North Platte Summer: Chapter 007

2009 by Lootah Akecheta


Disclaimer: This is a story of adult sexual content between two consenting step brothers in their late teens. If you are offended by this type of material, or if you are under the age of eighteen (18), then please do not read further. This is a purely fictional story and any resemblance to any persons or places is coincidental except for the use of cities that actually exist in the State of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, and the name of the North Platte River, which I use for geographical accuracy. This material is copyrighted by me and may not be used in part or in whole for group entertainment or education without first obtaining written permission from me. I would appreciate any constructive criticism, complements, or suggestions my readers may have to share with me, however I will flatly ignore flaming out at my material. You may write to me via:


North Platte Summer

Chapter 7



A jackhammer on glass woke Jason the next morning. It screamed through his brain ripping every nerve he had left to shreds. He opened his eyes blinking.  His head hurt as did just about every muscle in his body. Worst of all, his butt ached. He was in no mood to hear the consistent rat-tat-tat on his window. Looking towards the offending noise he saw a speckle breasted ruddy-brown bird roosting on the outside seal. “Where’s that damned shoe?” Finding his quarry from where he’d kicked it off last night he sent the projectile hurtling in the direction of the window. Only after throwing it had he realized what he’d done. Oh fuck! Cringing he peeped towards the window. The panes of glass escaped disaster; but only. The shoe landing harmlessly on the hardwood floor next to the wall. The annoying wren however fled for her life. Jason nodded his satisfaction. With a big sigh he rolled back over in bed covering his head with the pillow shutting out the now irritating sunshine.

 God I feel like someone’s shoved a ballistic missile up my ass. He realized he would have to heal a bit before he’d be able to repeat last night’s fun. Eddy’s fuck was the most intense he’d ever experienced.  Rusty’s fuck was his preferred. Those strong arms wrapped around his waist really turned him on. He wasn’t complaining. The thought did bring back a most unwelcome memory and a frown shadowed Jason’s face. Nathan and he were brothers. God, how do I deal with this? He liked his cousin…. brother. He even felt he could really grow to love him as a friend and as a relative, but who could he talk too about this? Last night proved to be a late night for him with thoughts churning in his mind, it kept him restless, sleepless. The only thing he could come up with was to speak with Uncle Rusty about it. After all, he’d walked in on him and his cousins jacking each other off and didn’t seem to have a problem with it. He was also already privy to the truth of Nathans parentage. God, his aunt and grandmother would kill him for listening in if he told them. Yep, Uncle Rusty was his only choice.  The bedsprings squeaked as he tossed onto his side. He’d leave it alone for now. The next few weeks were going to be a pain in the ass all by themselves. Damn, did he really have to think “pain in the ass”? Reaching back he touched his sore hole. Two fingers slipped effortlessly into his rectum, which reminded him more of the Grand Canyon than his familiar butthole. Oh fuck, what have I done? Bet it’d echo if someone yelled in it! Just as he was about to sink back into oblivion a knock thudded loudly on his door.  Glancing through one squenched eye he managed to mumble “Yes?” His voice sounded weak even to his own ears.

 “You still in bed?” The door swung open. Rusty and Nathan barged in shaking him to rouse the slumbers away.

 Saturday morning, his normal day to sleep in. Didn’t anyone around here sleep late? “Don’t you guys sleep in on weekends?”

 “Nope, papa don’t believe in it. We can do pretty much what we want today after the chores are taken care of, but sleeping in is strictly not allowed in this house.” Rusty answered as he pulled the covers off his cousin.

 “What time is it anyway?”

 “Late! It’s nearly ten. We let you sleep in this morning and took care of the chores ourselves. Figured you wouldn’t be up to it. Had to talk papa into it though. He wasn’t too keen on the idea. I guess since this is your first morning here and you’re our guest and all, he finely relented.” Nathan informed him as he pulled up on the back waistband of his cousin’s shorts. “Damn Jason, your ass is red dude. Did we do that?”

 Jason simply gave his cousins a grunted “yes” muffled by his pillow. 

 Rusty looked at what his brother was lightly touching in his cousin’s shorts. “Oh, sorry dude! That looks inflamed.”

