New Friends 1

This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of minors and teens. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and a teen... If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of eighteen do not read it.

Authors Note:

Though this may contain scenes of a sexual nature this story will be more of a romance so bear with me, it may be a little slow to start off with.

Please email if you have any questions or comments. Criticisms are welcome, I will point out that my grammar and spelling are not brilliant so I apologise in advance.

New Friends
By Archer

Chapter One

     Waking up I shook off the strange sexual dream that had invaded my mind about my girlfriend back home. Slowly opening my eyes I found myself looking the room and seeing a beam of light coming from the balcony window onto my leg, which lay out of the covers. Looking over at the second bed there was a mop of brown hair barely hidden by the covers. I heard a groan and the bed shifted so soft cerulean eyes were staring at me. The face was delicate with a sprinkle of freckles and a charming smile. The ten-year-old frowned at me pursing thin lips and rubbing the thin blade of a nose.
     "What time is it Jason?" he asked.
     "Almost ten-thirty," I answered looking at the fake silver and gold Rolex timepiece, realising Mum and Dad had let us sleep in. He sighed but pushed back the cover to reveal that he only wore white Y-fronts, which did nothing for his pale skin. He itched his slight potbelly and yawned again languishing with the sun coming through the balcony windows. I looked up at the roof and admired the decoration of the room.
     "Aren't you old enough to wear boxer shorts?" I asked pushing back my own covers and exposing my own satin-clad groin. I loved the freedom and ?electricity' of wearing satin boxers.
     "No," he replied tersely, "I don't like them,"
     "I feel so -- so open to the world," he answered with his eyes lowered to the ground and I bit back laughter.
     "What do you mean?"
     "I don't like my bits just dangling around all over the place and I feel as if the world can see my Willy," he answered shyly.
     "Arh come here kiddo," I said and he scrambled over to my bed where I pulled him forward hugging him, his body was warm and he nestled his head on my shoulder as he straddled my hips, " Look it's ok to feel that, I was a bit younger than you when I felt like that but I've enjoyed boxers for far too long now,"
     "Ok, thanks big brother," he grinned, his kilowatt smile beaming. He got off me and I pulled myself up sitting on the side of the bed looking around the room. It had two double beds and either side were bedside cabinets. In front of the beds was a large screen Television. I looked out the balcony onto the soft blue Florida skies, it was still early yet I could feel the heat already.
     "You seem pensive?" I heard him say, which made me laugh as I looked out barely seeing the golf course.
     "Where did you hear that one?"
     "One of my teachers's used it so I looked it up, so what ya thinking about?"
     "Cara," I replied simply.
     "Erg, your girlfriend, I'm never gonna like girls,"
     "Wait until you are a little older then you'll like them,"
     "Never," he replied and it went very quiet then I felt a weight on my back and Seth threw his arms around my neck pretending to strangle me. I felt his warm, peach-fuzzed legs touch my own and found him straddling my back but laughed because I felt his small boner poking my vertebrae.
     "Get off me kiddo," I said.
     "Why? It's comfortable here," he answered.
     "Because your stiffie is killing my back," I laughed. Instantly he was off,  hands covering the raised fabric of his Y fronts.
     "Awww man,"
     "Hey, look on the bright side you're getting boners," I pointed out to him, "Now just don't bloody use that thing til your sixteen or mum'll kill you,"
     "Well I'll just have to use my hand until then," he replied cheekily.
     "Least I can spurt buddy," I answered. Despite the five year difference I had a close relationship with my brother and we were able to talk about almost anything then I added, "And at least I know how to spank the monkey,"
     "I know," he replied his face suddenly downcast, "What's it like?"
     "What?" I answered startled, "What's wanking like?"
     "Yeah, how does an orgasm feel?" He asked. As I said we have a close relationship but we had never been this deep talking about sex before, I suppose he was ten turning eleven and was curious.
     "Well it's kind of nice, it feels better when you can produce sperm or cum as they call it," I replied still not believing we were having this conversation, but then if he didn't learn it from his big brother he'd learn it from his friends or a Teen Mag, "but generally the feeling spreads from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, it's like the greatest moment you've ever had times a thousand,"
     "Would?.would you show me?"
     "Excuse me?" I said knocked for six.
     "Could you show me how to W?wank, spank the monkey?" he said his voice getting stronger.
     ?If I show you how to do this you promise not to tell anyone, I mean that includes your friends absolutely anyone," I said and he nodded, "Promise!"
     "I promise," he returned. In my boxers my penis was semi-hard from the dream anyway and I had hoped to 'spank the monkey' before in the shower but maybe I could now. Unbidden an image from my dream come to mind, my girlfriend lying naked on my bed waiting to be pleasured. I instantly sprung a boner and felt the pressure against the boxer shorts.
     "Ok, take your pants down," I said. I pulled my boxers down taking them off; I was completely naked with my 6 inch cock standing to attention.

