North Platte Summer: Chapter 009
2009 by Lootah Akecheta

Disclaimer: This is a story of adult sexual content between two consenting step brothers in their late teens. If you are offended by this type of material, or if you are under the age of eighteen (18), then please do not read further. This is a purely fictional story and any resemblance to any persons or places is coincidental except for the use of cities that actually exist in the State of

Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, and the name of the North Platte River, which I use for geographical accuracy. This material is copyrighted by me and may not be used in part or in whole for group entertainment or education without first obtaining written permission from me. I would appreciate any constructive criticism, complements, or suggestions my readers may have to share with me, however I will flatly ignore flaming out at my material. You may write to me via:

North Platte Summer

Chapter 9


Earlier that afternoon while Jason was sleeping the other boys were hiding out in the barn trying to stay out of their father’s way as much as possible. He really busted them good for tearing up Jason’s butt the way they had. The last thing any of them wanted was another confrontation with him. Mr. Rusty was on the warpath and all of the ranch hands, not just Eddy and the brothers, were staying out of his way. No one liked it when he got like this.

As most barns will be it was hot as hell in there, but not as hot as out in the sun. The fear of papa giving them chores to do as punishment danced in the boy’s heads like a parade of elephants. “Damn, I’d like to go to the river.” Nathan whined for the umpteenth time.

“Nathan would you shut up about going to the river? We all would love to go there, but there isn’t any way in hell papa will let us, and I for one would rather take a beating with a baseball bat then to ask him. We’re just lucky he didn’t make us finish hoeing that damned garden.” Rusty growled as he kicked at the dry powdery dirt floor. A cloud of dust billowed up around his trousers. It was going on three in the afternoon and the boys were really getting tired of their hideout.

“Sorry if I’m board shitless here Rusty but it’s hot as hell and nothing to do. Even sex doesn’t sound fun in this heat.” Nathan looked sullen. He couldn’t really blame his brother for being a prick at the moment; they were all upset to say the least.

“Sorry Nathan.” Rusty regretted yelling at his brother the moment the words were out of his mouth, but his fuse was very short. “I’m really worried about Jason. From what papa said, I guess the guy is worse off than any of us thought. I mean, they couldn’t even wake him for lunch. That ain’t right.”

“How about we sneak over to the big barn? It’d get us further out of Mr. Rusty’s radar.”

Rusty pondered the idea for a moment. “That’s not a bad idea Eddy. The further we’re away from here the better.” He said as he edged up to the front of the barn to see if the coast was clear. “I don’t see Stan or papa anywhere; think it’s safe to make a dash for it?”

“Sure, why not?” They took off as fast as they could make for the trail head one on top of the others heals. Either no one saw them or didn’t care because nothing happened. “Damn that was easy.” Nathan panted behind Rusty.

“Yea,” Rusty grimaced as he slowed to a fast paced walk. “I think papa is in there with Jason anyway. The real person we have to look out for is Stan. God only knows where that old coot is right now.” At the mention of Stan’s name all three boys looked around as though expecting the old man to jump out at them.

“He’s not an old coot Rusty. Stan is anything but crotchety.” Eddy was real defensive of Stan because the old man had saved his ass on more than one occasion.

“I know it Eddy and I didn’t mean anything by it. I’m not in a good mood and it’s affecting the way I’m thinking.”

“Yea, I guess we’re all pretty much out of it.” They headed on down the path and the old barn came into view. Once inside they scampered up the ladder to the loft and settled in the shaded back loft door opening. It was cooler in here because the barn was designed so it maintained a constant breeze. Far above in the roof ridge were a series of vents shaped like short squat church steeples, with slatted sides, and each with its own lightning rod. The center one, larger than the rest, supported a brass rooster in the place of a lightning rod but it served the same purpose along with its other duty as weathervane. These vents allowed the hot air to escape while creating a draft in the openings below making the whole structure a lot cooler than its more modern counterpart in the back yard. There’s a lot to be said about the craftsmanship of bygone eras. Rusty sat down with his back against the wall next to the doorframe while Eddy and Nathan took up positions on the ledge dangling their feet over the ten foot drop.

“If it hurt him so badly, why would he let us do it?”

