Rusty and Nathan: Chapter 005

2009 by Lootah Akecheta

Disclaimer: This is a story of adult sexual content between two consenting step brothers in their late teens. If you are offended by this type of material, or if you are under the age of eighteen (18), then please do not read further. This is a purely fictional story and any resemblance to any persons or places is coincidental except for the use of cities that actually exist in the State of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, and the name of the North Platte River, which I use for geographical accuracy. This material is copyrighted by me and may not be used in part or in whole for group entertainment or education without first obtaining written permission from me. I would appreciate any constructive criticism, complements, or suggestions my readers may have to share with me, however I will flatly ignore flaming out at my material. You may write to me via:

North Platte Summer

Chapter 5


Mr. Rusty could hear his sons shouting excitedly over Anna and Jason’s arrival as he and Eddy emerged from the barn. The evening turned out rather pretty and had cooled a little from the days blistering high. The sun was still fairly high in the evening sky, maybe two, two and a half hours before it joined the Prairie’s embrace. Several chickens who had not yet made it to the barns darkened interior were still scratching around in the dusty areas beneath an old oak that shaded the western side of the Victorian house while a lazy breeze rustled poison ivy leaves climbing its trunk. A black and orange American Lady Butterfly fluttered above a clump of bright orange Butterfly Weed, intently observed by Sammy a Siamese tomcat who’d taken up residence at the ranch five years ago. Tail twitching back and forth Sammy shifted from one hind paw to the next preparing to spring. The butterfly blissfully danced from one orange cluster to the next totally clueless of the peril she faced.

Papa had to take a double look when he saw his sons with their cousin. It was hard to tell Nathan and Jason apart. The two boys looked like twins. As papa drew closer he noticed Jason had striking green eyes in contrast to Nathans icy blue. This was going to take some getting used to. “Hello Anna, I trust you had a pleasant trip even with the delay?” He held his large rough hands out to greet his mother in law in an open embrace.

Anna wrapped her arms around Rusty Senior’s stout waist enjoying the solid strength of his arms closing around her. “Oh yes, we had a wonderful time with each other. I introduced kids to the art of people watching, although I doubt they fully appreciate the finer nuances of human behavior.” She chuckled as she released her son in law and glanced at Jason who rolled his eyes. It was clear he didn’t find the “art of people watching” very interesting. “Rusty, I would like to introduce you to your Nephew Jason over there by your boys and this is your Niece Marie, Jason’s sister.” With this Anna moved over to reveal a young girl lurking behind her who was about ten or eleven years old. Marie bashfully stared up at her dumbfounded uncle. She was a tall girl for her age, but still a bit shorter than her grandmother. Long sandy blond braided hair hung heavily over her shoulders and down onto her chest. Across her face a bridge of freckles stretching from cheek to cheek crossing her nose and accentuating her high cheekbones. She was rather cute for a preadolescent girl sporting a pair of faded blue jeans with one knee ripped and frayed and a plain white pullover shirt that was spotlessly clean. Dark blue tennis shoes adorned her feet and her jeans were at least an inch too short exposing pink socks.

Rosy cheeks marked her embarrassment, or maybe amusement – it was hard to tell, but she held her hand out to papa in greeting. “Hay Uncle Rusty…” he shook her hand and then she extended the proffered hand to her aunt “And Aunt Nancy.” Her voice was clear and confident even if she seemed bashful.

“Hello Marie. It’s good to see you and I’m glad you came along.” Nancy pulled her niece into a gentle hug. It was clear Nancy had failed to tell her husband to expect their niece. She was rather pleased by the surprised look on his face. “You look just like your mother, you know that dear? Bonny was a wonderful woman and a childhood friend of mine. I’m really glad you came along. Maybe we can look as some old photos of your mother and me when we were young? Would you like that?” Marie, who'd never known her mother since she died while giving birth to her, eagerly nodded her head yes while looking at the rest of the crowed gathering around the rental car.

Papa eyed his wife for a moment trying to figure out what she was up to. She was a good woman and kind hearted, but she could be devious too. He knew she’d not planned this as a result of their argument, but he had no doubt she would try and use it in her favor to get back at him if she could. While Nancy, Anna, and Marie busied themselves with light conversation Rusty edged over to his sons and nephew. Sammy’s quick movements over in the shadows of the old oak caught his attention. The cat sprang, sailing over the Butterfly Weed and landed on all fours; his mouth full of nothing but air. He growled at the butterfly who blissfully bounded from one blossom to the next, his tail twitching madly. His sharp eyes moved quickly following every gesture the tantalizing insect made. Sammy glanced toward the distracting sounds the humans were making over by the strange white car and was surprised by the flutter of wings as the butterfly teased past his nose recapturing his undivided attention.

