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Nicholas And Mark

copyright 2001 Eric Draven


Chapter 9 - Pete

   Thankfully, I woke up before Nick came home.  I wasn't sure if I wanted Nick to know that I had slept with Mark.  I wasn't sure if I wanted anyone to know about that.  I woke Mark and told him that it was time for him to go to the other bedroom.  He seemed to understand why I didn't want him to spend the night in my bed, at least, I hope he did.   I also hoped that he wasn't upset about what had happened between us the night before.  I had yet to sort it all out in my own head.  The last thing I needed was for him to feel bad.

    For my own part, I couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt to be inside of him.  I wasn't sure if I was ready for anything more substantial to happen between us, but I could not pretend that I didn't want what happened last night to happen again.  I wanted it to happen, and I wasn't about to kid myself about that.  As for the reason behind it, I could have just told myself that it was a natural curiosity that led to it, but, again, I wasn't about to kid myself about that either.  It was time for me to accept certain truths about myself, and the fact that I was attracted to men was one of those truths.

    I didn't even try to go back to sleep after Mark went back to the other bedroom.  I knew that it would have been no use to even try.  I had far too many things running through my mind.  One of them was that I needed to sort out exactly what I felt for Mark.  I knew that I was attracted to him.  I'd been attracted to him since the day that I had sat down with him and Nick to talk about what they could do about being thrown out of the trailer.

    I hadn't seen Mark in quite a while before that day.  Nick rarely had much to do with Mark, so I hadn't had many chances to actually sit and talk with Mark.  I never understood, until recently, why Nick avoided Mark so much.  It had always been that way, but I guess I never realized it until we were older.  It was because of the fact that I hadn't seen Mark in a while that I really looked him over.  He had grown from that gangly little kid into a very attractive young man.  His dark hair was cut short, and his gray-blue eyes sparkled with life and awareness.  His body had developed quite a bit.  I don't think Nick realized it yet, but the kind of body that he has to work hard to maintain had evidently came naturally to his little brother.  Mark had a little more than an athletic build.  He wasn't built like a gladiator, but he had nice muscle definition.

    It wasn't until after he and Nick had moved in with me that I really got a good look at that body.  It was the first night they were here, and Mark was just getting out of the shower.  I saw him wrapped in a towel as he headed back to the bedroom.  His body was still wet from the shower, and I got quite an eye full.

    His arms were nicely developed.   He had bigger biceps than I did, but they didn't look overly muscular.  His muscle tone was perfect, and the golden sun brown tone of his skin was perfect and even.   His chest and stomach were quite a sight to behold.  The chest was very well defined, and his little brown nipples looked like points on his pecs.  His washboard stomach rivaled my own, and believe me, I work hard for my body.

    There was no hair on his chest, and only a slight treasure trail on his stomach.  It was dark like the hair everywhere else on him that I had seen.  It started just under his navel and led right down under the edge of the towel that was wrapped tightly around his hips.  The towel did little to hide the bulge of his crotch.  I found myself staring, and my cheeks were growing warm.

    Luckily, he didn't catch me gawking at him.  It was all I could do to stop thinking about ripping that towel off of him then.  I'd only thought of having sex with one other guy in my entire life.   This time, however, I thought of details.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my young house mate.

    "You are awake early," said Nick, startling me out of my thoughts.  He was standing in my door way, and I wondered how long he had been watching me.

    "Woke up and couldn't get back to sleep," I said.  I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 8 A.M.   I hadn't even heard Nick come in from work.  "What time did you get in?"

    "It was after 2 A.M." he said.  "I don't suppose you would take a rain check on the gym today?"

    "Oh, sure," I said.   "I don't really want to work out today, anyway. I have too much to think about."  I realized my mistake as soon as I said it.  I didn't want to let Nick know anything had happened between me and Mark last night, and now I had opened a can of worms.

    "Everything ok?" he asked.

    "What?" I pretended to be lost in thought.  "Oh, yes. I just have a project that I need to think over for work."  I hoped he'd buy it, and he seemed to.

    "Well, I hope Mark didn't bother you too much last night," he said.

    "Mark?" I asked, again playing dumb.  "Oh, he was no bother. We watched a movie and then he went to bed."

