Rusty and Nathan: Chapter 003

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North Platte Summer


Chapter 3



Rusty and Nathan dashed into the house slamming the screened door. "Nathan! Rusty! You boys slow down now and don't you slam my door, you hear me?" Momma yelled after them as they raced through the kitchen.

"Sorry momma:" Nathan's voice wafted back to her while his naked back disappeared into the darkened hallway where the stairs to the upper levels resided. The boy's had their own floor on the third level and their bathroom was right across the hall from their shared bedroom. They were racing to see who would make it there first and therefore who would have the most hot water. Rusty was leading, but just.  Momma and papa’s room was on the ground level because neither of them wanted to climb those stairs when they went to bed.

"I swear those boys will be the death of me!" Momma shook her head and went back to tending to the chicken and dumplings she was preparing. Right now she didn't need distractions because Southern style wet dumplings are a fickle dish and easy to mess up if you are not paying attention. She could hear the boys' foot falls dashing down the hallway on their floor of the house. A small smile graced her face as she thought about how childish her nearly grown boys could still act.

A door to the right of the kitchen opened and papa stuck his head out of his office. "Was that the boys coming through here just now? Sounded like a freight train."

"Sure was honey, they're upstairs cleaning up for lunch. I'll have to say they seem very energetic all of a sudden. Much more so then when they were in the garden hoeing." A twinkle ignited her eyes as she reminisced about her own childhood and how they'd do most anything to get out of hoeing the garden in Mississippi's swelter.

"That doesn’t surprise me.” Papa chuckled. “I better go and have a talk with them before your momma gets here. We don't need them running through the house like a bunch of wild Indians while their grand-momma’s around. It makes her nervous." He started for the hall door.

"Just don't tell’em she's coming. The boys haven’t seen their cousin Jason since they were about five and she wants to surprise them."

A curious sort of look filled his eyes; one that said he was no fool. "Now momma you know I ain’t gone’a ruin Anna's surprise. She'd bop my ears real good if I even thought of it." He disappeared into the hall to go admonish his sons for not adhering to the rules of the house.

As papa reached the stairs the telephone on the kitchen counter rang. "Rusty dear, would you please get that for me before going upstairs? I've got my hands full with lunch." His wife's voice reached him as his foot planted on the first step.

"Oh, alright." Grumbling to himself he turned around and stepped back into the kitchen lifting the phone receiver off its cradle. "Hello?" A short pause of silence. "Oh, hello Anna. How was your trip? Are you and Jason at the airport?" This time a longer pause. "Ah, I see. OK. No that's fine, that’s fine.” Pause. “Yes, I'll tell Nancy. She has her hands full at the moment with lunch. If you'd like to wait she'll talk with you as soon as her hands are free?" Another pause. "OK, I'll tell her." Pause. "I love you too dear. Be safe and we'll see you when you get here." Pause. "Goodbye Anna." He returned the receiver to its cradle.

"What is it dear, what's wrong?" A crease worried Nancy’s forehead.

"Anna and Jason's flight was delayed in Chicago. They will be late getting here. She said she'd call back if anything else changes." He sighed. "Damned party line we're on. You know, she's been trying to get through to us for the last three hours? The lines have been busy all that time."

"Oh dear, Ruth and Agnes were probably gossiping again. They talk constantly and about the darnedest things too. Did momma say when they might be here?" Nancy worry spread to her wringing hands.

"Well, Ruth and Agnes need to have some respect for their neighbors. What if there'd been a real emergency?” Rusty looked at his wife and his face softened. “Yes dear, Anna said they'd be arriving in North Platte around four-thirty this afternoon and then they have to rent a car and drive here. They should be here around five or five-thirty." He walked over and wrapped her in his warm, strong, arms kissing the worry lines from his wife's forehead. "It will be OK Nancy. This sort of thing happens all the time."

Nancy hated flying and she worried constantly when one of her loved ones was in the air. "I know it Rusty, but I still hate it when someone I care about is flying. I really wish momma had driven up here. It'd be safer."

