Rusty and Nathan: Chapter 004

2009 by Lootah Akecheta


Disclaimer: This is a story of adult sexual content between two consenting step brothers in their late teens. If you are offended by this type of material, or if you are under the age of eighteen (18), then please do not read further. This is a purely fictional story and any resemblance to any persons or places is coincidental except for the use of cities that actually exist in the State of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, and the name of the North Platte River, which I use for geographical accuracy. This material is copyrighted by me and may not be used in part or in whole for group entertainment or education without first obtaining written permission from me. I would appreciate any constructive criticism, complements, or suggestions my readers may have to share with me, however I will flatly ignore flaming out at my material. You may write to me via:


Note: I apologize for the size of this chapter, but it had to be this long to bring it to a proper close. I do try and keep them down to reasonable size, but this one just wouldn’t allow much leeway. This is a reedited version of this chapter to correct mistakes I missed in my haste. If you have read this chapter already, there is not enough different from the first version to make a difference in the story, but it reads easier.


North Platte Summer


Chapter 4




Rusty senior watched as his son raced down to the truck waiting on the side of the driveway. The boys were happier than he’d seen them in a while for having the afternoon off and his permission to go swimming. Not that they needed his permission except for having the afternoon off. They were adults and they could make a decision to go swim for themselves. Tire scattered dust wafted lazy on the breeze obscuring his vision of Eddy’s old gray and rust Ford truck fishtailing down the drive.

Hearing the screen door slam papa turned. The smile melted from his face. Nancy walked out with a purpose but came up short when she saw her husband standing alone. “Where’s Rusty?” There was an edge to her voice that betrayed her annoyance with her oldest son.

“I sent him and the boys on down to the river.” Papa could see his wife’s irritation was now shifting toward him. “I figured it would do them good to go for a swim and it would give you time to cool your jets.”

“Rusty, I don’t need “time to cool my jets” and regardless if I confront him now or later it will change nothing. He had no business saying what he did and he knows it. It’s downright disgraceful!”

“Nancy, I love you with all my heart, but you are not going to confront him now or ever again about this sort of thing. I will not have it!” Rusty’s voice was laced with a firmness he’d never used on his wife before. It was more like what he used when he was arguing with Stan and pulled the “I’m the boss card”. “What he said was innocent enough…”

“Innocent! Innocent my foot, and yes I most certainly will confront him about it. He will not get away with it. What exactly do you mean that you will not have it? They are my sons and I will deal with them as I see fit!”

“They are our sons and they are adults. Nancy, you are my wife, I love you, and you have been a good mother to the boys, but your prudishness towards all things sex is not going to interfere with either of them again. I’m I making myself perfectly clear?” Rusty waited for his wife’s acknowledgment. It didn’t come. Instead she simply stared at him as though he’d slapped her in the face. The fire in her eyes told him everything he needed to know: He was in the proverbial Dog House for a VERY long time. He’d probably be scratching flees for the rest of his natural life.

“Rusty, I do not know what you think you’re getting at, but I will not have those boys…”

“They are not boys Nancy!” Papa was beginning to raise his voice while Nancy glanced around her at the three remaining ranch hands that stood well within earshot of their voices. Two of which had the presence of mind to edge on off towards their quarters before things got real nasty. Stan however stayed behind and listened intently to every word. 

“Rusty would you please keep your voice down. We can finish this later.” She turned and started for the house but stopped short when a vice like grip seized her left arm just above the elbow.

Papa’s patience was just about spent with everything else going on today with having to fire Charlie, Anna’s delay, and now his wife’s Holier-Than-Thou Victorian attitude which had always dominated their relationship and the boy’s lives growing up. There was no wonder Nathan was as wacked as he was concerning sex, nudity, an anything else that concerned his sexuality. Thank God Rusty had the presence of mind to ignore his step mother and do what he wanted regardless of her insistence that he live a strictly chaste life. “No we will finish it now. Both of them are over eighteen and by law they are both adults. I will not have you interfering in their development any longer Nancy. As it is you have just about ruined both of them with your attitudes concerning this issue.” He could tale he was digging himself in deeper and it would be a long time before his wife would even think of forgive him and she would never forget this.

“How dare you Rusty!” Nancy’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “I’ve done everything I could to make sure those boys grew up with a healthy respect for women, the church, the Bible, and God. Sex is an abomination when it is abused and outside of marriage any sex, including masturbation,” she screwed her face up at the word, “is defilement against the body and an abomination against Almighty God. I will not have it in my house; in our home! If they insist on this sort of b-behavior…” she stressed the word as though it were something nasty on the bottom of her shoe, “then they will just have to leave. As you said, they are adults now. What Rusty said just shows where his mind is, in the … gutter.” She spat the last word. “It is downright shameful!”

“No Nancy, what’s shameful is that you’ve done you ever loving best to turn both our sons queer. Not that it matters to me if they are. I’d still love them and accept them regardless. However get one things straight Nancy. Regardless of how much I love you, do not make me choose between you and my sons. You can be rest assured you will lose if you do. Also, this may be our home, including yours, but this is not and never will be ‘your house’! I’m tired of your judgmental finger pointing at everything those boys do as though they were going to run out and rape every woman and girl they come across.” Nancy flinched at the mention of the word. “It simply isn’t going to happen. They are good boys regardless of the strict bullshit you’ve been dishing out on them ever since we got married. I don’t know why you are the way you are, but this is going to stop, now!”