     I looked over at Seth and saw he was completely naked. His body was paler, paler still around his groin where his Speedos usually were. His pink nipples stood erect, the nubs hard on his semi-formed chest. He had a little bulge, which led, down to his three inch penis that stood proudly erect above his balls and he was completely hairless. He lay with his legs spread open resting on his hands so he was sat up a little as I said before his cock was standing straight up, he was thin about the size of my little finger and a spare bit of skin hung over the head. We were both uncut.
     "You expect me to wank you?" I asked incredulous.
     "Yep," he nodded his eyes still closed; it was my little brother but still.  I thought what the hell and moved over him my cock swinging and knelt so that my cock was standing at an angle and reached forward looking at him. I was now in between his legs so moved my hand and just hovered above his iron rod. As I touched his penis he sighed, he felt like steel but was as soft as velvet. Because he was small I had to use my thumb and two forefingers. Slowly I began tugging at him pulling up and down, it was hot, not hot like sexy but hot. This was my little brother and I had my hand around his steel-hard cock tossing him off, he had closed his eyes in ecstasy.
     "Ooooooo mmmmm, arh," he groaned as I closed my hand getting into the swing of it. I could feel him pumping his little hips in time with my hand when suddenly I sighed as something touched my cock. I glanced down and Seth had his hand wrapped around my cock wanking me off with his whole hand, I had never had any guy touch my cock but his calloused hand felt so right.  He had spread his legs further and I could see his little boy hole, I had never seen a butt hole before and his was pink and wrinkled, it intrigued me and got me harder than ever. My god, I thought.
     Abruptly I pulled away from my brother and grabbed my boxers pulling them on swiftly then grabbing a towel I quickly dashed into the shower closing the door behind me, I leant against it, feeling flushed. I had never thought about it before and it scared me bringing back memories long forgotten.

***** Flashback****

     "Jase, during class meet me in the toilets," my best friend Jack Stedman said. We were both eight and attended John West School near Aldershot. I looked at his black hair and serious blue eye hoping he wasn't pulling my leg.
     "Okay," I said nervously as we entered English, sitting at the bottom of an arrangement of tables in a U. I kept glancing towards Jack but he didn't take a bit of notice. It came halfway through the lesson as Jack raised his hand.
     "Excuse me Miss Potter; may I use the rest room?" We were all very polite.
     "Of course Jack," He left placing a hand on my shoulder as he passed me. I felt the warmth it left there and I felt something surge in my stomach. Gingerly raising my hand I spoke.
     "Miss Potter, could I use the rest room too?"
     "Okay, Jase but be quick," I quickly thanked her and made my way out the room and into the corridor. A little down the way I opened the door to the boy?s toilets and went past several urinals mounted on the wall all the while calling Jack's name. The disabled cubicle door opened with a creak and Jack waved at me.
     "Quick come here," I passed into the cubicle and Jack closed the door behind me so I was stood against the toilet.
     "What is it Jack?" I asked.
     "Do you know what a homosexual is?" I looked at him strangely; I was a naive and innocent boy and had been sheltered from certain sexual influences.
     "No Jack," I answered patiently having no idea where this was heading.
     "What about a gay person?"
     Again, "No,"
     "Damn, ok a gay or homo is when one boy likes another as in like the same when a girl likes a girl,"

     I was wondering where this was heading when he pulled me forward and placed his lips to mine startling me. There was no tongue action; neither of us knew what that was. It was just lip-to-lip and I felt hot, flushed and feverish is the only way I can describe it. Then he pulled away his eyes glistening as I suspected mine were. Suddenly he surprised me by pulling down his grey sweat pants and showed me his two-inch boyhood with its shiny red head. Then he pulled down my own revealing my own two-inch boyhood with the foreskin and began my first wank job, well I wasn't to know for years to come what it was. For the next 18 months we used to play around until I moved away and grew up.

