North Platte Summer: Chapter 008
2010 by Lootah Akecheta

Disclaimer: This is a story of adult sexual content between two consenting step brothers in their late teens. If you are offended by this type of material, or if you are under the age of eighteen (18), then please do not read further. This is a purely fictional story and any resemblance to any persons or places is coincidental except for the use of cities that actually exist in the State of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, and the name of the North Platte River, which I use for geographical accuracy. This material is copyrighted by me and may not be used in part or in whole for group entertainment or education without first obtaining written permission from me. I would appreciate any constructive criticism, complements, or suggestions my readers may have to share with me, however I will flatly ignore flaming out at my material. You may write to me via:


North Platte Summer

Chapter 8

Darkness nearly swallowed the bedroom when Jason woke. Light swelled from a crack in the door illuminating an antique washstand next to the bed where a glass of water stood waiting to quench cottonmouth. Men’s voices wafted into the room accented with an occasional chuckle or laugh. He raised his head to look at the wedge of light spilling in from the long hallway. Only then did he remember where he was. It was still morning when Stan put him to bed to get some rest before lunchtime. Why hadn’t anyone wake him earlier? His aunt and grandmother would be worried sick about him missing meals.

“How ya feeling?”

Jason jumped at the unexpected voice. “Uncle Rusty?” He made it a question.


“I’m feeling OK. You gave me a start; I didn’t see you sitting there.” He paused to take a deep breath in order to give him a bit of time to think. How much does Uncle Rusty know? “How long have I been in here?” His voice sounded parched.

“Stan tried to wake you for lunch, but nothing he could do worked. He decided he needed to tell one of us what was up before we started looking for you. We didn’t tell Nancy or Anna why you aren’t feeling well, so don’t get worried.”

“I take it you know then?” Jason’s voice trembled with a nag of fear at the knowledge of his uncle knowing about what had happened to his butt. Speaking of which, he realized it didn’t hurt at all, but then, he hadn’t really moved around much yet.

“Yep: Eddy, Rusty and Nathan should be ashamed of themselves. Especially Eddy. I’m none too happy with any of them right now.” Jason could hear the anger in his uncle’s voice. He was glad he couldn’t see the older man’s face. It might scare him.

“Please don’t be mad at them Uncle Rusty; please?” At that moment a much smaller boy’s cadence laced Jason’s deep baritone. “I enjoyed it at the time. It really felt good until this morning.” He sounded small even to his own ears.

“They hurt you pretty bad son. It ain’t right. No one has a right to hurt someone else like that.” Jason started to sit up. Mr. Rusty was standing by the bed as though he hadn’t moved at all but was all of a sudden leaning over Jason’s body pushing him back down with one big hand. “Stay where you are Jason. You’ve had a lot of rest, but you really ought not try and hurry moving around yet.”

Jason for his part didn’t argue. To be honest, he was just a tad bit frightened of his uncle. Maybe because of what his own father had done to him, who knows? “OK.”

His uncle stood up and turned toward the door. “Stay there son, I’ll be right back.” With one big hand Mr. Rusty eased the door open and slipped out into the hallway that was all of a sudden overwhelming. Jason lay back in the bed looking up at the dark ceiling. After a few moments he heard his uncle and someone else walking down the hall toward the room. Only then did he realize he was still naked.

“Jason, I’m going to turn the light on, you may want to shield your eyes.”

“OK.” The light suddenly blossomed red behind his closed lids.

“How ya feelin boy?” Stan’s rough voice filled the silence like a thunderclap. He hadn’t spoken loudly, but it seemed to reverberate off the walls and echo in his ears.

“I feel good. I don’t hurt anymore.”

“Now that’s good. I just want to take a look and see how things are doing.” Jason felt the covers being lifted off him. A moment of shyness took over him and he all of a sudden didn’t want Stan to remove the covers. Maybe it was because Uncle Rusty was standing beside the old black man, or maybe it was because he was feeling like a little boy in a strange place but Jason grabbed the covers preventing them from being pulled down any further. “Come on boy and let go of the sheet. I need to see how you gettin along.”