    "Well, he's still sleeping, so I guess he is pretty tired," he said.  "I'm going to talk to someone about an apartment today. That way we will be out of your hair."

    "Nick, you don't have to move out," I said quickly.  "I like having you guys here."

    "We need to be in our own apartment, Pete," he said.  "I like staying here, too, but I need to be an adult. Mark is my responsibility, not yours."

    "Mark is no bother," I said.  A sexual beast is what he was, but I couldn't say that to Nick.

    "Pete, believe me, we need to be in our own place," he said.  I could tell that there was something he wasn't telling me.  I just didn't know how to get it out of him.

    "What's wrong with staying here?" I asked him, thinking that if I pried gently, he'd tell me what was on his mind.

    "Look, I know you can't be comfortable with having two homosexuals under your roof with you all the time," he said.  "I would just rather get out of here before things get complicated."

    "Nick, you and Mark are my friends," I said.  "I care about both of you, and I don't care about the fact that you are both gay."

    "Well what about that fact that I can't stand being in the same house with you and not being about to touch you?" he blurted.  "What about that? Are you sure you can handle living with your best friend, knowing that he wants so bad to just rip your clothes off of you and have his way with you? Can you live with that and not be uncomfortable?"

    The look on his face told me that he'd been keeping all of that bottled up for a while.  I had no idea that he felt that way.  I was flattered and miserable at the same time.  I loved Nick.   I loved him like a brother.  I may have had sex with Mark, and God knew I loved it, but I just didn't think of Nick in that way.  I never thought of him as anything other than a brother.  It was nice to know that he thought I was attractive, but I couldn't return those thoughts.  I looked at Nick in an entirely different way than I looked at Mark, and that would never change.

    I realized that it would be kind of uncomfortable for him to live with me now that he'd let me know exactly what he was thinking, and I had to admit that it would be pretty weird for me, too.  I looked up at him, and I could see the embarrassment in his face.  I knew that he hadn't meant for any of that to come out of his mouth, yet I couldn't think of one word to say that would comfort him.  Everything that was running through my mind would only make Nick feel worse.  I didn't want to do that.

    "Well, I guess you really want me to move out now," he said, looking miserable.  "I can tell from the look on your face that you are repulsed by what I said."

     "No, Nick, I am not repulsed," I said.  "I'm flattered. I can't return that compliment, but that doesn't mean that I am repulsed by it."  I couldn't think of anything else to say.  I knew I needed to say more, but the words just wouldn't come.

    "I think I will go to the gym after all," he said.  He turned around and walked out of the room.  Seconds later, I heard the front door close.

    I felt like shit.  I knew what he must be thinking, and I didn't do much to stop him from thinking that way.  I didn't know what to say to him, and now he was upset.  I was such a dumbass.

    "Pete?" said Mark, coming into the room.

    "I'm here," I said.   I didn't know what to say to him, either.

    "What happened?" he asked.  I could see fear in his eyes.  He must have thought that I had told Nick about what had happened last night.

    "Your brother wants to get an apartment for the two of you to live in," I said with a sigh.  "I told him that I didn't want that to happen, and then he told me that he wants to rip my clothes off of me just about all the time. I didn't know what to say to that, so I was quiet for too long, and I think he's very upset."

    "Oh," he said, coming closer to me.  He sat down on the bed and stared at the floor.

    "Hey, don't look like that, Mark," I said.  "I'm not upset about last night."

    "Do you like Nick the way that he likes you?" he asked.  He still wouldn't look at me.

    "No, Mark," I said.   "I don't like Nick that way. I think of Nick as a brother."

    "And you aren't upset about what we did last night?" he asked, finally turning to look at me.  His eyes looked so serious.  They seemed to be searching for an answer.

    I reached out and tugged him closer to me.  I didn't even think about it.  I just pulled him to me and kissed him on the lips.  I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly for a few minutes.  I tried not to think about what my actions meant.  The feeling of his body in my arms was making it impossible for me to think anyway.

    Slowly, he started to respond to me.  He rapped his arms around me tightly and nuzzled my neck with his face.   Soon, I felt the tip of his tongue making little wet circles just under my ear, and I thought my body would melt.  I held him tighter, and ran my hands up and down his back.

