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Older Brothers Advantage Chapter 1

(p) is where the porn starts

Hello my name is Jake. I'm 13 and this is the story of the best week of my life.
My mom and dad were going away for the week for another honeymoon and who knows what they are going to do.
They ordered my brother to baby sit me, Now I'm 13 so I dont need a sitter anymore.
My brother Michael, who is 17,
decided to invite his girlfriend Amy over so he could finally seal the deal with her (sex).
Here's the story of what happened.

It was a Saturday, and I was sitting in the living room watching television when the door bell rang.
Michael came flying down the stairs as fast as humanly possible all excited.
He opened the door and let his 16 year old girlfriend Amy in.

"Hi Amy come on in baby"

Amy walked in with Michael following her,
both of them completely ignoring that I was there.

They then ran up the stairs to Mike's room,
while I started grinning knowing what they are going to do.
I waited a bit,
watching TV until they had been in there for maybe 10 minutes.

I walked up the stairs slowly,
careful not to make any noise as I approached his door.
I looked through the keyhole and saw Amy on her knees in front of my brother,
who was standing by his bed. I wondered
... was she doing what I thought she was doing?

I started to get hard in my own shorts,
putting my right hand down under my briefs
, and squeezed my hard erection as I continued to watch then with great fascination.


... I felt myself falling forward into the room! Oh no
... the door to his room wasn't completely closed!


I fell completely forward into the room and the loudest shriek of terror
could be heard as Amy ran and got her top and covered herself,
running passed me out the door.

"Amy ... wait ... dont go!!"

Michael yelled as he ran out of his room after her.

"You promised we could go further!"

I heard the front door slam as Michael stomped back up the stairs
... his footsteps getting louder and louder
. I was still on the floor and there he was,
a look of absolute hatred and anger in his eyes as he looked at me.
I sat on the floor, still hard from what I saw
, covering my erection.

"You piece of shit!" he yelled.

"Tonight was the night me and Amy were finally gonna fuck!"

"Big deal" I responded with some fear.
"Just fuck some other night when I'm not here."

Michael clenched his fists in anger,

and I could see he was so mad it looked like he was ready to beat up the shit out of me.

My heart was pounding as I realised what was gonna happen.
I covered my face, almost sobbing.

"Please dont! I wimpered. "I'm sorry! Just go get her back."

Michael just laughed, a laugh that vainly covered up his anger.

"I was gonna bust a cherry tonight so I guess if it cant be hers
, its going have to be yours you little shit of a brother!"

I looked up at Michael not quite realizing what he meant.
The next thing I knew, Michael put his hands on my head,
forcing me closer to his dick,
which had actually been out of his pants all this time.
I watched in awe as his dick grew harder and bigger right in front of my face,
pulsing as it thickened.
It wasn't more than 6 inches from my mouth
when it was completely hard.

I felt Michael pull my head closer so I put both of my hands on his hips,
trying desperately to push away.

"What the fuck bro!"

I yelled as I realized what he was doing.

"I'm not gonna suck you off!"

"Yes you are you little prick!" Michael said with a smirk.
"I didnt get to cum with Amy, so you are gonna fix that with you."

As he pulled me closer, I tried my best to resist

"You can't make me do this" I yelled,
with tears almost running down my face.

I was being humiliated by my own brother.

"Do it or I'm going to do something even worse to you!"
Michael growled out in anger,

with a strange look of lust in his eyes.
I broke free, backing up and then standing up,
moving toward the door,
but Michael quickly slammed it and used his key to lock it.

"Dont you fucking dare!" he said.

I looked into his eyes and he forced me back down in front of him. "Kiss it!" he said.
I leaned forward and slowly put my hand on it.
I pulled the foreskin back, revealing a throbbing,
warm, pink head.
I gulped before I finally puckered up my lips and kissed it.
Michael pulled my head forward,
forcing the head of his monster 9 inch dick into my mouth.

"Mmmm ... fuck ... your lips are soft"
Michael growled in lust.

My total humiliation had started as I felt my 17 year old brother's prick get even harder in my mouth.

Suddenly I felt a glob of fluid drip onto my tongue.
I tried to pull away, closing my eyes avoiding the pre cum
but Michael was too strong.

"Lick it" he commanded. "Eat my pre like a little bitch!"

I started licking his dick head,
causing him to moan and push his dick farther into my mouth.
I started gagging as he about half of it in.
I tried to pull out, but Michael's grip was way too strong, forcing me to stay in place.

"Go on ... start sucking it. I know you want to" he said.

He was wrong.
I had never even thought about doing anything with my brother even though I considered myself to be bisexual

. I opened my eyes, looking up at my brother.
"Go on!" he exclaimed.

I started to move back slowly against his strong grip,
knowing he wouldnt let me get off of him until he was done.
So I went forward again feeling the hard prick sliding against my wet lips and over my tongue.
Michael moaned in pleasure as my warm mouth was engulfing his cock.

Michael then grinned into the air,
probably wondering why he didn't done this earlier.
Me - his little bitch of a brother - was a pro at this already having only done it for 5 minutes.
Michael felt his orgasm coming along
.. purging through the shaft and head.

"Oh fuck i'm gonna cum soon. Oh god!"
I started to panic as tried to move back off his cock.

"Don't you even think about it! Swallow my cum like a good little boy you are"
he warned. I closed my eyes,
preparing for the rush of hot thick cum.
Michael's breathing got shorter and heavier as he started thrusting in and out of my mouth, moaning like crazy.

He gave one final thrust as jets and jets of his thick cum invaded my mouth like a volcano.
I finally pulled off, coughing after it all shot down my throat.

"Savour the taste, my little bitch" Michael said.

"Fuck you asshole" I yelled on the edge of tearing up, cum still coating my mouth and tongue.

"I think I will fuck your asshole"
Michael said, leaving me with a look of total terror.

….He ... was being serious.

To be continued in part two

Feel free to contact my email with ideas and suggestions
ill be glad to read them over,
and please send pictures of the load you blew to my email ;)