North Platte Summer: Chapter 001

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North Platte Summer

Chapter 1

Becoming Friends

June, 1987

A meadowlark whistled happily until Rusty walked too close causing a torrent of wild accusatory chatters. He ignored her. Something certainly had his attention, but it wasn't a silly bird or any of her concerns. The longer he walked the more sweat poured down his torso marking muddy rivulets in the grime coating him. Sweat annoyed him. It tickled wherever it crept, especially as it funneled from back to butt crack. It also made his pants wet. Embarrassment marked his cheeks at the thought of this. His crotch looked as though he'd pissed himself. Of course he realized how ironic it was for him to feel embarrassed about his sweat soaked pants. How often had he admired the ranch hands; shirtless and sweating, with the exact same darkened groins? This thought did more to redden his cheeks. It was so hot he'd taken his shirt off about an hour ago right after he'd left home. He'd have shucked his pants too, but he had to cross a couple of road to get to his destination. Sun heat baking down danced on the horizon. People could say what they wanted about how cold Nebraska is, but in the summer it's hot as hell.

He'd set off on this trek to get away. Nathan would not leave him alone and his nerves were getting the best of him. He loved his little brother, but the brat could annoy a saint. All Rusty wanted was some peace and quite for about an hour, maybe two at the most. His need demanded it. Thanks to Nathan it'd been days since he'd been able to take care of his growing desire because his brother wouldn't leave him alone and shadowed his every step, sticking to Rusty like glue. Come to think of it, he'd done this to him for several weeks now. Rusty grunted in aggravation. "Why is Nate being such a brat? He won't leave me alone for two seconds!" Granted the chores were easiest done with two people and Nathan's help was much appreciated, but after the morning routine was taken care of Rusty just wanted some peace and quite before momma called for lunch. Thinking of his need tightened his pants a bit. He'd wait though. The North Platte River lay in the near distance and he could see it, or rather the line of willows that snaked its banks. His house now lay further behind him then the river was in front.

Somehow, he wasn't sure exactly how it happened, but he'd managed to ditch his brother after lunch. Nathan wasn't all that bad. He was actually a pretty good fellow and at eighteen he was not as annoying as he used to be, but Rusty seriously doubted his brother's ability to keep anything a secret. There was less than a year between them, but Nathan seemed to think it a grand sport to get Rusty in trouble with momma at every possible opportunity. The last thing he needed Nathan catching him doing was squeezing one off. First, he would never hear the end of it and second, everyone was bound to find out, especially momma. The little brat couldn't keep his mouth shut. Wind blew off the water and Rusty could smell the sweetness of it. Just a few degrees cooler but enough to quicken his pace, pulling him on almost as strong as desire pulled at his rock hard member. His pants rubbed against him igniting lust which threatened to take him right where he walked.

Spring and Autumn were much more welcomed seasons then the blistering cold of winter or the sweltering summer, but few things felt better than the cold currents of the North Platte on a day like this. Finely Rusty stepped under the fickle shade of a willow and gazed at the cold water coursing around submerged roots. He'd been here many times and knew where a perfect sandbar beach resided just around the next bend upstream. The bar was wide and covered by a scattering of willows. It spread out like a fan on the hump side of a switchback river bend. The currents kicked sand into ridges in the shallows which tapered off to deep water on the opposing bank. It was a perfect place to swim and sunbathe without anyone seeing. To Rusty tan lines were for sissies. He'd lay out naked on the back lawn on the rare occasions the folks were gone and had taken Nathan with them. He didn't mind the ranch hands seeing him, they thought it was cool.

Eddy, a twenty year old hand who was the youngest worker his papa employed, caught him beating off in the barn a few weeks ago. Rusty thought he was dead, but Eddy just pulled his impressive equipment out and joined in. It was wild. Something Rusty had never experienced before. He and Nathan never did anything like this with each other. It was unthinkable. Nathan was too much like his momma, a goody-goody two shoes. While Rusty considered Nancy as his mother, she'd only taken the job when she married his papa, Nathan was hers by birth by her late husband. She'd come into his life when Rusty was only three years old.

