North Platte Summer: Chapter 010
© 2009 by Lootah Akecheta

Disclaimer: This is a story of adult sexual content between two consenting step brothers in their late teens. If you are offended by this type of material, or if you are under the age of eighteen (18), then please do not read further. This is a purely fictional story and any resemblance to any persons or places is coincidental except for the use of cities that actually exist in the State of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, and the name of the North Platte River, which I use for geographical accuracy. This material is copyrighted by me and may not be used in part or in whole for group entertainment or education without first obtaining written permission from me. I would appreciate any constructive criticism, complements, or suggestions my readers may have to share with me, however I will flatly ignore flaming out at my material. You may write to me via:


North Platte Summer

Chapter 10

It took most of two weeks for the boys to draw up plans that were good enough for Papa to agree on the designs and the measure of reeds that were to be removed. In the end they decided that eighty feet of shore had to be cleared of reeds to mate with the twenty that was already clean – making it a total of one hundred. Papa also wanted another fifty feet on the opposite side of the pond cleared so the cows could have access to it again, and he wanted a fence to be built to insure they not to venture too far in because he didn’t wanted to preserve the pond’s integrity for swimming. One of the good things about it taking so long to prepare the plans was that Jason had the opportunity to heal well before the work began. He was just as psyched about the project as his cousins and Eddy were.

Eddy held true to his word and allowed Anna Marie to join them on the planning stage provided she stayed quiet about some of the plans concerning turning the pond into a swimming magnet. She was often in the room with them listening to what they were discussing and giving her two cents worth when she thought they’d gone astray. One of the suggestions she’d given made perfect sense too. The boys were arguing on how to make the floating dock float. Eddy favored empty fifty gallon barrels, but Rusty argued they’d rust and eventually the dock would be on the bottom like the old one. After about the fifteenth time Eddy suggested the barrels and Rusty shot it down Anna decided to step in and stop the argument. “Why don’t we use Styrofoam?”

“Styrofoam, where’d you get that hair brained idea?” Nathan sounded positively derisive about the whole idea. “They don’t make it big enough to use to float a dock. What ya gonna do, throw piles and piles of cups under there?” He gave a mocking laugh looking at the others for support. Finding none he shut up and went back to thinking about how to solve the problem.

“Yea they do!” Anna was about to pout because Nathan had scoffed at every idea she’d come up with so far.

“What makes you so sure?” Eddy asked her.

“Never mind” She hung her head obviously disappointed.

“I honestly would like to hear your ideas Anna.” Eddy dropped everything he’d been working on to give her his undivided attention.  

“There’s a floating dock like the one we’re planning at a lake I’ve swam at back home. They put these large blocks of Styrofoam underneath it and it works just fine.”

Eddy thought about it while staring at the girl. “You know, you may have a point. I’ll ask Mr. Rusty if he knows where we can get enough of the stuff to use.”

Nathan couldn’t believe Eddy was siding with a girl. “Eddy, you lost it man.”

“No she’s right. I’d forgotten about it, but I’ve seen it used before too. It works really well and it won’t leak or sink.” The last part he said shooting a glance at Rusty that plainly said, ‘there, what ya gotta say to that?’ “That’s a good idea Anna, thanks.” Eddy tasseled the girl’s hair which prompted a well deserved scowl from her, but he could tell she was pleased by the fact that he’d listened to her and more importantly that he’d stood up for her. She stuck her tongue out at Nathan who promptly rolled his eyes.

Anna lay down next to the table in the Wrangler’s Cabin where they boys were making their plans. She brought drawing paper and crayons. She was too old to play with coloring books, but art was something she understood, and she was quite good at it too. She lay there quietly listening to her brother and cousins making their plans. After about an hour Rusty took note of what she was doing? “What ya got there Anna?”


“Awe come on; looks like you’re drawing something to me.”


“May I see?”

“No.” He didn’t try to push her further, but Nathan got up quickly and rushed over trying to look over the girls shoulder. Anna threw her head and arms over her work shielding it from him. “Not yet, I’m not finished.” She whined. Nathan tried to pull her away so he could see, but she was adamant about not giving in.

“Nathan, leave her alone. It’s her picture, if she doesn’t want to share it with us, it’s her prerogative.” Rusty actually sounded perturbed with his brother.

“Why?” Nathan sounded mutinous. “It’s just a drawing.”

“Yea, but it’s her drawing.” He gave his brother a look that clearly said to leave it alone. “If she wants to share it with us, she will.”

“She’ll let us see when she’s finished.” Jason said not looking up from his own drawings. “Anny never likes sowing her work until she’s through with it. We’ll all fare better if you just leave her alone.” Nathan gave him an ‘Oh come on’ look, but left her to her drawing.

Rusty tried figuring out why Nathan seemed to be reverting back to his old annoying self and then decided to do something about it. “Nathan can I have a word please?” He got up and walked out the door fully expecting his brother to follow.

“What?” Nathan sat for a moment longer, then shrugged his shoulders and followed his brother outside. Rusty didn’t stop until he was at the door to the barn and then only paused long enough to make sure Nathan had listened and was coming. He disappeared into the barn. When Nathan entered the dark structure he saw Rusty sitting on the iron seat of an ancient plow. “What’s up?”

Rusty didn’t say anything until his brother was only a couple of feet away. “What give Nathan? You’re acting like you used to. It’s not very becoming.” Rusty was angry his hands were shaking.

Nathan hadn’t noticed this until just now and although he was certain his brother wouldn’t hurt him it frightened him a little. He looked down at Rusty’s feet which were dangling off the ground. “I don’t know. I…” he paused, “It just bugs me that she’s hanging around, that’s all.”

“Because we have to behave when she’s with us, or because she reminds you of someone you knew?” Nathan looked at Rusty trying to figure out what he meant. “You act like your jealous Nate. The only thing is there’s nothing to be jealous of. She’s a ten year old girl. She’s not a monster and for the most part she’s not a brat. She certainly can keep a secret better then you could at that age.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Nathan looked pouty.

“It means you’re treating her like she’s you, or the ‘you’ that you used to be. She’s not though. Give her a little credit, would ya? At least give her the benefit of a doubt until she proves us wrong. The worst she could do right now is telling momma what we’re doing and I think papa’s ready to stand up to her again for this. He wants this too badly. He wants the pond returned to its former glory like it was when he was a kid.”

“You really think I’m acting like my old self?”

“Yes. You’re being a brat and taking it out on her. I could understand it if you’re upset because we have to behave, but I think you’re jealous because we’re letting her join in where we wouldn’t let you when you were younger. Nathan, we want you both there and we can’t keep acting like she doesn’t exist. We’re all she’s got.”