“Let it go Jason and let us see, OK?” It was Mr. Rusty’s voice. Jason pulled tighter, but eventually relented and let the sheet go. He rolled over onto his stomach as he felt the sheet being pulled down to his lower legs. After all it was his butt they wanted to see, wasn’t it? “Damn, it still looks pretty rough.”

“Yep, but not like it did Mr. Rusty, not like it did. A lot of the swellins gone down and it ain’t as red as it was.” Jason felt the wizened fingers probing between his cheeks. They were surprisingly gentle as Stan touched here and prodded there. “It sure do look a lot better now than it did this morning. All of this area around here was puffy and swollen.” The old fingers rubbed gently on the lad’s sphincter and Jason realized it felt really, really good. His cock spoke volumes on just how good it felt and his shyness evaporated like the morning mist in a hot rising sun. The sheet grazed his thighs and he knew they were raising it back up, so he flipped back over before the white material could cover his raging hard-on. “Hell! I wish you’d look at that Mr. Rusty. I guess young Mr. Jason here is feeling a lot better now.” There was a chuckle in Stan’s voice that matched the mischievous gleam in his eye. Jason noticed his uncle licking his lips before nervously looking away.

Stan stole one last look before lowering the sheet over the young man’s erection. Even after all Jason’s been through over the last seven years the effect his hard dick had on people young and old still amazed him. He allowed a slight smile that was not lost on either of the older men. When Stan lowered the sheet over his chest, he casually pushed it back down to his lower abs to where the tent caused by his cock stayed open faced on one side. Stan looked at the open gap just barely hiding the young man’s cock. “Mr. Rusty, I don’t think I’d be too hard on the other boys. I have a feeling Jason knows how to get what he wants from horny men.”

“I think I see what you mean Stan.” Rusty had a wicked gleam in his eyes that suggested what he might do if Stan were not standing right there. “Yea, between what we both have already said to them, I think they may have been punished enough.” Both men headed for the door, but Rusty held back allowing Stan to leave without him. He turned back to Jason and studied him for quite a while. “You really did ask them to do that to you didn’t you?”

“Yes sir. We were talking about what we enjoyed doing and I said I liked to get… you know… screwed, a lot.” Jason looked down for a moment; not out of shyness but to gather his thoughts without having to look at the older man’s expression. “Mr. Rusty, honestly, my dad has been doing this to me going on seven years now and not just him either. It started out with just him, but then he started bringing over some “trusted” friends who did me too. I got used to it at first and then I started enjoying it. After a while you get to where you crave it and it’s been some time since I’ve been worked over really well. Granted the guys worked me over a little bit too well, but I really did enjoy the hell out of it.” They both stayed silently so long that it began to seem like time had stopped. Rusty reached for the doorknob to leave when Jason broke the silence. “Uncle Rusty?”

He looked back at the young man laying there still tenting the sheets almost obscenely, his cock twitched bouncing the sheet up just enough to ease it down. The soft bulbous head of Jason’s cock peeked out from the shielding material. “Yes?”

“Are you mad at me? I mean, you didn’t say anything after I told you that I enjoyed what happened.”

Mr. Rusty’s eyes softened as he let go of the door handle and walked back over to the young man’s bed. “No Jason, I’m not mad. I simply didn’t know what to say. It’s not every day you hear about that level of abuse. I take it that you don’t really view it as abuse anymore, at least not from your dad?”

“Yea I do. I never asked him to touch me like that and I hate him for it.  I think I would have been gay regardless, but I was not ready for what he did to me. Had he waited until I was older I might have encouraged it, but as it is I cannot stand for him to touch me in any way at all. It creeps me out.”

“But he’s been doing it for so long. It seems to me that you would have not only grown accustomed to it by now, but that you would even have come to welcome it.”

