North Platte Summer: Chapter 002

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North Platte Summer

Chapter 2

Drawing Closer

Later that evening Rusty lay awake in bed. He'd not been able to relax enough to sleep. Visions of the events with his brother earlier that afternoon looped in his mind laced with a bit of trepidation, which kept him restless.

The afternoon was awesome! After Nathan and he'd worked through some their differences, they'd enjoyed floating in the swift currents, playing Tag, and wrestling to see who could toss whom into the groin deep water the most until they both crawled up on the beach, panting in exhaustion, and collapsed in the hot afternoon sun. "You know Rusty, I kind of like skinny dipping and lying here naked. It feels... weired, but cool!" Nathan had never swam or laid out naked in his life, He'd always been too much of a prude for it.

Rusty looked at his brother trying to figure him out. "Yea, I know. I love it. Been skinny dipping now for about ten years. I'll ware trunks if I have to, but I'd much rather go all natural. By the way, what have you done with my brother?" Rusty stared at his brother as Nathan chuckled. "You're different Nate, a lot different. What prompted you to change so radically?"

Nathan didn't look at Rusty when he answered. "You really want to know?"

"Yea I do. I like what I've been seeing in you this afternoon Nate. A lot! What's up, why the change?"

Nathan looked at Rusty then. "You."

"Me, what do you mean?" Rusty's eyebrows furrowed.

"That's what I said, you. I realized I like you a lot, but you don't like me much at all, or at least you didn't. It got me to thinking why and then I realized that I'd been the one to drive the wedge between us. I miss you Rusty and I want you back, like we were when we were little, you know, before I started getting jealous of you and began telling on you." Nathan wasn't sure he wanted to get into this right now. He was enjoying the comradery that was building between his brother and him. "I figured that if I want you back, then I would have to be more like you and quite telling on you. That's why I haven't told anything on you since you were fooling around with papa's shotgun. I thought you were going to kill me when I told him about that."

"Humph, I almost did. You were such a little shit Nathan. You knew perfectly well that I knew how to handle 'ol'Betsy' and you couldn't wait to tell papa about it. You caused me to get into worse trouble that I've ever been in."

"I know it and I'm sorry about all the shit I've put you through Rusty." Nathan looked down his body towards the water. "I had to get you back and I knew it would take some doing and time, but I think it is worth it. You don't know how hard it was for me to break the habit of ratting you out, it was so ingrained, but I was determined. I think it is worth it too if we have a chance of being friends again."

"You're my brother Nate, I've never stopped being your friend, I just didn't trust you at all. I'm still not sure I trust you. You caused a lot of shit for me, you know?"

Nathan was quite for quite a while. "Yea, I know it Rust. Sorry. But I swear I can be your friend. I've learned a hard lesson. It's not been fun at all being on your bad side."

"You know Nathan, I feel like I'm going WAY out on a limb here with you. Please don't betray my trust again, OK? If you do, I'll never give you another chance – ever! I want to be your friend too, they way it should be, but I'm having a hard time trusting you. Every fiber in my being is screaming at me to leave this alone and not even go there with you. However, I've had a lot of fun with you today."

"I have you too Rust. I promise I'll never tell anything on you again. Hell, if you want you can get me in trouble if it will start to even the score between us."

"I don't want to even the score Nate. I want you. I want my brother the way brothers are supposed to be." Both boys lay there quitely watching the clouds lazily swimming the sky, and occasionally glancing at each other.

It didn't take the sun and breeze long to dry them. As it got hotter both boys sported some serious wood. "I think someone is looking for attention." It was Rusty who'd made the observation.

Nathan nearly jumped out of his skin thinking someone had come up on them. He sat up straight looking all around to make sure they were still alone. Rusty giggled and lightly tickled Nathan's cock. Only then did he realize his brother was talking about their boners. He punched Rusty's leg. "Damn Rusty! I thought you were saying someone was here. Prick!" Rusty laughed out right then still rubbing his brother's cock. Nathan's eyes glazed over. "Oh God! That feel so good!"

"Well, mine is looking for attention too. How about giving it to him." Nathan looked at his brother's bone. He licked his lips, reached over and tentatively touched the spongy head of Rusty's erection. Rusty stared at his brother and moaned lightly. "God Nate! That feels fucking awesome! You do want to do this right?."