 “I’m alright, but ya’ll were a bit rough on me last night.” Slipping out of bed, his shorts elastic snap back in place to slap him as it pulled out of Nathan’s fingers. “I’m going to take a shower.” Jason stumbled out of the room bathroom bound.

 Rusty perked up at that. “Want us to help ya?”

 “Sure, if ya want to.” Jason winked at his cousin and then smiled noncommittally at Nathan before heading out the door. Nathan stayed behind a bit wondering what that was all about. Maybe Jason wasn’t just tiered last night when he went to bed. Maybe he didn’t imagine the frightened, almost hostile, glances he’d given him. Slowly he followed the other two into the other room chewing on his fingernail. 

Once in the shower Jason stood there letting his cousins run their soapy hands all over his body. It felt good. Not used to this type of treatment his cock soon saluted them. “Oh man, that feels so good. You two really know how to treat a guy right.”

“Well, you deserve this after last night. Damn! I couldn’t believe you took Eddy the way you did. Of course looking at your ass this morning, I’m not sure you should have.” Nathan gently washed his cousin’s crack being very careful around his tender hole.

The door opened. It was just Eddy. “I was told you guys came up here. Ms. Nancy has a second breakfast cooking for you Jason. She agreed with Nathan when he suggested you should be allowed to sleep in this morning. I don’t think Mr. Rusty would have gone for it if she hadn’t.” The older boy saw his new friend whence as Nathan washed his ass. “You alright Jase?”

Nathan glared at Eddy. “No, we just about tore him open last night.” Nathan’s voice sounded almost accusatory as he said it. “Sorry Eddy. I really do mean all of us, not just you.”

Eddy walked over and looked at the tender flesh his friend caressed. “Damn, that don’t look so good. Maybe we should get Mr. Rusty up here to look at it. It might need some doctoring.”

“Eddy, are you mental?” Rusty rolled his eyes. “How exactly do you propose we explain this to papa? Oh well dad, we fucked his ass silly last night? Yea, brilliant idea there bub.”

Grinning at Rusty, Eddy lightly punched his friend’s arm. “I get the point Rust… Hmm,” he snickered, “It would be interesting to see his expression before wearing all our asses out. What about having Stan look at it? He treated me once after my uncle wore me out like this.”

“He did? What did he think about it?” Rusty thought this might be an answer to their dilemma.

“He was cool about it. Pissed with Charley but he helped me out pretty good. He put some salve on me that had me feeling right in no time. It was back when Charley first fucked me. Hurt like hell.”

“Well, it’s an idea. How about you break it to him Eddy? You know him better than anyone else does.” Rusty glanced at Jason who looked like he would rather just forget about the whole thing.

By this time Jason was rinsing the soap off his awakening body. Eddy stepped closer and began massaging the seventeen-year-old’s cock. “Want me to service this for you to make up for last night?” Jason closed his eyes and groaned as Eddy, who didn’t wait for an answer, swallowed his cock. Rusty leaned in and draped his arm over his brother’s neck hanging his hand down onto his chest. His fingers found a nipple and started lightly pinching it as both boys watched their friend suck Jason off.

“Beautiful ain’t it?” “Pure poetry.” “Makes me want to cry it’s so stirring.” “I just love the way his neck stretches when it goes down.” “Yep, and he doesn’t even gag.” “My hero!” “I truly aspire to be just like him someday.” “You can practice on me.”

The boys continuous banter about drove Eddy nuts. “Would you two shut up and let me suck in piece?”

The brothers laughed. “I think we’re bothering him.” “Yep, maybe he’s not the pro we thought he was?” “I don’t know, just look at the way he’s swallowing it.” “Hmm, maybe he can show us again like he did yesterday?”  “Damn Jason, that looks like it feels real good.”

Jason was beyond answering the boys. Eddy’s sucking momentarily made him forgot all about the pain in his ass until he busted his nuts. He couldn’t keep quiet as he fired his load into the older boy’s mouth feeling his sphincter clench over and over again. “Ah, fuck!” echoed off the walls. Jason slumped down and was heading for a hard landing in the wet tub. Rusty caught him just before his ass hit the porcelain holding him up while his friend sucked the remnants of his cousin’s load.

“Damn, we really did work him over last night, didn’t we?” Eddy looked remorseful as he watched Rusty holding up the younger man.