“Some people enjoy the pain Nathan. I know I like it sometimes.” Eddy chewed on a long piece of grass he’d picked on the way down as he answered the younger man’s question. It was one of those grasses with a solid round stem that split at the end into three prongs dotted with black feather light petals, for lack of a better word, about the size of sand grains.

“I don’t know.” Rusty looked at the other two and then scooted over to hang one foot off the ledge next to his brother the other he looped around his brother’s back. He then wrapped his arms over Nathan’s shoulders and held him tight. “I overheard Ms. Chastain, my counselor at school, talking to one of the parents last year. She said when some people are abused the way Jason was it can affect them in weird ways. It’s like some people never learn how to say no or enough even when they’re being hurt. It’s as if they feel like they deserve to be hurt or like they don’t have the right to say ‘that’s enough’. I can’t remember what she called it, but they have a name for it. Do you think Jason is like that?”

The other two sat thinking for a while before Eddy finely broke the silence. “It’s possible. I mean it was fun as hell taking him like that, but if it hurt him this badly it would explain why he didn’t say anything about it or ask us to stop.” Sammy bumped his head up against Eddy’s side and purred loudly. When Eddy didn’t pay the proper respect for being honored by his attention he decided to chastise the errant boy by slapping his wrist with his paw. Eddy promptly began scratching the cat behind the ear. Sammy rewarded him by leaning into his hand purring even louder and arching his back.

“Do all people who are abused do that – get to where they can’t say stop?” Nathan sounded small, he almost mumbled the words.

“No. From what Ms. Chastain said it only happens to a small number of people. Usually a person’s sense of self preservation kicks in no matter what is happening, but with some it doesn’t. I think maybe Jason is one of those few who just don’t know how to say stop.”

“Who was she talking to?”

“I shouldn’t say Eddy… but it was Robert’s mom. I really shouldn’t have listened, but you know how a good bit of information is. You can’t just walk away. Robert was abused by his step dad. That’s why Edna left him.” The other two were quite for so long Rusty thought they’d gone mute or something. Eddy stopped scratching Sammie’s ear and the cat dropped down on his side and gave him a quick bite on the hand. Consistent fingers resumed scratching the cat’s belly. It must have felt good because Sammie grabbed his wrist and kicked his arm with his hind feet. “It wasn’t sexual abuse, but physical and psychological, or at least that’s what his mom said.”

“Rusty you’re hot.” Nathan was squirming under his brother’s arms.

“Thanks little bro, I think you are too.” He muzzled his face into Nathan’s neck and took a very deep breath. “Hmmm, you smell good too.” Nathan quit wiggling and settled in against his brother. It may have been hot but it felt too good to insist on getting away.

“Damn, you two are cute when you do that.” Eddy leaned back pulling one of his legs up onto the loft floor so he could turn and see the brothers better. “I guess that explains why Robert is so whacked.” Eddy looked at the fingernails on the hand unoccupied by Sammy like they were the only thing in the universe that held the slightest bit of interest. “You know he tried to get me to beat him up once.” He looked up to see the reactions of his friends. He was not disappointed because both boys’ looks were priceless, that: ‘OK…, you can’t just leave it hanging there’ type of look.

“What do you mean?” Nathan prodded, his curiosity peaked.

“He came on to me and when I told him no, he tried to pick a fight. I’m sorry, but Robert just isn’t my type, he’s just too fat. I don’t mind some chub, but he is downright obese. He started calling me Faggot and Queer and then he threatened to tell everyone I came onto him when he saw the name calling had no affect. When that didn’t work either he tried to hit me. The boy simply can’t fight.”

“What happened, how did you stop it?” Rusty looked as interested as his brother.

“I held him down and told him no. He shouted at me to hit him over and over again until he collapsed sobbing. Only then did I let him up. He said something about needing to feel alive again. It was weird.” Eddy fingered the blade of grass he was chewing on. The end in his mouth had turned to so much pulp and strings of fiber long ago. “It kind of freaked me out. This was about a month after Edna left Tom.” Eddy paused again. A Barn Swallow fluttering outside her nest in the barn’s eaves catching Sammy’s attention and the cat abandoned Eddy’s unfaithful hand to watch the bird. “I really think he’d have let me beat him senseless if I’d wanted too.” The others didn’t know what to say to that so they sat in silence. Sammy grew tired of the bird since he couldn’t catch it and sat down on his hind legs to gain a better angle to groom his belly – his tail twitching at the chittering sounds from the birds.