Nathan looked down and toed a furrow in the dust. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize exactly what I was doing but what do you mean we’re all she’s got?”

“She may have momma and grandma, but there are no kids her age anywhere near here. We may be older but we’re a hell of a lot closer to her age than anyone else in this neighborhood.” He sighed. “I forgive ya bro, but I think the one you need to apologize to is Anna. She likes you Nate, a lot. You and Jason are so much alike I think she thinks of you as another brother and you’ve seen how Jason dotes on her.” Rusty reached out and grasped his brother’s arm pulling him in closer. When he was close enough to wrap his arm around, he embraced him and held him close. “I love ya Nate, but sometimes you can be very taxing. Just relax; it’s only for a few hours each day that she’s with us.”

Nate returned the hug. “OK.”

“Good. Now, let’s get back in there before they wonder what we’re up to.” Rusty gave his brother a suggestive grin. “Maybe tonight we can find a bit of alone time.” He said waggling his eyebrows. Nathan smiled at this and leaned in for a kiss and was rewarded with one in return. They stood there for a few moments enjoying this closeness before the door opened interrupting their moment of passion causing both boys to jump.

Rusty looked over his brother’s shoulder to see Adolf standing just inside the barn looking at them. “Vell, vell, vhat do we have here?” Adolf said in a thick German accent. Adolf Grunwald, a German immigrant their father hired a little more than a year ago, was a handsome man in his late twenties with dark brown hair receding slightly at the temples, and pale blue eyes. His skin looked more Scandinavian then German, but working in the country sun had worked its magic. Now he sported a nice farmer’s tan just like most of the farm’s workers. He stood right at six feet tall and had a slight build that rippled with muscles – no fat. Hanging from his mouth was blade of grass he was chewing on; a habit he’d gotten into when he couldn’t smoke. Sweat trickled down his bare chest and abs washing little clean paths through the dust covering his torso. Rusty couldn’t help but check him out. He’d always like the German and thought he was very sexy. Following the trickling sweat-paths down he noticed just how well endowed Adolf is. His junk hung down one leg showing much more interest than the man himself was letting on. It was interesting listening to Adolf talk because he kept mixing German in with his English. It made it hard to follow the man sometimes, but fun to listen to.

“We were just talking Adolf. What are you up to?”

“Ich came zu get ine Rührstange, uh rake. Stan vants me to clean the… how do you say, die Pferdenställe, um horse stalls.” His English got worse when he was nervous. The man paused a moment. “It looked like you vere doing a lot more than just sprechen, um talking.” He stepped over to the brothers and gave them a good long look. Nathan was still standing too close inside his brother’s legs to feel comfortable about it so he stepped back a couple of feet making it even more obvious. “It’s OK; I remember being your age and what my Bruder und I did mit each other.” He gave the young men a look suggesting a much more intimate interest. “Tell anyone and ich will deny it, but…” he paused, “I can say I miss it sometimes. Do not mistake me, I like women, but I miss mein Bruder.”

“Why are you telling us this? It’s a bit personal, you know?”

“I saw vhat I saw Nathan.” He pronounced the name Nāton. “Somehow I don’t think you mind a little personal…” he didn’t finish but the meaning was clear.

Both brothers looked at the man. Rusty even reached up and brushed a finger across his nipple and giving him a slight grin as though he didn’t quite know what to think or do. Adolf closed his eyes at the touch and a little moan escaped his lips. “We’ve gotta get back into the cabin before the others start missing us, but…” he paused looking at his brother. “I think we may be willing?” The question was for Nathan who smiled and nodded and Rusty looked back at Adolf before continuing, “to continue this later.” Adolf smiled showing slightly crooked teeth that were just a little stained from smoking. The look wasn’t distracting but lent an air of imperfect charm and appeal to the man. Adolf nodded and left the barn carrying the rake he’d come for.

“God I swear we are such horndogs!” Nathan breathed as he stepped back between his brother legs for another kiss. They tried to kiss one more time but neither of them could quit laughing enough to do a really good job. “He is one hot fucker though.”

“You got that right. I’ve spent hours watching him whenever I thought he couldn’t see me. I’ve always wanted to see what he’s packing but he’s too careful. Always makes sure no one is around looking when he takes a piss outside.” Rusty gave his brother a grin. “Common, we need to get back.” He hopped off the plow seat and gave Nathan one more quick peck on the lips before striding off for the door. Nathan followed just behind his brother watching his ass move in the tight fitting jean shorts he had on. It looked good. Rusty had one of the best looking bubble butts of anyone Nate had ever seen.

Anna Marie had finished with her picture by the time they returned. It lay displayed before Nathan’s empty place at the table. He looked at the color drawing for a long time without saying anything. There was a blue pond in a green field surrounded by trees and a lighter blue sky with white fluffy clouds in it. In the pond were a long peer and a floating dock in the middle. Four boys and one girl swam in the pond and sat on the floating dock. It was a real study in impressionism. When he looked up Anna stood a few feet off with her hands clasped in front of her and nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “WOW!” He said in a quiet awed voice. “This is really good Anna.” He didn’t need to say anything else.

A brilliant smile broke the worried look on her face lighting her whole countenance from deep inside. She flung herself into Nathan’s arms and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Thanks.” She beamed at him like he’d made her whole world. With this she turned and ran out the door almost as embarrassed by her actions as Nathan was shocked.

The others couldn’t help but snicker at the young man’s expense. “WhoooHoo! I think you’ve got an admirer Nate,” this from Eddy. The latter responded with a perfect scowl.

*          *          *

Later that evening Rusty found himself alone in the lower barn. He’d wanted to get away from the others because he’d realized he hadn’t spent any time to himself in a couple of weeks. He purposefully skipped supper and he knew he’d have hell to pay for it when he saw momma next, but he really didn’t care. The last two hours had been very peaceful as he relaxed against the open loft door looking out at the cotton candy sky. A couple of butterflies danced a few feet off on an up current of air captivating Sammie’s undivided attention. The old cat stretched out and batted a paw over open expanse towards the mesmerizing insects. Rusty hoped he wasn’t so enthralled that he’d jump off the loft. Cats may land on their feet, but he figured that would hurt. Sammie wasn’t so stupid. He lay down watching the butterflies continue their dance with his tail twitching up and down. Barn swallows chattered above in the eaves getting ready to roost. A few still flew about looking for a tasty meal, but most had settled in for the night. “Here you are.” Nathan said as he climbed into the loft. “We looked for you at supper but you didn’t show. Momma’s not exactly happy about it either.” Rusty looked around to see his brother walking across the timbers towards him. He held a paper plate full of food in one hand and a tall glass of iced sweet tea in the other. The younger man glanced at the refreshments. “I figured you may be hungry.”

