Rusty and Nathan: Chapter 006

2009 by Lootah Akecheta


Disclaimer: This is a story of adult sexual content between two consenting step brothers in their late teens. If you are offended by this type of material, or if you are under the age of eighteen (18), then please do not read further. This is a purely fictional story and any resemblance to any persons or places is coincidental except for the use of cities that actually exist in the State of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, and the name of the North Platte River, which I use for geographical accuracy. This material is copyrighted by me and may not be used in part or in whole for group entertainment or education without first obtaining written permission from me. I would appreciate any constructive criticism, complements, or suggestions my readers may have to share with me, however I will flatly ignore flaming out at my material. You may write to me via:

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North Platte Summer

Chapter 6

Nancy’s Revelations

 A feeble light reached the boys from the spotlight overhanging a picnic area in the backyard. It hung about twenty feet high on the trunk of one of the old oaks that dotted the lawn. Momma, Grandma Anna, Marie, Papa and most of the ranch hands gathered around a wooden picnic table still supporting the remains of supper, which consisted of Haystacks – an easy dish consisting of corn chips and chilly with self-serve toppings such as tomatoes, onion, lettuce, cheese, and salsa. It struck Nathan funny because for all the banging around in the kitchen he’d heard his mother had done, she only managed to scrape up Haystacks for supper. He rolled his eyes bemused. Not that he was complaining, because it happened to be one of his favorite meals. A suicide moth repeatedly bounced off the naked bulb making shadows gyrate in patterns across the gray green grass. Once in a while he could hear the sound of laughter drifting across the lawn from some joke someone cracked or whatever their conversation brought up. Night breezes lightly tickled his arm hair. It felt good.

Eddy wasn’t at supper when the other boys showed up, so Rusty went to find him. Thirty minutes later they came out of the wrangler’s cabin clearly arguing enough so that Nathan thought something might be seriously wrong, but all seemed well now – at least on the surface. He hoped his brother and Eddy could reconcile whatever differences they were having. Their friendship went a long way back and it wouldn’t be good for an ill wind to rise between them now after all this time.

Eddy seemed to be enjoying the after dinner conversation he and the other boys were having. The more he stayed around Jason the more he realized the kid was a very nice young man whom he was finding it hard to hate. It was difficult to tell who was talking in the dark since Nathan and Jason not only looked alike but also sounded alike. If it weren’t for Jason’s thick southern drawl, it would be nearly impossible. Eddy leaned back against the inside side panel of his truck bed listening to the brothers tell Jason about the ranch and how things worked. The conversation eventually rounded to sex and what each had done in their life and what they enjoyed.

“I love getting sucked.” Nathan piped in.

“From what I’ve seen you love to suck.” Rusty snickered.

“Shut up Rust. Suck this!” Nathan grabbed his crotch.

“Pull it out if you’re brave enough.” Rusty taunted.

Nathan started unbuttoning his 501’s. “You got it bro. An you gotta do it right here in front of God and everyone too.”

“Bring it on Nate.” Rusty teased. Looking at the others and nodding knowingly he added: “He won’t do it; too afraid of getting caught.”

“Oh yea, I’ll show you.”

“Cool it guys.” A rough voice spoke quietly from the darkness nearby. All four boys jerked at the unexpected presence as Stan stepped out of the shadows and into the weak light that barely reached the old truck. “There’s a place and time for everything sons and right here, not a hundred yards from where the rest of your family are standing, is not the best place to show one up. Quieter, darker places, like the barn, are for things of that nature.”

Eddy grinned at his foreman. “Old man, were you eavesdropping on us over there?”

“Wasi’chu, I ain’t been droppin no eves, but I was there first before you runts came over. The way I see it, I had every right to listen in on anything I overheard.” Stan’s voice was stern and his face showed no expression at all, but Eddy knew the old man was teasing him. Wasi’chu was his “term of endearment” for the white boy who seemed to get in his way most of the time. His mother was Lakota and Wasi’chu was a term she often used to describe white people who were more often than not inobservant and untrustworthy. Stan only used it to tease the young man in an almost loving way and meant nothing by it. “If you do sneak off to the barn make sure you’re not followed. That youngen over there…” he gestured toward Marie, “has been itching to slip off from the others.” Stan eyed the slowly dwindling crowd by the picnic table. Anna was already busying herself with clearing the table, eliciting the help of a reluctant Marie, who picked up dishes of leftovers and shuffled unenthusiastically towards the back porch steps.

