Older Brothers Advantage Chapter 3

As I slipped back into conciousness from the night before,
I start twisting and turning from the pain in my backside.
The night flashed before me as i remembered what had happened.

I got up out of bed feeling between my ass cheeks.
OUCH I was so sore.
I tried to get a steady strut
as i walked into the bathroom to inspect myself and to take a shower.

As I approached the bathroom mirror,
I turned around spreading my cheeks,
trying to get a good look at my used up and now leaking hole.
I quickly got into the shower then turned it on, making me shriek in surprise as it was freezing cold.

But pretty quickly the water got hotter as I started to scrub myself.

I started washing between my legs,
pulling my foreskin back revealing the residue of cum from the night before.
I gently scrubbed my soft dick, cleaning every last bit of it.
I took the soap and gently rubbed my thighs, then between my legs.

Finally ... my hole.

The mild soap took care of everything my brother had left behind. But suddenly,
I heard the door open but before I could look I felt a hand grabbing the soap and slowly easing it around my boyish butt.

I looked back and saw my grinning,
naked brother Michael gently washing me,
almost as if making sure not to hurt me.
His gentle touch to my sides made me feel warm inside.

But it doesn't change what he did to me.

I looked at Michael with a sad look,
and he just hugged me, thrusting our pelvises together causing my blood to rush from my head into a different head.
I felt his hands reach around to my ass making me flinch.

He noticed and rubbed his hands around my ass, making me breath harder.

"I think we're clean enough now" he said as he looked down at me smiling.
I wondered if he felt bad about the day before. I wondered.

We headed out of the shower, both reaching for the same towel,
Being older and larger, he grabbed it first and started drying my hair softly,
then my neck, then rubbing my shoulders and underarms.
I hadn't been washed and dried that way since I was a child,

It awoke new feelings of compassion for my brother.

As we got dressed, I still was having trouble walking.
I slowly made my way over to the bed, sitting down softly and uncomfortably.
Michael looked at me them, then decided to sit down next right to me, our thighs touching.

Michael looked over at me as if waiting for me to say something.
I opened my mouth to speak, trying to find the words.

"Are you okay?: he broke in. I looked up at him thinking what an idiot he was if he thought I was ok.

I had never been this confused in my life!

"Are you an -" Before I could finish I felt his lips planted on mine.
Oh god hes kissing me I thought! He opened his lips,
forcing mine to spread wider apart as his tongue invaded my mouth,
I closed my eyes and blushed as i had my first kiss.

Our tongues wrestled each other, with his tongue winning every single match
. He pulled back from me, looking deeply into my eyes with love and lust.

"an idiot??" I blurted out finishing my sentence.
He laughed at my look of confusion then stood up.

"Wait ... where are you going?" I asked, scared that I might have ruined the moment.

"Calm down Jake" he said. "I'm just going downstairs to make us some breakfast.

You want anything?"

"Yes my virginity back" I thought to myself silently.

"Uh no I'm .. I'm ok .. " I mumbled. "I think I'm ok."
He looked at me again with a soft smile.

"I'll just get some cereal ready for ya downstairs.”
“Come join me when you are done letting your ass heal" he said jokingly as he walked out of the room.
I watched him walk down the stairs, his butt looking amazing.

I let my body fall back onto the bed and I looked up at the ceiling wondering how this all happened.
But as I thought more about it, I felt a sheepish grin spread across my face.

I realized that I had loved it.

I had to admit it to myself that the previous night was amazing,
and even though it was against my will at first,
I wanted more, I stood up as quickly as I could and started slowly walking down the stairs.

"You gonna come or what?" Michael said mocking my slow pace.

"Shut up! My ass is killing me!" I yelled out. All i heard was his roaring laughter.
When I finally reached the kitchen,
Michael was pouring us separate bowls of cereal with milk.

He sure is being nice all of a sudden I thought to myself.
I inched over to the chair, sitting down on the hard wooden seat.
I groaned as I started slowly consuming my own bowl of breakfast goodness.
I looked up ... just for a split second .. seeing an evil gleam in Michael's eye and a devilish smile on his face

Oh God ... what was he really thinking

Too be continued in part 4!


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