Rusty watched the cat clean his stomach and then switch to cleaning the inside of his thigh with one leg stretched out straight at a 45 degree angle. Sammy sniffed at his crotch and then proceeded to lick it clean too. “Damn cat! God I wish I could do that.”

“Awe Rusty you know I’ll be more than happy to lick your cock clean anytime you want me too.” Nathan wiggled in his brother’s arms and reached behind him to rub Rusty’s crotch.

“I thought you said it was too hot for sex?”

“It’s better here in this barn. Not as hot as the other one. Are you interested in playing some? It might settle our minds a bit.” Nathan’s administrations to his brother’s cock were producing the desired effect. That thick tool was standing proudly. Rusty moaned his approval.

“Gee whiz getta room would ya?”

“Oh come on Eddy, you know you love it and I know you want to join in.” Rusty stretched his leg over to rub his bare foot against his friend’s leg. Sammy stopped licking himself to give Rusty a long hard look before getting up and stalking off to find other more fruitful adventures like locating a nice cool spot of ground under a bush to take a nap. Meanwhile Nathan slipped his hand inside his brother’s pants to caress his turgid meat eliciting a nice long moan from Rusty.

“Actually I think I’d rather sit here and watch. It might be nice to play the voyeur for once.” Eddy gave the boys a shit eating grin. “How about it guys? Give me a good show while I sit here and slow stroke one out.”

Nathan glanced over his shoulder at his brother. “Sounds good to me Rust, what you think about it?”

“I kind of like the idea.” Rusty tightened his grip around his brother in a nice strong hug and started kissing his neck. ‘Hmm, you taste good too.”

Eddy repositioned himself against the doorsill to be a bit more comfortable. He then unbuttoned his jeans and zipped down flaying open his pants allowing his stiff cock to spring out. He always went commando. Slowly he slipped his hand under his balls and lifted them up stretching his scrotum out before easing his pants down to his feet and off onto the dusty loft floor. “Damn you two tear me up.” He slipped his fingers around his hard cock and began slow stroking it. God it felt good to massage himself while watching these two.

Nathan twisted around so his lips could find Rusty’s. As soon as they made contact both boys were lost in the grip of a good strong kiss. Without breaking it Nathan slowly turned over in his brother’s arms until he was lying on top of him. “God I love kissing you.” He breathed into his brother’s mouth.

“I kind of like it too bro. Now shut up and kiss me.” Nathan didn’t say another word but did as his brother asked. Soon they were lost into each other, groping, fondling, and fumbling with each other’s flies trying to get at the tasty morsels within.

Eddy watched as the boys undressed each other. It was almost poetic as they ripped at the other’s clothes trying to get naked as fast as they could. His eyes rolled back into his head momentarily as he felt his hand sliding his hood up and over the soft, tender, spongy, stiffness of his head. He heard Rusty moan and opening his eyes he was greeted by a most wonderful sight: Nathan swallowing his brother’s cock all the way to its root. The younger man gagged a little, but managed to keep the stiffy down his throat until he had to come up for air. “Oh God Nathan, that feels so good!” Nathan went down again and Eddy matched his stroking to the young man’s head bobbing up and down on his brother’s tool. Fuck it was good watching these two – the two men Eddy fantasized about the most and here he was watching them have sex with each other. Nathan reached up and tweaked his brother’s nipples eliciting a growl from the older boy. “Fuck!”

Rusty grabbed a hold of his brother’s arms and rolled him over so he lay on his back on the loft floor. Nathan’s legs hung over the edge of the door ledge to dangle in the air as his brother worked his way between those tight sinewy thighs. Easing himself down, he licked Nathan lips and then his neck working his way down to each of his nipples in turn before slowly working further down to his brother’s bellybutton. “Rusty, I think I might need to move up a little before you fall out the loft.” Rusty answered with a grunt but kept on reaming his brother’s bellybutton.