Jason looked at the old man with a mix of curiosity and mild prejudice indulgence. “Why on earth would we need to sneak to the barn? We weren’t doing nothing.”

“Oh?” Stan raised an eyebrow. “It looked to me like Nathan was about to pull his weed out to let Rusty chew on it a while. Did I misread what was happening here?”

Nathan blushed noticeably red even in the dim light and Jason cackled out loud. “Nope, you pretty much have it right.” Grinning Jason thought he might like the old black man after all. He had a no-nscence manner about him and still managed to come over like he was on the brink of cracking a joke. In truth it was hard not to like Stan who minded everyone’s business regardless if he should or not and told nothing he heard or saw. The old man simply nodded his head and quietly headed off towards the others around the table.

Rusty nudged his cousin. “Don’t underestimate Stan, Jason. He may be old and all, but he’s sharp as a tack and I swear sometimes he’s psychic.” Jason looked at his cousin like he was about to laugh.

“No Jase, he’s right. Stan knows things long before any of the rest of us do. I’ve seen him predict a mare’s pregnancy and rather or not the foal would be healthy, sickly, or still born even before she’s bred. He’s never been wrong either. It’s kind of freaky sometimes.” Eddy said this last bit as though he truly believed the old man could predict the future or tell you everything you’ve ever done. “If he tells ya something, you’d be wise to listen.”

“Well in that case what you say we sneak off to the barn than? It’s gotta loft, don’t it?” Jason looked at the others who seemed to perk up in agreement. All as one they hopped down off Eddy’s tailgate, the fence, and an old stump they’d been sitting on and eased on toward the barn.

“Wait a minute you guys, how about we go on down to the lower barn? It’s further, but a lot more private too.” Eddy’s suggestion was met with immediate enthusiasm. Leading past the corner of the yard-barn and down along the stables Nathan maneuvered the way towards the lower barn, which lay in the furthest pasture from the house. The others followed his lead. It was easy to see which direction he was heading in the full moon’s light.

Eddy kept watching behind them as they made their way because he wasn’t taking any chances after Stan’s warning to make sure Marie didn’t follow. The lower barn was a good fifteen minute walk from the house and it was larger than its counterpart in the back yard. As a true hay barn it loomed over them in the night’s silver light. Firefly lights flashed a wild dance in the dark shadows under a spread of shrubs and trees lining a small creek winding its way along the hollow’s bottom. Their twinkling lights enchanted the evening lending a surreal mood to the dale. Eddy imagined he would see elves riding their steeds through the valley in their noble fashion if he only looked for them. He glanced up as he turned back to follow the others into the barn and noticed the moon-ring, a halo around the full moon. It enclosed three stars. Hmm, three days before it rains, he mused. “Eddy you coming?” Rusty called to him from the dark interior of the mammoth structure. The older boy turned and sprinted quickly to the gaping, toothless, hollow door yawning in the barn’s dark gray face.

“Damn, what the fuck was that?” Jason cursed as he heard a clunking and creaking noise in front of him.

“It’s the hay wagon Jase, nothing to be worried about. Just remember it’s there when you come by it.” Nathan said as he rubbed his leg where he’d stumbled into the old wagon in the dark. Eddy pulled his Zippo out and struck the flint washing them all with a wavering yellow light.

“I didn’t know you had a lighter Eddy, when did you start smoking?” Rusty gave his friend a disapproving look.

“I don’t. I just like the lighter. There’s the ladder over there.” He pointed to an old dust covered 2x4 timber ladder that’d been fabricated into the super structure of the old building and which disappeared into a black square hole in the ceiling. Nathan reached it first and began climbing the old rungs which protested noisily against his weight.

“You sure those steps are sound enough to climb?” Jason looked dubiously at the old ladder.