"Dear, flying is safer than driving; all the statistics show it, and they will be alright." Hugging her tightly he kissed her forehead again. "I love you Nancy Anna McKlindon, and Momma Anna and Jason will be just fine. You'll see." Releasing her he looked into her eyes finding what he was looking for – reassurance his wife was calming down. "However, there are a couple of boys upstairs who needs a lecture about behaving in the house. Both of them are far too old to be acting like undisciplined children in here."

"I know momma and Jason will be alright." Nancy sounded hopeful. "Now you be easy on those boys. All they were doing was acting like boys will."

Papa grinned at her. "Yea I know momma. I miss those days. I swear I do." His back disappeared into the darkened hallway. Reaching the stairs he started climbing. This old three story Victorian seemed like a grand place that anyone would love to have, but the older one gets, the more difficult it is to navigate all the damned stairs. Papa grunted as he began climbing the second set heading for the third level. He was no wimp at sixty-five years old. He stood a stocky 5'8" with vice grip strength in his arms and legs and could out work even the youngest of his hired hands. Therefore it was puzzling why he was all of a sudden out of breath as his left hand went numb. Using his right one he started to massage the numbness away from his left when a sharp pain rent through his chest sinking him to his knees. His right hand instinctively reached for a holding grip onto the ancient hand rail. The pain passed almost as quickly as it came, but the worry it left behind continued stabbing his mind. After catching his breath he eased the rest of the way up to the third floor landing and headed down the hall toward the boy’s bedroom.

As he approached the juncture between their bedroom and bathroom he heard both of them laughing in the latter of the two rooms. Curiously he opened the door and looked inside. Steam kissed the ceiling. A drawn curtain hid both voices. Looking curiously at the shielding material papa walked in clearing his throat. "Rusty, Nathan?" Dead silence accompanied only by the rush of shower water spraying behind a wafting curtain met papa’s ears for a moment.

Behind their shield Nathan turned every shade of red there was and wished the water coursing down his torso would wash him down the drain with the soap. Rusty on the other hand thought quicker than his brother. "Yea, papa?" He poked his head around the edge of the curtain trying his best to look as innocent as he wished he felt.

"Why are you both in the shower?" Rusty read a glint of danger in papa's eyes. The truth of it though was simple confused curiosity puzzling him about how exactly to proceed.

"Well, Stan told us Momma was about through fixing lunch and we thought it would be quicker for us to share the shower." Rusty smiled and hoped his dad would accept the answer without questioning it too closely. Common sense would tell almost anyone that two young men showering together would exacerbate the problem.

"Ah, I see." Papa’s sarcasm hinted that he wasn't buying it, but he chose to let it go. Strangely enough he seemed to be proud of his sons for sharing a shower. "It's about damn time you two started acting like brothers." He thought the words rather than expressing them openly.

"Is there something you wanted papa?" Rusty was as anxious as his brother to get their dad out of the way and back down stairs leaving them the freedom to complete what they'd started.

"Yes I do.” Papa was thankful Rusty’s question had reminded him why he’d come up there to began with. “When you two came charging in a little bit ago it sounded like you were bringing down the house. Now you both are well aware that there is no horse playing in the house. That means no running or slamming doors either. You both know better.” Papa stopped and took a deep breath, his left hand still tingling from earlier.

"Oh! Sorry papa.” Rusty grimaced with embarrassment. “We forgot, but we won't do it again, promise!"

Nathan grunted in agreement in the background. A small "Yea, sorry papa" leached from behind the curtain like a wispy fog through trees.

Papa stepped up to the toilet, pulled out his cock, and started relieving himself in front of his son. Hearing this Nathan couldn't resist and stuck his head from behind the curtain in front of Rusty's chest exposing more of his brother to papa than Rusty would have liked. The brothers watched their dad while he pissed. "What, haven’t you boys ever seen a man piss before?" With that papa reached over and pulled the curtain back exposing both his sons completely. Neither had lost any of the hardness in their cocks from the distraction of his intrusion and both turned about as red as Rusty's head of hair. "Hmmm, would appear to me you two have found some of the joys of manhood." A chuckle slipped from him as he appraised his son's hard cocks. “Pretty nice equipment you boys are sporting.” Papa looked pleased with his sons.