“You want to know why I am like I am. Because the Bible tells me so, that’s why. As for them being queer, God forbid it! If that be the case then they have no place in my life! Besides, if I’m as prudish as you claim, then how is it that we make love at least twice a month? Answer me that, will you? Also…” She trailed off as tears welled up in her eyes.


“If you weren’t so uptight about sex Nancy, we would be making love two or three times a week instead of once or twice a month. You however cannot stand to have me touch you. Also, don’t even think of pulling this ‘The Bible tells me so’ shit on me. I don’t buy it one bit. The only reason I’ve gone to church at all these many years is because of you and the boys. As far as I’m concerned the church is full of more shit then you are. Just remember what I’ve told you Nancy: Do not make me choose between you and my sons: Ever!”

Nancy’s whole body trembled with anger and hurt pride. She looked at him, squared her chin, and leveled her voice. “I’m through with this conversation Rusty. Not one more word from you! May God have mercy on your soul for what you’ve said to me.” Jerking her arm free from his grip she whirled around and stomped off towards the house.


He and Stan watched as she disappeared into the kitchen. Papa shook his head speaking under his breath: “Well, that went better than I thought. I’ll have to make it up to her somehow, but I cannot stand by and let this go on.”

Stan was close enough to hear his boss’s half spoken words. “Boss, I know it ain’t none of my business, but I think it’s bout time you stood up to her concerning those boys. It just ain’t right the way she pushes them and gets on em all the time the way she does. If I didn’t know better, I’d think some man got a hold of her when she was a youngen, if you know what I mean.”

Rusty looked at his foreman and forced a smile. “You’re right Stan: it ain’t any of your business, but you’re also right about it being past time I stood up for my boys. Those two are just now beginning to act like brothers and I will not stand by and watch her ruin what’s developing between them. You know what I caught them doing when I went up to get on ‘em about running in the house?”

Stan looked surprised and a bit bemused. “I ain’t even gone’a try and guess in case I’m wrong and embarrass myself.” Grinning ear to ear the old man looked like a caricature of the immortal fool.

“They weren’t doing anything bad Stan. They were showering together. When you told them Nancy just about had lunch ready, they thought it would expedite things to share a shower. Of course they were up to more than just showering. Both were about as hard as a dick can get. I was downright proud of them.” Stan guffawed knowingly at the mention of the boy’s hard situation and how they tried to play it off as expediting getting ready for lunch.

Well, I know I’ve done a lot more’n that with my brothers when I was their age Mr. Rusty and it ain’t hurt me or my brothers none. We all got married and produced some really fine children. They will too, you’ll see.” Stan slapped his boss on the back.

“Yep Stan, I have every faith they will. Rusty and Nathan both will make me proud with that. I have no doubt of it. I just hope I’ve not wrecked what future I have with Nancy by what I said to her just now. She has always been sensitive about men and sex. I can’t help but wonder if you’re right about a man getting to her when she was younger. If one did…” Rusty senior punched the palm of his hand with a resounding thwack while gritting his teeth; a pure malicious look passed across his features. The message of what he was thinking was more than clear to Stan. He’d do the same thing the old man had done to that young whelp who’d raped his youngest daughter. That’s one man who’ll never father a child.


*          *          *


The sand on the bar seared the soles of their feet. Even in the smothering heat the cool dampness rising from the river refreashed the air giving one the feeling of being in the edge of a cave’s mouth. The friends didn’t wait to strip preferring to plow right into the invigorating waters allowing the currents to wash over them. “Ah Hell! Damn, this is awesome!” Eddy shouted as he splashed the brothers with the chilly liquid. Rusty and Nathan grind at each other, turned and tackled their friend tossing them all into the deeper water and disappearing under the churning surface. Each staggered to his feet bracing against the hard currents."Awe fuck, this feels damned good!" He winked at the brothers. "I’ll get you'll for that, you just wait and see!”


“You’ll get us eh? It looks to me like we just got you and good too.” Rusty hooked his fingers into each of the other’s pants catching the front of their waistbands and pulling them off balance towards him. He realized too late what he’d done as both his brother and Eddy toppled on top of him in the shallower flow closer to the bank.


“Hell Rusty, I think that little stunt worked better in our favor.” Nathan planted a sound kiss on his brother’s lips receiving a proper response from their recipient.


Eddy snickered at the brothers. “You two keep that up and I’ll have to fuck both of you silly just to pay you back. Damn you’re getting me hard as hell.” 

Not willing to take his friend at his word, Rusty slipped his hand between Eddy’s legs to examine the evidence for himself and crowed with amused disbelief. “Damn Eddy! I’d forgotten how fucking big that dick of yours is. My memory has not done it justice.”


“Rusty that is the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me. I’m touched!” Eddy deeply kissed Rusty with the urgency of deprived lust.

“You’re touched alright!” Nathan chuckled while pushing on Eddy's head trying to disengage him from his brother, laughing the whole while. “Hay stop that, that’s my job!”