Nathan watched his brother for a little. "Yea, but you've gotta promise me you won't tell a soul, I mean NO one, not even Tyler."

"Oh! After all the things you told on me over the years? Now that is the pot calling the kettle black. Besides I've already told you, I don't rat people out Nathan." Rusty looked at his brother for a long time. "Why on earth would I tell Tyler? He may be my best bud at school, but we ain't never done anything like this with each other Nate. Eddy was the first guy I've ever jerked it with." Rusty snickered. "How long have you been jacking it bro, two, maybe three years now?"

"No. I've been doing since I was twelve."

"Twelve? Holy shit bro! And here I thought you were a perfect little angel who'd make a saint proud." A look of disbelieved admiration shone in Rusty's eyes.

"I ain't no saint Rust. I saw Billy doing it at school and thought it was the coolest thing I ever saw. When I got home that afternoon I went down by the pond and did it too. Didn't shoot nothing though. Blanks at that age, you know?"

"You saw Billy Brown jacking it at school? Where was he?" Billy was a couple of years ahead of Rusty in school.

"He was in the high school ball park restroom. I'd come there looking for you after school. I wanted to walk home with you. Figured you'd be around the tennis courts or ball park like you usually were after classes and went there looking. That's when I found Billy stroking the hell out of it. He wasn't even inside the bathroom, but standing in the door stark naked and had this wild look on his face. Then he shot off and I was blown away." Nathan stressed the last words like he was in total awe. "I thought it was kind of gross but wicked cool." Nathan scooted closer to his brother, near enough for their arms to rub, and continued stroking his brother's cock.

Rusty saw why Nathan had bit his lip that day in the barn. Nathan started moaning like he was in heat, not loud, kind of whimpering like, certainly loud enough to have been found out in the barn. Rusty couldn't get over how different his brother was from what his mental image portrayed him. He lay there watching Nate's skin gliding up and over his glands and back again. Nathan was quite large. A little larger than him, which is to say about eight and a half inches at least. "Where the hell did you get this thing Nate? You're bigger than I am and your younger than me. I love the way it feels in my hand. It's different than mine, thicker."

Nathan grinned. He detected a hint of praise in his brother's voice. He looked over at Rusty as both boys stroked each other. Nathan's eyes slid up and down his brother's body lingering on his chest, abs, and cock – especially his cock. "Don't know, where'd you get yours, the Salvation Army?"

Rusty laughed. "Smart ass! I like this side of you Nate. I think I could get used to hanging out with you if you acted like this most of the time. How about it, think you can act like this most of the time?" Rusty winked at his brother.

"What do you mean? I'm acting like I have for several years now, you were just too busy avoiding me to notice." Nathan grinned at his brother. "Damn this feels g-o-o-d! I never guessed cross-jacking it with someone else could make it so intense!" Nathan continued to moan even louder and thrusting his hips up driving his cock through Rusty's fist like it was giving him a lap dance. "Oh God! I love the way you stroke it. The way you rotate your hand on the head like that. It's awesome! I think I might learn a few things from you." Nate was teasing now, but he started imitating his brother's actions. "Ever twist your nipples while doing it?"

"Yep. You ever finger you hole?"

"Finger my... ewe! NO!" Nathan's face screwed up in total disgust. "You finger you butt? That's just gross Rusty!"

Rusty laughed and started playing with his butt hole, getting more animated the whole while, moaning and bucking into his brother's fist. He took sidelong glances to gauge his brother's reaction to what he was doing. "Maybe you aught to try it. Better than anything you've ever experienced – I guarantee it. Makes you cum hard. I mean REAL hard!" Rusty was panting from the mixed pleasure of Nathan's and his administrations.

Nathan thought about it. "Uh uh! No way! It has to stink."

"Nope, just smells a little sour. Besides we just got out of the water. We're clean back there bro. Come on, try it. Oh Fuck! This feels s-o good!" Slowly Nathan reached down and tentatively slipped his finger into his ass crack. As soon as his digit touched his pucker he moaned loudly. As he massaged his sphincter it sent incredibly intense sensations coursing throughout his body causing him to thrust up hard and groaning loudly. The more he toyed with his ass, the louder and hotter he got.