Papa laughed and eased up beside his son overhearing Nathan ask Jason if he liked to swim. He was telling him why he, Rusty, and Eddy were wet and covered with sand. The river was quickly becoming the center of their conversation. “Well, you must be Jason. My, it’s been a long time. You were what, five when I last saw you?

“Yes sir, I believe so. It was when ya’ll came down to visit grandma when I was little.”

“Well, ya ain’t five now. You’re turning into a fine young man Jason. Man I cannot get over how much you’ve grown, but I guess twelve years makes quite a bit of difference.” Papa stretched his hand out for Jason to shake and pulled the young man into a one armed embrace like he’d given Eddy in the barn.

Jason glanced between Rusty Senior and his oldest son. “If you and Rust were the same age Uncle Rusty, you’d look just alike.”

Papa chortled, “Yep Rusty certainly sprang up from my roots. But hell, you and Nathan do look just alike.”

“Except for the eyes; I think Nathan’s got better looking eyes.”

“I don’t know about that Jason. Both of you have pretty striking eyes if you ask me. They suit the rest of your looks, but I cannot get over how much you two resemble each other. If I didn’t know better I’d say you were brothers instead of cousins.” Papa looked at both boys for a moment. “Sons since you need to clean up anyway, why don’t you help Jason up to his room and while you’re up there take a shower to wash the river sand off ya before supper.” He turned to Jason, “You can take the room next to Rusty and Nathan’s if you like Jason. We might as well have all three of you up on the same level. It’s a comfortable floor even if it’s in the nosebleed section.” Papa slapped Nathan on the shoulder and winked at Rusty. “Don’t you two be using all the hot water again. Anna and Marie might want to take a shower too before supper you know.” A sly grin spread across his face as he watched both his boys’ ears redden.

Crouching down beside the Butterfly Weed Sammy eyed the annoying fluttering insect, tail twitching a tattoo only the cat could hear. He shifted his weight between both his hind paws and calculated his next move. Springing he reached for the bug as it came dangerously close to his clutching claws but at the last moment dodged upward narrowly escaping disaster. “Damned ole bug!” Hunkering down again he watched as the American Lady danced its way across the blazing orange perennials. Sammy’s tail shivered in annoyance.

Nathan shifted his eyes toward papa wondering if he thought Rusty and him would be sharing another shower with his cousin here. “Yes sir papa. Come on Jason I’ll show you your room while Rusty takes a shower. Which bags are yours?” Nathan asked while striding towards the car. Rusty looked at his brother as though he’d lost his mind. Since when did he willingly give up dibs on the shower?

“It’s the red one. I didn’t bring much.” Jason reached into the open trunk and tugged his large red suitcase out setting it down heavily next to his feet. “Grandma said you live on the third floor, is that right?” Jason looked horrified at the chore of lugging his suitcase up two flights of stairs.

“Yea but we’ll help you with it Jason.” Nathan tried to pick up the suitcase and nearly pulled his shoulder out of socket. “Gees Jase, what ya got in this thing?” He looked quickly at his mother and breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately Nancy was out of ear shot or she’d give him a piece of her mind for taking the Lords name in vain.

“Not much; clothes, shoes, several hats, a few cassettes, and a couple of books.”

“Well it feels like you got a ton of bricks in here.” Nathan simpered at his cousin’s bemused look and tugged the suitcase up starting off across the yard with it. “Are you two coming?” He hollered over his shoulder as he left his cousin and Rusty behind. Both boys snickered at Nathan’s vacillating steps. “Awe common guys, I’m gonna need help tugging this up the stairs.” With that Rusty and Jason hurried on to help Nathan.

