of birds and bees
... the butterflies, the flowers, and the trees

"Jamie is that you honey?" asked his mother as he entered the house through the kitchen door.

"Yep, mom..." he replied, walking out into the hallway.

"Honey, I need you to do me a favor," she said, walking down the stairs, dressed for work, ready to leave.

He looked at her, eyebrows raised, eyes questioning.

She smiled as she came over and gave her son a hug. "Do you remember when you turned twelve, and your father spoke to you..." she asked, going over and picking up her purse and the car keys.

He kept looking at her, his face impassive.

"Um, about the birds and the bees..." she said, checking herself in the hall mirror, before turning back to face him.

He nodded.

"Well, now that your father is no more, and you're practically the man of the house," she smiled at him, "I need you to talk to your brother. Josh just turned twelve last week and needs to be told about the facts of life..." she paused, "and I want you to do the talking before he picks up silly ideas from the other kids."

He nodded, and she smiled a 'thank you', opening the door. "I'm on special duty at the hospital tonight and will be late," she said, turning back, "so, complete your homework, have your food and make sure that you both are in bed by nine thirty." she said, letting herself out.

"Mom..." he called, wanting to remind her that he was sixteen now, and could surely stay up until at least a little later... but fell silent as the door closed.

Jamie went up to his room and throwing off his clothes, looked into the full length mirror, smiling at the reflection... shamelessly admiring the tall, slim figure... watching the just developed teen muscles ripple under the smooth skin... His eyes moved lower, looking at the reflection of his pride, his joy... his magnificent teen cock! Checking out the long, flaccid shaft hanging between his well formed thighs... the bulbous crown, the low hanging balls, dangling free... and looking up, into his eyes, he grinned.

Well, now for that shower and then to wait for Josh...


"Josh..." he called out from the tiny den as he heard the kitchen door open.

"Yup?" his brother asked after a moment, peeping in.

Looking up at the face, Jamie gasped in feigned terror, "Oh God, who's that?" he exclaimed, before adding in a timid voice, "Please, bogeyman, don't hurt me!"

The dirt streaked face gave a disdainful look and sniggered.

"So, how was the game?" Jamie smiled.

"Great!" his brother replied, the huge grin making it amply clear as to which way the game had gone.

"Well, now get cleaned and then come down, there's something we need to talk about."

Josh gave a curious look and then with a shrug closed the door, and Jamie heard him run up the stairs. Getting up, he walked out onto the back porch and sat down on the wooden steps, waiting for his brother.


"What was it you wanted to talk about?" asked Josh, flopping down by his side on the steps, squeaky clean and fresh.

"Well, mom wanted me to talk to you..."

"What about?" Josh asked, looking up at his older brother.

"Now that you are twelve and old enough to know, she wanted me to tell you about the birds and the bees, the way dad had told me when I turned twelve."

Josh gave a curious look and then shaking his head asked, "What's there so special to know about birds and bees?"

"A lot..." Jamie said, looking into the distance over the backyard fence, thinking things over in his head.

He remembered every word that his father had spoken that evening, years ago, as they had sat in the backyard. Remembering every detail, as his father had explained... about the human body and sex, about babies and pregnancies... And now he was wondering how best he could explain it to his kid brother... About how and where to begin...

"Well, I already know enough about birds and bees and animals and plants," Josh said, following his brother's gaze, "learnt it in school. Anyway, what did dad tell you, huh?"

Jamie remained silent for a moment and then asked, "Do you remember last summer, the Saturday after you turned eleven?"

"You mean that day?"

Jamie nodded.

Josh's face broke into a huge grin, "Sure, I remember that day..." he squealed with excitement, "I had just returned from the park, and desperately needed to pee, and so ran to the bathroom... and as I entered, I saw you, standing under the shower... arched back... swaying, your hand like crazy, stroking your cock..." he paused for a moment, "I was stunned and stood watching. You had left the door unlocked and hadn't even realized that I was there and went on, moaning and groaning and making all sorts of funny sounds, while I wondered what had happened to you..." Josh recounted as Jamie sat and nodded.

"And then you let out a squeal and went like crazy... and after a few more frenzied strokes slumped against the wall, panting. And then you slowly stood up and began to wash your hands and that's when you saw me. You screamed at me, lucky mom wasn't home or she'd come running up, and I still stood, my mouth open, staring at your cock, wondering how it could be so large... and what exactly you were doing with it!

"You yelled once more, telling me to scoot, and since I didn't move you walloped my head with the wet towel and I ran out, scared, yet somehow feeling all funny inside, totally forgetting all about taking a leak.

"You acted grumpy after that... giving me weird looks and snapping all evening. And after you had gone to bed I crept up, curious... dying to see your cock once more, investigate. I thought you were asleep, but you weren't, and as I pulled down your boxers and took your cock in my hand... wondering how it could have been that huge when I had seen it earlier, having all sorts of funny feelings and thoughts, and a million question, I felt it grow in my hand, getting bigger and hotter... and then you grabbed my shoulder. I nearly passed out with fright...

"You said that it was okay, and then hugged me, allowing me to play with it. And then you began to moan, your hips lifting off the bed, as you twisted and turned... You placed your hand over my fist and speeded up, behaving just like you had, earlier that day, under the shower. And then you shuddered and arch up, your cock going crazy... pulsing and shooting some white stuff high into the air!

Jamie nodded with a smile and patted Josh's head.

"Later, you answered all my curious questions, telling me why your cock was all big and hard... explaining about the hair around your dick and the white stuff that came out. That night you taught me to jerk you off properly and after that, whenever we were alone, you always allowed me to take it out and play with it."