Rusty hadn’t realized exactly how hungry he was getting until he saw the food his brother brought him. “Oh god, that looks good.” Nate handed him the plate but set the glass of tea on the boards beside him. He took a seat of his own in the limited space on the ledge next to his brother. “Mmmm, oh this is so good.” Rusty said with a mouthful of food. Nate had brought him fried chicken, a drumstick and breast; mashed potatoes with giblet gravy; corn on the cob; and cornbread. He knew his brother wouldn’t eat the black-eyed peas and butterbeans momma had cooked. Rusty looked at his brother while he washed it down with a swallow of tea. “That was really good what you did this afternoon Nate.”

“What’s that?”

“The way you praised Anna for the drawing she’d done, it really meant a lot to her.”

“I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true Rust. It was a good drawing. What do you call that type of work? I saw a poster of it hanging in Miss. Johnson’s office at school. You know, the one of the lily pond with the bridge going over it?”

“I think you’re talking about Monet. I’ve seen the same painting too. I don’t know what that style is called though. Anna’s really good at art isn’t she?”

“Yep: God that sky is beautiful.” Nathan looked at the strips of clouds shining in pastels of orange, pink and light gray streaking across the sky. The darkening valley stretching out from the back of the barn looked cool and inviting in the evening’s soft glow. Clumps of trees dotted the hillsides here and there and lined parts of the creek meandering its way through the vale.  A light mist hung over it causing an almost enchanted or haunted effect and made everything look a little surreal.

“I love it when it’s like this. I feel like I might see fairies flying around if I look hard enough.” Rusty said through another mouthful of food.

“Yea, it’s pretty neat.” They sat quietly watching the sky start to darken as Rusty finished his supper. “Do you ever wonder what life will be like when we’re older like papa?”

Rusty looked at his brother. “Yea I think about it sometimes, but not often. We still have quite a long time before we have to worry about it, why?”

“Oh I don’t know. I was just thinking about what he told us. You know, about Uncle Thomas? I think he really misses him. I can’t think what I’d do if I lost you like that.”

“Shut up, you’re not going to lose me.” Rusty set the empty plate aside and pulled Nathan into his arms wrapping him against his chest. “I love you Nate. I’ll never leave you, not if I have anything to do with it.” They sat there a while enjoying the feel of each other. Rusty was very content to stay that way for a long time, but other parts of his anatomy were not so patient. It wasn’t long before he felt his cock harden and had to shift to reach down and reposition it.

“You too hu?” Nathan glanced over his shoulder at his brother.

“Yep me too,” Rusty grinned. “It doesn’t take much where you’re concerned.” Nathan smiled turning around in his brother’s arms so he sat in his lap with his legs draped over Rusty’s and disappeared behind him. He wrapped his arms around his brother’s neck and leaned in for a kiss. He could taste the chicken grease on Rusty’s lips but didn’t mind it. It simply combined two of his favorite flavors.

“Mmmm, you taste good.” Nathan slowly massaged the back of his brother’s neck as he kissed him again. He couldn’t get enough of this man in his arms. “You know what I want?”


“I want to make love to you my brother. Right here in this loft, just the two of us and for as long as it takes.” Nathan said around his brother’s lips.

“I think I have to agree. I’ve been jonesing for a moment alone with you like this. It’s not the same in the house when we go to bed. Gotta be too quiet.”

“Yep, way too quiet,” Nathan kissed Rusty again producing a soft moan of anticipation from the older boy. “Want a massage?”

“Later maybe but right now I just want to feel you in my arms and what I really want is to feel you inside me.” Rusty answered. “Think you’d like to fuck your brother?”

“I think I could get used to that idea.” Nathan pulled back and looked at Rusty. “You know I enjoy fucking you.”

“Yea, but you seem to like me inside you more. I really like the way your cock feels inside me. I like how long it takes you to cum – makes me feel very used and abused,” Rusty grinned and kissed Nathan again. “Let’s scoot away from this ledge a little, what ya say?” They both eased further into the barn and away from the opening. Rusty lay down with Nathan on top. It was good to feel his little brother’s weight pressing down on him. He could already feel Nathan’s desire making a loud statement in the man’s shorts. “Mmmm, I think you’re about as excited about this as I am. Nathan didn’t answer in so many words but kissed his brother’s neck and worked his way down to his left nipple. He bit it gently before sucking on it while pinching the other one with his fingers. This elicited an excited groan from the boy on bottom. Rusty could feel a chill in his shorts from the wet spot forming at the tip of his turgid meat. He loved the way Nathan could make him respond like this. As much as he liked sex with Eddy and Jason or all three of them, he absolutely craved it with Nathan.

Nathan worked his way a little further until he was kissing just above Rusty’s naval. He liked his brother’s tight body. The large muscles felt so sound and secure. He could never feel anxious or frightened as long as Rusty held him. His tongue traced over the washboard abs and twirled around his brother’s inny. He didn’t care what the church said about any of this. Something that felt this right absolutely could not be wrong. This was a battle Nathan fought ever since he discovered masturbation. His desires to touch himself, to make himself feel good, and his guilt from what he learned about it from the ultra conservative Diocese he grew up in. Sometimes it was not an easy battle to wage, but at times like this, tonight, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was Rusty’s arms wrapped around him; his cock buried deep in his ass; or the feel of his brother’s cock inside his mouth. That was all that mattered at times like this. He found himself believing God must be gay too. Who else, other than a gay god, could develop such a fucked up system: create something that feels so incredibly good, wonderful, and right, and then ruin it with guilt so strong that it’d make you want to flog yourself for even thinking about it? Yep, god had to be gay, no other way to explain it.