“Sure they are.” Demonstrating their strength by jumping up and down on the 2x4 he was standing on, Nathan grinned as Jason backed up a few steps. “Eddy, let me see your lighter. I need to see where I’m going up here.” Eddy passed the lighter down the line of boys until Jason handed it Nate who stretched his arm up passing the lighter from the lower level into the loft.

Jason could now see dimly lit rafters high overhead through the hole. “Damn, how big is this thing anyway?”

“It’s huge. Back in the day they used to store loose hay up here, now we use it for storing hay bales for the horses. Due to the risk of fire we don’t keep any livestock down here though.” Nathan glanced back down at the incredulous look on Jason’s face.

“Speaking of fire Nate; be careful with my lighter up there. We don’t need to start one tonight.”

“I ain’t going to start a fire Eddy, chill.” Nate scrambled on up into the loft and waited at the top of the ladder for the others to join him. “Watch out for the feeding holes Jason. I can’t remember when they last had doors on them, but they run along here down the length of the loft on both sides.” He pointed to one of the holes in the loft floor where hay could be dumped into troves below. Once all four of them were safely up the ladder Nathan headed down toward the gaping loft door where moonlight bathed the old dusty floor.

“Is this floor safe to walk on?” Jason sounded like he’d thought it might be better had they stayed on the ground level.

“Hell Jase, I thought you grew up in Georgia. Don’t you have barns down there?” Eddy slapped Jason on the back.

“Yea we got em, but I ain’t never been in a barn before and this one looks old. Deddy, Marie, and I live in Tifton. It may be small, but it’s still a town.”

“Well, this barn is old. Its right around 100 years old to be exact, but it’s about as sound as a barn can be. This floor is solid white oak.” Eddy walked past Jason and took his lighter from Nathan who gave him a: hay I was holding that, look. “Come over here to the moonlight guys so I can snuff this flame out.” He stopped right in the middle of the moonlit square formed by the open loft door. The others joined him and with a snip the light went out leaving them to the mercy of nature’s own nightlight. Eddy sat down next to the door frame hanging one leg out of the open expanse and gestured for the others to join him. They each took a place a little bit away from the twelve foot drop at the door’s edge and sat cross legged in a semicircle. “Want’a continue what we were talking about before Stan interrupted us?”

“Yea Rust, when ya gonna suck my dick here in front of everyone?” Nathan was grinning at his brother. If he got a blowjob out of it so much the better.

“I think the topic was what we’ve done and what we like to do if my memory serves and the wager was rather or not I’d suck your dick in front of “God and everyone,” which would include momma, papa, and the rest of them too. It ain’t gonna happen.”

Nathan snickered. “I knew you wouldn’t do it.”

“So, I knew you wouldn’t pull it out for the whole world to see either.”

“OK guys, Jason, you wanna go first?” Eddy was getting impatient.

“Not really, but if you want me to…”

Eddy was about to say yes when Rusty butted in. “No Nathan started it down in the truck. I say he needs to finish his part first.” He liked putting his brother on the spot.

“I already said I like getting my dick sucked.” Nathan looked at his brother. “Now it’s someone else’s turn.”

“That ain’t all you like to do bro. As I recall, you couldn’t get enough of Eddy’s wanker earlier today.” Rusty was enjoying this.

“Yep, you’re right Rust and neither could you. Yea I liked sucking his dick. Jason, Eddy here has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. You gotta see it. Show em Eddy.”

Eddy shrugged and pulled loose the button on his jeans and unzipped. Before anyone could say boo he had his cock out and started a slow stroke on his meat in front of the other boys. Moonlight and shadows cast his dick in high relief making it look bigger then it was. “Holy shit Ed, they weren’t kidding were they?” Eddy’s cock was making the younger boy’s mouth water. “Damn, all three of you are uncut too. That’s not fair.”

“So Jase, what do you like to do?” Eddy wouldn’t leave it alone. He really wanted to know what the new kid liked.

“I like what I’m seeing there. I’ve done almost all there is to do Eddy, but I really like to bottom.”

Rusty and Nathan looked at each other like it was Christmas. “You mean you’ve been fucked?” Nathan was almost beside himself. “What’s it like? Does it hurt?”