Jamie smiled, passing his arm around his brother's shoulder and hugging him.

"And then, on the third night as I was playing with your dick... on a whim, 'coz it looked so beautiful and I really loved it, I bent forward and kissed the tip. You groaned and pushed up and then you made me lick it for you... begging me to take it in my mouth! And as I sucked, you nearly drowned me with your huge load!" Josh giggled remembering the incident.

Jamie smiled indulgently, "Remember what happened next?"

"And then, about a week after that, you said, 'Let's try something new,' and fucked me for the first time. You climbed over me and pushed my legs wide and tried to stuff your cock in my butt. But it just wouldn't go in at first... and jeez, did it hurt, as you tried to shove it in, making me cry out in pain. You grunted and cursed, hurting me more as you tried to force it in, and then finally got off the bed and went to the kitchen, while I still lay on your bed, my ass aching.

"You came back with the butter and then greasing up my ass, stuck your fingers in. It felt weird, but also kinda nice, and then you tried putting in your cock once more... and this time it slid in!

"Gosh, my ass was burning and I thought you were planning to kill me, rip me into bits, it hurt that mighty. And once you'd finished and dumped your cum and pulled out, you were hugging me, telling me how much you loved me, and then you sucked me for the first time, because I was still crying."

Jamie nodded.

"I was sore for the whole week after that, but you kept after me and finally convinced me... Gave me all your baseball cards and I agreed."

"Well, I gave you my whole collection!" said Jamie, patting his younger brother's bare thigh.

"And then you were fucking me every day after that... When we returned from school and the house empty, and each night... and even in the mornings, on holidays..."

"Yep," nodded Jamie, smiling at his young brother.

"And you also sucked me regularly... in fact, we sucked each other off at the same time, you called it sixty-nining."

Jamie nodded once more, patting his brother's knee.

"And then, there was that time when you stuck your tongue right up my butt hole... licking out your own sticky cum from my ass..."

Jamie let out a giggle and shook his head.

"Oh, it freaked me out totally, that first time... but it felt real cool..."

Jamie nodded.

"And then that too became a regular thing, you now always eat out my ass, both before fucking and after..."

Jamie smiled, "I love to do it to you bro... you have the sweetest ass in the whole fucking world!"

"And I too love licking your ass, Jamie," Josh replied with equal love, "and sticking my fingers in, love to hear the way you moan when I do it!"

Both hugged and then Josh pouted, "But you never allow me to fuck you, always making some excuse..."

Jamie laughed, "Well, now that you are twelve and old enough to know about sex, maybe I'll allow you to do it!"

"You will?" Josh squealed with joy, "You'll allow me to fuck you in the ass?"

Jamie nodded with a smile.

"Oh, Jamie..." Josh screamed, throwing himself at his brother and hugging him tight, as they kissed.

Jamie patted the firm butt and squeezed his brother even tighter, his heart filling with tender love.

"Well, why are we then sitting here and talking about it, when we can as well be doing all those stuff..." grinned Josh, finally pulling away, "and Mom wont be back till nearly mid-night. So we have all the time we need." And then pulling down his shorts showed his older brother the throbbing erection, "See, what the talking has done to me!"

Jamie smiled and tugging his zip down, reached in, fishing out his own teen cock... large and ruddy... dripping with his arousal as the rigid shaft popped out. "Yep, we can do it li'l bro, and we sure gonna do it. But Mom just asked me to tell you that since you are now twelve, and should know... birds and bees, and other animals too, do the same stuff!"

Josh stared... his eyes wide... his jaws dropping, "You mean that bird brothers and bee brothers, and... and all those animal brothers also do all the stuff we've done?" he asked in wonder.

"Um, not exactly the brothers, but, you know, the guy bird, and the girl bird... and the bee guy and the lady bee."

"Oh, you mean the males and the females!"

"Yep," Jamie nodded, "and some, uh, well, most men also do it... like, when he gets horny, he sticks his cock in, and then you have babies..."

"Just sticking the cock in makes babies?" Josh asked, amazed.

Giving another fond smile Jamie shook his head, "Not just sticking it in, but after he dumps his load, she gets pregnant and then has the baby."

"Oh..." exclaimed Josh, sitting quiet for a moment, thinking.

"Say, Jamie," he asked after a while, "how long does it take, you know, to have the baby?"

"Well, about nine months..."

"Oh, and we've been doing it for a year now... so, will I now have your baby then? I mean, I've swallowed over a gallon of your cum, and you must have pumped another gallon up my ass..."

Jamie laughed and reaching out tousled his brother's hair, "You're such a dumb little kid, bro," he said, hugging Josh, "Guys can't have babies. Only when he dumps his cum in a girl do you get a baby..."

"Oh..." Josh exclaimed with evident relief. "So, dad told you that these birds and bees, and also men, stick their cock into a girl bird's and lady bee's, and woman's ass and comes, and then they have babies, huh?"

"Silly, not in the ass, they stick it in the pussy! Girls have pussy, you know that, huh?"

"Oh..." Josh exclaimed, his eyes wide with wonder at this new revelation. And then in an uncertain tone asked, "Is that as good... I mean, does it feel as good as the stuff we do?"

"Well, I dunno," Jamie shrugged, "but now, that I've told you about the birds and bees" Jamie added, reaching out and passing his arm around his brother's slim shoulder, pulling him close, "and about where babies come from, lets get up to your room and..." he grinned.

And both brothers tore up the stairs... into the bedroom, slamming the door shut...

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