“You have to understand Uncle Rusty; I was only ten when he first fucked me. He didn’t start out doing that, but within just a couple of months after he started letting his “needs” be known and started fondling me…  he took me while I was in the shower.” Jason’s voice broke. “I’ll never forgive him for it and if I were a stronger man than I am, I’d probably kill him.” Tears shown around the edges of his eyes. “I don’t really hate him, but I hate what he did to me – at that age I mean. I’ll be honest Uncle Rusty, I think my dad is hot physically speaking – he just went about it the wrong way. I like older men…”

Jason left it hanging there and the implication was not lost on Rusty. “Are you sure you want to go through with the proceeding we’ve started Jason? Once the law gets involved we cannot turn back. I know you hold a lot of hostility towards your dad, but make sure you want this.”

The change in subject threw Jason for a moment but he eventually answered. “Yes I’m sure of it. I don’t care about getting back for what he did to me, honest. I don’t want him doing it to Marie. She’s at the age he likes starting it all. I can’t let him get her like he did Aunt Nancy and me.” Only after he’d said it did he realized what he’d said. “I mean… Oh hell! I’m sorry Uncle Rusty, but I overheard you all talking last night. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I came down for water and heard you all talking about dad. Then I just couldn’t make myself leave.” Jason looked guilty enough to make anyone feel sorry for him.

“I already know you overheard. Stan decided it was best I knew under the circumstances of what happened to you last night and no, I’m not mad at you but you really shouldn’t have stayed to hear all of it.”

“Sorry.” Jason looked down again. With the turn of the conversation his cock seemed to have lost interest because the sheet now lay flat over his full log resting against his stomach. The head still peeked out though. “How do I deal with Nathan?” His voice sounded small, hollow.

“You mean about the two of you being brothers?”


“Treat it as though you never found out. It would be best for everyone involved since Nathan doesn’t know. However I think he will find out if any of this ever gets to trial and it will eventually go there. There is no way we can make this work without Nancy taking the stand. In a town this small it will get back to Nathan eventually even if he is kept out of the courtroom.” Rusty looked down at his nephew lying on the bed in front of him. “He likes you Jason. Hell, you could be his twin except for your eyes. He’s always wanted a real blood brother, you know? Not that he would ever voice it; he cares way too much for Rusty to do that.” Mr. Rusty seemed distracted for a moment. “Damn!” He looked away and then back at his nephew. “With a cock like that, I’m surprised you aren’t fucking everything around you boy. Sorry, but I gotta say it, if you weren’t in the predicament you’re in, I might make a move on you myself.” This broke the weight of the conversation and both men smiled.

“I don’t think I’d say no.” Jason looked up at his uncle. “I mean, I see where Rusty gets his looks. You’re pretty damned hot.”

Rusty seemed to be a bit stunned by his nephews confession, but then it may be both of their confessions. He swallowed hard before his hand drifted to the sheet beside the head of the young man’s cock. Hooking his finger under the sheer fabric he lifted it to see the still full cock lying on a hard stomach accented perfectly by a very full, dark bush and heavy looking balls. Dog water glistened around the slit and coated the stomach just under it making it all shiny and slick. He swallowed again and then cleared his throat. “Damn!” This time it came out whispery. “That is nice.” He looked around as though to make sure they really were alone. “May I?”

Jason smiled and nodded his approval. His uncle lowered the sheet over the boy’s thighs and then traced his fingers over the semi-hard cock and balls. Jason groaned lifting his hip up in response to his uncle’s teasing. Rusty slipped his finger over the piss slit coating it with the young man’s juice. He swirled his finger around the sensitive head feeling Jason’s cock respond to his administrations. Jason gasped from the feelings generated by what his uncle was doing. Before he could chicken out Rusty lifted the clear liquid to his lips and quickly licked it into his mouth. The fluid barely tasted at all but was slick and nice. It brought back a flood of memories. The last time he’d done anything like this was back when his brother Thomas was still alive. A shiver ran up the older man’s spine. “Uncle Rusty?” Rusty opened his eyes and looked back at his nephew. “You don’t have to stop.”

