Obsessed With My Nephew’s Body

By Rob Loveboy

Edits by Len Homber


My wife’s sister and family came to visit from Cleveland for two weeks.. They had two boys, Mark twelve, and Michael, nine. Marky was overweight, whereas Mikey was athletic and fit. He was a cute kid, light brown hair, hazel eyes, and from what I saw from his tightie whities, had something to reckon with between his legs I would have liked to see.


I secretly had a thing for boys never daring to chance anything, I only admired them from a distance, including my nephew, Michael. Both boys ran around the house in their underwear without a care in the world, much to my enjoyment seeing Mikey nearly naked.


The brothers took a shower together one night, I made an excuse to barge in on them, unfortunately, Mikey had a towel around his waist and all I got to see was Mark’s little stubby cock under his belly.


One morning, Mike was sent upstairs to wake me for breakfast. He was quite a character and jumped onto the bed jumping up and down laughing. Through barely opened eyes, I saw his cock bouncing to and fro in his underwear. He loved to wrestle and we got into a playful jostle using the opportunity to cop the odd feel of whatever was shrouded and hidden under the thin white material.


I already had a morning erection that his body was pressed against often as I held him down over me slowly gyrating my hips into him. I slept naked and the only thing between us was a sheet, Mikey had to have  felt my hard on on his belly. The more we horsed around, the more the sheet lowered down my hips until i was fully exposed. I never attempted to hide my six-inch hard cock, it was a turn on to let him see it


Mikey spotted it and said, “Wow … you go a big one, Uncle Rob!” he innocently commented staring in awe.


“Feel it if ya want.” I dared say not really expecting him to take me up on the offer.


Mikey took my cock gingerly, as if it would bite him. I said jokingly, “I showed you mine, you gotta show me yours now … fair is fair.”


Mike had no modesty issues and pulled down the front of his underwear exposing what made me gasp in disbelief … long and fat, I already knew he was cut, I remembered the debate his parents had deciding, but like father, like son, Mikey was circumcised as a baby just like his father and brother.


I lay Mike down beside me and returned his hand to my cock as I felt him up, so soft in my hand, to my surprize he began to get an erection. “Beautiful, Mikey.” I said as it grew in my hand, Mike still feeling me up was just as curious as I was about him.


I kept a close ear to the hallway fearing someone would walk in and catch us. It would be impossible to deny what was happening. We didn’t have much time, I bent over him and took his lovely cock down to the base and felt up his satiny sack containing grape-size testicles that jutted out held close to his groin.


While I sucked him off, I used his hand in mine to jerk off cumming minutes later. What seemed like an hour, the whole sordid affair was less than five minutes … and I felt awful about what I had done.


My wife walked into the room a minute later, thank god I had finished wiping my mess off Mikey’s and my body, his cock was safely tucked away in his undies, and I was covered up. Mikey was sitting beside me, but she didn’t give that any thought. I fluffed Mikey’s hair and got out of bed heading for the en suite shower. Judy never commented on my nudity, she knew I slept naked and after all, Mikey and I were both boys.

What I did with Michael was on my mind all day, much guilt conflicted with the eroticismr of sucking his beautiful cock and balls and his hand around my cock.


Michael wandered into the garage later that afternoon, I was putting the lawn mower away. I opened a lawn chair and sat down calling him closer.I caressed his body and the other hand on his ass. He was only wearing a pair of black flannel shorts soon discovering he wasn’t wearing underwear when my hand slid into his waistband.


My cock was uncomfortably cramped in my cutoffs, I opened them and hauled out my cock placing Mikey’s hand on it while I lowered his shorts down and off his feet. Mikey never resisted standing fully naked with an erection pointing up at my face. I leaned down and took it savouring his taste all over again, his hand stroking my cock knowing I liked that and surely, wanting to see the white stuff squirt once again. Minutes later he milked me to orgasm and giggled as it shot out onto the floor and his left foot.


I cleaned us up with a rag, and said, “You’re amazing, Michael. You sure have a big cock for your age.” he grinned proudly and I took full advantage of it adding, “You’re much bigger than your brother … almost as big as mine!” I said putting his shorts back on sadly covering up his hard cock, I could have sucked it all day and still not had enough of it, like a kid with an all day sucker.


At supper with the family around the table, I played footsie with Mikey across the table from me. My bare foot rubbed his crotch, Mikey smiled at me, we had a dark secret together.


Later that night while everyone was watching a rented movie, I followed Michael into the bathroom. After holding his dick while he peed, I got on my knees and sucked him, even his drops of urine was a turn on making me fantasize about having him piss in my mouth … it would be like he was cumming, kinda.


My sister-in law caught us coming out of the bathroom together. My heart was in my mouth with fear. She only smiled and used the bathroom … after all, we were both boys! Gotta love women.


We had a three bedroom house, but one room was my office and the in-laws used the other spare room, Mark and Mike each slept on a sofa in the family room and living room, Mike was down in the family room.


I was obsessed with Michael’s cock, I couldn’t get enough of it. In the early morning hours my hard cock drove me to quietly get out of bed, put my robe on and go downstairs. I bypassed Marky and headed down to the family room. Sitting on the edge of the sofa I removed Mike’s blanket and fondled him inside his underwear. He woke up startled, but saw me and smiled.


“Shush little buddy. I came to visit you.”


Mike looked down sleepily and saw my hand in his underwear, he also saw my hard cock, I had taken off the robe and was already using his hand to masturbate myself.