As Nate licked the tip of his brother’s cock, he could smell the day’s buildup of sweat, dirt, piss, and cum emanating from inside his hood:  a smell he’d grown to like. At first he hated the very idea of sucking an unwashed cock, but now he preferred it. It tasted so much better than the residue of soap. He opened his mouth and swallowed as much of his brother’s hardness as he could take. The head of his cock felt good brushing the back of his throat. It wasn’t hard like the shaft, but soft and spongy. He drew back up pulling the foreskin over the head and past the tip clutching it lightly between his teeth until Rusty gasped and grabbed the back of his head. Only then did he swallow it back down repeating the whole process creating a strong suction that he knew would drive his brother wild. Rusty’s head rocked from side to side as he arched his back in total abandon. He moaned loudly as Nathan sucked him down again burrowing his nose into that flame of red bush. “Oh fuck yes! Suck it bro.” Nathan had to obey his elders, didn’t he? He decided he did and drove back down sucking it to the root where his chin brushed against his brother’s balls. Holding himself there until his need for air overruled his desire to hold this sweet tool in his throat. He pulled back up teasing the tip with his tongue pulling up on the shaft with his hand until Rusty’s hood slid over his tongue. He then skinned his brother’s hood back and licked around the head tasting Rusty’s buildup. God damned it tasted good and made him drive back down sucking his brother’s entire cock deep and hungrily. “Oh fuck Nate, if you don’t stop I’m gonna blow.” Nathan didn’t care, he wanted the load. Wanted it so badly he could hardly think of anything else: that slightly salty cream he knew was ready to explode from this cock. He went down one more time sucking with ferocity and he heard his brother cry out as he blasted his load into his throat. Spurt after creamy spurt flooded his mouth and nearly made him choke. God it tasted good. “Fuck Nathan. Oh my God that feels so good!” 

Rusty grabbed his brother’s hair holding his head down as he blew his load. It felt too good to let go yet. Nathan was about to choke when his brother finely released his grip allowing him to pull back up. He gently licked the sperm off his brother. It was one of the most delicious fluids he’d ever tasted: better than Eddy’s or Jason’s or his own. “Mmmm, tasty!”

“Oh fucking yea it was. You ready to fuck me silly?” In response Nathan licked his brother’s still hard cock sucking a little too hard on his tip. “Oh fuck stop it Nate. Oh my fucking god, it’s too sensitive.” Nathan laughed and eased up between his brother’s legs raising them up as he went. He finally rested them on his shoulders as he positioned himself to mount his brother. He tried to push into the tight ass, but it was useless without lubricant. In a bit of frustration he eased back down until his face was at his brother’s taint. He inhaled deeply taking in the scent before licking his brother’s whole crack, butthole and all. Damn it tasted good. He flicked his tongue across the tender opening before trying to drive it inside. The flavor intensified as he pushed deeper. Rusty moaned again and flexing the muscles deep in his groin making his hole pucker until it started doing it all on its own from the small contractions taking place somewhere deep inside. Nathan eased up letting his brother’s legs fall to either side and then climbed Rusty body until he pressed his slickened cock’s head against those full tender lips. Rusty swallowed it letting his brother drive his cock deep into his throat. The hard meat buried inside his throat felt incredible. He sucked making sure it was well lubed before Nathan slipped back down between his legs, cock ready, ass ready, both of them ready and waiting. He lifted Rusty’s legs again to rest on his shoulders and this time his cock slid in with little difficulty. Rusty didn’t get fucked very often, but when he did he loved it. This made his hole a bit tighter than the other guys but well worth the wait between rounds.

The tight pink hole gripped Nathan’s cock like a calf sucking its momma’s tit. Nathan moaned loudly as he drove his tool in deep. He could feel his brother’s hole tighten around him and the friction it caused as he drove in and out again. He paced a steady rhythm to Tender is the Night by Jackson Brown, which ran loops in his head. It was the perfect cadence and the sentiment was right because this was turning out to be a very tender moment between them. He drove back in and out; slow and steady; over and over; again and again; keeping pace with the music only he could hear. “Oh god you feel so good Rust. Damn I think I could fuck you all night long.” A fire like the embers of a blacksmith’s hearth glowed deep inside Nathan’s eyes as he fucked Rusty. He loved this man under him and he wanted to really make him feel his desire every time he drove in deep. The grinding of his hips against Rusty’s matched the cadence in his head. They’d had very few nights since they started fucking each other where they had time alone to really show the love and passion they felt for each other. Rusty grabbed at his brothers arms holding on for dear life while Nathan built up speed working in and out driving them both towards that edge. The intensity increased and sweat poured down Nathan’s body making him glisten in the rising moon’s light. It wasn’t much longer before Nate gasped and shoved in deep pumping his load inside his brother. “Oh FUCK! Oh god Rust, damn you feel good.” Time seemed to stop as he drained his load into Rusty’s ass. A very long time had passed since he and Rusty were able to do this. Nearly any other time Eddy and Jason were with them and so it turned into a four way fuck-fest. Tonight it was just the two of them and as such made it feel a lot better, special, and intimate. Nathan lay down on top of his sibling panting with exhaustion. “You know what song was running in my mind?”

“No, what song would that be?”

“Tender is the Night.” He laughed, “Fitting eh?”


*          *          *

On a dark deserted road not far away Eddy and Jason sat in Eddy’s truck listening to the crickets sing their evening’s serenade. It was a very peaceful evening and was turning out to be a bit cooler than they expected. Jason figured Rusty and Nathan wanted some ‘alone time’ so he suggested he and Eddy go for a walk telling the older boy what he thought the others needed. Eddy agreed about giving the brothers some time alone but suggested they take his truck down to a nice quiet place he knew. It was a little bit of a drive but they both figured it was worth it once they got there. Eddy parked under a train trestle and they sat for a little while just talking. Neither understood why they were feeling a little bit shy, but there it was: small talk at its best. “Nice weather tonight.”

“Yep, it is.” Eddy said shifting in his seat looking nervously at the young man sitting next to him. “The plans for the dock are coming along nicely.”

“Yes, I like the drawing Anna did. It’s one of her best.”

“It’s an awesome drawing.”

“So where do we go from here? We gotta clear out those cattails but I’ve never done that before. How do we do it?”

Eddy’s mind had to change gears. He thought Jason was asking what they wanted to do now that they were alone in a nice dark place with no prying eyes. “We’ll use the bush hog to cut them down and then the road scraper to pull the roots out. We’ll have to haul it all off after we get it out or it’ll stink to high heaven.”

“OK, that makes sense.” Jason looked out the window not knowing how to proceed. He literally jumped when he felt Eddy’s hand touch his thigh. “Oh shit!” He looked at Eddy. “Sorry, it’s not like we haven’t done this before.”

“Yea, I know. I’m about as nervous as my first time.” Eddy looked at Jason sitting in the darkened car with moonlight peeping under the bridge just beginning to shin in the boy’s crotch. It showed it in nice relief. There was no mistaking Jason was happy to be there. “Don’t know why I’m so jittery.”

“Me either. Maybe it’s because this is our first time… alone that is.”