Rusty chuckled. "Told ya. Feels good, don't it?"

"Oh hell yea!" It was obvious Nathan'd found something else he liked to play with. All kinds of barriers were being broken today. Nathan rubbed his butt hole while Rusty jackhammered his cock. God, he'd never felt anything so stimulating in his life. It didn't take him long at that pace and he blew his wad in record time. "Awe fuckin Shit! I'm cuming!" And with that, ropes of sperm shot over his head. Nathan's whole body shook with the power of his orgasm. It looked like he was having a seizure as the rest of his seed filled his bellybutton. Rusty watched his brother in rapt attention and then he too was spooging all over the place, mostly on Nathan. Nathan breathed deeply as he relaxed down from the most intense orgasm of his life. "OH MY GOD! That was fucking awesome!"

"Good eh? Told ya." Rusty grinned at his brother. He reached over and poked his middle finger into his brother's cum swamped bellybutton.

"Oh hell yes! I don't think I'll ever doubt you again Rusty." Nathan looked down at his brother's touch. "What are you doing?"

"Just curious."

Nathan smelled his butt tainted finger. "Ewe! It does smell"

"But does it stink?"

"No. But it smells."

"I didn't say it wouldn't smell, just that it wouldn't stink. Besides, even if it did stink it would be well worth it considering how it makes you feel, No?" Rusty laughed. "Nate, you are awesome! You da man bro!" Nathan grinned at his brother. Just then Rusty slipped the finger he'd been using to play with his brother's cum into his mouth. "Damn! Your's is sweeter than mine bro."

"Ewe! Rusty! Now that's just plain gross." He looked like he was going to be sick.

"Hmmm, God that's good! Taste like it smells."

"Uhg! Rusty you're going to make me sick!" Rusty grinned while reaching down to play with his butt hole some more. "I swear you act like a total barbarian sometimes Rust." Rusty gave Nathan a Cheshire grin the cat would be proud of.

"You said earlier that you thought it was hot when Eddy ate his own cum, why is this bothering you, because it's your's instead of mine?"

"What? Oh, no! You eating my cum is way hot Rust, but that is the same finger you poked up your ass. Ewe!" Nathan dragged the last word out and slid up half an octive in tone.

Rusty looked at his finger. "Hm, I guess it is. How interesting. Nathan quite acting like a Vally Girl! It doesn't become you bro."

"I'm not acting like a Vally Girl. What's interesting?"

"Ewe!" Rusty imitated his brothers singsong voice. "Yes you are. The mixed taste of you and me. Makes me want to taste it again, the combination I mean." Rusty winked at his brother.

"Oh gross Rusty!" Nathan scrunched up his face while Rusty laughed at him.

"I swear Nathan, you can be such a prude sometimes. Chill dude! It isn't as bad as you're pretending to think. I can see the look in your eyes: That 'Shit, I wish I'd thought of that!' look." Rusty grinned again while Nathan just rolled his eyes.

* * *

Yep, the afternoon was most definitely awesome! The best he'd ever had, but as he and Nate walked home his brother got real quiet and wouldn't comment when he'd asked him what was on his mind. Rusty thought he'd shit when his brother stayed so quiet through dinner that momma asked what was wrong with him. "Nothing Momma, I'm just thinking about something, that's all." Nathan wouldn't meet her gaze and she knew he wasn't being totally honest. Rusty knew his mom well enough to know they'd not heard the last of it. The next ploy would be to pressure papa to get to the bottom of it tomorrow in the garden. Papa was pretty relentless when it came to doing momma's bidding. She'd make his life miserable until he told her something and he was a staunch believer in telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help you God!

Rusty also knew his brother well enough to know what happened that afternoon was bothering him. In the past he'd always crumbled under momma's scrutiny and told her everything she wanted to know. The fact that he'd not done that tonight was promising, but Rusty still didn't trust his brother. "Damn! I knew I shouldn't have trusted the little shit." Rusty breathed the words out not making a noise. His brother shared the bedroom and he didn't want to wake him. It was papa's idea. Papa thought it would build character and insisted on the boys sharing a bedroom regardless that the house was huge with three extra bedrooms not being used.

