"Actually 11 at the time. So yeah he's close to 12 now. At that time he was still 'dry', but he knew how to enjoy himself and his brothers and cousins too! One of his friends taught him the basics at Scout Camp, but he got some 'home' teaching from his older brothers too."

"Ah yes Scout Camp. One of the most popular places to learn how to take care of oneself and how to do all forms of personal massage and have your buddies teach you. Also after awhile, teaching others yourself." All three boys are nodding at this.

"Cum and join us Mike and even help feed the minnows!" Ric giggled as he said this. Mike stepped between me and his brother. His hand on his hard teen dick already and then began to slowly pump his fist up and down his very nice five inch teen boy dick. He had a very nice small dark short pubic bush right above his dick. His chest was not furred yet, he had the beginning shadows of a treasure/pleasure trail above his pubes, but his upper thighs and legs were smooth still. He had a few dark pit hairs but not a lot yet. Very nice eye candy if you like teen boys. I stepped over a bit from him towards D and began to massage my own dick.

"So D! You can feed the fish too?" Mike asked. D nodded and smiled shyly. He hadn't quite gotten used to talking about all of this yet.

"Uh huh. I just started making drops yesterday when we were in Ric's tent together!"

"So how was it?"

"All I know is that I want to do it some more ... a LOT more!" he giggled as he said that.

"Amen to that little Dude! I don't want to ever stop doing it either." We all laughed and began stroking faster and tighter!

"I'll tell you what, D. I'm over 40 now and I still try to do it at least once every day! (When I'm around you guys it's more like three times a day!) Besides the Doctors are saying that it's good for you to clear out that little guy every day!"

"Hey Mike I wonder if the three 'B's will be in camp this week. Their parents are already here getting ready for the reunion. That would be fun to play with all of them again. Especially all at once. I'm sure that they do at home from the way they used to talk. At least the two older ones did."

"You never ... ungh ... know Unc. But that would ... uhm ... be fun with ... ungh ... all three at once!! UNGH! ... Here fishy fishy!! Cum and ... ungh ... get it! ... I'm Cumming Dudes!!" His very dark red dick spit out three ropes from the tip of his teenaged dick! All of them landing about in the center of the open spot in front of us! "Ahhh! ... Ungh! ... Ungh! ... Ungh! ... So good! I needed that! I haven't JO'd since yesterday morning! ... Yeah Unc from the way they talked last summer they were doing it at home whenever they could! It sounded like they like to shower together." You could see the minnows cum up to the blobs of floating cum and biting them. The boys giggled as they saw the minnows but kept on stroking. They were both starting to gasp and pant as the got closer to cumming. Now grunts of "UNGH! UNGH!" started as they began to thrust into their fingers as hard and fast as they could!

Then they both shouted "OH GAWD! HERE IT CUMS!!!" then piggy like grunts of "UNGH!! UNGH!!" each time they had a wave hit them! Ric spit out two large drops, one on each of his first two pulses, into the water in front of him followed by three more that dribbled out onto his hand and dripped into the water. D just pulsed twice and then a large drop appeared and dripped down over his fingers into the water.

"WOW Guys!!! Nice fish feeding!" says Mike grinning as the minnows are cleaning up. The boys finally got their breath back and just slid down into the water.

"Now you guys all gotta wash again or you're just gonna stink again." Just then I heard the honk of the horn of Sis' car. "Alright hurry it up and finish an get your trunks back on before your sister comes down to see what we're doing!"

"It's ok she's seen me naked before."

"With a hard dick? Lately?" He nodded. "Well I'm sure she hasn't seen your cousins and I'm not sure your mother and my sister would really appreciate that."

He shrugged and said quietly "You never know Unc." but dropped down into the water again to rinse the soap off.

This just a short one. There is much more to cum.


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