Eddy watched from the shadow of the oak tree being careful not to get too close to the poison ivy groping out for him like the hands of hell clambering for the souls of the lost. He didn’t like the way his friend looked at Jason. Rusty eyed his cousin as though he’d like nothing better than to eat him. Of course Eddy couldn’t blame him any, the thought crossed his mind about a gazillion times since Jason came into sight. Those eyes would melt the coldest of hearts and warm even the Grinch’s veins. Eddy sighed and ambled his way towards the Wrangler’s Cabin to get ready for supper. Jealousy ripped at his mind, but he couldn’t help it. He only hoped it would not drive a wedge between him and Rusty or prevent him from getting to know Jason who seemed like a very affable young man. He kicked a stone from his path as he neared the cabin then picked up another and threw it hard out over the garden where it thumped in a cloud of dust.

Sammy hunkered down and shifted his weight again from one paw to the next. His vigilant eyes watching the butterfly’s every move. Tail twitched one last time and then he sprung with all his feline might. His arch was perfect bounding over the Butterfly Weed. He landed on three paws clutching the hapless insect in his fourth. He let it go for an instant only to slam his paw over it again, claws extended, creating a small cage from which the butterfly could not escape.


*          *          *


Eddy’s attitude and posture was not lost on papa. He noticed how the young man stood off from the rest and watched Rusty and Nathan interacting with Jason. The look on the older boy’s face was clearly understood. Papa watched from the corner of his eye as Eddy moped his way back to the cabin, kicked a stone and then threw another with more vehemence then was necessary. Only half listening to the conversation Anna was trying to have with Nancy and him he realized the conversation had left him once again. “… been a long day and Marie and I need to get our things in the house before we can freshen up for supper. I need to talk with you Nancy and you too Rusty…”

 “I’m sorry Anna, what were you saying?” I must have drifted there for a moment.

“I simply need to talk with the two of you before turning in tonight. It is very important and I don’t want to wait any longer than I need to. It can wait until the children are in bed and the house has settled down for the night.”

“Sure momma, what is it about? Are you alright?” Nancy was the worry wart of the family and always jumped to conclusions, often wrongly so.

“Oh yes, I’m alright. It has to do with your brother, but it can wait until after supper. Rusty, why don’t you show Marie to the room she’ll be using while she is here and help her get her luggage in for me would you dear?” It was clear Anna wanted to speak to her daughter alone so papa agreed and helped Marie get her bags and took her on up to the second floor of the house.

Once he was out of earshot Anna looked at her daughter deciding how she wanted to phrase her next words. “Nancy…” Anna fell silent for a moment. “I don’t know where to start, but I guess I need to ask you something. Have you told Rusty?”

Nancy gave her mother a confused look. “I’m not sure I follow what you’re asking momma. What exactly should I have told him?”

“About Jacob and what he did to you?” Nancy’s face turned red and she looked away before directing an angry glare back toward her mother. Apparently she had not. “I’m afraid your brother’s at it again and the time has come to take action against him before he ruins yet another life. You have to tell Rusty what happened. It is the only way he will understand what is going on and why it is imperative that he stand up for Jason and Marie. …”

“Momma, I…” Nancy’s voice caught. “I… simply cannot!” Tears welled up in her eyes.

“He will understand Nancy. He’s a good man and he needs to know, especially if he is to help those kids the way they need it. I’ll be here for you, sweetie, for moral support or any other way you need me.”

“Like you were all those years ago?” Nancy’s anger was beginning to boil over. After the fight with Rusty, the thought of trusting such a personal and damning secret with him was out of the question.

“I’m sorry about that Nancy. I truly am, but my hands were tied. You know what your father was like. However your father is dead and they are not tied now. I can do something this time and I intend to do it. I cannot however do it alone. I need yours and Rusty’s support and understanding. I also need the political connections Rusty has up here, because your brother has too much influence in the South. I could never pull this off down there, and I’m getting too old to do it alone. Please Nancy, think of the children. Do it for them.” Anna placed a warm hand on her daughter’s arm. “Please?” She whispered.

“Has he done it yet?” Nancy looked fearfully towards the house where her husband and Marie disappeared only moments before.

“I don’t think so, not with Marie anyway.”


“I… yes.” The old woman sighed.

Color drained from Nancy’s face making her look like a ghost. “You mean he’s been tutoring Jason like deddy tutored him, right?”

“No, I mean he’s done to Jason what he did to you.” Anna’s eyes showed a very dim sad light. She shook her head. “I don’t understand him Nancy. He is pure evil. Worse than your father ever was, which was bad enough.”

“Is Jason gay?” Nancy didn’t know what to think. She seriously thought homosexuality was an abomination, but she could not turn her back on anyone that bastard had wounded.