Miss Nancy and her hen pecking pack were the gossip vine of the neighborhood and each thought she could do no wrong, which was more then what they could say for anyone else – each other included; although they would never admit that to a soul. Rusty recalled the day she'd caught him playing with himself when he was about six or seven and nearly beat him to death. "I ain't gone have no pervert for a son! Do you hear me Rusty? You will burn in hell if you keep doing that!" She'd spat the last word out as though it were a rotten tomato. Rusty never let her catch him again. So, it was exhilarating when Eddy dropped his pants and started pulling on his huge tool while sidling up beside him.

Rusty was nervous as hell. Eddy was one of the main ranch hand he took note of when they were working on the fences or out with the horses wearing nothing but boots, jeans, and a cowboy hat. Eddy always had a dark streak down his backside over his crack and a darkened crotch from the sweat. His bare chest streaked with sweat glistened in the sun. The image was intoxicating to Rusty and now this sweaty Adonis was beside him with his pants around his ankles jackhammering his cock. His foreskin gliding over his glands and back again was captivating. As the product of growing up so far out in the country that the devil had to hitch a ride to town and in an ultra conservative religious family, Rusty had never seen another guy doing this. He'd heard about it mainly from the boys at school talking about it in the lockers after gym, but they'd never asked him to join in. Probably for the same reason he didn't trust Nathan. The image of Eddy jacking off beside him was branded like a movie on his mind forever. Later the older boy would give him a knowing smile every time they passed or saw each other.

He was already carrying his shirt, so Rusty conceded there was no reason to leave his pants on any longer now that he was at the river. In the background he could hear the chorus of truck tires whistling on Interstate eighty off in the distance. The interstate schleps along the North Platte River, but is often out of sight. Here at his favorite swimming bend it is a good mile away. Kicking off his boots he then slacked his pants down and off. Now all he wore were his sweat soaked boxers which clung to his hard cock like a latex glove. Every detail was visible through the white cotton: its turgidness would be the first observation a person might make, then the prominent corona ridge, and lastly at least two or three of the pronounced veins that wiggled their way along his length. The wind bit, cooling the fabric and he shivered with a shit eating grin. At nineteen hormones raged rampant and nothing would make his distended member go away anytime soon – certainly not the quickly cooling fabric, if anything it made it harder if that were possible. An unbidden thought of Nathan entered his mind at that moment. He felt a twinge of guilt for not asking his brother along. Nathan loved swimming, especially on a hot day like this. Rusty really didn't care too much at the moment. Something really hard pressing the fabric of his shorts drove the unwelcome thoughts completely out of his mind.

Checking to make sure he was alone on the bend he lost his underwear too. Damn the breeze felt good caressing his package. The way it tickled the hairs on his nuts and eddied around his hard cock was about to drive him crazy. He grabbed himself and started stroking with one hand while tickling his boys with the other. His foreskin easily gliding over the swollen glands felt silky smooth. Rusty didn't consider himself small where it counted compared to the other boys in the lockers at school, but next to Eddy, now his tool was huge standing somewhere between ten and twelve inches at least. This thought fueled his desires more. Eddy had been one constant companion within the confines of his mind ever since the day in the barn. Visions of him shooting his thick load pumped his desires like billows on hot coals fueling his lust. The incredible mental spectacle of long ropey sperm spraying out in front of his older friend danced on his minds eye as though it were earlier today instead of a few weeks ago. It didn't take long before a geyser of juice erupted spraying a good six or eight feet; the last spurts of which coated Rusty's finger. He shook from head to toe in the grip of his orgasm. "Ah fuck!" His knees buckled dropping him to the ground. "Oh man, I ain't never cummed so hard!" He looked at his cum covered finger. An urge pushed him before he realized it and the sperm vanished into his mouth. "Not bad," he thought, "a bit acidic and somewhat salty, but not bad." He'd been toying with the idea of eating it for quite a while, but always chickened out. The thought excited him, but also made his skin crawl. The idea of what he just did slowly crept into his consciousness and nearly made him sick, but he shrugged it off with some effort.