“Yea at first it hurts especially if the guy topping you isn’t gentle, but once you get use to it and your butt stretches out, there ain’t nothin like it.” Eddy liked where this conversation was going. Hell he might even get to fuck the pup tonight while Rust and Nate watched. His dick liked it too apparently because he was about as hard as he could get. “Holy shit Eddy! Damn, that’s nice. I agree Nate that has to be the biggest dick I’ve ever seen too.” Jason’s eyes were glued to the older guy’s cock.

Eddy grinned. “Ya wanna feel it?” Eddy long stroked his cock making his hood glide up and over his full helmet shaped head while the other three watched. Without saying another word Jason scooted over and slipped his hand around the warm meat flesh between the twenty year old’s legs. “Mmm, that feels nice man. Hold up a minute dude.” With this he pulled his leg back inside from the brink and scooched out of his jeans sitting bare assed on the old timbers. Spreading his legs again he invited the young man to continue playing with his tool. Jason resumed enthusiastically. Rusty reached over and started stroking his brother’s crotch who returned the favor.

“Wanna suck it?” Eddy wanted to get this show on the road. He knew they didn’t have a whole lot of time before Mr. Rusty and Ms. Nancy would be wondering where their sons and nephew were. Jason didn’t need to be asked twice. Without hesitation he bent over and deep throated the older guys cock all the way down to its root. “Oh my God!” Eddy moaned. No one had ever deep throated his cock before, not that far down anyway. Jason was literally grinding  his nose into his thick bush.

“Holy shit Rust, you seeing this?” Nathan couldn’t believe anyone could take Eddy’s cock all the way down like that.

“I would if you’d keep out of my way bro. Settle down Nate and watch. Shit, I gotta get out of these jeans.” Rusty wiggled out of his trousers and slipped his shirt over his head. Nathan helped him slip his boxers off and grabbed a hold of his dick before he settled back down squeezing and stroking his brother’s boner.

“Oh God Jason, that feel s-o  g-o-o-d!” Eddy pressed his back hard against the old barn and slipped his hand on top of the young man’s head forcing him to stay a little longer on his cock causing his ass to lift off the floor. “Oh fuck man. I gotta fuck you dude.” He looked down at Jason who returned his gaze with an almost frightened look in his eyes.

Jason pulled off of his new friend’s tool. “I don’t know Eddy. I ain’t never taken on one as big as this before. I’ve suck em almost this big, but I ain’t never had one like this up my butt. I don’t know if I can.”

“I swear bro, I’ll take it easy on ya. Please! I really need to feel ya inside man.”

Jason swallowed hard. “OK but only if you go easy on me. I like taking it, but I swear I ain’t never had one this big Eddy.”

“OK dude, turn around Jason and let me have a look at that butt. Damn I need this so bad man.” Jason turned around and Eddy wasted no time at all pulling the younger man’s cutoff shorts down. He burrowed his face in his new friend’s crack causing Jason so much pleasure he moaned loudly as Eddy’s tongue lapped over his pucker. He wiggled his ass and leaned back into his face. Damn it felt good. After Eddy had licked, sucked, and fingered Jason’s ass for what seemed like a lifetime he finely eased up behind Jason’s ass and rubbed the head of his meat against the kid’s pucker.

Nathan and Rusty watched in rapt attention.  “Cool beans Rust. Damn this is hot!”

Eddy leaned in applying pressure against the reluctant ring. He eased back and then leaned in again slipping more of his head into the new kid’s hole. “Oh fuck! Eddy hold up man. Go easy.” Jason complained.

“OK Jason.” He pulled back and slipped a couple of fingers into his friend’s ass twisting them around and spreading his fingers some to stretch Jason’s hole a little wider. The seventeen year old moaned excitedly like he was in heat and pressed back against the invading fingers. Eddy leaned back in rubbing his cock against the younger boy’s hole once more, drooling a long stream of spit onto the head of his cock. He pressed against his ass slipping his head in a little further. With a little surge he felt Jason’s ring muscle slip down and grip the shaft of his cock just behind the corona. The head was in. He slowly pressed further sliding more of his cock into the young man’s chute.