“I don’t think so, but after what Jacob has done to him, who knows?”

“Very well momma, I’ll tell Rusty for the sake of those children, but you have to promise me none of them; Jason, Marie, or my boys, will never find out. Promise!”

“I swear to you that I will never tell them, if they find out it will be up to you and Rusty.”

Nancy nodded her head once in acknowledgement and turned to head inside. Anna watched her daughter’s determined steps as she practically ran to the house. She was in full tears before she reached the screen door at the top of the kitchen steps. “God, dear God Almighty, please let this work.” Anny reached into the trunk of the white sedan and pulled her one carpetbag suitcase from the trunk closing the hood before walking quietly to the old house. The last time she’d made the trip up here was at her daughter and Rusty’s wedding sixteen years ago. She’d forgotten how large the old rambling home was. Orange sunlight bathed the old house as the sun’s last feeble attempts to shine washed over it. This has to work. Somehow I will make it work. I have to redeem myself for doing nothing when it happened to you my daughter. Tears stung the old woman’s eyes as she thought about the wounds her daughter had endured at the hands of her son.


*          *          *


On the landing at the top of the stairs on the third level of the house Nathan and Jason bent over the suitcase panting. Rusty laughed at them; he couldn’t help it considering how funny they looked. “Quit laughing Rust.” Nathan whined.

“I can’t believe you two had so much trouble hauling it up here. Both of ya need to work out.” Rusty ginned but at least he’d stemmed the laughter.

“Yea well, Mr. Olympian, why didn’t you bring it up here being that you’re so strong and all?” Nathan was more than just annoyed at his brother’s jibe.

“Remember I offered but you both said no.” Rusty slapped his brother on the ass as he picked the suitcase up and effortlessly carried it down the hall to the empty bedroom Jason would be using.

Nathan glared after him. “Ugh, I swear he can be such a pain in the ass sometimes.” He sighed as Rusty disappeared into Jason’s room. “You have to overlook Rusty sometimes Jason. He thinks everyone ought to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or something.”

Rusty sashayed into the hallway flexing his biceps. “I heard that, and I don’t think everyone should look like Arnold. Think about it for a moment; it would be pretty gross if momma looked like him.” All three boys scrunched up their faces in disgust and burst out laughing.

Nathan acted like he was gagging while Jason scowled: “Yea, she would! That’s downright sick!” Jason said in his thick southern drawl.

After catching his breath Nathan walked down the hall and turned into the bathroom. “Hold on bro, what ya think you’re doing?” Rusty caught his brother’s arm to halt him.

“Taking a shower, what else would I be doing?”

“Uh uh, I don’t think so, or did I hear you wrong when you told papa you would show Jason his room while I took a shower? Ergo, I go first this time.”

“I was just saying that for papa’s sake. After the other day, I didn’t want him thinking anything.”

“We all could take one together.” Nathan and Rusty looked stupefied at their cousin. “…or not.” Jason backpedaled.

“No, I mean, yea sure…, but the shower isn’t large enough for all three of us.” Nathan stammered.

“We could still do it but we’d have to get wet, soap up, and then rinse one at a time. There’s no reason we can’t all three be in the bathroom at the same time.” The look on Jason and Nathan’s faces said they agreed with Rusty’s suggestion whole heartedly. “That’s your room there Jason.” Rusty pointed out the room he’d just come out of. “I put the suitcase on your bed. Get what you need and meet us in the bathroom.” Rusty grinned at his cousin and repositioned his stance because his dick was starting to swell and ache at the thought of seeing Jason naked.

“OK. It won’t take long to get all the things I need. See ya’ll in a moment.” Jason slipped past the brothers and Rusty thought he caught sight of a devilish smile lifting the corners of his cousin’s mouth just before he stepped beyond his sight. As Rusty led Nathan into their room he leaned back towards his brother whispering. “Maybe we can take turns washing him.”

“You’ll get no complaints out of me bro.” Nate winked at his brother.

Back in the bathroom the brothers were stripping down. Rusty had already slipped his boxers off when Jason walked in naked carrying his shaving kit. The first thing he noticed about his cousin was the absence of a hood. Jason was circumcised. The next thing he noticed the younger boy was half hard and then the absence of pubic hair on his scrotum came to his attention. “Hay look Nate, Jason shaves his nuts.” Realizing he might have embarrassed his cousin, Rusty quickly added. “Um, sorry Jason. I didn’t mean…”

“No problem Rust. I don’t mind. Yea I shave em; like the way it feels.” Jason cut his cousin’s apology short because there was no need to apologize.