Eddy thought about it. “Yea, I think you’re right.” He laughed and slid a hand down his own thigh. He still had his other hand on Jason’s leg and began a slow twirl with his fingers over the tight fitting jeans pulling a slight moan from the younger man’s mouth. Encouraged he slipped his hand a little further up until his fingers just barely traced Jason’s box tickling his nuts through the tight fabric.

This brought another stronger moan from his lips. “Oh god that feels good.” Jason pushed himself from the door on his side and closer to Eddy who took this as the invitation it was and slipped his whole palm over Jason’s crotch rubbing his manhood through the jeans. Jason leaned in toward the older boy asking for a kiss and was rewarded by a very urgent, needy one. It was as though he’d never kissed anyone before and he wondered if he would ever kiss again where it felt this right and so incredibly intense. He liked Eddy a lot and over the course of the last few weeks had grown to like him even more. One of the winning attributes of the older man was the way he took up time with his little sister. Anna adored Eddy and that was the first hurdle. He broke the kiss and looked into his friend’s eyes. Did he see what he thought he saw reflected in the depths of those orbs? He hoped he wasn’t reading things into this that weren’t there. He’d had his heart broken before and he never wanted to feel like that again. Of course his dad was the cause of it.

Eddy leaned in again for another kiss and lightly touched his lips against Jason’s. They were soft. He loved the way Jason’s lips felt and the way they tasted. He’d grown very fond of this young man since they’d met. He too was hoping he wasn’t rushing things but the feelings were just too strong. He’d been wanting this moment for weeks now and it was finally here, but he was afraid to move on. Yes they’d fucked each other quite a few times over this period of time, but never alone with each other. Eddy slipped his hand up inside Jason’s shirt and rubbed his naked chest. There was just a trace of hair around his nipples and a long trail of it rand down from his chest to the center of his stomach to disappear into his pants. He’d seen this young man without his shirt on many times and he never got tired of the view. Jason was beautiful; there was no other way of looking at it. He wasn’t handsome, or pretty, good looking, or charming, but all of these and none of them – he was simply beautiful. From his black hair cut short; his bushy black eyebrows shadowing his green eyes; and full pouty lips that were almost effeminate and naturally looked like he had red lipstick on; the light almost translucent skin; his high cheekbones and square chin with a cleft; his long neck and prominent Adam’s apple; his broad shoulders; firm pecks and tight abs; the lines between torso and groin that leads the eyes further to that oh so fantastic manhood crowned by a thick black bush of pubic hair; those strong athletic thighs and full calves; and his long delicate feet – it all looked wonderful to Eddy. He pulled up on Jason’s shirt and the young man helped him get it off tossing it to the floorboard. It wasn’t long before the rest of their clothes joined it. Eddy kissed down Jason’s neck line and licked that Adam’s apple before moving own down to lick in the troughs of his collarbones. He kissed further down his chest until he came to his nipples and gently sucked first on one and then the other. Jason hadn’t washed before they came out here and Eddy was beside himself wallowing in the delicious scent of this man. He pushed Jason down onto the seat and positioned himself over him, not to fuck but just to feel his body under him. He eased up until his head was sticking out the open window and his cock pressed against those oh so delicate lips. He felt Jason open his mouth and suck him in. God it felt like someone had breathed the breath of life into his eternal being. Jason really had no gag reflex even in odd positions so Eddy could really get into fucking his face. He made sure the young stud could breathe though. As large as he is he didn’t want to accidently choke the guy.

He’d been pumping his tool in and out of Jason’s mouth for a little while when the younger man motioned for him to move. He needed to sit up because Eddy was banging his head against the truck’s door handle. They opened the door and Eddy lay down on the seat. Jason climbed in on top of him and resumed sucking his huge meat. He sucked and licked the delicious cock tasting the day’s accrual of smells and taste. He swallowed Eddy’s bone feeling it slide in and out of his throat. He really loved sucking this cock but he loved it in his ass better. Uncle Rusty however forbid him to allow the guys to fuck him again until after the court case was won or lost, so he’d have to settle for sucking it. He swirled his tongue around the head playing with his foreskin. It tasted so good that he pulled the skin down slicking back Eddy’s head letting his tongue taste the unsheathed pole. He then sucked it back down and began a steady rhythm that was nearly driving Eddy nuts. The older boy moaned loudly and gasped out: “Oh fuck me Jason where in hell did you learn to suck like that? God, I’m gonna blow.” Just as he said it Eddy blasted one hell of a load down the young man’s throat. Jason slurped all the creamy liquid the older boy fed to him. He couldn’t get enough of it and was glad those huge balls had plenty to give. He almost thought he was drowning in it.

Finally he pulled up and looked at Eddy. “How was that?”

“Oh man, do you have to ask? I can’t even move right now.” They both laughed. “Since I cannot fuck you right now, would you like to fuck me?” Jason answered by giving Eddy a shit eating grin.

They got out of the truck and Eddy leaned over the tailgate spreading his legs so the shorter man could reach his target. Jason squatted down behind him and began sliding his tongue up and down over his hole. It tasted good and he let Eddy know it by moaning like he often does when he’s eating his favorite foods. He was ready but there was no way he’d get inside without some lube on both this nice hole and his own pole. After eating Eddy’s ass for a little while he stood up and leaned against the tailgate with his hard cock standing proud pointing at the stars. Eddy swung around and quickly sucked the stud’s cock into his mouth taking the whole thing in all at once. Jason took in a sharp breath, held it, and then moaned as he released it. He may not have a foreskin to play with, but his cock was still a lot of fun and Eddy relished every moment he had to suck this delicious meat. Before long Jason gasped and warned him that he would last long if he didn’t stop. They stood there kissing for a moment before Eddy resumed the ‘fuck me’ position over his tailgate. Jason eased up behind him and pushed his cock against that tight hole and slipped inside. He drove in deep without stopping and began an urgent fuck. Eddy liked it rough so he was getting it that way. Jason fucked the shit out of him pounding his cock deep inside; pulling it out only to plunge it back in. Over and over he pumped hid dick in and out of him. “Oh God Eddy, I’m so close baby. So fucking close.”

“Oh fuck! Jason, give it to me man. Fuck my hole and fill me up. Damn!” Jason did exactly as Eddy asked. He fucked the hell out of the boy and filled his ass up.

“Oh fuck Eddy, I’m cumming!” One discharge after another blasted into Eddy’s ass. Jason collapsed over his friend’s back and he wrapped his arms around him holding on as he finished his fuck. Finally after a very intense orgasm he pulled his cock out and looked down at his tool which was spotlighted in the moonlight. It had sperm all over it and he had to laugh.


“My cock has cum all over it dude.”

“Want me to take care of that?”