“I think I should Jason. It’s been too long, way too long…” His eyes grew distant as his mind traveled back to those wonderful, blissful moments he shared with his brother. “I’ve not done anything like this since I was younger than you.”

“Please?” Jason lay there with his cock twitching up and down invitingly. “I really would like it. I think you might too.”

Rusty looked down at his nephew’s cock pulsing with his every heartbeat. He slowly, oh so very slowly traced his finger along the length of that turgid prong. God it felt good to touch another man’s cock. It has been so very long. Without another word Rusty dropped to his knees and swallowed Jason hard dick. He’d forgotten how soft the male head is. It was so hard and yet so soft, God the marvels of a penis. He choked on it the first time he tried to swallow it down, but he managed and before long he rubbed his nose into the soft pubic hair crowning the demanding member. His eyes rolled back into his head as memories washed over him. Once again he was that teenage boy sucking studiously on his brother’s manhood listening to his groans and moans of pleasure. The next he was back in this small semi-dark room, an old man sucking a teenager’s hard and needy cock. He must have been doing a good job or Jason was far more pent up then he figured because in no time the boy arched his back and cried out as he flooded Rusty’s mouth. “Oh fuck!” Jason panted for a bit… “Oh God yea, suck it down, please!” With that Mr. Rusty swallowed the entire length of his nephew’s hard cock letting the boy’s cream flow down his gullet. The hard pulsing prick tickled the back of Rusty’s throat threatening to trigger his gag reflex again. Finely Rusty pulled up and gently licked the rigged shaft as his nephew pumped out the last vestiges of his load. The sperm was thick and slid lazily down the young man’s tool soaking into the thick hair at its base.

Rusty stayed there for a moment longer relishing the feel of the young prick pressed against his unshaven cheek, the smell of sperm thick in the air tantalizing him making his own prick express its need as it pressed hard against the fabric of his overalls. Only after he heard his name did he realize Jason was talking. “Uncle Rusty, you all right? God, that was good.” Rusty smiled weakly but didn’t say anything. He felt right for the first time in years. In this one moment he realized it had all been a lie. He loved his sons and his wife, but he had never been satisfied like he was back with Thomas, not until right now. God he missed his brother. Again he realized Jason had been talking to him and once more he’d missed what the young lad had said. “I want to suck you too Uncle Rusty, may I?”

“I don’t know Jason. I…” His voice trailed off as his face colored from latent embarrassment. He stood up hankering to give in and let his nephew give him the release he so desperately wanted and torn between loyalty to his wife and his life.

“Looks like you need some taking care of too Uncle Rusty.” Jason’s hand rubbed lightly against the taught fabric covering his uncle’s cock. “Damn, is that as fat as it feels?” God the kid’s fingers felt like heavenly bliss. His desires overpowered his hesitancy and before Rusty realized what he was doing the shoulder clasp on his overalls slipped off his shoulders as the garment slid down his muscled body. He stood there with his dick straining the fabric of his white briefs as his outer garment bunched up around his ankles. Jason’s fingers once again caressed his turgid cock rubbing the wet soaked front of his underwear. “God that’s nice!”

Rusty stepped out of his trousers and slipped off his undershorts. He climbed onto the bed straddling his nephew the whole while looking down into the young man’s eyes. “Are you sure about this Jason? I mean…”

“Uncle Rusty, shut up and feed your cock to me.” Jason had a wicked grin on his face that spoke volumes and Rusty’s doubt melted away like ice cream on a hot summer day. He leaned forward pressing the slickened head of his cock against the young man’s mouth leaving dick tracks of clear liquid across those perfect lips. Jason moaned as he smelled his uncle’s uncut cock. The last time Rusty had showered was that morning – hours ago. “Oh God you smell good!” Jason skinned his uncle’s dick rubbing it against his nose marking himself with the older man’s scent. He slipped his tongue around the head tasting the pungent, sourness of stale piss and Smegma, that marvelous cheese uncut men get.