“I ain’t complaining guys. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I’d have said no if I didn’t want it.” Jason finally regained his footing and started to pull free from Rusty’s hold and then thought better of it. Rusty’s arms felt so good he leaned back into them enjoying the comforting strength he found there. “Eddy, don’t fret over it. Really, I enjoyed it, just like I enjoyed that blowjob you just gave me. Damn, that was good!”

“Yea, let’s just hope momma didn’t hear you. Jase you had to yell it out didn’t you?” Nathan looked out the bathroom door towards the landing at the head of the stairs. He pretty much expected his mother or grandmother to appear there momentarily but no one materialized.

“Oh hell Nate, you try and keep quiet while cumming after getting your ass fucked like that. I didn’t mean to say it so loud, honest.” Jason was getting aggravated with his cousin.

“Sorry Jase, I’m just worried that we’ll get caught doing this sort of shit in here. It isn’t the best idea in the world, you know?”

Jason nodded at his cousin in acknowledgment. “No, I understand Nate. I just couldn’t help it. It hurt.”

*          *          *

After dressing they all headed down to breakfast. Eddy, Nathan, and Rusty helped themselves to seconds while Jason ate. It was better than any he’d had in long time. Even though he’d been with his grandmother for the last four days, she’d taken Marie and him out to eat every meal. It was awesome to have a good home cooked breakfast. It helps that it’s his favorite meal too: redeye gravy, nice fluffy biscuits, breakfast steaks, scrambled eggs, grits, orange juice, and pancakes with molasses; a southern boy’s breakfast wet dream. “Mmmm, Aunt Nancy this is awesome! Thank you.” Jason wore a shit eating grin to make any southern cook proud.

“Thank you honey, but please don’t talk with your mouth full. It’s not polite.” Nancy’s warm smile showed deep in her eyes. To be honest, Nancy took great pleasure in watching her boys enjoying themselves.

After breakfast they went outside heading down to the lower barn where last night’s fun took place. Within sight of the mammoth barn Jason noticed a trail leading off to the right. “Hay, where does that go?”

Rusty snickered. “That?” He pointed at the trail his cousin had asked about. “It just goes down to the pond. Want to see it?”

“Pond, I didn’t know you had a pond. Is it good for fishing?”

“Yea, but ya gotta use a boat to get out past the lily pads, or waders. You like to fish?” The boys headed down the pond trail that wound its way around a low hill skirting around the back side of the old barn.

“Man I love fishing!” Jason was grinning. He really lamented leaving his fishing gear at home when he and Marie went to Grandma Anna’s house knowing he’d probably never return. Fishing was his only escape for years after his dad started abusing him. It was his place of solace, his peace in the storm, his refuge. It was the one thing he could do and the only place he could go where he could forget about what his father had done to him. “What kind of fish do you have up here?”

Nathan looked at his cousin. “Bass, Bluegill…”

“What’s Bluegill?” Jason looked confused. He’d never heard the term before.

“Bluegill?” Nathan looked perplexed. How did you describe a Bluegill? “It’s a small fish that grows about the size of your hand and has a black dot behind the gill. The edge of the gill is a pale blue, hence the name Bluegill.”

“Oh, you mean a Brim. We got those down in Georgia too. It’s my favorite fish.” As he said this they rounded a bend in the trail and came to a dead end on the banks of a large clear-water pond completely surrounded by trees and cattails. At the trails end was a cleared area of steep bank where a small aluminum Johnboat sat waiting to be launched into the cold looking water. “Ah cool! Now that is an awesome looking pond. Can you swim in it?”

Rusty looked almost alarmed. “Na, you don’t want to swim in there man. There’s gar in there.”

“Gar? What’s to be worried about gar? They’re all about the place in the swim holes down home. They won’t hurt ya none. I swim with em all the time. Now gators, that’s another story. Ya gotta watch out for them. They can get real nasty if they sneak up on ya.” Jason looked bemused at the horror looks the other three were giving him. “What?”

“You swim with gators?” Eddy looked like he thought Jason was pulling their legs.

“Well yea. If you swim in Southern Georgia at all, you swim with gators. The only place you ain’t got em is in swimming pools and the ocean.”

“Gees, that’s crazy!” Rusty looked at his cousin with awe.

“I guess it’s too cold up here for em, ain’t it?” Jason looked at his friends to confirm they didn’t have them here.

