Older Brothers Advantage Chapter 2.

Michael shoved me off of his cock and onto the ground, pinning me on my stomach.

"No no! Dont!" I yelled as I squirmed trying to get out from under Michael's weight.
But to no use. I couldn't move.

Michael started removing my gym pants,
slowly pulling them down to my ankles, making me scream for him to stop.
I scrambled up onto my knees while my chest was still on the ground,

my ass sticking up like a mountain.
As he got the rest of my pants off,

Michael noticed my smooth butt slowly inching out from
underneath my pants and underwear as he pulled them down to my ankles.

Saliva filled his mouth, he saw that I had the perfect ass. Smooth round slightly tanned and firm.

With my pants down to my ankles, I knew what was coming, and I tried like hell to squirm away.

"Get the fuck off of me you pervert!" I yelled.

But that just made Michael even harder.
Watching his pray squirm under his feet, he put a finger in front of my mouth.

"Suck it or this will hurt".

I just spit on his fingers in anger but Michael said

"That should do"

as he grinned from ear to ear.
He moved his fingers to my butt sliding them into my crack,
making me gasp at the cold feeling of his fingers.

I tried to squirm and squirm,
but that only aided Micahel in finding his mark.

When he found the smooth hole,
he pushed a finger in slowly at first,

making me grunt in pain.

"Stop! Take it out!" I yelled.

"It fucking hurts you sicko. Take it OUT!"

I screamed, but Michael just kept pushing his finger in until he was in passed both knuckles,
the end of his finger pushing firmly against the hole.

He started moving his fingertip around,

causing me to grunt more from the new sensations that I felt
. I couldnt believe that I actually liked this on some level,

Michael kept moving his finger around in my ass,
causing me to slip out a slight moan.
This didn't go unnoticed, as Michael looked down at the back of my head.

"You're enjoying this aren't you .. you little faggot?"
Michael stated triumphantly.

I kept silent as I lowered my head in shame.

"Admit it ... you fucking love it. Admit it now!"

"I .. I ..." was all that came out of my mouth.
Michael grinned devilishly and thrust his finger deeper into my ass,
making me gasp, grunt and moan all at once.

I could feel my internal muscle tightening around his finger as he slowly started to rotate his finger
... first left and then right. Back and forth .. back and forth.
God ... it was overwhelming.

"Say it! Say you love it!" he demanded.

I shook his head and said "Yes I .. I love it.."

"What? What was that you said? I didnt quite hear you" Michael said mockingly.

"I love it." I said half in shame half overwhelmed with pleasure.

"I knew it! You are a fag!" Michael yelled out so loudly that it was a surprise the neighbours didnt hear it.

I'm not gay but something about the way Michael used me any way he wanted turned me on to the extremes.
I begged silently that he wouldn't notice my total rock hard erection pushing against the floor,

To my disappointment Michael slowly removed out his finger.
But it was soon to be replaced by something longer, harder and thicker.
Michael put both hands on the floor beside my head as he
angled his own cock toward the tight entrance he had just vacated.

Michael slowly started pushing it in, making me tear up and shake as he thrust in his gigantic cock.
Slowly at first, he made his way in to his hilt.

The tightness of my ass was amazing. I could feel it.
And by his moaning I figured he had never fucked anything so tight

or so warm.

Michael thrust it more in until he was balls deep inside me.
I thought he had started to pull out when Michael quickly thrust it back in.
Michael couldnt help but moan rapidly as his breath shortened.

He was already close to his own orgasm,
A grunt escaped from my mouth at the intense pain and total pleasure that I was now feeling.

Michael then took hold of my hips and raised them up making me stand on my knees.

As he started to thrust, I could feel his balls slap against mine below my ass.

Michael looked down and noticed my cock was hard as a rock! An impressive 7 inches.

He smiled and grabbed it, squeezing it causing me to spurt out a lot of pre-cum into his palm.
He then took his hand and rubbed my pre-cum onto his own cock using the pre-cum to fluid lube my hole to let him

thrust even harder. I kept moaning, rapidly moving my hips in and out until I was on the edge of orgasm.

I then started thrusting forward on and off Michael's salami sized cock,
causing him to moan in total pleasure.

I kept thrusting and moving my ass,

until I felt my muscles spasm around his cock, causing him to reach orgasm.
I came too, with my brother's cock deep inside of me.

I had just had the best orgasm I had ever experienced,
and it was from my brother using my ass as the own gate to heaven.
Michael just kept moaning out his orgasm, slowly thrusting, winding down, then pulling out.

He left my hole gaping and leaking with cum down my balls and down my now soft dick
. Michael looked at me,

a slight of guilt in his eyes as he stared down at my cum covered hole
. But the smile on his face made me feel better and he slapped my ass making more leak out of my butt.

I smiled, then collapsed, losing whatever remaining energy i had from the fuck session.
I fell asleep like a raped sleeping beauty there on Michael's floor.

This was going to be a fun week.

end of chapter 2. too be continued in part 3!


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