After taking care of the urgency of the moment the river could wait no longer. Rusty took off at a dead run and dove into the cooling waters. He swam around for a bit and then climbed back out onto the sand to sun dry. Oh man he felt good. He'd just taken care of one of the worst cases of blue balls he'd ever experienced and now was nearly shivering to death as the sun and wind worked together to leach the water off his skin. As with most boys his age, it didn't take long for the sun to work his cock into a turgid mass of wanton. Reaching down he slowly tickled the length of his manhood. His skin felt silky soft to his fingers and the touch sent sensations slithering all through him. Thoughts of Eddy crouched and stalked his mind with twitching tail, waiting for the opportune moment to pounce.

Rusty imagined it was Eddy's fingers tracing along his hard-on. He whimpered lovingly to himself as his cock danced above his abs. He toyed with his boner like this until desire fueled lust urged him on to more desperate administrations. His fingers wound tightly around his throbbing member and began a slow hard stroke gripping his tool almost painfully. "Awe fuckin-A!" Rusty humped upward driving his cock through his fist. While his right hand worked its magic on his dick his left found his anus and began a slow pulsing massage against his pucker. Fantasies of Eddy blitzed his mind and it was the strong twenty year old, with hard muscles sleeking under satiny smooth skin, who was hard-stroking his cock and rubbing his hole. While Eddy stroked his cock grinning at him his face morphed into Nathan's. "Where the hell did that come from?" As this disturbing image started to take holed Rusty decided memories might be a safer avenue for his lust and an apparition of what happened with Eddy and him in the barn unfolded in his mind. Eddy was once again standing so close their arms touched and just as Eddy started busting his nuts Rusty looked up and saw Nathan's face twisted with passion as he shot his load across the stall. Rusty shook his head but couldn't figure out what his brain was doing. He no longer cared to dwell on it though. Eddy, Nathan, it no longer mattered. He was way too close to blowing his wad to give a shit. Four or five shots of white cream sprayed over his abs and onto his chest.

"Oh, lookie what Rusty's doin!" Rusty's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the sound of his little brother's impish singsong voice. His voice was deep, but still had a quality of a much younger boy. He jumped to his feet and swirled around to face the intruder.

"Nathan you fuckin prick! How dare you sneak up on me like that! I swear, I'll bust your ass good if you say anything about this to momma!" Rusty spat the words through clenched teeth.

Nathan just laughed and waggled his finger at his brother. This pushed Rusty over the edge and before Nathan could do anything his brother was charging him with clenched fist. Rusty stopped short though. Nathan simply stood there. He didn't run squealing like a little boy, his usual response, nor did he even hint at defending himself. Instead his face went taught with lust as he stared at his brother. Rusty didn't know what to think about, or how to handle, this new reaction. What game was his brother playing at now? "Get the fuck out of here Nathan, NOW!" Rusty shouted at Nathan but his brother just stood still eyes glued to his older brother's cum soaked chest. "Get! Go!" Rusty pushed his brother, but Nathan just continued to stare and stood his ground.

"Can I join you?" Nathan's voice was barely a whisper, but Rusty had no problem hearing it although he thought he'd heard wrong.

"What?" Rusty didn't know what to think of this. Nathan had to be playing him.

"I want'a join you Rusty." Nathan swallowed hard and stared at his brother pleadingly.

"Yea right!, Mr. Goody-goody Two Shoes wants to join his brother wankin his cock? What are you playing at Nate?" With this Rusty turned and headed back up the beach to where his clothes were still strewn out where he'd left them.

"I'm NOT a goody-goody two shoes!," Nathan blurted out. Rusty could hear the anger and pain thickness of his voice.