“WOW! You’re cut too.” Nathan chimed in mesmerized by his cousin’s cock. He noticed the resemblance between his cousin and he even extended to their dicks except for the absence of Jason’s hood. He’d always wondered what his dick would look like circumcised. Most of the guys in the school lockers were cut and it made him wonder what his would look like. Now he pretty much had his answer. He started the shower adjusting the temperature to where he liked it. “Um, Jason, wanna go first? You’re our guest and you’ve had a very long trip.”

“Yea Jase, how about it? We can shower after we’re done with you.” Rusty had a wicked little grin masking his face.

“I don’t have to go first guys, unless you just want me too.”

“We insist.” Nathan chimed in with his brother nodding his head in agreement.

“OK.” Jason slipped under the shower stream while Nathan closed the curtain just enough to keep the spray from soaking the bathroom. “You want me to turn the water off when I get wet?”

“Yep, that will make it easier for us to talk while we’re bathing you.” Nathan said while winking at his brother. After a moment the water cut off and Jason pulled the curtain back revealing his soaked body. Already holding the soap Nathan began rubbing it all over Jason’s torso and gradually worked his hand down into his crotch soaping up his cousins goods.

“Mmmm, that feels good.” It was clear Jason was enjoying this treatment. His cock was already standing at full mast and he leaned into Nathan’s hand. Rusty took the soap from his brother and rubbed it all over Jason’s back and into his ass crack. “God, ya’ll really know how to make a guy feel welcome. Damn this feels good.”

While Nathan was “cleaning” his cousin’s hard cock by stroking it and Rusty had his whole hand in Jason’s crack the door swung open and papa stepped in shutting the door behind him. All three boys jerked around trying to hide what they were doing. “Hmm, remember what I told you about not using all the hot water guys. Also, you need to keep it quite while you’re in here. Marie’s bedroom is next to the second floor bathroom. She might be able to hear what’s going on in here.” Papa laughed, “Giving him the royal treatment aren’t you? Welcome to our home Jason.” Papa winked and looked at Rusty. “I need to talk with you son.” With that papa left the room, leaving the door open clearly intending for Rusty to follow. He led the way into Rusty and Nathan’s room and asked his son to shut the door when he walked in. He was pleased to see Rusty hadn’t bothered putting a towel on and his hands were still covered in soap.

“What’s wrong papa?” Rusty looked worried, but it was clear he wasn’t concerned about being nude in front of his dad. After all, papa’d already seen him like this, complete with a full hard-on.

“It’s Eddy son. Do you realize you didn’t even introduce him to Jason? I think he is pretty upset about it too. It was obvious he didn’t like the way you were looking at Jason and carrying on and all, and for not paying him any attention either. I think he would have liked it if you had introduced them. Eddy may not admit it to you or to himself, but he really likes you son. Need I say more?”

“Ah hell papa, I didn’t even think about it. Is he really upset?

“Yes, I think he is, but did you hear the last thing I told you? You are more than just a friend to him son, at least in his mind you are.”

Rusty was quite for a moment. “You really think so? I mean… I don’t know how to handle that?”

“Well, you need to talk with him about it and the sooner the better. I think he was pretty jealous of you because of Jason. Son, if he is in love with you, infatuated with you, or whatever, take it easy on him. He is your friend first, remember that. Real friends are hard to come by and when you have one as loyal as Eddy is to you, it’s important to do what’s necessary to try and keep it.”

“OK papa, I’ll talk with him during supper tonight and I’ll be easy on him. I might even like the idea as long as he understands that I also like women and I want a family someday. I’ll make it a point to introduce him to Jason and include him from now on.”

“OK son. That’s what I wanted to hear. Now you better get back in there before Nathan has all the fun.” Papa snickered and winked at his son. “Damn, to be your age again.” Rusty blushed and quickly slipped out of the room heading back to the bathroom. Sure enough Nathan was having all the fun. Just as Rust walked back in Jason busted his nuts all over Nathan who’d resumed stroking his cousin’s cock. “Damn Nate, you couldn’t wait for me?”