Both Rusty and Nathan looked at their father in total disbelief. "Sons I was your age once and I have five brothers. I ain't stupid, you know? Besides, it's about time you boys started acting like brothers. With all the back bighting that was going on, I was beginning to think you'd never come around." Rusty Sr. finished pissing and reached up teasing both boys wet hair. Only then did he take the time to return his cock to his trousers and Rusty was certain it was a bit harder than while he was pissing. Like his son, papa was uncut and about six inches soft. Unlike either of his sons though, there were more gray hairs mixed in with his light auburn pubes turning them a silvery strawberry blond. "Now, don't you two take all day long taking care of those. Your momma probably has lunch ready by now and she’ll be wondering where the two of you are." Zipping his pants he reached for the door knob to head from humid room. Glancing back at his startled sons who hadn't moved an inch papa shared some unbidden advice. "I'm proud of you two. Brothers need to be brothers and it's about damned time too. There's a whole new world waiting for the two of you out there and both of you will be better off being friends instead of enemies."

Rusty swallowed hard. "Yea I know. Hay papa, who's supposed to be here for lunch today?" Rusty decided a change of subject was in order before this conversation became too awkward.

"No one you need to concern yourself about Rusty. Besides, they've been delayed and won't be here until supper time. Now you two hurry it up in there." He winked knowingly at his sons. “Don’t take too long, you don’t want momma coming up here, do ya?” Grinning he left his red-faced sons mortified at the very thought of it.

"What the hell was that all about?" Nathan breathed the words out incase papa was still standing by the door.

"You got me Nate. I was expecting papa to be pissed catching us like he did. Maybe he's getting senile in his old age." Rusty was joking, but it still concerned him. "Papa didn't look too good, did he? He looked washed out and kind of peaked. It worries me. Did you see how pail his skin was?"

Nathan shook his head no. "Nope, I was too busy looking at his dick. You didn't fall far from that tree bro." Nathan winked and grabbed his brother's turgid cock. Rusty grinned at his brother returning the favor. Leaning in towards Nathan he gave his brother a lingering kiss on his lips. "Why'd you do that Rust?" Nathan muttered breathlessly; looking almost as shocked by his brother actions as they both were by their dad's.

"Mmmm, don't know." Rusty murmured licking his brother's lips lightly eliciting the response he wanted and slipped his tongue into Nate's warm mouth as his brother’s lips parted. Nathan melted into his brother's arms giving in completely as their tongues wove around each other. This was a spur of the moment action on Rusty’s part and he realized he'd wanted to do it since yesterday at the river. To his surprise Nathan was not resisting either. For a long time they stood there kissing each other deeply as the shower teased their skin. The water cooling alerted Rusty of the time. He pulled back and looked into his brother's eyes. Nate's blue eyes seemed to smolder in his lust. Never has icy-blue looked s-o hot! "Hmmm, Fuck! I guess we need to finish up and get downstairs before papa comes back looking for us or, God forbid, momma." Rusty’s arms betrayed his words pulling Nathan in tighter to his chest.

Without warning the shower curtain jerked open. "You guys are going to miss some real good food if you don't get your asses in gear! Damn! Maybe I aught'a join ya?" Eddy smirked hungrily at the fighting cocks between the brothers. His attention elicited a nice blush from them both. "Now why on earth would you two be holding each other like you'd both fall if you didn't?" Eddy snickered.

“Eddy!” Rusty’s eyes narrowed feigning being pissed. “If we weren’t in a hurry here, we'd pull you in to teach you manners toward your bosses." Rusty feign gave way to an evil grin.