Rusty didn't turn around but called over his shoulder. "Oh sure. You can't wait to catch me doing anything wrong so you can run and blab it to momma. Why shouldn't I think you're anything but a squealing little bitch?"

"NO I'M NOT!" The venom in Nathan's voice shocked Rusty, but he still didn't turn around much to his consternation. Next thing he knew a freight train plowed into his back knocking him to the ground with Nathan's body pinning him to the sand. Fist pummeled all over his back and sides before he could throw his brother off. Rusty sat in the sand stunned by the vehemence of his brother's reaction. "I haven't told anything on you in a long time Rusty!" Tears ran down Nathan's face. "I'm your brother. I want to be your friend too, but I guess that is too much to ask of the all mighty Rusty who can do no wrong!" Nathan wiped tears from his face smearing sand across his cheeks. His eyes revealing more hurt and pain than Rusty had ever seen there before. "If I rat you out all the time then tell me, does mom know about what you and Eddy did in the barn?"

The look on Rusty's face was priceless. "How do you know about that?" His eyes narrowed dangerously.

"I was there Rusty, up in the loft. You came in and started rubbing yourself. I thought it was cool, so I hid and watched. I didn't want you to hear me or know I was there because I knew you would jump to the same conclusion you did just now. But I swear to you Rusty, I've not told anything on you in nearly three years now. Honest!" Nathan looked as though he was pleading again. He continued: "Then you stripped down and started jacking it, you know? Man I was so hard and I wanted to jack it so bad man, but I didn't know what to do. I was afraid to stroke it because I can't keep quite when I'm doing it. It gets the best of me and I just start groaning and moaning. Not loud, but loud enough you would've heard me. Then Eddy walked in on you and I thought for sure you would be in trouble, but he just dropped his pants and joined you. Holy shit! I ain't never seen a dick so big before! Where'd he get that thing?" A look of pure admiration crossed Nathan's face. "I thought it was the coolest thing I've ever saw with both of you standing there against the outer wall facing me. It was pure pain watching you two and not being able to join in. The next thing I knew you were both shooting all over the place. That's when Eddy ate the spooge off his finger and I lost it. You remember the bloody lip I had later that day?" Nathan looked at Rusty willing him to remember it.

"Yea, I remember it. I thought someone hit you but you said you fell down. You being the klutz that you are, I took it for real."

"Yea well, klutz or not, I didn't fall down. I bit it." Nathan started laughing then. Rusty just stared at him like a dummy. "Yep, I bit my lip because when you two shot off, I did too. I hadn't even touched myself or anything but man I made one hell of a mess. My shorts were wet. It felt gross, but I ignored it. I couldn't just cry out and let you two know I was there so I bit my lip to shut myself up."

Peals of laughter rocked through Rusty as he rolled in the sand holding his stomach. "You bit your lip to keep quite? Why would you do that?"

"Shit Rusty! If you knew I was up there and watched what you two did I'd've been creamed by the both of you. I may be dumb sometimes, but I ain't stupid bro."

It finely hit Rusty then. His little bro, his Nathan, just wanted to be the kind of brother every boy dreams of having. A boy who is both brother and best friend. It was Rusty's turn to tear up then. He'd projected the image of the bratty little brother onto the young man who was sitting in front of him. A long time had gone since Rusty had given a second thought to how mature his brother was becoming. His baby brother was not that little anymore in more ways than one. The treasure trail of dark hair disappearing into his trousers was visual proof not to mention sexy as hell. He was growing up and becoming the kind of man Rusty truly wanted as a friend.

Rusty looked at his brother with new eyes. He was tall and skinny with dark, almost black, hair that always looked messed up even after he'd combed it. His hair was in abrupt contrast to his porcelain white almost translucent skin. He still had peach-fuzz on his upper lip and chin which made him look younger than he actually was. His sinewy muscles marked their presence as they glided under the pale skin covering them. He had no chest hair but the trail of dark pubs curling around his bellybutton and feathering down into his groin was hot as hell. His brother's looks were hypnotic in a very exotic way.