"Rusty you awake?" He could hear the crack in his brother's voice even though he'd whispered. Rusty didn't answer. "Guess not." Nathan said, his voice thick with worry and depression.

"Yea Nate, I'm awake." Rusty grumbled. "Are you willing to tell me what's been wrong with you all evening?"

"I need to talk with you about it Rusty, but I don't know where to start."

"Well, how about starting by telling me that you are going to keep quite about this tomorrow when papa presses us about it. You know he will."

"Of course I'm going to keep quite about it. I told you I'd never rat on you again, never!" Nathan sighed. "Yea I know papa will, but that ain't what's got me worried. I need to tell ya something but I don't want you to hate me." It was clear Nathan was crying. The pain in his voice nearly scared the shit out of Rusty. It sounded like the abyss.

"Whoa! What is it Nate? What's wrong? You've been moping all afternoon and tonight I nearly shit when momma asked you what was up. Are you alright?"

"No. Well, yea I guess." Rusty could hardly hear his brother. "Sorry about causing momma to notice. I know we'll have to come up with a real good story to tell papa to get her to let it go."

"Come here Nate. Come over here so we can talk without being heard." Rusty heard his brother's sheets rustling and knew he was getting out of bed. He soon felt his mattress depress where Nathan sat on the edge of it. "What makes you think I'm going to hate you? You're my brother. I might not always like you, and I hate a lot of the things you've done, but I'd never hate you bro."

Nathan hiccuped like he used to do when he was little and been crying. "Do you love me Rusty?" The words were small and hung in Nathan's throat.

Rusty was trying to figure out why his brother would even question it. "Of course I do Nathan, you're my brother. I'll always love you."

"But do you love me enough not to hate me? I mean, if I tell you something really wrong will you still love me?" Nathan was flat out balling now and making a valiant effort to keep quite.

Rusty rubbed his brother's back trying to soothe him. "It's alright Nate, I'm right here with you. It'll be OK. I'll always love you bro, no matter what." Rusty sat up and pulled his brother into a tight hug and held on tight as his brother's sobs shook them both.

It was a long time before Nathan regained control enough to continue talking. "I love you Rusty. More than I've ever loved anyone and I don't want to loose you. Yet I am loosing you." Now Rusty had an idea of what was bothering his brother. In the fall Nathan would be a senior in high school and Rusty graduated last spring. "Just as things started to work out for us to become friends you'll be leaving in the fall." Sobs shook through Nathan's body again. After he'd regained control enough to trust his voice he took a deep breath and continued. "I got to thinking about it this afternoon and I don't want to loose you now that we are just beginning to be real friends."

Rusty hugged his brother tighter. "Nate, I'm not going nowhere. Yes I'm going to collage, but I've decided to do it in Kearney."

It was quite. Nathan pushed back to look at his brother even though the room was too dark to see anything. "You're going to Kearney?" He wiped his eyes and tried hard to see his brother's face in the dark. "I thought you were going off to Lincoln."

"Nope U.N. has a campus right there in Kearney, not twenty miles away. I'm still going to be living here bro. I think momma and papa was very relieved when I told them yesterday. Popa's not getting any younger. He was pretty old when I came along and I'm just afraid he cannot handle the ranch on his own even with the ranch hands helping him." Rusty was quite for a bit. "To tell you the truth, I just don't want to leave, you know?" Nathan nodded his head and let sobs rock his body again only this time it was different, there was at least some relief. He still feared his brother would hate him when he told him why he didn't want him to leave.

A soft knock thudded through the door. "You boys alright in there?" It was momma.

"Yea momma." Rusty called out. "I just got to the bottom of what was bothering Nate." Rusty knew Nancy hated it when people called her son Nate, but he didn't care at the moment.

The door opened and light from the hall flooded into the room. "Well?" Momma looked relieved, but not smiling yet.

"I should have told him I wasn't going off to collage momma, he's been thinking about me leaving and it was messing with him." Nathan clung tighter than ever to his brother.