Nathan and Rusty watched in total disbelief as Eddy drove his cock deeper into their cousin’s butt. The younger man moaned as he felt the monster tool driving in deeper. “Oh fuck! Damn, that feels good.” Eddy spit on his shaft again to give a little more lubrication to ease the action.

“Oh fuck’n “A” Jason. Damn your ass is so H-O-T! Oh my God this feels awesome dude!” Eddy drove in deeper. “Oh man, you want me to fuck you, don’t you? Say you want me to fuck you.”

“Fuck! Yes Eddy, fuck me. Oh my God!” Eddy pulled his hard cock out and then drove it back in. Not forceful yet, but hard enough to elicit a growling moan from the young man taking his meat. Jason was loosening up now and Eddy could feel it. “Oh fuck Eddy, drive it home man. Fuck ME!” The older boy wasn’t about to deny his fuck buddy’s request so he drove in hard impaling him on his hard cock. He began a strong rhythm that would drive him over the edge in short time, but he figured they only had a short time if he did what he wanted too. He wanted to see both Rusty and Nathan fuck their cousin. Damn the idea drove him nearly crazy and he just about lost it right then and there but managed to stay off his eruption just a little longer. He also wanted to give Jason the fuck of his life in the process.

Rusty was already naked, but Nathan was still in his clothes with his hard dick sticking out his 501’s fly. He pulled his shirt off and then started kicking his pants off trying to pull them over his sneakers. He finally managed to kick his shoes off and then Rusty helped him pull his pants and shorts off.  Oh hell, this was hot and he was dying to find out what it felt like if Jason was willing. Hell willing aside, if Jason was capable after being slammed by Eddy’s monster dick.

With a loud “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Eddy let loose inside his buddy’s ass filling him up to the brink. Sperm oozed out around his throbbing tool as he drove in one last time blasting the last of his seed into this young man’s butt. He collapsed on top of Jason’s back as his cock pumped the last vestiges of his sperm into the hot hole milking his dick. “Oh fuck Jason. Damn dude, I needed that. What you say you let Rust and Nate have a go. Think you’re up for it?”

“Oh God! Yea, I’m up for it. How about it guys? Wanna fuck me?” The boy was in heat.

Eddy laid down beside Jason on his back. “They’ve never fucked before Jason. How about it guys wanna try it out? It feels awesome and now there’s plenty of lube for ya.” Eddy snickered at his joke, accurate though it was.

“Oh hell yea!” Rusty was the first to pipe up. He scrambled over to his cousin and took position behind his gaping ass. “How ya doing Jase? You up for this?” He rubbed the head of his dick up through the hot, cum coated, crevasse between Jason’s hips. Oh fuck he couldn’t believe something could feel so inviting.

“Yea Rusty, give it to me.” Jason fantasized about this very thing ever since taking a shower with his cousins earlier that day. Truth be known he’d been fantasizing about it ever since his grandma told him they were coming up to Nebraska a week ago.

Rusty couldn’t wait any more. He leaned in as he’d seen Eddy do and his cock effortlessly slipped into his cousin’s hungry hole. “Oh fuck!” He’d never felt anything like it. His ass was hot and soft and sucked his cock like nothing ever had. Even when Eddy sucked him earlier, and as good as it felt, didn’t compare to this. His cousin’s ass was literally sucking and gripping his cock. He pulled back out and thrust in again. Damn this was hot! “Oh fuck, Nathan, you’ve gotta try this bro.” Jason’s ass proved to be just a little bit higher than Rusty’s cock could comfortably reach so Rust eased up on his legs pressing down on Jason’s hips until he crouched behind his cousin. He leaned over Jason’s back and wrapped his strong arms around him giving himself the added leverage he needed to drive his cock deep into his cousin’s butt.  Grunting like a mad man he thrust over and over into this hot ass working up to the point of no return. Jason was beside himself. There wasn’t much he liked better than to be held and fucked by a muscle stud and his oldest cousin fit the bill perfectly.

Eddy watched as his beefed up friend took sloppy seconds on his cousin’s ass. An animal instinct compelled Rusty driving him to a mating frenzy. Rusty was driving hard into the younger boy’s butt until his lust was finally satiated. “Oh fuck!,” his cock started pulsing wildly inside Jason’s ass as he fired his seed into his hole letting it comingle with Eddy’s spunk.