"Hell Rust, you ain't my boss. Not yet anyway." Rusty and Nathan untangled climbing out of the tub and reaching for their towels. Meanwhile Eddy slipped over and shut the door before slowly, seductively closing the distance between them admiring the sight as he went. "Hell, if we weren’t in such a hurry, I'd show you how to really take a bath. Make it feel like the hottest thing you've ever imagined." He smacked the brother’s asses and began a firm, rotating massage. "As it is, your momma sent me up here to find out what was keeping you two. She said she'd better not have to come up here herself." Both of them moaned and leaned in towards him as Eddy slipped his index fingers into each of their ass cracks dragging them across their puckers. "Damn you two are HOT! I swear, later dudes, later." It was a promise.

*          *          *

Lunch was every bit as good as the boys knew it would be. Their mother was an exceptionally good cook and she'd fixed all of their favorites. During the course of the meal they'd manage to single Eddy out of the crowd so they could talk privately, or at least as privately as this sort of gathering would permit. "Eddy, do you know who it was that papa was mad at earlier this morning?" Rusty had already asked his friend but had yet to receive the answer he wanted. He couldn’t leave it alone and Eddy knew he’d hound him until he broke.

“Yes Rusty, as I've told several times now. I do, but I'm not supposed to talk about it. If your papa found out I told you, he'd get me good and I don't mean in a good way either. I wouldn’t mind it if he got me the other way,” Eddy closed his eyes licking his lips, “but he’d never even go there. Damn, your dad is HOT! Do either of you know that?"

Rusty stared at Eddy for a moment with a sour look on his face. "Gross, Eddy that’s my papa! Besides, how would he find out?" Eddy looked pointedly at Nathan not caring if the latter noticed or not. "Who Nate, Eddy he's changed, believe me. Would I have been doing what you caught us at in the shower if I didn't believe he's changed?"

Eddy stammered. "I – don't know Rust."

“I'm not going to rat anyone out Eddy, least of all you or Rusty. Besides, I'm just as anxious to know as Rusty is. You know papa will never tell us. He never does.” Nathan looked exasperated about no one trusting him, but he knew he only had himself to blame. Rusty wasn't the only one he'd ratted on. None of the ranch hands liked him much.

Eddy stalled, than sighed deeply. "OK, but you have to promise me you won't tell anyone that I told you. The only reason I'm going out on this limb is because I trust your judgment Rust." Nathan took the poke from Eddy with stride. It was clear he was going to have to do a LOT to prove to them all that he'd changed. Eddy looked back at Rusty. "It was Uncle Charley. Mr. Rusty fired him today." Eddy’s expression was morose.

"Eddy, if papa fired your uncle then he must have had a good reason. He don't just up and fire someone for nothing." Rusty gave his friend a sad look of condolence for his uncle.

"Oh believe me Rust. Your dad had every right to fire Charley and I can't say I blame him none either. I'm not mad at Mr. Rusty but I'm pissed with my uncle and it disgust me what he did to get fired. It sheds a poor light on everyone in our family."

"What he'd do?" For once Nathan didn't look like a frenzied shark in bloodied water at the mention of someone else’s distress. He actually had a very somber and concerned expression as he looked at Eddy.

"I don't know if I want to get into it, but hell, you'll find out soon enough anyway, everyone will. Your daddy caught Charley butchering one of his sheep. Granted he did it to feed his family, but it wasn't his to butcher. He should have at least asked permission before going on and doing it.” Eddy slammed his fist into his palm. “Hell even Mr. Rusty told him he'd given him the sheep and then some if he'd only asked first. As it is Uncle Charley is lucky he ain’t in jail over this, anyone other than Mr. Rusty and he would be. Your daddy could have pressed charges if he'd had a mind too." Eddy looked down at his feet toying with the sandy soil around the corral fence. “No one in our family has ever stolen anything, ever! And now we have this bullshit to deal with. The shit's going to hit the fan when Dad finds out. I’m just s-o damned glad grandpa isn’t around to know it! He’ll be turning in his grave as it is.”

"What about the sheep?"

Rusty looked at his brother like he'd lost his mind. "What the hell about the sheep Nate? What, is it not bad enough that Eddy's upset about what his uncle did, you have to ask about the damned sheep?"