“Not to mention your ass is displayed perfectly for the whole world to see if they happen to be standing out that way.” There was a delightful bit of laughter in Eddy’s voice as he warned his friends of exposure. Rusty responded by gripping his brother’s sides and pushing him up further into the loft easing up with him as they slowly made their way. He didn’t break his contact with his Nathan’s stomach. He moved lower until his face brushed the younger man’s pubes while Nathan’s cock rubbed up against his face. God he smelled good. “Oh fuck, you two are just too hot!” Eddy started to pump his cock harder and a little faster than before but kept up a relatively slow stroke. He wanted this to last.

Rusty slid down a little further and took first one of Nathan’s balls into his mouth and swilled his tongue around tasting his brother’s funk. They were all sweaty as hell and had been most of the day. The results of that sweaty heat danced all over Rusty’s olfactory glands. It was a wonderful smell and drove him to greater urgency. The taste was just as good and Rusty slipped his tongue between balls and thigh to savor it better. His brother was driving him wild and he found he couldn’t wait to relish his brother’s taint between those nice firm cheeks. He slipped a hand under each thigh lifting so he could reach what he craved for. Nathan moaned as Rusty slid his tongue over the tight pucker making it wink rhythmically causing the young man to writhe back and forth over the raw loft boards. “Oh fuck Rust. Damn, that feels so good!” Rusty rewarded the complement by slipping his index finger into his brother’s hole wiggling it back and forth rubbing his brother’s prostate. It almost brought Nathan right then and there, but he pulled his finger out before the damage could be done. The orgasm was saved.

Rusty slid back up licking Nathan’s hard cock until he encountered the pool of clear liquid shimmering in his brother’s bellybutton. He cupped his mouth over the nectar and drove his tongue into it swirling it around and up into his mouth. What a delight it was to taste his own brother’s juices and know that soon he would either taste his sperm or feel it filling his hole. God the thought of that turgid prong pumping in and out of his ass made his own sphincter pucker in anticipation. He swirled his tongue around the slick head of this beautiful cock and sucked it deep into his mouth. It filled his mouth and glided down into his throat chocking off his air, but he didn’t care. It felt right as rain sucking this perfect dick. If he died right now, he would die a very happy man.

Nathan moaned loudly and was echoed by Eddy’s throaty moan. He looked over at the other man to watch his hand stroking that long thick cock. Eddy had the largest dick he’d ever seen and it was a sight to see how it filled his hand so that even his finger tips could not quite touch around the stiff shaft. Clear fluid slicked the sides of his hard cock and pooled at the tip in a pocket produced by the man’s foreskin as it bunched at the tip. Nathan wanted to suck it, to lick that precum up and satiate his desire for the strong hood smell he knew was lurking just out of sight. He couldn’t believe how far he’d come in just a couple or three days. Even a week ago he’d never have thought it possible to want to taste another man’s dick cheese, but here he was wanting Eddy’s.

Nathan gasped as he felt Rusty push his hard cock against his rectum and felt his gate give just enough to allow his brother entry. A shudder ran through him as the member drove deeper and deeper inside him. Oh God! It hurt and felt wonderful all at the same time. He raised his legs up over his brother’s shoulders and grabbed Rusty’s forearms as he looked deep into his eyes. There he found a myriad of emotions from lust to love to pure animal desire and beyond. He felt it when Rusty reached his depth and started to pull back. The sensations when his corona rubbed just right over his button made him shake his head back and forth lost in his desire.

Rusty felt his brother’s sphincter grip his cock as he drove into that oh so hot hole. Man it fit just like a glove, tight and snug. His grip provided just enough friction to send shivers up his spine as he drove in deep. He reached his zenith and held himself there adjusting to the feelings generating in his cock and coursing through his entire body. He feared he was going to shoot any moment bringing all this intense pleasure to an end, but he managed to hold it off. He pulled out and drove back inside where he most wanted to be. Nathan’s hole felt perfect, warm, and inviting and his muscle spasms milked his cock just right. God he wanted to cum so bad, but he wanted it to last forever too. He drove in again and again loosing himself in these pleasures demanding more of his body then he thought he had to give. It was driving him wild and he began to drive deep and hard into his brother’s ass.