Eddy leaned in towards the younger brother and quickly licked his nose, eliciting an “Oh, now that’s just plain gross!” look from Nathan. Eyes twinkling mischievously and chuckling he leaned in again licking Nathan’s lips and sucking them lightly between his. “Fuck!” He breathed. “You two have had me horned up for so damned long it is downright sinful. You wouldn’t believe the fantasies I’ve had about this. Even though I never thought it would happen. I figured it might with Rusty, but I never thought you would be in on it too Nate. I like the idea better with each passing moment.” Eddy glanced down at Rusty. “Rust, you’re right. Nate has changed and for the better too. I can tell just by the way he’s acting. I like it a lot!” Eddy winked at Nathan. “You don’t know just how sexy you are, do you? I mean damned sexy!” He leaned in and kissed Nathan like he was trying to suck his tonsils out bringing a growling moan from deep within the younger man.

“Hay guys, you’re drowning me here.” Both Eddy and Nate jumped up at the sound of Rusty’s half strangled warning. Eddy grabbed Rusty up out of the water and stood him beside him. Rusty stooped over and coughing trying to clear his lungs of the water he’d breathed in.

“Sorry Rust! Seriously I would never have done anything like that to you man.” Eddy slapped his friend’s back trying helplessly to assist Rusty’s efforts to breathe easier.


Rusty looked up at both ashen faces staring back at him. “I know that Eddy. But damn, when you leaned in to kiss Nate your whole weight pushed down on me. I’ll admit it though; you two were pretty sexy kissing like that.” Rusty smiled and stood up stretching his back. Before either his brother or friend could react he grabbed them both in the crotch and acted like he was going to squeeze their goods in two. “How about we continue this on the shore where we’re not likely to drown one another?” He slipped his fingers back into the waistbands of the others’ trousers and pulled urgently toward the shore. Eddy and Nathan followed obediently.

Once on the wet part of the sand by water’s edge Rusty pulled his brother to him and sucked his face again while his fingers fumbled with Eddy’s belt. “Damn Eddy!” Rust broke his kiss with Nathan. “What kind of belt do you ware? How the hell do you release this thing?”

“It’s just a standard belt Rusty; you’re just too preoccupied that’s all.” Eddy pulled his belt open and quickly undid his pants letting them fall to his ankles. Like in the barn he was not wearing any undershorts and his hard cock stood in all of its glory glistening wetly in the afternoon sun. “Now that he’s free, what ya gonna do with em?” Eddy’s eyes twinkled mischievously at the brothers.


Rusty matched Eddy’s wide toothed grin. “Everything I can think of.”

“Damn Rust, I’d forgotten how big his dick is too.” Only after Nathan said it did he realize he’d outed himself to the twenty year old. “Oops!”

“Oops is right. How the hell do you know how big my dick is Nate?” Eddy lost his grin but only on his face – his eyes still twinkled. He wasn’t upset; just curious.


“Nathan was there in the barn Eddy: up in the loft. He didn’t let us know because he figured we’d both cream his ass.”

“Yea, I guess we would at that, considering. You were in the loft? Bet you got your eyes full.” Eddy snickered. “It’s kind of hot thinking about it now after the fact.” Rusty told his friend everything Nathan had disclosed to him yesterday. Eddy caught Nathan in a headlock and knuckled his crown. “You really shot off without touching it just from watching us? That’s fucking hot!”

When the atmosphere around the three settled down to a lustful simmer Eddy decided to take control of the afternoon’s events or they’d be fucking around like this all afternoon and get nothing of what he wanted accomplished. “Nathan I want you to shuck your pants off and turn around for my inspection.” It wasn’t a request and the brothers instinctively understood this.

“Your inspection? What sort of inspection exactly?” Nathan eyed his friend.

“You’ll see. Now come on, do it!” Nathan complied and turned around slowly for Eddy to check him out. “Hmm, damn your easy on the eyes dude! OK, what all have you two done with each other? How far have you taken these new found games of pleasure?”

“We’ve only jacked off with each other.” Nathan blushed a little at the thought of admitting this to the older man.

“Well, the first time, we jacked each other off, remember Nate?” Rusty was enjoying his brother’s uncomfortable look as he revealed this to Eddy. “That was our first time yesterday. We were playing around today in the shower when papa caught us. Man I thought we were dead for sure. I have no doubt papa knew exactly what we were up too.”

“So, you’ve never sucked each other off?” Eddy was pretty surprised by this. “Not even licked each other’s nuts?” Rusty and Nathan simply shook their heads no. “WOW! Now that’s amazing.”

“Eddy, think! Until yesterday I didn’t even realize I could trust Nathan. In the past he's always squeal on me for anything I did he though would get me in trouble. Do you think I was willing to risk something like that?”

“Hmm, guess you’re right. I’d lost my mind there for a moment. I’ve fucked the two of you so often in my dreams I forgot about it.” Eddy thought for a moment while looking at the other guys. “How far are you two willing to go with this today? Personally I’d love to suck both of you off and maybe get some head in return if you guys are willing, but I don’t want to pressure either of you into something you are not comfortable with.”

“Hell I’m game Eddy.” Rusty looked at his friend as though he were ready to jump his bones right then and there. “How about you Nate, you want’a get sucked?” Rusty’s eyes danced with the idea of watching Eddy sucking Nate’s dick.

Nathan however looked like a deer caught in the headlights. “Um I d-don’t know. I mean I do, but isn’t that kind of … gross?”