    I wanted him more than ever.   I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with him, but I knew that I wanted him.   It was like I was a man possessed.  I had to have him, and I had to have him right then.

    I pushed him away from me and down onto the bed.  I yanked his shorts down his legs, almost ripping them in my fevered attempt to get at his dick.  With no thoughts in my head at all, I dove down into his crotch.  My tongue shot out of my mouth and lapped at the head of his dick.  I tasted his salty fluid as it spilled out of his dick, and it made my own dick throb.

    I let my tongue travel around the outer rim of the head of his dick until he moaned.  His hips bucked, and I knew he was trying to force his dick into my mouth.  Animal lust had overpowered both of us, and I for one, didn't want to let it go.  I opened my mouth and slowly let his dick sink between my lips.  When I felt the head at the entrance to my throat, I marveled at the fact that I wasn't gagging.  I tried to open my throat, and I guess I succeeded, because soon, his dick was sliding down my throat.  I didn't stop until my nose was nestled into his pubic hair.

    I stayed there for a while letting my tongue slide across the underside of his dick.  I could feel him writhing under me, and I heard him moan.  I knew that I was giving him pleasure, but the way his body trembled each time my tongue lapped at the underside of his dick.  Slowly, I pulled his dick back out of my throat and slid back up to the head.  I let my tongue slide across the super sensitive underside of his head, and his hips began to buck like wild.

    I began a slow but steady rhythm of swallowing his dick to the base and then easing back to the head over and over again.   I could feel his dick throbbing as I went down, and I knew I had him close.  I didn't want him to cum yet, but I really wanted to give him pleasure.  I kept up what I was doing until I felt his dick get even harder, and then I backed off completely and started to give his balls a tongue bath.

    He wiggled himself until his legs were spread before me, and I lifted them and licked down under his balls.  He gasped when my tongue drug across his hole, and I thought he'd break my face when I slid my tongue into his ass.  He ground his hips, and I tried to get more and more of my tongue up into that velvety ass of his.  He gasped when I replaced my tongue with a finger.  He slammed his ass down, trying to impale himself on my hand.

    "Please," he breathed as I inserted another finger.

    Before I knew what was happening, I was out of my underwear and poised at his asshole.  Fortunately, I'd left enough spit on his hole to soften my entry.  He greeted my entry with a moan that sounded like he had just found the gates of heavenly bliss.  His little ass tightened on my dick, and I tried to be easy about sliding my hips against him sending my dick all the way into him.  I must have hit his prostate because he gasped and jerked his body like he was on fire.  I pulled back as slowly as possible, but then lust took over.

    I slammed my way back into him rather hard.  His eyes opened wide, and I almost took the look in them as pain, but quickly learned that it was pleasure as he ground his ass back against me.  I picked up speed and slammed harder and harder into his tight ass.  He started to grunt and twist his ass around me.  He wiggled his ass along my dick, digging into my ass with his heels to for me farther into him.  I could hear our bodies slapping against each other.  I looked down into those incredible eyes of his and felt my dick erupt inside of him.

    I leaned down and kissed him on the mouth again and noticed that his stomach was covered in his own cum.  He looked deep into my eyes, and I could feel his ass milking my dick for all it was worth.  I didn't know if I ever wanted to remove myself from that silky ass, but I knew that I couldn't go again so soon.  He smiled a knowing smile as I felt my dick slide back out of him.

    "Does that answer your question?" I asked him.  He smiled up at me, and I could see pure satisfaction in his eyes.

    I let him shower first.  I didn't want to take the chance of Nick walking in and finding us in the shower.  I still had a long conversation coming with him, and I didn't want it to be complicated by him knowing that I was sleeping with Mark.  I didn't think, in light of what he'd said to me before he left, that it would sit well with him at all.

    After I had taken my shower, Mark and I sat down to eat breakfast, but it was closer to lunch time.  Nick still hadn't come home, and I was thinking about heading to the gym to find him.  I didn't like the way things were when he left.  He and I had been friends for so long.  I hated to think that our friendship might end just because he wanted it to be more and I didn't.  I wasn't sure how to salvage what was left, but I was damn sure going to try.