As I was attempting to take off his underpants, Mikey lifted his ass making my effort easier … a gesture that told me he wanted to be naked with me. I licked his armpits suddenly finding them interesting. His penny size nipples were also irresistible, so was his bellybutton. I lifted his legs to his chest and ate his hole, something I even amazed at myself doing. It smelled like Ivory soap, he had taken a shower with Mark hours earlier … I wracked my brain trying to think of a plausible excuse to join them, not at all interested in Mark, but solely for the thrill of seeing Michael naked again.

Another urge overcame me, I wet my middle finger and worked it up his bum while blowing him. Michael must have been shocked at the things I did to him, but he never complained allowing me free access to his entire body. I blew him so long my jaw ached, lifting him onto the floor, I held his head and put my cock to his lips … he knew what I wanted, the question was if he would do it.


“Please, buddy? You like it when I do it to you, it’s my turn.”


He looked a little perplexed, but I was thrilled when he opened his mouth and allowed my cock inside … he must have learned from me, or was it instinct for guys, it felt heavenly … my first blowjob, believe it or not, my wife would never do more than a hand job, something I could do myself.


Feeling the familiar sensation, I debated whether to cum in his mouth or let him watch me ejaculate … the excitement of creaming his mouth was overwhelming, I held his head and unloaded. Mikey choked, I eased up  the pressure on his head, he sputtered, but otherwise accepted my load running out the sides of his mouth … erotic as hell


I thanked him profusely, told him what a good cock sucker he was, the nine year-old beamed with pride. A sound made me scramble to get Michael’s underwear and put on my robe. It was Mark needing to use the bathroom catching us naked and hurrying to cover up. He appeared a little confused seeing Mike and me virtually naked, I was scared to death. Mark walked on to the relieve himself, I prayed he was sleepy enough not to grasp the severity of the situation.


The next day I was antsy wanting Michael’s cock and another blowjob. The wife asked me to go to the supermarket for a few thing for dinner, I had to be sly asking Mikey to accompany me not wanting Mark to hear and want to come along, thankfully, he was absorbed in a video game while Mike and I made our exit quietly telling his mom he was coming with me.


I parked behind the grocery store between two dumpsters hoping it was private. Wearing a pair of sweats, it was easy pulling them below my knees. I waved my cock at Michael and motioned for him to slide over and to pulled down his shorts. I sucked him for a while before asking him to blow me, which he did without  complaint. Ten minutes later I was cumming. Not even spent yet, I caught a glimpse of a teenager dressed in the store uniform carrying two bags of garbage. It was quite possible that he saw being close enough, without pulling up my sweats I started the car and backed out. Mikey wasn’t even finished when I abruptly made our departure. I went to another grocery store for fear of running into the boy in the store. Mike and I adjust our clothes on route.


Being caught twice and narrowly escaping any real threat by the skin of my teeth scared the hell out of me to take a lot more caution in future. I went through a bit of interrogation upon getting home on our whereabouts for over an hour. I told the adults that the store didn’t have all the things Judy wanted and had to go to another store, that appeased the inquisition, Mark complained that he wasn’t asked to go along seeing Mike with a fudgesicle … i never thought to buy one for him and felt terrible promising I would take him out the next day for ice cream.


Later in the evening I again followed Michael into the bathroom and sucking his cock … it took a little convincing but he pissed in my mouth giggling. It was hard to swallow, some of it ran from my mouth causing Mikey to laugh beyond being mortified by what I was doing. His pee was salty and bitter ... I loved it.


Not having a lot of time, I jerked off with it in his mouth and came within minutes. We walked back up to the living room as innocent as could be, as far as they knew I went for a beer and Michael to take a pee. Who could possibly fathom what was really going on between Mike and me, a feeling of safety, maybe even complacency if I wasn’t careful.


Once again, late that night I snuck down to the family room for sex with Michael. After a bit of oral sex … I sat on his cock and fucked myself silly while he jerked me off. Mikey was getting used to my whimsical sexual overtures … and I was winging it without any previous experience with guys … especially his age. Days before, I would never have thought I was a paedophile, , if in fact I was one. Paedophiles preyed on children … Mikey was not prey, he was an equal who seemed to also enjoy the sex otherwise I wouldn’t have carried it forward from that first encounter in my bed, or so I convinced myself.


I loved the feel of his cock in me, only with my saliva on his cock so I could plant it inside me … I had lost my mind by then, no two ways about it. I had sex with him in the garage, the car, public washrooms, and parks, anywhere that was conveniently safe.


One day at a well known gay cruise park I had long ago heard about and had absolutely no interest in, several men watched me have sex with Michael. It was hot, a fucking fantastic turn on all wishing they could have a go at him, however, I was protective of him and for their entertainment  only. I took Michael to the park several times, I really got off being an exhibitionist giving and getting blowjobs and bent over a tree getting fucked by him.


I had no interest in fucking Mikey, to me it was dangerous territory. I feared doing damage and getting caught, so I shied away from taking our sex to that level … I was more than pleased to have sex with him three or four times a day. The hardest part was finding time together and making excuses to take him out, but I pulled it off for two weeks, The day he left to go home was difficult, we had oral sex in the garage completely naked on a thick moving blanket … it was hard to see Michael go, it was the end of our sex, he wasn’t receptive when the wife and I went to visit the family in Cleveland two years later I tried coming onto him in a beach gazebo the family rented for the day. Disappointed, I understood.




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