“What’s gross about it? It’s just a dick Nate.” Eddy was beginning to question the eighteen-year-old’s resolve to have some real fun today.

“Well we piss out our dicks. I mean, that is kind of gross isn’t it? Besides it’s gotta taste bad? I know it smells bad sometimes when I skin it back to wash down there.”

“Yea we piss out our dicks Nate. We also bust our nuts out of them. As for tasting bad, it can if it’s not clean, but it takes quite a bit for it to get to that point and all of us showered right before lunch; not to mention swimming just now. I’ve sucked Uncle Charlie’s dick before and it wasn’t bad at all and like us he’s uncut.”

“You’ve sucked your uncle’s dick? Man that is just weird but kind of cool.” Rust looked at Eddy with a new light. He’d figured his older friend had played around with someone, but he guessed it would have been with one of the guys at school, not his uncle.

“Yea, Charlie may be a fuck-up, but he has one hot cock.” Eddy looked at Nathan. “What Nate? You look like the cat’s got your tongue.”

“You’ve sucked your uncle? He’s what, forty?”

“No he’s thirty-three, and yes I’ve sucked him. He sucked me too – first in fact. He gave me the first blow job I’ve ever had. It was great! Now, do you two want to be sucked or not? It’s getting late and you need to be home for supper if your guests are supposed to be here. After the stunt Rusty pulled in front of your mom, I don’t think I’d want to push my luck with her by not being there on time.” Eddy looked at Nathan and saw the conflicting emotions ebbing and flowing in his eyes. Without saying another word he stooped down and caught the young man’s cock in his mouth and swallowed it whole.

“Awe fuck:” was all Nathan could cough out as his tool disappeared into his older friend’s mouth. That was all she wrote. He was caught; hook, line, and sinker. He’d found something he liked and liked a bunch! “Oh my fucking god, that feels awesome! Rusty you’ve got to try this. Oh MAN!” Nathan’s whole body was trembling with the incredible sensations Eddy’s mouth was generating in his dick. He’d lost all sense of reality except for the intense pleasure Eddy was giving him.

While Nathan was getting his cock sucked Rusty was trying his best to shuck his jeans as quickly as he could. His cock was so hard from watching what was happening to his brother that it was hurting. “Holy shit Eddy, you’re sucking his whole club down. Damn that looks good!” Finely one leg was free and Rusty was hopping on one foot trying to untangle his other one. “Humph!” Rusty hit the ground tugging on his wet pants. With a slurp the offending pant leg gave up the ghost and pulled free. He scrambled back to his feet and placed a gritty hand on Nathan’s shoulder while looking down at Eddy snogging his brother’s dick. “Holy shit, man that is awesome!” He looked up at his brother’s face and saw Nate standing there with his eyes rolled back into his head. The boy was positively drooling and mumbling incoherently. Shit Rusty had never seen anything like this before and he couldn’t wait until his turn.

It didn’t take long before Nathan was gushing a torrent of sperm down his friend’s throat and into his mouth. To Eddy’s credit he took what had to be a Genesis World Record. Only traces of sperm oozed around the corners of his mouth as his young friend pumped an Olympian sized load into his mouth. Nathan’s legs gave out from under him and Eddy followed him down as he dropped to his knees. “OH FUCK! HELL YEA!” Nathan’s whole body was trembling with the intensity of his orgasm. “Oh man, Eddy. Ah fuck’n A” As Eddy sucked the last of his friend’s sperm he looked up to see the most shocked look on anyone’s face he’d ever seen. “How the hell did you do that?”

“I just sucked you off Nathan. Did you like it?”

“Like? Hell Eddy, I loved it!” There was a look of total awe and something else in Nathan’s expression… admiration? “I want’a know how ya did it man! Does it feel that good every time?”

“It just about does, it really depends on who’s sucking you. I take it you really did liked it?”

Nathan looked at his friend as though he’d lost his mind. “Are you kidding? Of course I fucking liked it. It was the best fucking thing I’ve ever felt. Shit, Rusty you have to let him do that to you man. Ah fuck!”

“Yea Eddy how about it. Do I get the same treatment?” Rusty was impatient. He obviously was more than eager to have Eddy do him too.

Without saying another word Eddy leaned over and swallowed Rusty’s cock. “Awe hell yea Eddy, give him the same royal treatment you gave me. Suck that cock!” Nathan was in rapture watching his friend sucking his brother’s dick. Rusty was speechless; all he could do was stand there and moan. It didn’t take long before Rusty was looking just like his brother while he was being sucked: completely mindless with his eyes closed and drool slopping down his chin. His whole body trembled with the incredible sensations Eddy was creating in him. Like Nathan, he’d found something he liked, a lot.

“Oh Fuck, this feels good” Rusty moaned. Both his hands were on his friends head as though he were frightened he wouldn’t stay on his dick. Rusty gyrated his hips thrusting his cock deeper into Eddy’s mouth. He was completely shocked by the incredible intensity of what was happening to him. Even watching Eddy suck his brother couldn’t prepare him for his own tool being serviced by such a talented mouth. That is, talented to his understanding, limited as it was considering this was his first blowjob. “Oh fuck this is awesome guys! Fuck I’m love’n it.”

Eddy lifted up off his friend’s dick and looked at him while he continued to stroke the length of his manhood. “Wanna fuck my mouth Rusty? I mean really fuck it?”