Eddy sat there watching in complete hypnotic bliss. He was getting close, oh so close watching these two studs fuck. Rusty’s body was a perfect display of powerful muscles in motion. His hard cock driving in and out of his brother’s ass was a Rembrandt – pure art. He stroked his cock and moaned loudly as he drew close to that edge of no return. He couldn’t help it. He didn’t want to cum so soon, but he couldn’t hold it back. He erupted with a gasp as ropes of hot cum flew over his head to plaster the side of the barn wall. Rope after rope spewed from his cock as he bucked on the floor. “Ah fuck! God damned!” The last few shots plastered his stomach in thick white stains across his abs and pecks.

“Oh God Rusty!” Nathan whimpered. He gasped for air as he felt his insides spasm around his brother’s cock. “Oh fuck man, I can’t hold back.”

“Just a little longer little brother. Hold it just a… little… longer.” Rusty thrust in deep again holding his cock there for just a little bit before pulling it out and driving it back in. “OK Nate, I’m there man, give it to me.”

Nathan relaxed into his orgasm and let it go. He’d not been touching his cock at all, he hadn’t needed to – his brother was doing all the work needed by the angle from which he was plowing his ass. He gasped as sperm spewed from his cock coating his stomach and face. His contractions drove Rusty over that edge and he too busted his nuts deep into his brother’s ass as they came together. Rusty collapsed on top of Nathan and lay there panting as he pumped the rest of his seed into his brother’s butt. He kissed his brother’s neck as he felt Nathan wrap his legs around his waist holding on for dear life. “God Rust, fucken-A, that was awesome!” Nathan laughed as he relaxed from one seriously intense orgasm.

Eddy crawled over to the others and collapsed by their side. “Hell guys, you don’t know how fucking sexy it was watching you two go at it like that. Damn! I’ll be fantasizing about that one for years.”

This elicited a hearty chuckle from Rusty. “Hell Eddy, I thought watching two rabbits go at it gave you fantasy material.”

“Yea, you two fuck like rabbits alright.”

“You know, if we can’t go to the river how about we try and swim in the pond? Jason said it was like some of the places he swam back home. Maybe it’s not that bad?” Nathan was itching to go for a swim, especially now since he was covered in cum.  

“Swim in that? You’ve got to be kidding Nate. It’s a pond for Christ’s sake.” Rusty didn’t sound too thrilled about the idea.

“I don’t know Rust. I’ve dove into it before. It’s nice and cold like its spring fed or something. It was pretty damned hot or I wouldn’t have done it.” Eddy tossed his mutilated blade of grass down and looked at the other two. “I never mentioned it before because you two were always so certain it was a disgusting place to swim, but it really isn’t bad at all. It has a sandy bottom which I guess is pretty unusual for a pond. Besides we are pretty messy, maybe a good swim would help clean us up before we have to be presentable for anyone.”

“I’ll go down there and look at it, but if I feel oozing mud under my toes, I’m out.” Rusty looked like he really thought this was a bad idea.

“I’m game to try it.” Nathan piped up. “It’s gotta be better than sitting around this old barn with sperm drying all over us. Besides Rust, as you said, if you feel mud oozing under your feet you don’t have to stay in.”

“Shit! Alright, I’ll go, and speak for yourself about cum drying all over you. I’m clean as a whistle”

“Yea right. You forget about lying on top of me when you finished? Plus your crotch ain’t so clean.” Nathan chortled.

The boys got dressed in silence. “First one down there’s a rotten egg.” Having declared the challenge Eddy bolted for the ladder leading down into the barns lower area. The brothers were hot on his heels.

“No fair Eddy, you didn’t give us any warning.”

“What’s wrong Nathan, you a pussy all of a sudden? Come on, it’s far enough away you can catch me up.”

“Well, after what Rusty just did to me, I guess I am.” Rusty guffawed at his brother’s admission.