“Sure if you want.” Eddy smiled and squatted down swallowing Jason’s cock. He sucked it oh so gently so he wouldn’t hurt him this soon after the intense orgasm. When he felt he had the boy properly cleaned he stood and kissed Jason who hungrily kissed him back.

After a bit they pulled back looking into each other’s eyes. Eddy asked his friend: “Do you think it’s too early for me to say I love you?”

“Yes, but that’s alright because I love you too. It scares the hell out of me because I’ve had my heart broken before but I really do enjoy being around you and I… I don’t know… it’s as if I’ve known you all my life.”

Eddy chuckled. “I know what you mean. I feel the same way.” About that time they heard a car coming. It was still a little way off but it ran chills up their spines and they dashed for the inside of the truck. They’d worry about putting on their clothes later; right now they had to get out of there. Eddy cranked the truck and floored it spinning gravel all over the bushes and bridge post. As they rounded the curve they saw Less Dewitt’s car flying around the curve going in the opposite direction. He recognized Eddy’s truck just as he got beside them and slammed on the breaks skidding to a halt crosswise to the road. “Fuck, quick get your clothes on Jason.” Jason did as Eddy said and scrambled to pull his pants up. Meanwhile Less’ backup lights came on and the sound of gravel crunching under tires could be heard as the big car began moving back towards them.

Less was one of Rusty and Eddy’s school mates and he was a short little shit only standing in at 5’4” tall but he had a build on him that made most men jealous. He wasn’t huge but defined and well proportioned. He had brown hair and very dark brown eyes that made the best bedroom eyes on any man Eddy had ever seen. His hair was cut short but not too much so, about down to his collar and it had just enough curl to make it look wavy. Eddy had always thought the guy had one hell of a box and loved watching him at the wrestling team workouts. He may have been short, but he was a firecracker on the mats. Less was hot as hell in his wrestling uniform and the girls always swooned over him – secretly so did Eddy.

He pulled up besides Eddy’s truck. Music blared through the open window from the woofers he’d mounted over the backseat. Less flipped the radio off to greet his friend. By this time Jason only had time to get his pants back on and the rest of their clothes was still tangled on the floorboard at his feet. “Hay Eddy, what you and Nathan doing way out here for?”

“Hi Less, this isn’t Nathan, it’s Jason, Nathan’s cousin from Georgia. Jason this is Less Dewitt our neighbor and old school buddy.”

The boys said hello and Less turned his attention back to Eddy. He noticed both boys had their shirts off and decided to tease them a bit. “Yea, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you two were cornholin out here.”

Eddy turned it on him though and jeered right back. “Yea, and you wish you were out here with us taking my big dick up your ass too.”

“Yea right, in your wet dreams man, in your wet dreams. So, what were you doing out here?” Less already knew about Eddy, a lot of the guys did, but no one said anything either because they liked him too much or they respected him. Either reason was good enough to keep their noses out of it.

“You said it man, we were fucking.” Jason thought he was going to crawl through the floor and Less was rather quite for a bit.

“You serious, aren’t you?”

“Would it matter if I were?”

I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it like that before but I’ve told you before that if you are, I’d still be your friend. I meant it.”

“Then yes, I’m serious.” They were all quiet for a while.

“Well shit! Did you fuck him or did he fuck you?”

OK, this took Eddy by surprise. He wasn’t expecting Less to ask such a question. “Well, a little of both I guess.”

Less got out of his car and walked the short distance to Eddy’s window looking in. The dash lights were just enough to illuminate Eddy’s nude body and half hard cock. “Well I’ll be damned.” He looked at Jason. “You took that up your ass?”

“Jason didn’t know how to answer so he decided since Eddy had already spilled the beans he speak the truth. “Yea, it’s been there. Kink of liked it too.”

Less whistled loudly shaking his head. “I’ll be damned boys.” He looked down at Eddy’s meat again and reached into the window turning the light switch bringing on the overhead light. The interior of the truck was all of a sudden bright as day and Less leaned in staring at Eddy’s now nearly fully hard cock. Giving Jason an amazed look he shook his head again whistling as he did it. “Eddy, I still say that is the biggest damn cock I’ve ever seen and I ain’t never seen it hard before until now. That is one fucking huge dick. You say he can take it? Shit! You got yourself a winner there dude. I don’t know of any girl who could manage it.” Eddy was beside himself. He didn’t know what to say. He reached for the light switch to douse the interior light but Less stopped him. “Hold on now, I ain’t threw looking at it yet. Is that as hard as it gets?”

“No, it’s got at least another inch.”

“God damn it, you’re shittin me.” He looked at Jason again. “Is he shittin me or is it still not all the way hard.”

Jason cleared his throat looking at Eddy and then said. “Yep, it’s got at least another inch it could grow.”

Less shook his head again. “You sure you’re not Nathan. You look just like him.”

“Less, I swear this is Jason and he’s Nathan’s cousin. If you don’t believe me come back to the McKlindon’s with us and we’ll prove it.” Eddy was about to get annoyed about all of this. He’d always had the hots for this little shit and he didn’t much like the teasing without any promise of putting out.

“Ya’ll gonna be up for a bit?”

“It’s not late Less. We’ll be up for a few more hours at least.”

Less thought about it for a bit. “Na, I’ll wait. I’ll be around though.” He looked at Eddy’s cock again. “Shit, that is one bid dick. Ya’ll take care now and I’ll see ya around.” He said slapping the truck’s door. With this he got back in his car waved goodbye to them and took off. Just as he pulled away you could hear music blaring back at you.

“Fuck, what just happened?”

Eddy looked at Jason. “I wish I knew. Less has never acted like that before. He’s about as straight as a boy can get, or at least I always thought he was. Hand my clothes to me please. I feel the need to get dressed before someone else comes along.” Eddy started laughing shaking his head. “There for a minute I thought he was going to touch it.”

Jason snickered and then burst out laughing too. “Shit, I thought he was going to crawl in here and suck it for you.” They got dressed and headed back home still talking about what just happened.

*          *          *

 It took another three and a half weeks to clear the cattails from the designated areas of the pond before they could start the landscaping of the bank. Papa ordered several dump truck loads of sand to line the bank and extend into the water far enough to make wading a bit more pleasant. This also demonstrated how clear the water was, which proved to be a valuable asset for convincing Nancy the project wasn’t a waste of time. After the landscaping was complete he hired a crew of men to come and drive pylons into the ground and pond bottom where they wanted to put the dock. It would be a small dock as docks go, but plenty large enough to fish from and to tie up a canoe or an aluminum Johnboat. Kildare Lumber brought out a load of seasoned planks for the dock and offloaded it next to the beach area. The boys were going to begin construction on this part of the project early in the morning and were looking forward to it and feeling a bit apprehensive by the daunting task. Stan said he’d help instruct them on how to proceed, so they guessed they were good to go.