“Oh hell yea!”

“Well, do it then: drill me! Force me on that hard cock of yours.”

Rusty shoved his dick harder into his friend’s mouth almost making him gag on it. Eddy groaned digging his fingers into his friend’s ass cheeks as Rusty fed him his dick. God it felt good being fucked in the face by the very guy he’d been dreaming about ever since he’d met Rusty back in high school. “Why on earth didn’t I come onto you before now Rusty?” Eddy thought. Damn this was good. Rusty was getting more into the hang of it as Eddy pulled on his sand covered ass to shove him harder into his hungry mouth. He could spend all day long letting these two use and abuse his every orifice.

Rusty began to understand his friend wanted him to slam his cock into his throat and a wild look overtook his eyes as he began to really command Eddy’s mouth. He pushed hard on the back of Eddy’s head until his chin dug into his sack and his nose crushed against his pelvic bone. Oh fuck this was better than anything he could’ve imagined. He drilled him like this for a number of thrust until he could take it no longer: “Oh fuck I can’t hold back man, here it comes.” He growled deep in his chest as his seed coursed up the length of his tube and blasted the back of Eddy’s throat coating his tonsils before sliding on down his gullet. “Ah FUCK! Take it bitch! Take all of it, oh fuck this is great!” It seemed as though he would never stop. One volley after another coated the back of his friends throat and filled his mouth to capacity oozing out around his lips running down onto his chin and Rusty’s balls. Eddy choked, but kept tight onto his friends cock until the flood was over. As Rusty came down from his orgasmic high he looked at his friend and grinned down at him. “Man, oh man, I’ve never cummed that hard before. Fuck that was great!” Eddy smiled weakly. He’d never been mastered so completely in such a short period of time in his life and Rusty was clueless. Even when his uncle took him like this he hadn’t given in so completely to him. Rusty may not know it yet, but Eddy was his and would be forever.

Nathan watched speechlessly, totally mesmerized by the urgency of Rusty’s commanding need. He’d never thought anyone could dominate someone else like that. “Holy shit!” He nearly whispered it but both Eddy and Rusty heard him. Looking up they saw a strange light in Nathan’s eyes. The hunger shining there betrayed what he was thinking. He wanted it, wanted it as badly as Eddy did and yet it frightened him too. “How was it?” He hadn’t directed the question to anyone specific.

“Awesome” both answered. Without a word Nathan bent and sucked his brother’s sperm off his friends chin and then kissed Eddy deeply tasting Rusty there, everything, not just his load but the earthy sourness of his brother’s cock too. When he stood Rusty was staring at him like he’d never would have thought Nathan, the boy who thought everything was gross, would have done what he’d just seen him do.

“Nathan?” Rusty whispered. With an intensity born of a mixture of love and lust the brothers kissed like they had never done so before: sucking each other’s tongues like they were burning.

Eddy watched them a moment before breaking into their consciousness. “You know, I could use some help here.” Both boys looked at their friend as though he’d spoken in a foreign language until they saw him stroking his enormous meat. Grinning at each other they pushed Eddy onto his ass and down on the sand; then positioned themselves on either side of their friend. Nathan shocked both his brother and Eddy when he tried swallowing Eddy’s cock and choking on it about a third of the way down. Eddy groaned deeply and smiled at Nathan. “Nate; take it easy guy. I’m bigger than either of you and you have to learn how to swallow this tool. It seldom comes naturally to anyone.”

“OK, I’ll keep that in mind.” Nathan murmured around Eddy’s thick dick absentmindedly as he tried to swallow his hard cock again with the same results. “Damn, that tastes good! You’re right Eddy; it doesn’t taste bad, but not exactly like I thought it would either.” Nathan satisfied himself with sucking his friend’s cock head and long stroking it while his brother looked on in total disbelief. Each time Nathan down stroked, Eddy’s cock skinned back exposing his glans to Nathan’s virgin mouth filling the younger man’s senses with his earthy musk. Eddy moaned thrashing his head from side to side. Nathan’s urgent sucking was driving him nuts.

Slowly Rusty began to suck on his friends balls while listening to his brother gagging on the monster cock as he tried deep-throating it again. “Nate I don’t believe what I’m seeing.” Rusty was looking at his brother in awe. “I’d never have thought you would come over to sucking cock so easily.”

“Rust, shush. I’m busy.” Rusty chuckled and resumed sucking Eddy’s egg sized balls. Everything about his crotch smelled great and he couldn’t wait until his turn to try and master this god of all cocks. He tickled Eddy’s crack right below the perineum eliciting a moan from his friend who willingly spreading his legs to give him better access. Rusty slipped his finger into his friend’s crack and massaged his hole gently; afraid the sand grit would hurt him if he got too vigorous. The combined pleasure was driving Eddy close to infinity. Sensing this Rusty pried his brother off the object of his desire.

“Rusty!” Nathan whined. “I’m not finished.”

“Oh yes you are. He’s about to blow and I want to try it on for size.”

“OK, but you’d better share when he goes.” Eddy snickered silently as he listened to the brothers bicker over him. This really made him feel good and wanted too. Nathan reluctantly relented and Rusty took over the administrations to his cock. “Good ain’t it?”