"I only wanted to know if papa let Charley have it sense it was already dead. After all, his family really does need it." To his defense Nathan had a valid argument that actually saved face for him with his brother and Eddy.

"Yea,” Eddy snorted, “it shocked the hell out of all of us, but your daddy actually helped Uncle Charley dress the animal and load it into his car." Eddy looked amazed, like he was ready to give papa some real hero worship. "This was after he'd fired Charley too. I'd never have thought anyone would do that. It would almost be like rewarding someone for steeling, but the way Mr. Rusty explained it: 'The beast is already dead Charley, you might as well take it and at least let it feed your family for a while, but I've still got to let you go. I hope you understand it’s a matter of principle. I cannot have my employees steeling from me.'" Eddy gave a pretty good rendition of papa’s voice. "I was amazed with him. We all were."

Rusty was still not convinced papa’d done the right thing, but he decided to let it go and change the subject. “Hay Eddy, Nathan and I are going down to the river this afternoon. Or at least that is the plan if papa’s still giving everyone the afternoon off. Want’a come along?”

Eddy gave Rusty a big smile that lit his eyes. “Sure! When you going?”

“As soon as we’re all through eating and it is safe to slip off without raising too much ire. Papa would consider it rude for us to just up and leave right after lunch.”

Eddy gave the boys a knowing grin remembering the episode in the upstairs bathroom. “Hell, maybe we can continue what we started up in the house?” He gave them a wink and wiggled his middle fingers as if he needed to remind the other two what he’d done to them in the bathroom. Three very large grins agreed in much approval.

*          *          *

To Rusty’s surprise it was momma who’d been against them going to the river for the afternoon and it was papa who’d come to their rescue. “Awe common momma, they’re both old enough to keep out of trouble and besides they said Eddy would be going with ‘em.” Papa turned to his son: “Rusty wasn’t Eddy on the swim team in high school? I think he was their captain too if my memory serves.”

“Yea, Eddy’s a real good swimmer, but the river ain’t that deep anyway. You can wade across it and barely get the hair on your nuts wet.” Only after he’d said it did he realize his faux pas with his momma there.
He was literally saved by the bell as the telephone rang causing momma to head into the house as she admonished Rusty over her shoulder as she left: “We’ll talk about this later young man.”

“Oh crap son! Now you’ve done it. I’ll see if I can smooth things over before you get back.”

Rusty gave his papa a surprised look. “You mean we can go?”

“Sure why not? Of course you won’t if you don’t hurry and get out of here before momma gets off the phone.” He smiled at his son as though he knew more than he was letting on. “Hay son, I want to have a talk with the both of you when you get back. I think it is way past time I told you something.” Papa wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Hell, it’s hot enough out here to incubate chickens in my armpits. I’m half a mind to join you out there but I have way too much to do here this afternoon to scamper off to the river. Not to mention I got’a cover for ya. Damn!” Papa chuckled. “I can’t believe you said that in front of your momma. You really need to turn that brain filter on son. You know Nancy just don’t understand things like that. When I was your age I didn’t even know what swim trucks were.” Papa smiled at his son and tasseled his hair. “Now get on out of here before Nancy comes back. Have fun and be careful out there. Don’t want to come up missing either of you.”

“Thanks papa.” Rusty smacked his dad’s arm and sprinted off to catch up with Eddy and Nathan in Eddy’s truck down by the drive. Nathan swung the door open for him and he jumped in. “Hell, let’s get out of here. I almost fucked it up good with momma just now.”

“What’d you do Rust?” Nathan almost looked amused by the red color staining his brother’s face.

“I told papa that the river was shallow enough to wade it without getting the hairs on your nuts wet with momma standing right there. I don’t know why I said it, it just slipped out.” Eddy and Nathan were both laughing so hard they could do nothing and the truck sat there on the edge of the drive shimmering the sun’s heat on the hood. “Come on guys,” Rusty whined, “before momma comes out and stops us.” Eddy shook his head and fired up the old rusty Ford kicking gravel up as his tires spun a fishtail in the drive.

*          *          *

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