During the interim of this period the legal details of the criminal charges against Jacob, Jason’s father were preceding right along. So far it was an ongoing investigation and the judge ordered a restraint order against the Reverend Jacob Michael Renfrow to stay at least 300 feet at any time from either of his children. He tried to come up and take the children away, but the local Sheriff persuaded him to keep his distance. Jason and Anna Marie were never left alone from then on. Papa pretty much expected him to try and kidnap his kids at the earliest possible moment. Much to everyone’s surprise the good reverend went back to Georgia without much of a fuss. It wasn’t until a week or so later while Anna Marie was watching TV when she came running into the kitchen where her grandmother and Aunt Nancy were preparing supper that they found out why. “Daddy’s on TV.”

Grandma Anna looked at the child not quite understanding. “Of course he’s on TV Anna; he’s a TV Preacher after all.”

“No…” she whined the word. “I mean he’s on the news.”

“What?” Anna Joann and Nancy raced to the living room where the TV was kept. Sure enough Reverend Renfrow was on the news trying to blast those ‘heathen Catholic’s in Nebraska’ for stealing his poor children away from him. He was trying to create a media firestorm in favor of his case. “‘Yes, that’s right. Just five days ago I was notified by the State of Nebraska that I could not see my children and that I could not come within 300 feet of them until after the court proceedings begin. I didn’t even know my children were in Nebraska, they were supposed to be in Gulfport, MS visiting their grandmother and may God have mercy on her soul. My own mother has turned her back on me, God’s humble servant, believing these false accusations trumped up by my 17 year old son. I don’t understand why Satan has turned him against me so much, but I will not allow these heathens to take my children away from me.’ And there you have it Anita, the Reverend Jacob Michael Renfrow has made this statement concerning the sexual abuse charges his 17 year old son has brought against him. It has been confirmed by the Sherriff of Buffalo County Nebraska that charges have been drawn against the reverend this past week by the State of Nebraska due to investigations that have been performed by both law enforcement officers and Dr. Richard S. Evans a psychiatrist who has examined both of Rev. Renfrow’s children and concluded there has at the very least been mental abuse and strongly suspects sexual abuse as well. Anita back to you.” Nancy turned off the television and walked back into the kitchen without saying a word. Anna Joann looked at her granddaughter, “Please go outside and find something to do Anna. I need to talk with my daughter.”

“Yes mam.” Anna walked to the front door and slipped outside.

Anna Joann walked into the kitchen to find Nancy mutilating a steak with the meat tenderizing hammer on the cutting board. “Dear, you knew he would do something like this. It’s to be expected, especially from him.”

“I know it momma, but damn that bastard!” Nancy threw the hammer across the room with such violent force it punched a hole in the wall across the room. “He’s trying to turn the whole country against us momma. We cannot let him get away with this! We won’t even get a fair trial if he has his way.” She spread her hand over her eyes sobbing silently and sank into a chair next to the table. “I swear I hate him momma. I know he’s your son and my brother, but he is the devil incarnate!”

“I know it Nancy. I swear to you that I would have put a stop to it back when you were kids had I been a better mom, but I…” the old woman trailed off her own voice choked with tears.

Nancy reached out with her arms to her mother for a hug. “Momma, you were a good mother and you were only working with the best you had to work with. Papa wouldn’t let you do anything with Jacob.”

Anna Joann cried in her daughters shoulder. “I cannot believe how cruel he has become Nancy. How can he get up there and preach the way he does and rape his own son when at home. How can he do it? Why hasn’t god struck him down?”

“Because he’s sick momma, there’s no other explanation for it and who knows why god allows things like this to happen.” Both women stood there comforting the other for the bad blood that seemed to run in their family. “I’ve tried my best to keep Nathanael from turning out like him or his granddaddy. I don’t know if I succeeded, but I have at least tried. I hope Jason isn’t so messed up from all of this that he can’t come out of it without carrying it on to his children.”

‘Nancy, neither Jason nor Nathan are anything at all like Jacob and David. I remember when Jacob was a teenager he had no respect for women at all and David, may God damn his soul, encouraged him to be more like that. Your daddy is the reason your brother is such a monster. It only makes it worse that he hides behind a shield of righteousness false as it may be. We will get through this Nancy; somehow, God willing, we will get through it.” She held her daughter tight. “Nancy, you do realize that you may have to take the stand if this goes badly. It may be the only way to convict him.

Nancy nodded her head. “I know, but I still don’t want Nathan finding out who his real father is. It would rip his world apart.”

“I know honey. I know.”

Anna Marie sat listening under the kitchen window. She couldn’t believe what she’d heard, but it started to make sense. It would certainly explain why her daddy, Jason, and Nathan looked so much alike. She stood up and ran down to the pond where the boys were working. She’d been spending a lot of time there watching them work and bringing them iced tea or water and much of anything else they wanted; cookies, ham sandwiches, beer from papa’s refrigerator in the barn.

The first time she’d done this, they thought they’d die from shock, but after about the third time they started warming up to her. Nathan began to realize Anna wasn’t at all like he was at her age. He’d never have dared bring anyone a beer back then and here he was drinking the beers she’d snuck out to them. Of course after about a week of this papa noticed the beer missing and decided to hide to find out who was putting their hands in the cookie jar so to speak. You could have blown him over when he saw Anna slip in and leave with four beers in her arms. He followed her down to the pond and watched as she took off her shoes and waded out to deliver the cold brew to the four thirsty young men. He had to snicker at the irony of it all. How in the devil did they convince her to sneak them beers? Right after she’d handed the beers to them, he stepped out of the trees and cleared his throat. “Anna, which of these boys here convinced you to bring them beers?”

Anna didn’t know what to say. She looked at papa like a deer caught in headlights. “I uh… I…they… didn’t… I just brought it out to them Uncle Rusty.”

He couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of her fidgeting in the water trying to figure out how to get out of this one. “Anna, come here please.” He sat on the shore and waited for her to approach. “Now tell me the truth, did any of these boys talk you into bringing them the beers?” She shook her head no. “I don’t mind them having a beer a day or so, but you have no business bringing it to them and they have no business asking you to either even if it wasn’t their idea originally. From now on, if they want beer, let them get their own, understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, so, other than bringing them beers are you helping them out here?”