"Uh hu." Rusty moaned in agreement as he swallowed as much of Eddy’s cock as he could. He succeeded in getting a little further down on it then his brother had, but it proved too much for his eager mouth causing him to gag with a little more than half the thick, silky tool pulsing with Eddy’s every heartbeat, down his gullet.

“Oh fuck you two are going to drive me to an early grave. God that feels good!” Nathan took over his brother’s previous position tending to Eddy’s nuts. Like his brother he began to massage his hole but he wasn’t nearly as gentle as Rusty was with it. The sandy friction stung just enough to drive Eddy over the edge. “Ah fucking hell, I’m cumming.” Nathan was right there eagerly licking his cock right under his brother’s sucking mouth as Eddy blew his wad. Rusty let a portion of Eddy’s sperm escape his lips so his brother could share in the feast. Both boys sucked and licked fervently on Eddy trying their level best to suck it all up; however some slipped through soaking into Eddy’s pubic bush wreathing his hard cock.

When it was over and Eddy’s manhood was slowly returning to a somewhat normal size, all three boys eased back onto the sand staring contentedly at the clouds drifting overhead. “Fuck that was awesome guys. I’ve never had two hot studs sucking my cock at the same time. I think I could go for that again.”

“Oh hell Eddy, that tool of yours wore us out but it was incredible. Thanks man.” Rusty was looking at his friend lying between his brother and him.

“Anytime Rust, ya’ll just name it. I’ll be ready for a repeat performance anytime you want.”

“Nathan, you surprised the shit out me bro.” Rusty looked over Eddy’s chest at his brother lying on the other side.

“How ya mean Rust?” Nathan wore a sly grin on his face.

“Oh hell Nate, you know exactly what I’m talking about. What came over you? You took to Eddy’s cock like it was the best lollypop you ever had.”

Nathan chuckled and looked at his brother and then at Eddy. “It was, but I still want to taste yours bro. Maybe I can swallow it all the way. Eddy’s is just too big to get it all down.”

“Yea, my families curse. It's a wonderful heirloom, but one that everyone is scared shitless of. You two worked it over well enough though. Thank you both. I needed this afternoon.”  Eddy wrapped his arms around both brothers’ necks and pulled them to him. “What you say we go wash up and get ready to head back. Your mom’s going to be wondering what’s happened to us.” The brothers agreed grudgingly but all three of them scrambled up and slipped into the swift currents of the Platte washing away the evidence of their lustful desires with the cold curents flowing over their nude bodies.

*          *          *


Nancy was in the kitchen working on supper. She’d be damned if she let on at all about any of the argument that passed between her husband and her when grandma Anna got here, but until then she intended on making everyone’s evening as much of a living hell as she could. Hearing a car in the drive she looked up to see Eddy’s truck pulling up. She scowled. Rusty senior could forbid her to confront Rusty all he wanted to, but she had no intention of letting sleeping dogs lie. Rusty was getting wilder every passing day and it was past time she put him in his place. Thinking of the fight earlier made her see red again and tears of frustration coursed down her cheeks, but the tears would work in her favor. It would put the boys on her side or so she hoped. She’d stand there and let Nathan and Rusty see her crying and then refuse to talk about it when they asked her what was wrong. She’d play it for all she could. She’d slam the pots and dishes around to let them know she was upset. Not enough to break anything, but plenty enough for it to be noticed. 

She really needed her boys to see her like this before papa could get a hold of them. “Damn that bastard!” She breathed as she saw papa approaching the boys as they got out of the truck. “He’s been waiting like a spider to pounce as soon as they returned.” Part of her plan may be spoiled, but she’d still work it in her favor somehow. She closed the blinds just after waiting long enough for Nathan to see her sour expression.


*          *          *

“Hay boys, how’d the swimming go? I take it you enjoyed yourselves?” Papa looked at the three young men as they got out of the truck with their wet clothes and noticed the slight reddening of his son’s faces confirming what he’d thought they may have been up to. Hence the reason he’d not gone with them although he really wished he could have been the proverbial fly on the Willow branch. He’d always relived his youth vicariously through his sons, but now that they were acting like brothers and getting along like old chums he was really enjoying what he guessed they were doing. “You didn’t swim in your clothes did you? Hell when I was your age we just swam naked. Didn’t even know what swim trucks were until after I grew up.”

“We were so hot when we got there we couldn’t wait to strip down.” Rusty looked at his father as he disclosed this. “Papa, didn’t you say something about needing to talk with Nathan and me when we got back? Can it wait until after we shower and clean up?”

“Yes I need to talk with you but we’d better do it before you clean up. Your momma and I had a pretty nasty fight after you left and I want to tell you about it and what it was all about before she gets the chance to misconstrue what really happened.” The boy’s looked at each other and knew exactly what papa was talking about. Momma had always bent things in her favor when she wanted her way, which was most of the time.

“OK papa, where you want to talk?” Rusty asked as his brother looked back to them from the kitchen window wondering what the hell they were talking about. Papa needing to talk with them was news to him. Rusty failed to tell him that bit of information.

“Let’s go on out to the barn.” Papa started walking off towards the barn intending for his sons to follow him, which they did.

“I’ll just head on over to the wrangler’s cabin. See you guys at supper?”

Papa turned to Eddy. “No Eddy, I think you need to hear this too. Come on now.” The older boy followed obediently as his boss led him and his friends towards the barn like they were all in trouble.