"Oh Nathan, honey." Momma's voice lowered a bit in compassion. "Why on earth didn't you tell us this at the dinner table? You had me worried to death." She crossed the room and wrapped her arms around both her boys. Her touch was tender and full of love. "I love you boys more than life, you know that? I don't like to see either of you hurting. Rusty, you aught to be ashamed of yourself for not telling Nathan when you told us. No wonder he's been upset." Rusty just smiled. Rusty might be older, but he was not Nancy's. Nathan was her baby and she doted on him more than she should. "Well, you boys get on to bed now. You have a hard day ahead of you. Got a lot of work to do in the garden tomorrow." She kissed each on the crown of their heads and hugged them tighter before walking back to the door. "I love you boys, now you get on to sleep, you hear? Don't stay up late talking now. Good night boys." The room darkened again as she closed the door.

"Night momma." Both boys mumbled together. "Love you too."

As Rusty knew she would, he could see her shadow lingering at the door for a moment as she listened to make sure they were being quite to indicate all was well in the McKlindon family once again. It was something she'd done since forever. Nathan didn't let Rusty go though, but still held fast to him. It was obvious they had not gotten to the bottom of what was up with his little brother. "What is it bro? You were not just worried about me leaving were you?"

Nathan shook his head no and began to whimper again. Rusty soothed him as best he could by rubbing his back and holding him tight. He waited. Nathan would spill it eventually and they had all night regardless of how busy they'd be in the morning. "Just take your time bro. I'm right here for you."

After what seemed like an eternity Rusty began to think Nate had fallen asleep on his shoulder. Just as he was about to say something, Nathan took a deep breath and whispered. "Rusty, I don't know how to say it. I just... I... I don't know." His shoulders slumped and he groaned. He inhaled deeply releasing it slowly, took another breath and then said it all in a rush. "I love you Rusty. I mean, I really love you, you know? Not just as my brother, but... more."

Rusty didn't know what to think about this, but at the moment it didn't matter. They'd cross that bridge when it was necessary to do so. Right now he just wanted his brother to know that he was loved and that he cared about him and how he was feeling. While Rusty held his brother something began to dawn on him. He remembered his thoughts of Eddy earlier that afternoon before Nathan snook up on him, when Eddy's face morphed into Nathan's. Were the feelings his brother was confessing to him mutual? "I love you too Nate. Now tell me what you're feeling – and tell everything. Leave nothing out. You are very, very important to me Nathan and I want to know what your feeling and thinking."

Nathan took a deep breath again. "I knew all year that you would be leaving someday, sooner rather than later and I hated it, you know, after graduation and then in the Fall? The more I thought about you leaving, the more I wanted to spend time with you, but you never seemed to want me around. Not that I blame you really." Nathan's voice dropped a bit in remorse for the way he'd treated his brother. "When I saw you and Eddy in the barn I knew what it was. I didn't want to believe it, or accept it even, but I couldn't deny it. Every thought came back to that day and what you looked like. It wasn't just sexual either." Nathan fell quite again as silent sobs shook him. "Today just confirmed what I'd known ever since that day in the barn. I don't ever want to live without you Rusty. I can't. I don't want too." He took another deep breath. "I mean, I know it ain't right. We're both guys, and even though we're not blood, you're still my brother. What's wrong with me Rust?"

Rusty continued to rub Nathan's back. "Shush. There's nothing wrong with you Nathan. It's never wrong to love someone. I don't care that we're both guys or that I'm your brother, and I am your brother, it don't matter that we are not blood." Tears were running down Rusty's face now too. All in one evening Rusty gained a true brother, a friend and now Nathan was telling him he was, if not gay, then at least he was gay for him, and that he thought he was in love with him. If Nathan were his sister instead of his brother, there might be a problem, but as Rusty saw it brothers were open for grabs, especially step brothers. You cannot get your brother pregnant, so incest just doesn't seem as bad somehow, and besides, it wasn't really incest, was it? Rusty had known he liked other guys for several years now, but he never even thought Nathan might be gay, or at least bisexual. "Nate, I love you too I think. I also have something to tell you." Rusty took a deep breath. "Today before you came out there, I was jacking off thinking about Eddy when my mental image shifted and it was you I saw in my mind. It shook me good too, but I secretly loved the idea. I was just too mad at you to dwell on it at the time."