“Hell no! Alligators don’t live up here. We got snakes and gar; that’s about it.” Eddy answered the younger man’s question. “I guess that isn’t much to worry about if you’re used to swimming with alligators.”

Jason grinned at the looks of amused disbelief meeting his eyes and turned back to the pond. He tried to ease himself down the four foot tall bank that angled steeply towards the water, missed his footing and sat soundly on his sore butt. “Oh FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Tears were pouring down his cheeks as he rolled over onto his side to get the pressure off his ass.

Rusty was by his side before anyone else could move. “Jason, you OK man?”

“Fuck NO!” The younger man cried out. “Oh God it hurts! Damn!”

Rusty easily scooped his cousin into his hands and sidestepped his way back up the bank then turned and headed up the trail towards the farm. “Eddy, run ahead of me and find Stan. Tell him to meet us in the Wranglers Cabin. Go! Now!” Eddy sprinted past the boys towards the farm. In just a few moments he was out of sight. Jason lay in Rusty’s arms sobbing as the pain ached up into his guts.

“God damn Rust, what are we going to do?” Nathan followed his brother and cousin back up the trail wishing he could do something to help ease Jason’s pain. All he could do was stumble along behind his brother.

“Stan will know what to do. We cannot tell dad, you know that.” Rusty sounded a little winded, but he didn’t slow at all. He kept a steady pace fast enough to make Nathan jog-walk to keep up. “We’re all dead if papa finds out. He may be alright about us fucking our cousin, but he’d be pissed for hurting him.”

*          *          *

It didn’t take them long to reach the Wrangler’s Cabin and Eddy was standing by the door waiting. He strode out to meet them. “Stan said to bring him on in. I explained what happened, both last night and just now. He’s not very happy with any of us right now, but he said he’d try and help before sending him on to the hospital. If it is something he can work with he’ll take care of it. No one’s in there but Stan.” Eddy held the door open for Rusty as he carried his cousin into the dark wooden structure.

The lights were on in the kitchen and Stan had some steaming hot water in one bowl and another bowl of iced water sitting on the counter next to the table he’d pulled over toward the sink. “Lay him up here on the table son and help me get his pants off. I cain’t do it by myself.” Rusty laid Jason on the table and Nathan began unbuttoning his cousin’s pants. Like him, Jason preferred Levi 501’s, which was most inconvenient in a time like this. Before long he lay there groaning and naked from the waist down. Stan rolled the young man over onto his stomach and gently spread his cheeks. “Holy shit boys, none of you gots an ounce of sense between any of you. What the hell you doing this to him for?” Stan glared at the three red faced boys standing on the other side of the table.

Jason groaned. “Mr. Stan, I wanted em to do it or I’d not let em. It ain’t the first time a dicks been up there.”

“That may be son, but they still had no business doing this to you. Least of all you Eddy after what you’re uncle did to you!” Eddy looked down at the floor not daring to meet the old black man’s eyes. He knew he was in trouble. Worse trouble probably than he would be even if Mr. Rusty found out. Stan knew how to punish someone without lifting a finger or his voice.

“Mr. Stan, please” Jason begged. “I wanted them to do it. I asked them to. Don’t be mad at them.”

“Son, you don’t see what I see back here. You’re bleeding, swollen and bruised. That just ain’t right.” Some of the tension eased out of Jason when Stan pressed the warm wash cloth between his cheeks.

“It was alright until I fell, honest. I hit a rock or something on the bank of the pond. That’s why it hurt so badly.”