All three boys trailed behind the older man as they disappeared into the darkening barn. Spears of sunlight kitty-cornered the darkness igniting moats as they wafted in the breezeless atmosphere. It was still and quite except for an occasional cluck from the roosting chickens and skittering rat’s claws on the rafters overhead. Dust smell filled their noses threatening Nathan with a sneeze.

“Boys, as I’ve said your momma and I had a fight when you left. I knew exactly how she would react when I sent you off and she didn’t disappoint me, but I fear it might have gone too far. She won’t say much about it while our guests are here, but she will not forget it nor will she let it alone for long.” Papa’s voice echoed softly in the nearly empty barn fussing the chickens by his disturbance.

“What happened papa?” Rusty was looking guilty as his father told them of the fight.

“What you said Rust didn’t cause the problem, but it proved the catalyst I used to achieve a means to an end. I’ve never agreed with Nancy about the way she treated you two concerning anything that even hinted of sex or sexual exploration. She and I have had some terrible fights about it over the years, but I was always willing to back down until today.”

“Papa…” Nathan looked startled and confused by what his papa was saying.

“Boys please let me finish before you interrupt again. When I’m through you may ask all the questions you want, OK?” All three boys nodded their heads. Eddy was still wondering why this concerned him, but he chose to wait it out quietly and see. “I don’t know why your momma is the way she is, but she has pretty much made both of your lives needlessly rough as though she is scared you will grow up to be monsters if she didn’t. I have my ideas about it, but I’ll keep them to myself since I have no proof.

“Today she wanted to confront you Rusty about what you said. I guess you’ve already told Nathan and Eddy about it?” Rusty simply nodded his head to confirm. “Well, when she saw you were not here she asked me where you were and I told her that I sent you boys off to the river to swim for the afternoon.” Papa relayed what went on between his wife and him during their fight. When he was through he looked at his younger son and saw tears began to swell in the corners of his eyes. “I don’t mean she has not been a good mother Nathan, I love your mother, she is my wife and I will always love her, but her attitudes towards all things sex has just about messed both of you up royally. Even you cannot deny what I’m saying.” Both boys nodded their heads while Nathan drew circles in the dust with the toe of his boot, he wasn’t looking at papa, but he was listening and papa knew it.

“She actually said she wanted us to move out?" Nathan’s tears were freely flowing now.

“Yes, but it was hypothetical depending on your willingness, or lack thereof, to comply to her wishes. As I said boys, I love Nancy more than my own life, but I love you two more. I will never allow her to throw either of you out and I told her as much. I don’t care what you do, what you say, or what you think. I will never turn my back on you, not even if both of you are gay and want to screw every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world.” All three boys looked very nervous at the direction this conversation was heading after the afternoon’s events. “You boys are just now beginning to act like brothers and developing the relationship you ought to have formed years ago. I will not let Nancy’s Victorian views mess that up.

“I’ll understand if you boys are mad at me, but please understand that I’m finally standing up for you two, which is something I should have done years ago. For not doing it I’m truly sorry. You boys mean the more than my life to me.

“Now this next part is something that I’m going to tell you, but I need your word Nancy will never find out I told you. Promise me sons and you too Eddy. No one may ever know I told you, OK?” Papa waited.

“OK, we promise.” All three boys said in unison.

“The people who are coming are your grandmother and someone else. I won’t tell you who the other person is because Anna doesn’t want you to know. She wants to surprise you, so you had better act surprised when she comes in this afternoon. She got into North Platte about fifteen minutes ago and will be here in about thirty minutes if I know the way Anna drives, so please do us all a favor and be surprised when she gets here. I tell you this because I don’t want you two to be lulled by your momma acting normal while her mother is here. She is more than pissed and she will try her best to turn the tables on me for what I’ve said to her and she’ll succeed if you are not on your guard, OK? She’s been banging around in the kitchen all afternoon to make certain everyone within earshot knows she’s pissed and she was staging it for your benefit.” The boys nodded understandingly.

“Now this next part is why I’ve asked you to join us Eddy. I want to tell you boys what I was hinting at up in your bathroom today and what I wanted to tell you this evening when you boys got back. When I was your age I had five brothers. There were six of us altogether. Rusty and Nathan already know this Eddy, so I’m saying it to bring you up to speed. I was especially close to one of my brothers in particular and that was Thomas. He was the second oldest. Horus was the oldest, then Thomas, A. J., me, Kenny, and then Houston.

“There are times when brothers and other young men will do things with each other. Things that are typically not spoken about or discussed, but it happens anyway and it is perfectly natural. You boys were doing it up in the shower when I came up there.” The boys looked like they were about to protest. “Don’t take me for a fool, guys. I know what I saw and I am fully aware of what you two were up to. I averted a catastrophe this afternoon when you two were late coming down for lunch. Momma was about to go up to get you but I talked her into sending Eddy instead. She had her hands full so she jumped at the idea of sending someone other than going up herself.

“Anyway I was fourteen when it happened. Thomas caught me working my pecker if you get my drift. I thought he’d be pissed with me. It wasn’t his nature to rat anyone out, but he would have gotten me good if he didn’t like what I was doing. Instead he joined me. It happened right here in this barn up in the loft. We didn’t talk about it during or afterwards, but it happened. As I said this was not something we discussed but that was not the only time it happened either. I won’t go into details because it is something private and I still have trouble talking about, but it didn’t stop with just jacking off with each other. It went further.” All three boys were shocked by papa’s revelation.