Nathan released his hold on Rusty and sat back looking at the black image that was his brother standing out against the lighter black background. "Really? Why did it shake you?"

"I wasn't expecting it. The image came unbidden, but even though I didn't know what to think of it at the time, I realize now what it meant. I mean, how often does it happen that a guy thinks about his brother when stroking himself?"

Nathan breathed a little easier. The sobs were gone and a deep feeling of release washed through him. He felt good, but still a little melancholy. Also, for once in his life, he felt as though Rusty really did love him. Even when they were little Nathan felt he had to fight for his brother's affections. That was the core reason for his jelious of Rusty and why he started ratting him out to began with. Now Rusty's affections seemed to be flowing out of him like the currents of the North Platte – millions of gallons all at once. He knew there was still a lot to cover in a continuation of this conversation, but that would have to be for another time. Right now he was exhausted and needed sleep. "So, you don't hate me?"

Rusty pulled Nathan back into a tight hug. "Nothing could make me hate you Nate. Nothing!"

Nathan started to get up to head back to bed when Rusty pulled on his arm. "Nate, how about you sleep here, with me tonight? You know, like we used to do when we were little?"

"What about mom and pop? They're bound to wake us in the morning and see."

"If they do, I'll tell them that you wouldn't calm down and so you slept with me. They will understand." Rusty was hoping they would understand. The fact is that they never just walked in without knocking first and even then they didn't come in but yelled through the door for them to wake up. Nathan conceded. He didn't have the energy to argue and besides, he really wanted to sleep in his brother's bed. The idea drew the corners of his mouth up in the hint of a small smile.

* * *

The next day was every bit as hard and hot as it promised to be. As Rusty had thought, their momma didn't come into the room to wake them, but yelled through the door. At some point in the night Nathan'd spooned up close in front of Rusty wiggling himself into the security of his brother's strong embrace. Nate still slept in his boxers, but Rusty started sleeping naked about a year ago. He liked the way it felt, but he was always careful not to let his brother find out. It no longer mattered after the events of the day before.

Rusty shielded his eyes as he looked at his brother sweating in the summer sun. Both had shucked their shirts early that morning. The garden had to be hoed. It was not a large garden, but large enough at one and a half acres to prove back breaking. Momma worked around the other parts of the ranch – the farm parts: chickens, sheep, goats, and rabbits. She was cleaning their stalls, pens, and cages. The horses, cows, and pigs were left for the ranch hands to manage. Papa was busy with matters of the ranch and was arguing with Stan, his foreman, about something, but Rusty couldn't catch but every fifth word or so. It was enough to let him know his father was not happy with one of the hands who worked for him. He hoped it was not Eddy.

About half an hour ago Rusty noticed momma leaving for the kitchen. She'd be getting lunch ready for them all. Today the ranch hands would be eating with the family – it was Wednesday after all. On Wednesdays everyone ate with each other for lunch and dinner. She usually had sandwiches for lunch and grilled steaks for dinner. Nancy was from Southern Mississippi and she always fixed sweet tea for every meal except breakfast. It was always a lot of fun and allowed everyone to catch up on what all was going on. Rusty watched as his father stormed into the house leaving Stan standing next to his old faded blue 58' Dodge truck. Stan shook his head and strode off towards the barn. He looked exasperated.

"What you think that was about?" It was Nathan.

"Don't know. Popa's obviously not happy with someone, but I couldn't catch who." Rusty looked at his brother. "I liked the way you snuggled up to me last night. It felt good." Nathan blushed but looked pleased his brother liked it.

"I hadn't realized I'd turned like that until momma woke us and then I nearly freaked thinking she would see. Your morning wood was poking my ass. It felt... good!" There was an extreamly mischievous twinkle in Nathan's eyes. "You were right though, she didn't come in. Nathan smiled. "I liked it too. I like your arms around me like that. It felt secure. I've never realized how big your arms were until I was holding on to them last night." It was Rusty's turn to blush, and to look pleased by the complement. "By the way: do you know how hot it is that you sleep naked? I mean sexy as hell hot!" Nathan grinned and then looked up at the blazing sun. "Speaking of hot it's a scorcher out here today. What you say we talk Papa into letting us have the hot part of the day off? You could drive us down to the river to swim again." He fought hard to keep the shit eating grin from stealing across his face. He was utterly unsuccessful.

