Nicholas And Mark

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Nicholas And Mark - Chapter 11

Narrated by Mark

    It was a very awkward conversation.  I felt the tension in the air when I first walked into the house.  I hoped that Nicholas and Pete had worked everything out, because I never wanted to move out of Pete's house.   I didn't know where Pete stood in this, but I was definitely falling for him.   I couldn't think of moving out and not seeing him all the time.

    My brother was in love with him, too.  That was something that I didn't know how we would handle.  I had no idea how to tell my brother about Pete and me.  I couldn't tell him anything until Pete said it was alright for me to do so.  I hated keeping secrets from Nicholas, but I couldn't just out Pete.

    "I'm home," I called after a few minutes.  Everything was quiet, so I wasn't even sure if they were still here.

    "In the kitchen," called Pete.   >From the sound of his voice, it seemed that he was in a good mood.  I hoped that meant that everything went ok.

    "Hey, Mark," said Nick as I walked into the kitchen and sat down.

    "So?" I asked.

    "Well, there are a few things that we should tell you," said Pete.  The look on his face made me reconsider my earlier assumption about his good mood.

    "What?" I asked unable to hide the fear in my voice.

    "Well, for starters, I know about you and Pete," said Nick.

    "Nick . . ."

    "What?" asked Nick.  "I didn't see any reason to beat around the bush about it."

    "You could have been a little more . . ."

    "You know?" I asked in disbelief.  I turned to look at Pete.

    "I had to tell him, Mark," said Pete.   "Please understand."

    "Don't worry, Mark," said Nick, drawing my attention away from Pete.  "I don't hate you."

    It was too much.  I didn't know what to think about Nick knowing.  I was sure that there was nothing that could make me more uncomfortable.  I couldn't believe that Pete had told Nick without talking it over with me first.  I would have never done that.  I just couldn't believe it.

    "There's more," said Nick.

    "Oh God," I breathed, looking back at him.  What more could there be? I didn't think I would be able to deal with more.

    "He knows," Nick said softly.

    For a moment, I didn't know what he was talking about.  I couldn't think of what Pete could possibly know that would be any more profound than Nick knowing about me and Pete.  What could there be? I couldn't think.

    "Oh, no!" I cried as the realization hit me.  Nick had told Pete about us.

    "He didn't tell me," said Pete, answering my unspoken thought.

    "What do you mean?" I asked.   "How else could you know?"

    "He knew all along," said Nick.   "He's known since the first night we moved in here."

    My mind raced.  I couldn't think of any way that Pete would have found out from us.  We had been so careful.  We always got up before Pete.  Always.  We never displayed any kind of affection for each other in front of him.  There was no way.

    "I came into your room one morning to wake Nick up, and I saw you two together," said Pete.  "I'm not blind, and I'm not stupid."

    "Oh God," I sighed.

    All the hoping and praying that I had done about staying with Pete was for nothing.  Nicholas wasn't upset anymore, but Pete wouldn't want us to stay now anyway.  I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't believe that he knew.   How could this be?

    Then another thought came to me.  If Pete knew about me and Nick, then why was he having sex with me? I couldn't get my mind around that one.  I just couldn't process anymore thoughts.  I'd had my fill of surprises.  I couldn't take more.

    "Calm down, Mark," said Pete.   "I don't think you are dirty or anything. I still want to be with you."

    "You do?" I asked.

    "Hell, I've known pretty much since the first day, and I didn't say anything about it when we were having sex, did I?"

    "Well, no," I said.

    "Mark, I don't want you to move out," he said.  "I want you to move your things into my room and sleep with me from now on."

    I looked at Nick.  I could see the hurt look in his eyes.  I wondered if he was hurt because Pete wanted me, or because I was moving out of his room.  He had to know that our sexual relationship was over.   He had to know that.  I didn't know what to say to him.

    "It's alright, Mark," said Nick.   "I know that you love him."

    Love.  I wasn't sure about that yet.  I knew that I felt very strong feelings for Pete, but I didn't know if it was love.   The bigger issue was, did Pete love me?

    "And I love you," said Pete, placing his hand over mine on the table.

    I was in shock.  He said he loved me.  I couldn't believe it.  After the conversation that we'd had earlier, I was sure that this was freaking him out.  But he said it.  He actually said it! I just stared at him.  I didn't know what to say.

    "Are you just going to stare at me?" he asked.

    "I . . . uh . . . love you, too," I managed.  I was sure my face was red.  My heart sure was beating like it would crash out of my chest.

    "Go and get your things out of Nick's room, and move them into ours," he said.

Narrated by Nicholas

   I didn't know what to think now.   I was happy for Mark, but I wanted Pete more than I'd ever wanted anything in my life.  I couldn't believe that my little brother was sleeping with the object of my desire.

   I sat in my room, trying very hard to think of anything other than what they were doing in theirs.  I couldn't get the image of them kissing and caressing each other's bodies out of my mind.  It was having a very powerful effect on my cock, too.  It was so hard that I thought it would split down the middle.