*          *          *

The water proved to be colder than any of them expected. It was downright chilly. Eddy hadn’t waited to strip off his pants and he was already swimming around in the deeper parts of the lake, for that is really what it was. His shirt lay on the shore next to where Nathan and Rusty stood watching the older boy with a bit of disbelief and envy. The “pond” was indeed spring fed and it had a flow of water which formed a small creek from the bottom of the dam. The spill-water came from the overflow pipe which kept the water level constant. Around most of the bank were a thicket of cattails and out from them was open clean clear water. The only part of the pond that was accessible was the boat landing that papa insisted be kept clear of cattails so they would have a way in to the water. It had a sandy bottom for the most part though there were muddy spots; it all depended on where you put your feet down. Once you got out in deeper water you simply learned not to touch the bottom if you didn’t want to feel the gray clay like mud. “Come on guys, it feels great!” Eddy rolled forward and for a moment all the brothers could see was his bare ass rolling the surface. He’d taken his pants off in the water. When he surfaced he held the discarded slacks for the others to see. “I took em off, they were weighting me down.”

“Yea, we saw your ass as you rolled.” Rusty laughed while he removed his shirt. “I guess if you’re going to swim I’ll be damned if I’m going to be left out.” It didn’t take long before his pants were history too and the brawny redhead gingerly stepped into the edge water of the landing. When his feet touched sand mixed with a bit of waterweed he grimaced, but kept on heading for deeper water. He was pleased to find sand where he stepped.

“When you get to about your waist you’ll want to start swimming because that’s where the mud starts. It’s not bad, but you seem to really hate the idea of it.” Eddy warned.

“Mud? I thought you said there was no mud.”

“I did not; I simply said it had a sandy bottom. For the most part it’s sandy, but there is mud too.”

“Ugh! Eddy, I’ll get you for that!” With that Rusty dove forward heading straight for the older boy making sure not to touch the bottom.

Meanwhile Nathan stripped down and was plowing his way into the cold water. “Damn, this feels good.” He soon caught up to where Rusty dove for it and repeated his brother’s action. The cold water washed over his body like the hand of night. It was dark but not because it wasn’t clear. The bottom was a mix of sand, mud, and waterweed. Looking at his arms under the surface he realized he could see them perfectly even two feet under. “Hell, this is clean water Rust. Maybe we ought to ask papa if we can build a floating dock to anchor in the center out there. It’d be a good place to swim from. We wouldn’t have to touch the bottom at all then. Papa said it is about 18 feet deep out there.”

“Eighteen feet deep; when did papa tell you that?”

“When I asked him. He said grandpa built this pond about fifty years ago. He also said it used to have a floating dock back then but it sank.”

“A floating dock would be nice. We could build it on the sore and then float it out there and drop an anchor. We could even build a ladder on the side to make getting on it easier. What you say Eddy, you interested in helping out?” Rusty finally caught up to the older boy and was trying to wrestle him into a dunk.  Being taller though Eddy could touch the bottom and Rusty couldn’t. It wasn’t a pretty sight from Rusty’s point of view because he soon found himself pushed under. Once down a good foot or more Eddy let him go and he bobbed to the surface coughing. “You prick!” He grabbed onto Eddy’s back and rode his back with his arms draped over the older boy’s neck.

“Sure, I’d like to put something out there to get up on. It’d make this pond a whole lot friendlier for swimming. Maybe we could build a dock here beside the launch access?” Rusty and Nathan agreed it was a good plan.

“I’ll ask papa after he cools down. I’d hate to bring it up to him right now. He’d probably say no out of anger if we bother him with it now. Do you know how to build a dock?”

“No but I bet Mr. Rusty and Stan do.” Eddy looked over at the cleared off landing and saw Anna Marie sitting on the shore watching them. “I think we had better behave ourselves guys. Look who’s come to watch.” Nathan and Rusty looked where Eddy indicated and saw the young girl.

“What you doing swimming in there? Aunt Nancy said this pond wasn’t fit for swimming.” Anna looked rebellious. It was obvious she would love to join them swimming, but she was toying with Rusty’s shirt and Nathan’s underwear which also proved she knew they weren’t wearing much if anything at all. “You boy’s naked?”