Rusty grunted noncommittal and looked at his brother. "Sounds good to me bro, but papa ain't in no mood to reason with right now. Didn't you notice how he and Stan were going at it? Right now might not be a good time to ask him. Maybe if we wait until after lunch when momma's around."

Nathan nodded his head, wiped the sweat from his eyes, and went back to hoeing. "Shore is hot though. You too." He chuckled. "I like the sweat stains." He looked at his brother and noticed him blush again. "It accentuates the good parts." He winked, grinning stupidly.

"You better pay attention to your row and not my crotch bro. Don't need you cutting off something important." A smirk tightened Rusty's voice, but the smile genuinly shown in his eyes.

It wasn't lost on Nathan. "What, you mean that little weed between your legs? I think a good hoeing might be good for it." Nathan winked at his brother.

"Little my ass. If mine's little bro, so's your's. They are close to the same size after all."

"Hmmm, you do have a little ass. A HOT little ass! Nice and round, just perfect to..." Nathan animated his thoughts by gyrating his hips like he was fucking.

"In your wet dreams bro. Definently in your wet dreams. If either of us fucks the other, it will be me fucking you. Not the other way around." Rusty was grinning.

"Awe come on Rust." Nathan wined. "You know you're just dying to get my dick up your ass. It makes your pussy all nice and wet." Nathan howled in laughter as he dodged a dirt-clot whizzing by his head. "Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!"

Rusty chuckled. "Yea right. You want it s-o bad bro. I can see it in your eyes. You just wait till we're alone and not where someone'll walk up on us. I'll show what it's like to be someone's bitch! Right here!" Rusty grabbed his crotch thrusting his hips forcing himself into his hand as he rubbed it. "Yep, got what you need right here!"

With his back towards the house Rusty couldn't see what his brother was grinning at. Stan walked up behind Rusty with a sly smile on his face as he watched the older boy's antics and clasped his huge hand over Rusty's shoulder. "Something bite you Rusty?" Stan's deep, gruff voice sliced through the boy's buffoonery like a hot blade through butter.

"Ah, no sir." Rusty blushed a deep crimson. If not for Stan's mitt holding him down he might have been in orbit. He recovered quickly enough though. "Mr. Stanly, uh, what were you and papa arguing about earlier?" Rusty was desperate to change the subject.

A shadow passed over Stan's face. "Nothing you need to worry about Rust. Your dad ain't very forgiving when he catches someone doing something he thinks they aught not do. But it don't matter noway. Not any longer. The crisis is over, so don't you go worrying about it and DON'T worry your daddy about it neither. It would only make matters worse. Understand?" Rusty and Nathan both nodded their heads. "Your momma sent me out here to tell you boys to clean up for lunch. She's about got it ready. It seems she's fixed southern fried chicken and several types of vegetables including mashed potatoes and her giblet gravy. I think she may have even made her famous chicken-n-dumplins too."

Both boys looked at each other and grinned. Nathan turned back to Stan. "What's going on for her to make that kind of a spread?" His stomach rumbled at the thought of the good food his mother had fixed for them.

"It would seem we have company coming over. I'm not sure who it is, but she said we all need to clean up good and put on clean clothes, us wranglers too. Everyone's getting the afternoon off. Now you two head on to the house, I'll take the hoes to the barn for you." With that Stan picked up the hoes, turned and walked back towards the Wrangler's Cabin and barn. His black skin shimmering in the sun as his strong muscles moved underneath it.

"Thanks Stan." Rusty chimed in too: "Yea thanks Stan."

"Don't mention it." Stan called over his shoulder.

"Woo-hoo!" The boys looked at each other. "Damn, who do you think is coming over?"

"I don't know Nate, but I guess we'll find out soon enough. Must be someone important though if papa's giving everyone the afternoon off. Maybe the river ain't so out of reach after all. We aught to thank them for getting us out of work this afternoon." They both whooped again and chased each other through the yard back to the house to shower and get dressed for company.

* * *

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