“Oh yes sir. I bring them water and tea and I take tools to them and get the tools they don’t need anymore.”

“That’s good, that’s good, I can see where your help is paying off too. The project’s at least a week further along than it would have been otherwise. I think all of you are doing a really good job. It’s looking great.” She beamed at his praise and although she knew what little help she’d done couldn’t have possibly made that big of a difference she never the less felt proud of herself. He looked at the young men working in the sun. All of them had sunburns on their backs, shoulders, and arms. Their faces were a little red too. “Maybe you boys ought to get some sunscreen on or wear hats or something because you’re getting a bit burnt.”

Eddy looked at the others and noticed that the only one who actually looked burned was Jason. Rusty and Nathan had worked in the sun long enough to be pretty tanned. Of course Rusty with his red hair and fair skin was more prone to burn, but this summer he’d gotten enough sun to keep from it. “I think he’s mostly talking to you Jason.” He grinned until he saw Mr. Rusty’s expression and then his mirth faded. “Um, sorry boss,” He went back to work trying his best to be as inconspicuous as possible.

“I found a supplier for the Styrofoam you’ll need for the platform. It’s kind of expensive, but I think it will last longer than barrels will. By the time you finish with this dock I’ll have the blocks you’ll need to build it.”

“Awesome!” Nathan said as he looked at the beer in his hand and tried to slide it behind him somewhat.

“No need to hide em stupid. Papa’s already seen it.” Rusty looked rather amused at his brother’s expression and unease.

“You have a point there.” Nathan grumped.

“I already said I don’t mind you boys having a beer once in a while. Just don’t make a habit of it and don’t let your momma see it. She’d tan my hide good if she even thought I let you drink em.” It was about one and a half weeks ago when papa’d caught her sneaking beers to the boys.

Now Anna Marie crept up behind the trees and peered out at the boys working in the pond. Jason and Nathan were on top of the dock where they’d already nailed the planks in place. They were laying new planks and nailing them down while Rusty and Eddy were in the water nailing in the 2x6 support beams that the planks fasten to. She couldn’t believe Nathan was hers and Jason’s half brother. How could her daddy do the things he’s done. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she turned running back up the hill towards the old barn. This didn’t escape Eddy’s notice. He’d seen her sneaking down the hill and tried to pretend not to see her. “Jason, I think you’d better go see what’s wrong with your sister.”

“What do you mean?” Jason looked back at the shore but saw no one.

“She just left and I think she’s pretty upset to. I’d check the barn first; it’s the perfect place to hide when you don’t want to be found.”

“OK, I wonder what’s wrong.” Jason looked concerned when he got up and walked back towards the barn pulling his jeans up as he went. Sweat soaked his back and trickled down into his darkening jeans. Sure enough Eddy was right. Anna was in the barn and he could hear her crying. “Anny what’s wrong?” Silence, “Anna please, I heard you crying. What’s wrong honey?” Anna stepped out from behind the old wagon Jason bumped into on his first visit to this barn wiping tears from her face. “Oh Anna what’s wrong girl?” He dropped to his knees holding out his arms to her. Anna fell into his arm letting it all go. She cried until she started hiccupping while her brother held her tight, comforting as he’d done so many times before when their dad lost control. He’d not told his grandmother or aunt and uncle the extent to which their dad had abused Anna. So far it was not sexual, but that didn’t stop him from slapping her around and calling her a whore and a gob of other names. It was bad enough when he was a kid, but his dad’s fits were getting worse and more violent every year. When the sobs ceased he held her out to the length of his arms and looked her in the eyes. What happened to Anna came out when she was talking with the psychiatrist though, so now their uncle and aunt and grandmother know all about it. “Anna, please tell me.”

Anna hiccupped again. “I just saw daddy on TV. He was saying a lot of bad things about you and grandma.” Her eyes started tearing up again. “Why does he do it Jason? Why is he so mean?”

“I don’t know honey. He always has been. What was he saying?”

“He said you turned grandma against him and that you were accusing him falsely of doing bad stuff to you, but I know he did it.”

“How do you know it Anna?” Jason was almost afraid of what his sister would say.

“I saw him doing it to you. I saw him…” She couldn’t finish as a sob chocked off the words. He didn’t press her. He knew it could have been any number of times and he really didn’t want to know which one.

“It’s OK Anna; you don’t have to say it.” He held her tight again.

Finally when the sobs ceased again she continued about the interview and what she heard grandma and Aunt Nancy saying from the kitchen window. “I knew I shouldn’t have listened, but I couldn’t help it Jason. Is Nathan our brother?”

He didn’t know what to say to this. “You have to promise you will never mention this to Nathan. Promise me Anna.”

“I won’t tell him, I promise.”

“Yes Nathan’s our half brother.”

“But how?”

“I’m not the first person daddy’s raped.”

“You mean Aunt Nancy?” She said in a small voice. “But that’s just gross!”

“Yes it is.”

“So daddy’s Nathan’s dad and Aunt Nancy is his mom? How is that possible? They said in my school science class that it wouldn’t work because of birth defects and all of that.”

“Most of the time there are birth defects, but not always. Nathan seems to have come out alright, but it was not good, how he was born I mean. They covered sex-ed in your science class? That’s a bit early isn’t it?”

“We weren’t talking about sex but about genes and how they make your hair the color it is and your eyes too and all of that. One of the boys in class asked what would happen if a girl had a child from her daddy. The teacher was shocked he’d even ask the question, but she said it wouldn’t work because they were too close. The baby would turn out deformed or retarded.”

“Most of the time your teacher would be right, but there are exceptions and Nathan is one of these. But we cannot tell him, OK?” She nodded her head. “Are you feeling better?”


“Come on then. Let’s go down and talk the boys into swimming. You want to go swim?” She nodded her head again. “Good, I do too. I think if we just go jump in they’ll join us.” He stood up and took her hand leading her from the barn. “I’ll race ya.” Jason said and made a false start. Anny took him up on it and took off with Jason on her heals. By the time they got to the pond she was pretty much laughing. Neither of them stopped when they got to the water’s edge but plunged right in. Jason was right; it didn’t take much to convince the others to join in. Nathan jumped off the pier first and then Rusty and Eddy swam over to join in the fun. Within a few minutes Anna Marie was acting like she’d not overheard anything at all.

Stan watched the fun from the shadows of an old oak with a big smile on his wizened face. “Whatever was wrong with that girl when she came down here her brother fixed it.” The most fun about sneaking around and watching these youngsters was it allowed him to relive his own childhood vicariously. He shook his head and leaned back to enjoy the fun while chewing on a blade of grass.

*          *          *

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