Nathan stood in stark contrast to Rusty's stocky build and curly dark auburn hair, who sported large powerful arms and big hands. His barrel chest and abs were covered in a thick light auburn pelt that accentuated the sharp edges of his washboard abs. Rusty's smoldering green eyes were framed by tight red eyebrows and long almost pink lashes. There was no mistaking who's child Rusty was since he was the spitting image of Rusty Sr. his papa. Likewise Nathan was unmistakably his mother's son. They shared the same sharp features and pale skin. He was truly handsome with light blue eyes shadowed by thick dark eyebrows and framed by long black lashes. Rusty wondered why he'd not noticed before how hot his brother was becoming.

He stood up and extended a sandy hand to his brother. "Damn Nate, I'd not thought much about how grown up you're becoming. Sorry bout that bro." Rusty grinned and there was a strange glint in his eyes. "Come here brat. Will you give me another chance?" Nathan slowly reached out and tentatively took his brother's hand and let him pull him to his feet. Rusty grabbed his brother and pulled him into a tight bear hug not caring that he was newborn naked and gritty.

Nathan pushed back against his brother. "Ewe, your all sandy!" Both boys stared at each other and burst into peals of hysterical laughter. The tenssion was broken.

"Yep, and you'd better strip your pants off bro if you don't want em wet." Rusty started to release his brother then thought better of it. "On second thought, I think your pants are gonna get wet anyhow." He began wrestling his brother towards the river. Nathan finally broke free right before Rusty succeeded in his ploy. He sprinted off a ways stripping his trousers as he went with Rusty hot on his heals. When Rusty tackled his brother both boys fell naked to the sand laughing. Rusty lay on top of Nathan pinning him to the ground. His cock started swelling again as it pressed between the two of them. He could already feel his brother's hardness. "You really want to jack off with me?"

"Hell yea!" Nathan looked into Rusty's eyes.

"On second thought, this feels kind'o nice bro. Maybe we aught to just lay here a while?" Lust was quickly seizing hold on his desires and Rusty ground his groin into his brother's crotch feeling the grit scratching between them.

Nathan was having none of it. He tickled Rusty's sides eliciting a barrage of giggles from him in an effort to extricate himself from under his brother causing Rusty to wiggle to the side. Nathan sat up and looked at his brother. "Ever since I saw you and Eddy buddy-jerkin I've laid awake at night thinking about it and wishing it were you and me instead of Eddy, or better yet that I was there with the two of you. It looked like loads of fun bro."

Rusty snickered. "You said 'loads' Nate." A silly grin broke across both boys expressions. He didn't know why he did it, but Rusty sat up and pulled his brother toward him pecking him on the lips. Then tried wiping the sand from his mouth only making things worse. "Oh man! What you say we wash this shit off?" Temporarily distracting his brother from asking why he'd just kissed him.

"OK, but Rusty I'm sorry I've not let you alone, but I was afraid I would miss my chance at an opportunity to jack off with you. I knew I was driving you crazy but I couldn't help it. When I saw you trying to sneak off after lunch today I held back to let you think you'd ditched me. I saw which way you were heading and I caught a ride with Stan as he went into town and had him drop me off when we crossed the river trail. I told him I'd changed my mind about going to town with him but he saw right through me. I don't know what it is about that old man but he seems to be psychic sometimes, you know? He warned me to leave you alone and give you some space. He shot me a knowing eye and I knew he guessed what was up but I couldn't do it. I had to catch you doing it so I could ask you to let me join in."

Rusty gave his brother a long hard look and then his jaw softened and relaxed. "S'OK bro. I should've guessed the way you've been hounding me. I was just so certain you would squeal on me that I didn't consider you might have outgrown it." With this both boys jumped up and ran off toward the river. Nathan gave his brother a solid slap on the rump just as they plowed into the North Platte's cold waters.

* * *

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