“Well, I’ve just about got the blood washed up here. Let’s see how bad it really is.” Stan parted Jason’s cheeks again and looked closely at the tender flesh. “Damn!” Stan muttered under his breath. “This ain’t as bad as it look at first, but it’s every bit as bad as what Charlie did to you Eddy. I think I can fix you up though son.” Stan looked at Nathan who was standing closest to the door. “Nate, go to your papa. Don’t tell him what’s happened but tell him you need his Hemorrhoidal cushion. Tell him it’s for me. I’ve borrowed it before so he won’t ask any questions. Better go to the bathroom and splash some cold water in your face too before you go. You look like you just got shot or something.” Some of the anger had seeped out of the old man’s voice. Nathan, swallowing hard, nodded and headed out of the room. Turning to Eddy he said. “Son, up in that cupboard there is a glass jar with a tin lid on it. Fetch it for me.” Eddy knew what jar Stan was asking for. He’d used it on him when his uncle butchered his own bunghole a few years ago. He got the jar and handed it to the old man. “Jason, this is going to sting a bit when I put it on you. The ointment doesn’t sting, but applying it will. Stay still and it ain’t gonna hurt as bad, understand?” Jason nodded and gritted his teeth as the old fingers spread the ointment onto his very tender butt. His fingers were the most gentle thing he’d ever felt, but they still hurt especially when one of the digits slipped up inside him spreading the ointment where the damage couldn’t be seen. Tears were slipping down his cheeks again, but almost instantly the gentle cooling effects of the ointment soothed the pain away. “There you go son. Just lay there for a while. It ain’t gonna hurt ya none to be naked a bit longer. Let my ganny’s salve do its work.

Jason nodded and laid his head down on the cool surface of the antique pine table. His ass was already feeling a lot better, but there was still a dull ache pulsing with his every heartbeat. Just about the time he was beginning to does off a little he heard Nathan returning. “Got it Mr. Stan. You were right, papa didn’t guess what I wanted it for. He chuckled and asked me if you needed anything else.”

Stan took the inflated cushion and asked Jason if he could sit up on a chair he’d pulled up. To his credit Jason affably said he’d try. He winced as he swung his legs over the edge of the table as the movements pressed his cheeks together. Rusty lifted the younger man off the table before anyone else could even think about it. He set Jason down gingerly on the cushion Stan placed on the chair for Jason to sit on. The young man looked surprised when the cushion did its job and held his butthole up off the cold wooden surface of the chair seat. “You alright Jason?” Rusty’s voice seemed to tremble with the emotion he was holding back.

Jason smiled at his cousin. “Yea, I’m OK” and he took a deep breath.

Mr. Stan shuffled over to the stove where he had a pot of water boiling. He took a clean mug from the cupboard and slipped some dried leaves in it and then he poured the hot water over them to make tea; letting them steep. “One of you boys fetch some ice from the box for me please.” Eddy did as he asked handing him the old aluminum ice tray. “Damn Eddy, crack em loose for me. I got my hands full here.” The young man looked a bit embarrassed as he pulled up on the tray’s handle breaking loose the ice cubes. Taking another cup from the cupboard and a coffee filter Stan strained the tea into the new cup and then added a couple of ice cubes to it, poked it with his fingers a few times and then handed the cup to Jason. “Now you sip on that young man and don’t rush it. It needs time to do its work.”

Jason took the cup. “Thanks.” He looked grateful towards the old black man. “I really mean it, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. It ain’t the first time I’ve had to doctor someone’s butt.” He glared at the other three boys but his eyes had lost some of their anger.

“Mr. Stan, please don’t be mad at them. I wanted them to do it and it felt great when it was happening. I didn’t know it would do this to me or I might not have let them. But it’s not their fault.” Jason eyes pleaded with the old man.

“No Jason, it is their fault. You may be just as much to blame, but it takes more than one person to Tango. Besides, I ain’t as angry as I’m trying to act. I’ve been where you are now and I’ve done what they’ve done. I guess we all have to live and learn.” The old man sat down in one of the kitchen chairs looking exhausted and older than his years. He looked Jason in the eyes before glancing at the other three. “Why don’t you three go on to the house now and find something else to get into. I’m gonna keep young Jason here with me until lunch time. He needs to rest.” He waited until the other boys did as he asked before looking back to Jason. “I made up one of the spare beds for you to lie down in. I want you to sleep a while and let that salve take effect.

“OK.” Jason was feeling a little sleepy. Was he really sleepy or did the old man give him something in that tea to help him go to sleep. Whatever the cause his eye lids were getting heavy.

Stan helped him up and led him to the room where he had a bed for the young man. Helped him strip his shirt off and got him settled under the covers. “Now you sleep. You’ll feel a whole lot better when you wake up.” Stan walked over to the door and looked back at Jason. The boy was just about out, but he was still fighting to keep his eyes open. “I heard what Nancy said last night. I also know you heard it too. I’m here if you need to talk.” With that he left the room leaving Jason to nod off into oblivion.

*          *          *

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