Leaning his head forward Jason slipped the older man’s penis into his mouth and sucked gently eliciting a gasp from his uncle’s throat. “Oh hell, damn that feels so good boy.” Rusty pushed his cock in just a little farther until half his shaft filled his nephew’s mouth. “Suck it boy. Suck it like you mean it.” He thrust further until his whole cock pushed its way down the boy’s throat. Oh God this felt wonderful. He’d forgotten how good a blowjob is. Nancy doesn’t suck dick. She thinks it’s sinful. God what had he been missing all these years? He began a slow consistent thrust of his hips driving his member in and out of his young nephew’s mouth giving him just enough time to sip some air before plunging back deep inside. God he wanted this to last, but he knew he was far too close to the edge for it too. “Oh fuck Jason, suck my dick boy. Oh yea. Damn, you know how to take a cock!” Rusty picked up the pace. He couldn’t last much longer, but by god he was going to make it worth every second of it. Jason’s moans of pleasure mixed with grunts of protest wafted up to Rusty’s ears. This was turning him on like nothing he’d ever experienced before. He’d never fucked someone face and it was one incredible sensation. Throwing his head back he grunted in satisfaction as he sprayed his seed deep into the boy’s throat. “Fuck yea! Suck it Jason, suck it all!”

For the boy’s part he did what his uncle told him to do. God forbid he should disobey his elders so he eagerly swallowed all the sperm his uncle pumped into his mouth. Damn it tasted so good. Finally Rusty’s orgasm began to slow and he pulled his tool out of the young man’s mouth letting the last bit of his cum spill out onto his cheeks. One spurt shot across the boy’s nose. “Oh man, Uncle Rusty that was awesome!” Jason lay back down on his pillow and stared up at this brawny stud straddling him. “Thank you.” He whispered.

“Oh god: thank you Jason. You don’t know how much I needed that.”

Rusty started to slide off the edge of the bed, but Jason grabbed his arm and pulled him toward him. “Please, don’t leave. Not yet.” The yearning in the boy’s voice halted Rusty. He looked down at his nephew with his cock trailing a stream of sperm across the young man’s chest. “Please?”

“OK son. I’m not going anywhere. What’s wrong?”

“I just don’t want… Please… Oh hell! I… don’t want this to be it. I really enjoyed it Uncle Rusty. I don’t want this to be the only time we do this sort of thing. Please?”  

“We’ll see son.” Rusty started to pull away again, but his nephew gripped tighter.

“Please, don’t go. Not yet. Stay with me, at least for a while. Please?”

“OK Jason. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll just sit over here. I can even pull the chair up to the bed if you want.”

“No, you can stay on the bed. Please? You don’t have to get up, just stay here and hold me for a bit.” Jason so sounded unsure and insecure Rusty didn’t have the heart to refuse him. He wanted to go clean up and get on back up to the house, but he couldn’t leave his nephew with this sort of need.

“OK, I’ll stay right here.” Rusty settled down next to the younger man and pulled him too his chest. Within a few moments Jason’s breathing settled into a slow deep rhythm. The boy had almost seemed frantic when Rusty had tried to leave and now here he was sound asleep in his arms. God, to be that age again. No one can fall asleep as quickly as a contented boy, even one that is nearly eighteen. Rusty soothed Jason’s hair back away from his angelic face and kissed him lightly on the forehead. “You’re safe boy. Safe as I will ever be able to make it for you. Sleep now. Enjoy what’s left of your youth while you still can.”

He waited until he was certain Jason was soundly asleep before easing out of the bed and pulling his clothes back on. He’d wash up down here in the Wrangler’s Cabin. No way was he going back up to the big house smelling like he’d just had a free for all sex orgy with the men down here. That would go over like a led balloon. He paused at the door looking back at the boy sleeping no more than eight feet away. He’d only known the him for a few hours and he already loved him, loved him every bit as much as he loved his own sons. “Sleep well boy. None of us will let anyone hurt you again if we can stop it.” With that he slipped out the door and could have sworn he saw a contented smile grace Jason’s lips.


*          *          *

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