Nathan looked hot as hell covered in Jason’s sperm. Rusty simply moaned, his dick throbbing. “Sorry Rust. I couldn’t help myself. Have you ever stroked a cut dick?” Rusty could've sworn he heard papa laughing at the door.

“No I haven’t and now I won’t get too either thanks to you.”

“You can still play with it Rust. It’s sensitive, but I think I can handle it.” Jason gave his cousin a shy smile. He was hungry to explore the beefed up man. Rusty took his cousin up on the invitation and gently caressed his goods. “Man I love the way you two get into this. Nathan was like he couldn’t get enough of it. You too man. Damn! This feels g-o-o-d.”

“Hell Nate, you’re right. This does feel different, but I like it.” Rusty rubbed his thumb over Jason’s cock head causing the younger boy to jerk back away from the friction caused by this action.

“Oh my god, it’s too sensitive for that man. I like the way you handle it though. Just remember I bust my nuts only moments ago.”

“Oh shit, sorry man. I’d forgotten.” Rusty went back to stroking the semi-hard cock and playing with the heavy low hanging nuts.

“Told ya it feels good.” Nathan looked like he was about to step in and takeover. He leaned in eagerly towards the other two with a consuming look in his eyes. “Damn,” he sighed a long breath, “I guess we need to get this show on the road if we’re going to get cleaned up for supper Rust. I hate to stop the action, but mom is liable to come up here if we don’t hurry up.”

Rusty reluctantly released his cousin’s cock and stepped over into the tub. “It will be quicker if we bathe together, but we cannot fool around or we’ll never get downstairs.”

“‘K bro, that’s cool.” Nathan joined his brother in the shower and closed the curtain only part way. Clearly he wanted to include Jason as much as possible.

Their cousin made a point of running his hands all over the brothers’ bodies and spent much more time than they really had rubbing and massaging both their cocks. It didn’t take him long to bring both of them off and the brothers shot their loads together. Nathan sprayed his all over Rusty who in turn pretty much drenched Jason.

“Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist the temptation with both of you naked and hard and letting me wash you like this.” Jason smiled sheepishly and looked at the streaks of cum covering his chest and abs. “Damn Rusty, how much spunk you got in those nuts man?”

Rusty laughed and twisted the shower knob to the temperature he wanted while Nathan closed the curtain again to keep the spray in the shower. “You guys really need to learn to lock this door if you are going to be doing this sort of thing in here. The last thing any of us need is to have momma come up here and walk in on ya. Unlikely she would, but you never know.” Papa closed the door behind him as he surveyed the scene before him. All three of boys turned beet red. “Supper’s just about ready.” Papa showed no sign of leaving the bathroom anytime soon as he watched the young men in front of him. He appraised that each of them was a fine young specimen of teenage youth. Chuckling at this situation, he eyed each of them. “Damn! Already getting started and he just got here. You two are quick! Don’t let ‘em wear you out Jason.” Papa chortled and turned to leave the boys in peace.

“Papa, can I ask you something?”

“Sure Rusty, what’s on your mind?” Papa turned when he asked this and Rusty noticed the tent forming in his father’s trousers.

“What’s up with you lately? I mean, you’ve been a lot more lenient on us about this.” Rusty gestured to the bathroom and his brother and cousin. “You know, sex and all of that. Used to you would have busted our butts good for doing something like this.”

Papa smiled at his son. “No I wouldn’t. That’s your momma you’re thinking about. I just didn’t go out of my way to show you I didn’t mind. I had to wait until both of you showed me you were mature enough to handle it. Once you did I decided it was past time to show you this side of me. Now, you better hurry up. Momma was about to ask Marie to come up and get you all for supper. We really don’t need her catching you guys doing anything of this nature, understand?” Papa waited for his sons and nephew to acknowledge what he was saying.

“We understand papa. Thanks, I mean for everything, you know?” Rusty looked like he was unsure if he wanted to disappear behind the curtain or if he wanted to pull papa into the shower with him. He chose to do neither.

Papa looked at his son and nodded his head and silently left the bathroom, he wasn’t sure if he could trust his voice. What Rusty said touched him in a way he wasn’t expecting, but neither did it need an explanation. Tears stung his eyes as he walked down the hall towards the stairwell. Love could not convey the way he felt for his sons. They were worth more than his life to him and his sons’ gratitude in any form was more than welcome.

*            *            *

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