Several times Nathan had just about lost it watching his brother fuck their cousin. He’d stoke himself until he reached the edge and then eased off just before blasting his load. He thought about it for a nanosecond before stepping up to the plate his brother had just vacated. The fact he’d be shoving his bare cock into another dude’s asshole had the little voice in his head grumbled about how gross it would be, but his lust drove him past his reservations. “You ready for this cuz?” The younger man just grunted and nodded his head giving Nathan permission to enter. Before he could chicken out Nathan drove his cock all the way in. It blew his mind. Nathan had never experienced anything so completely consuming in his life. Holy shit, he’d only thought he’d found something he liked when Eddy blew him earlier, it didn’t even come close to the feelings his cock was hammering into his brain at the moment. Lack of experience didn’t matter either as he started thrusting. It came natural and he drove deep and hard into his cousin’s hole.

“Oh fuck yea, fuck me Nate. Oh shit this feels good.” Jason hung his head down. “Now I know what it feels like to be fucked by my own dick: Ah hell!” He’d been fucked silly before, but he’d never been fucked by three studs in one evening. Eddy nearly ripped him open and his cousins were hitting his button just right. He’d already blown his load twice while being fucked by the others and now he could feel it building again with Nathan inside him. “Oh hell Nathan, damn this feels fucking awesome! Yea, drive it in me man. Fuck my ass! Fuck me silly dude. Oh god I love it!” He let out a string of nonsense babble as Nathan did as he was told. Jason’s cousin drove his cock hard and fast into his butt making him see stars. He knew his legs would be jelly when these three got through with him.

It didn’t take Nate long to climax because he was so horned up when he started, but my god he’d never forget his first experience fucking a dude’s ass. He was in Heaven and Cloud Nine held nothing in comparison. He grunted as he slumped over onto Jason’s back. His cock pumping wildly spraying his load up his cousin’s ass. “Oh fuck Jason. Holy shit you feel so good.” Nathan was kissing his cousin’s ear slipping his tongue into the edge of his canal. Jason bucked and squirmed under his cousin’s oral assault. He never could take someone doing that to him and now it was driving him nuts. Just as he thought he could take no more his cock erupted a third time causing Nathan to jump inside him as his ass gripped his cock over and over again while he pumped his load out onto the hardwood floor of the loft.

Jason rolled over and lay on his side when Nate finally pulled out of his ass. He moaned. His asshole winked over and over again letting cum run down his cheek. It tickled and caused him to wiggle. “Oh man, I got cum running down my cheek. How the hell am I gonna clean this up before we head back to the house?” Eddy answered his question by turning him over onto his stomach and proceeded licking the oozing cum from his ass. His tongue easily slipped in and out of the stretched and used hole.

Eddy couldn’t help but chuckle into his friend’s ass when he heard Nathan exclaim his revulsion of what he was doing. “Come on over here Nate and try it. It isn’t as bad as you seem to think.”

“No way man!” Nathan’s true attitude was betrayed when he leaned forward to watch as Eddy continued eating their combined juice from Jason’s hole. He had to admit it was hot watching Eddy do it.

The walk back to the house was slower than when they came down there because Jason couldn’t go fast after the abuse his ass took. He walked kind of bowlegged and swaggered his way back up the path leading to the farm yard. “Damn my butt hurts.” His shit eating grin stood in stark contrast to his grumbling complaint. “Ya’ll really wore my ass out dudes.” He knew it would be a long time before he forgot this night. More likely a cockroach would have a better chance of escaping grandma’s foot than him forgetting the gang fuck he’d just survived. Hell, three studs in a row. That was a new record for him and he was very proud of himself. He liked patting himself on the back when he did what he thought he couldn’t do. Taking Eddy’s mammoth cock was enough in and of itself to be proud of.