***End Flashback***
     I finished my shower wanking hard over my girlfriend determined to get rid of the boner I had, but as fireworks began to play around my body an image of Seth came to mind and I cum really hard. Minutes later leaving the shower and changing into swimming shorts and yanking a tee over my head I heard a knock on the bedroom door. Leaving the bathroom for the living room, which was a large open space in pastel colours with a sofa and a large flat screen TV, opposite the main door was a large floor-to-ceiling window. Light streamed in through the windows showing off the gleaming cabinet and glass coffee table. My Dad stood by the bedrooms door as Seth came out of the bedroom and he gave me a strange look behind my parent?s backs.
     ?Are you ready for breakfast?? Dad asked while I was adjusting my watch.
     ?Actually I think I am going for a walk, I'm not particularly hungry,? came my reply my thoughts went back to the events less than half an hour ago.
     ?You do look a bit peaky,? Mum said.
     ?What are we doing today?? I asked.
     ?Just relaxing around the pool, so come and find us when you are ready,? Mum said. I grabbed my wallet and left the room quickly walking down the corridor I stepped into a small reception pressing the button for the elevator. I glanced up and caught my reflection in the full-length mirror to the right of me. My auburn hair hung in bangs either side of my eyes. Draconic green eyes stared back twinkling it seemed in my own mind. I had little weight on my 5ft 8in frame but I wasn?t abnormally skinny. My white Le coq tee showed a little of my wiry muscles but the tan swimming shorts showed of muscular legs from the running I did in Army Cadets. I could not wait to get out to the pool area and do my favourite hobby, people watching. We had been coming to Florida every year for the past few years and I loved the place.
     Some minutes later I exited the elevator and emerged into bright sunlight. I pulled on the Ray ban sunglasses I had and looked around, just behind me were two large buildings with apartments in them and in front was a leisure pool and ?lazy river? meandering around the pool. We had arrived in Florida the day before and were staying at the Orange lake Resort near Orlando. I wondered around looking at the pool and watching everyone from children to adults swimming and enjoying the hot November sun. I wandered around my thoughts turning to this morning, I have always liked girls but this made me harder than I have ever felt before. A slight breeze cooled me down while I walked the perimeter seeing a crazy golf site and an inflatable slide, hearing children screaming with laughter as they flew down.  On the other side there was a smaller slide going into one of the major pools then I come to the main reception where there were a few shops, a restaurant, an internet Caf and a Starbucks. I entered the shop and began checking out the tourist gifts they were selling.
     ?That?s a cool shirt,? an unbroken voice spoke, from behind me, sarcastically.
     ?Ha? I laughed loudly and turned around. The boy was almost a foot shorter than me probably around five feet tall and anything from ten to thirteen years old. He had longish brown hair and doe brown eyes, he reminded me a little of the actor Chandler Rigg?s from that show The Walking Dead. He looked pretty damn cute, wait did I just call a boy cute?
     ?I?m Zach,? he said with an Irish accent. It was nice to see and hear another UK voice here. What a wonderful name, I thought.
     ?I?m Jason, how are you?? I said pleasantly, well might as well get to know someone near my age. I mean being fifteen and alone except for your little brother is boring. Though Florida was pretty swish I was fed up of going on holiday with my parents and brother, it?s really not cool when I could be hanging with my mates getting pissed. Zach held out his hand, like a proper little gentlemen, so I took it and felt the silky smooth skin. The boy?s lips curled in a smile and I felt my heart began to pound; sweat drifted down my spine and warmth was spreading rapidly across my body as suddenly I felt weak and shaky, though I put it down to the fact I had not eaten and not this young boy before me. I chided myself, laughing on the inside; no way was I checking this boy out, this lad couldn?t be more than twelve. I let go of his hand as though it was a hot rock. I also noticed I was hard in my shorts, what the hell is that all about? I moved slightly so my crotch was hidden.