North Platte Summer: Prelude: Reminiscing

© 2009 by Lootah Akecheta

Disclaimer: This is a story of adult sexual content between two consenting step brothers in their late teens. If you are offended by this type of material, or if you are under the age of eighteen (18), then please do not read further. This is a purely fictional story and any resemblance to any persons or places is coincidental except for the use of cities that actually exist in the State of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, and the name of the North Platte River, which I use for geographical accuracy. This material is copyrighted by me and may not be used in part or in whole for group entertainment or education without first obtaining written permission from me. I would appreciate any constructive criticism, complements, or suggestions my readers may have to share with me, however I will flatly ignore flaming out at my material. You may write to me via:

Notes: For those of you who have asked, things will heat up between Rusty and Nathan, but in an ultra conservative family environment such as what they grew up in, it takes time to build that kind of trust – especially after the way Nathan has treated Rusty. Therefore I ask that those of you who wish things were a bit hotter between them, to please have patience with me while I build the story line. Thanks.

North Platte Summer



Thursday June 23, 2009

Nathan sat in the darkened office, which lay off the kitchen in the old ranch house. He'd pulled the blinds closed and turned on the desk lamp which spread a scallop of light across the blotter and an empty white piece of printing paper, a blank canvas ready to receive the artist touch. He sighed and wiped his eyes massaging them deeply. He stared at the blank piece of paper taunting him. He couldn't think of a thing to write. He gripped the pen in his right hand and reached for the offending piece of paper.

* * *

My dear brother Rusty,

Well, I've started this letter now five times and I cannot seem to get it right. Maybe this time will be the one. I know what I want to say, but I don't know how to write it. It has been a long time, too long. I miss you terribly. Eight years have now passed and I still mope around. Minnie seems to be handling my moods well enough, but she and I don't get along that well anymore. We have not made love to each other in nearly five years and more or less just tolerate each other for the boys sake.

Little Rusty turned eighteen yesterday. He and Nathan are becoming fine young men. Your boys are doing well. Nathan graduated with Rusty this past spring and Eddy was griping yesterday about not being able to go to collage with his brother. They are both in good spirits, but they miss you as much as I do. Jacob and Eddy still have two more years before they walk down that isle. Our younger sons are as impatient as always about wanting to get it all over with. We are fortunate enough they all want to get a higher education. It makes me proud of them.

Papa passed away six years ago. I guess you already know that though. Momma lives with Minnie, the boys, and me. She cannot live by herself anymore. She forgets to do things like turning off the stove, it makes us all nervious to leave her alone. Minnie quite her job to take care of momma. We may have our differentces, but for that she is a saint. Otherwise momma is sharp as a tack. I hear her pray for you on the occasions she leaves her door open when she gets ready for bed. She misses you and papa too.

I still cannot understand why you went down to Georgia. You know, the state granted me custody of your boys since you and Jenny were both gone. I still cannot believe what Jenny did to you and the boys. She is such a bitch! At least Minnie chooses to ignore the fact that I like guys. When Jenny left, vowing never to see any of us again, I thought it might be the best thing for you but you never got over it. I blame her as much as I do those fuckers down south for what happened.

I really wish you were here bro. I need you. I love you. I love you so much... I cannot help but think back to that summer when we were still kids. It was the time you and I started to be real friends to each other. God I miss those days. I miss you...


* * *

Nathan folded the letter twice and stuffed it into the breast pocket of his blazer. He leaned back in the over sized, stuffed, desk chair and closed his eyes. His mind drifted back his childhood, back to 1987.

* * *

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