“Thomas was three years older than me and when he turned eighteen he enlisted in the Army. This had been going on between us for almost a year by then and when he went away I thought I would die. I saw him twice after he enlisted. The first time was after he got out of boot camp about two months before he was deployed to England and the second was right before World War II started. He was shipped home for furlough and he stayed here almost a month. We spent nearly all of our time together and wasted more potential sons and daughters then anyone has a right too.” Papa’s voice chocked and tears started to course down his cheeks. “God I miss him…” Papa shook his head to clear his thoughts and regain control. It surprised him it still effected him so strongly after all this time.

“When we took him to the train station to see him off was the last time I saw him alive.” He said softly. “They shipped him home in a closed casket because his injuries were too severe to open the lid. I’ve never gotten over the loss. Thomas was my brother, but he was also my best friend and for all intense and purpose he was also my lover. But what is important of what I’m telling you is that I fully understand what transpires between young men. It is natural and healthy and nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t mean you’re gay either although that is always a possibility. If so, then I will love you regardless and that includes you too Eddy. You’ve been around here for a long time and you’ve worked for me since you were sixteen. I think of you as one of my boys.”

Papa thought he saw Eddy’s eyes water up like he was about to start crying. Eddy’s father was a good man and someone who did what he had too to take care of his family, but his job kept him away. As a truck driver he had precious little time to spend at home. Rusty senior knew Edward missed and his family horribly and loved them with all his being, but Eddy needed a daddy and for the most part papa was that person for him.

“Well, I guess that is about all I wanted to tell you boys. Run on and get cleaned up. Anna will be here…” Papa fell silent as car tires crunched the drive. “Damn, I guess she’s already here. You two still being wet and gritty will not go well with momma. I guess we ought to head on out there and greet them. Remember to be surprised you two. I’m already in enough trouble with your momma. I don’t need this added to it, OK?”

“Sure papa, we’ll be as surprised as though you never told us.” It was Nathan who’d spoken and Rusty was nodding his head in agreement.

Eddy stood there waiting for the boys to head on out to meet their grandmother. “Mr. Rusty, may I have a word with you alone for a minute?” Eddy’s voice quivered slightly.

“Sure Eddy, are you alright?” Papa looked at Eddy for a moment. The young man only nodded his head to indicate he was. “Rusty and Nathan, you boys run on now and please don’t disappoint me with this, be surprised, OK?” They nodded their heads again and headed to the barn door aiming one meaningful and inquisitive look at Eddy that spoke tomes in a single moment. It was not lost on papa.

“What is it Eddy?” Papa asked once the boys left.

“I just want to thank you for what you said about me being like one of your boys. I also want to say something or rather ask you something?’

“OK, what is it Eddy? What’s wrong?” Papa reached over and pulled the tall young man over to him and into a one arm embrace.

“Did you really mean what you said?"

“Eddy, I never say anything I don’t mean. I don’t believe in leading people on or telling lies. What’s on your mind son?”

“Well, I think I’m…” Eddy trailed off.

“Gay?” Papa looked at the fine young man who stood next to him. He was a person papa had grown really fond over the years. Eddy was the perfect gentleman and a hard and honest worker.

Eddy looked at papa shocked by the older man’s perception. “Yea, I mean, how did you know?”

“I told you three that I’m not stupid Eddy. You think I’ve not noticed the way you look at Rusty and Nathan, or Frank for that matter.” Frank was one of Eddy’s coworkers at the ranch. “We all know Eddy. I’ve not told anyone and neither has anyone else. Nancy would freak if she even thought it.”

Eddy could not help but admire Mr. Rusty even more than earlier that morning when he’d fired his uncle Charlie and helped him dress the dead sheep and load it into Charlie’s car. “Everyone knows? But, how, I mean, I didn’t even realize it myself for sure until about a month ago. How long have you known?”

Papa squared the younger man’s shoulders between his huge mitts and looked him in the eye. “Eddy, I’ve know about you for about a year now. I knew you hadn’t come to terms with it yourself, but I figured you would eventually and I also have no doubt what the three of you did this afternoon either. I’d bet this ranch you all did quite a bit more than just jacked off too.” Eddy didn’t comment. He didn’t have to; his eyes told the older man all he needed to know. Eddy was just like reading an open book for Rusty senior. Fortunately for Eddy, he and Stan were about the only ones who could read him that well but all the ranch hands had figured it out about two or three months after Rusty senior had. “Tell me Eddy, do Rusty and Nathan know?”

Eddy didn’t know how to answer. “Um, I don’t know. I’ve not told them.”


The young man swallowed hard and glanced at papa. “After today it’d be hard for them not too.”

Papa just nodded. Well, if I know my boys they will be your friend regardless. I would have been worried about Nathan knowing about it before, but I think he is finally growing up. You don’t have to tell them, but I think it would make things easier on the three of you if you did. If they give you a problem I’ll take care of it.” Eddy just nodded and wrapped his arms around Mr. Rusty who in turn wrapped his around the very vulnerable young man trembling in his arms.


*          *          *


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