“Anna, what are you doing down here. Get on back to the house.” Nathan was about to turn every shade of red there was. “Get on now.” He dove under and surfaced behind Eddy and Rusty. The latter had released his hold on Eddy’s back and swam a piece away so it would not look bad. The last thing they needed right now was Anna telling on them. She might make it sound worse than it is and that wouldn’t go well with momma. Nancy didn’t believe in skinny dipping and she sure as hell didn’t believe in guys being intimate with each other.

“I ain’t gonna tell.” The girl sounded pouty. “I’ve skinny dipped back in Georgia. There ain’t nothin to it. My girlfriends and me went down to the creek and went swimming. Since we were skipping church we couldn’t exactly swim in our Sunday best, now could we?”

“That may be Anna, but there were no boys present were there?” Eddy made an effort to keep his voice even and non-accusing. “It isn’t right for you to be hanging out here while we’re out here swimming like this. Now you go on up to the house and we’ll talk later about our plans for this pond, if Mr. Rusty will approve our plans that is.”

“Shush Eddy!” Nathan whined. “What you tell her that for?”

“To placate her Nate; if she thinks we’re going to include her in something interesting, maybe she will get on out of here.” Eddy kept his voice very low so Anna wouldn’t overhear him. Nathan simply nodded his agreement and kept hiding behind Eddy’s back.

The idea worked. “OK, I’m heading back up to the house, but I thought you might want to know that Aunt Nancy and grandma is looking for you. That’s why I came down here.” She stood up and Sammy curled around her leg scent rubbing his head against her shin. She reached down and picked the old Tomcat up and cradled him in her arms as she headed back up the trail. He abandoned ship as she moved behind the tree line – leapt from her arms like a coiled spring and dashed into the underbrush after god knows what. She stopped and looked back at the boys swimming in neck deep water. “I’d hurry it up if I were you. Aunt Nancy seemed pretty anxious to see you. You in particular Nathan, but she wants all three of you.” With this Anna sprinted up the hill her long limbs flying around her like so often happens when a bony youngster runs.

“Awe hell, what is that all about?” Nathan began to slowly swim his way to shallower water making sure Anna was indeed out of there. He really didn’t relish the idea of her seeing him naked.

“I don’t know, but I like the idea of putting a dock and a floating platform in this pond.” Stan stepped out from behind the trees. His ebony arms bunching with muscles as he crossed them over his broad chest. “Now don’t go thinking I’s spying on you. I was here before you came down. I think I can talk Mr. Rusty into agreeing to make this into a swimming pond again, but it’ll take some work – a lot of it in fact. I have no doubt you three will be given that pleasure and Jason can help if he likes.” Stan seemed to be his usual self again and there seemed to be an odd twinkle in the old yellowing eyes. “You boy’s better get on out of there and go see what Ms. Nancy wants with you. After all, it’s about suppertime.

The boys climbed out of the water and sat down on the grassy shore. There was no need to be shy around Stan; he’d seen all three of them naked at one time or another over the course of their lives. “You really think Mr. Rusty will agree to make this a good swim pond?” Eddy seemed almost giddy at the thought.

“Oh yea, he’s been talking about it for a number of years now, only Ms. Nancy who’s been keeping him from it. She thinks it’s a nasty pond, she don’t see it like we do. Since you boys want to turn it into a good swim hole, I think Mr. Rusty’ll be willin to go along with it.” The boys grinned at the old man’s words. “But mind you, it’ll take a lot of work to get this pond to be really swimmable where Ms. Nancy will approve and you know Mr. Rusty won’t approve if it isn’t done with her in mind.”

“We can do it. I just don’t know how to make a dock. Do you Mr. Stan?” Nathan was pulled on his jeans and stood up studying the wizened old man.

“Yep, I made a few docks in my lifetime. Ain’t a whole lot too it, but it takes some work to pull it all together. Especially the pile driving but we can have someone come in for that. The hard part will be gettin rid of these reeds. You’ll have to clear a lot more of them out to make a broader beach area here.”

The boys were beginning to understand what they were up against, but determined they were. “We’ll do it Mr. Stan, you’ll see.” With that the three headed up the path toward the old barn and beyond the house and yard.

“You might want to wait a bit before heading on to the house; let you hair dry a bit.” The advice was good and all three of them decided to heed it.


*          *          *

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