The boys stayed clear of everyone when they returned to the house and scampered up to their floor to clean up so they could dispose of the evidence – primarily the smell. They didn’t exactly make it though because papa passed them on the second set of stairs leading up to the third landing. “Where have you boys been? We’ve been worried about you.” He eyed his sons and nephew and then realized what he smelled as Jason stepped up beside him. “Oh! Never mind just get on up there and wash up before anyone else gets a whiff of you. Gee whiz guys! Smells like you’ve been in a cat house.” Grinning he walked down the stairs shaking his head as three red faced young men dashed up the stairs with Jason struggling behind.

 *          *          *

 It was late to be starting this conversation, but Anna knew they had to have it and it had to be done when the kids were safely in bed, which seriously reduced the chance of being overheard. She’d asked Rusty and Nancy to join her as soon as they could and presently Rusty sat at the head of the table to Anna’s right and Nancy’s slippered footfalls whispered over the kitchen’s hardwood floor. “Please dear, have a seat here would you.” Anna gestured to the chair across from her as Nancy reached for her normal chair at the opposite end of the table. “We need to be close enough to keep our voices down.”  Her daughter eyed her mother for a moment and then complied taking the chair across from her and next to her husband. The last thing she wanted was to have this conversation at all.

“Actually momma; I was thinking why don’t we go out on the porch and have this discussion? It is private and quite a bit cooler than here in this old stuffy room and hard chairs.” The suggestion agreed with Anna and Rusty, so they all got up and headed out the kitchen door. On the back porch each took a whicker rocking chair and pulling them into a circle.

“Nancy dear and Rusty, I brought the kids up here for a reason: A very good reason and it is imperative the never return home. Rusty what all do you know about Jacob and Nancy’s past?” Nancy shifted uncomfortably in her rocking chair, which squeaked loudly at the twisting motion.

“Only that you all lived in Georgia when they were little and moved to Mississippi when Nancy was about fifteen. She’s told me about gardening and how hot it was down there. How the garden provided food, not only for the family, but for the whole community too.”

“What about Jacob’s and her relationship, or rather lack thereof.” Jason shook his head no and looked at his wife who looked any place but at her husband and mother. “Dear would you please tell Rusty your story? I know it’s hard, but he needs to know it.”

Nancy took several deep breaths, cleared her throat, and tried her voice with several false starts before she felt strong enough to carry though with her promise to her mother earlier that evening. “Jacob… Damn!  Rusty, Jacob is a monster. I don’t know how else to describe him. It all started when I was eleven; Marie’s age. Well, to put it short and I don’t want to go into any details; Jacob raped me repeatedly ever since I was eleven until I ran away from home at age nineteen.” The last sentence came out in a blur accentuated with a flood of emotions. Tears sprang into Nancy’s eyes and coursed their way down her cheeks.

Rust looked dumbfounded at his wife. He’d figured maybe someone had raped her once, but her own brother and repeatedly? Shock was his first emotion which was quickly replaced by blind, unadulterated, rage. He was so angry his whole body was shaking. “Where is this sun of a bitch!”

“He’s in Georgia Rusty and I’m not a bitch, or at least I don’t like to think of myself as one.” Anna was appreciative of her son in law’s reaction to this information. Unlike her daughter she was perfectly confident Rusty would be understanding and supportive of his wife in spite of her revelation.

“Oh sorry Anna: I didn’t mean to call you that. I just…” Rusty trailed off as he saw red again slamming his fist into his other palm. “I swore that if I ever found out who did it to you Nancy that I’d kill em.”

Nancy stood up and paced glaring at her husband. “Rusty don’t you dare! That would just take you away from us and he isn’t worth it.” She walked over to the screen and looked out over the barn at the moon. It was a pretty night with the fireflies flashing their dance. “There’s more and you both need to know it. Momma, I’ve never told you this, but I need both of you to swear that Nathan will never find out.” She stood silently waiting for the others to give her the reassurance she needed to protect her baby boy. When they complied she continued. “Jacob raped me one more time after I returned home. Nathanial Rodney is not Nathan’s deddy. He thought Nathan was his and he raised him like it until he went to prison, but he is not Nathan’s deddy.” She fell silent to let what she’d said sink in.

“You mean to tell me…” Rusty couldn’t get the words out as the implications of Nancy’s words filled his mind.