   I couldn't take it anymore.   I knew that if I sat in this room every night like this, I would go insane.  I had to see it with my own eyes.  I knew that spying on them was wrong, but my cock was doing the thinking, and I was in no shape to argue.

   I got out of bed and crept down the hall to their door.  It was so weird to think of it as "their" door.   I could hear them talking softly to each other.  I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I could hear their voices.

   I stood there for the longest time, trying to get the courage to at least put my ear to the door.  The conversation wasn't what interested me, however.  I wanted to see them.  I wanted to see the man that had been the object of my lust filled jack off sessions since I was fifteen having sex with my brother.  I had to see it.

   I don't know where the courage finally came from, but I found myself twisting the doorknob to Pete's room very slowly.   I was trying to not make any noise.  The last thing I needed was for them to find me spying on them.  They'd both want me out of the house for sure then.

   Luckily, the door opened slightly without a sound.  I looked through the crack and thanked every God of every religion known to man that I had the perfect line of vision.  I could see them lying there next to each other.  They were facing each other, and they were both gloriously naked.

   Pete's body was breath taking.   His muscular thighs were nicely tanned and almost covered with his dark fur.   My eyes traveled up those thighs to his beautiful ass.  I marveled at the fact that, though there was a relatively thick coat of hair on his legs, there was no hair at all on his ass.  The hair on his legs faded to a thin coat almost to the bottom of his ass cheeks.  The globes of his ass were tight and very muscular.

    His back was hard and deeply tanned.  I could see the sharp contrast between his tanned lower back and his milky white ass.  There wasn't a hair to be found on his upper body until you got past his shoulders to his arms, which were almost as coated as his legs.

    I let my eyes travel down his arm to the hand that was stroking my brother's almost hairless thigh.  There was so much tenderness in Pete's touch, that I could almost see his love for Mark.  He caressed my brother's thigh as they spoke to each other softly.

    "How could you ever believe that I would have asked you to move out of the house?" he was asking Mark.

    "I was just worried that this may be freaking you out," said Mark softly.  I could see from the look in his eyes that the worry was still there.

    "I love you, Mark," said Pete.   "I didn't expect to every hear myself say those words to a man, but I'm so glad that you are the man to hear them."

    With that said, he pulled mark gently into his arms and held him close.  I watched as their lips slowly came into contact, and the sight of their soft kissing filled my balls and made my dick throb.  Without thinking, I reached into my boxers and began to stroke my hard dick.

    I watched as Pete trailed kisses down Mark's neck and across his chest.  He paid special attention to Mark's little pink nipples, and I heard my brother's moans of appreciation.  Pete nursed on those nipples as if the nurturing milk of life was behind them.

    Mark moaned in delight, and before I knew what was happening, my knees buckled, and I filled my boxers with cum.

    Later, after I had stolen back to my own room, I knew that they were meant to be together.  It was crystal clear to me that my being there was not a good thing.  I would never be able to get used to seeing them together if I stayed there, and I would never stop wanting Pete.

    I had to admit that I missed having sex with Mark.   That part of me that screamed that it was dirty and wrong was silent now, and I found it ironic that those thoughts died only after Mark and I had stopped having sex.   Now that we weren't taking pleasure in each other's embrace, I found nothing wrong with it.

    I packed my things as quietly as I could.  I didn't think that they would hear me anyway.  They were making a bit more noise than they apparently ever had in the past.  My heart ached at the sound of them.

    I left he house that night, and my stay with Pete and Mark was over.  We still see each other as often as possible.  It's hard to get together now, because later that year, my company offered me a promotion.  It required that I move to the opposite side of the country.  I readily accepted the offer and moved as quickly as I could.

    Mark and Pete were there at the airport to see me off.  I hugged them both and told them how much I loved them.  I'm sure that Pete was grateful that I left, but I knew that he'd never say it.

    Life went on after that.  I met a great guy shortly after my big move, and we've been together for almost four years now.  It's funny, I met John at the gym.  We struck up a conversation, and soon after became work out partners.  He is nothing like Pete.  He doesn't have the dark hair or the powerful eyes.  John's hair is the color of wheat, and his eyes are the color of the ocean as the first light of day touches the water.  His body isn't as defined as Pete's, but we work on that as often as possible.

    We see Pete and Mark almost every Christmas.   Every year, we alternate which city to spend the holidays in.  We have a great time whenever we are together.  That's why I know that moving out and moving on was the best thing to do.

    Our father finally came around about a year later.   He was just in time.  He died of a heart attack almost six months after he started talking to me and Mark again.  Our mother says that he talked about us all the time, and he was sorry for ever cutting us out of his life.

    Life is short, and you should treasure all of the people that are close to your heart.  I know that John and I practice that every day of our lives, and I know that Pete and Mark do the same.

That's the end of Nicholas And Mark.  I'm sorry that the chapter was so short, but I really couldn't get into the story anymore.  I will be posting the first chapter of my next story as soon as I get it written.  The title of that story, as I've told you all before, is The Boys Of Summer.  It's a lot different from Nicholas And Mark, but I hope that you will all like it.

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