“What? Nancy, what are you saying dear?” Anna choked. “Is Jacob Nathan’s father?”

Nancy nodded her head yes. “That is why he must never find out. How do you tell your son that your own brother is his father? It’s a pure miracle he isn’t messed up: deformed or mentally retarded.” Nancy was sobbing and her words were nearly garbled. Rusty stood up and walked quickly to his wife and wrapped his arms around and hugging her tight to his chest. She turned and buried her face into the folds of his plaid shirt as she shook with the force of her grief and torment that had finally been aired. Someone else, after all these years, shared her grief – her secret.

They were all quiet until Nancy had recovered enough to continue with the conversation. When she saw her daughter had regained her control Anna continued. “Rusty that is why we have to take those kids away from Jacob. He’s doing it again.”

“Marie?” Rusty looked ashen at his mother in law.

“No I don’t think so. Not yet anyway, but…” She trailed off and then continued in a whisper. “He’s doing it to Jason and I know it is but a matter of time before Marie is next.”

Rusty turned to look at the old woman. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How could any father do that to his own children? Horse playing around aside because he didn’t believe that was wrong, but how any man could rape his own children Rusty couldn’t understand. “I have some people in town I can talk to Anna. I don’t know how we can bring charges up against him without being in Georgia but we’ll find a way. Why can’t you press charges against him back home? Surely there are plenty of lawyers who could take this too court.”

“He has too much power down there Rusty. Preachers have a lot of influence with the people in the South and he knows way too many powerful people in Georgia’s court systems. It would be thrown out of court before it even got to trial.”

Rusty wrapped his arms tighter around his wife. “Nancy dear, I love you so much it hurts. I will always love you and I’ll always be by your side.” He looked at Nancy’s mom. “We’ll find a way Anna. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Maybe some healing can began now.

“Thank you Rusty.” Anna patted her son in law on the shoulder and slowly, quietly headed back to her room on the opposite side of the bathroom from Rusty and Nancy’s room.

“Momma?” Nancy called to her mother before she slipped through the door. “Momma?”

Anna turned around and quickly walked back over to her daughter. She wrapped her arms around her and held her tight. “I love you dear and I’m so sorry for the hurt you’ve been through.”

“I know momma. I need to know though. Why didn’t you do something?”

“Your deddy wouldn’t let me. To him the sun rose and set in your brother and the one time I tried to tell him, he beat the hell out of me saying he’d kill me if I ever brought it up again.”

“I’m sorry momma. I’m so sorry.”

Anna patted her daughter on the back to soothe her. “No need for you to be sorry baby, it is I who is sorry. Sorry I wasn’t strong enough to take you away from it all: To make it better for you.”

 *          *          *

 Jason sat down about half way up the second flight of stairs. He couldn’t believe what he’d heard. He knew his grandmother had brought him and Marie up to Nebraska to get them away from their father. After all, he’d been the one to bring it to her attention and asked for her help. When he’d gone down stairs just now for a glass of water he couldn’t help but over hear the conversation his grandmother was having with his aunt and uncle on the porch. They didn’t know he was there.

“Hay Jason, what ya doing out here?”

Jason looked up to see Nathan descending the steps towards him and sit beside him. He looked at his cousin, at his brother, and swallowed hard. How the hell does a young man deal with something of this magnitude without telling someone? “Nothing Nate, just thinking that’s all.” They sat there for a little while talking about nothing in particular. It was weird sitting so close to his cousin now, ugh, his brother! This was going to take some time to get use to.  His brother who’d just fucked the hell out of him. Jason didn’t know how to handle it. “Well, I guess I need to get on to bed Nathan. I’ve had a very long day.” With that Jason stood up and climbed the stairs with his brother on his heels. “Good night Nate.”

“Night Jase.” Nathan watched his cousin disappear into his room. That was odd the way he was acting, the way he kept looking at me like that. Nathan shook his head. It was almost as though Jason were, for whatever reason, afraid of him all of a sudden. Well, maybe he is just tired. Nathan turned and walked into his brother’s and his room and crawled naked into Rusty’s bed who wrapped his strong arms around him the way he liked it. Before he settled in good he was out like a light.

 *          *          *

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