This work contains scenes of incest sex between two boys. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

This is story is copyrighted November 18th, 2004.

One Thanksgiving Vacation

Part One
A little information about Mike: he is 20, 5'9" and average build.

After riding in the car with his parents for almost 5 hours, Mike was happy to finally arrive at his cousins' house. It has been a few months since he saw all 4 cousins. The last time he saw them, it was over a year before. Aunt Helen opened up the front door as Mike and his parents approached the door.

"Hey guys, we were wondering when you were gonna get here. Come on in. Mike, I think the boys are downstairs playing video games or something."

Mike brought his bags down to the guest bedroom in the basement as quietly as possible, he didn't want his cousins to hear him coming down the stairs. Once the bags were safe in the bedroom, Mike crept towards where the TV was. He only saw his cousins Brian, who is 15, and Chris, who is the youngest at 5. Mike went towards Chris to tickle him.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! He he he he he he he he. Stop it Mike!"

"What's up guys? Where's your brother?"

"Ben's upstairs in his room doing something or another on his computer," Brian responded.

"Aight, I'm gonna go up and see him." Mike went up the back stairs to the second floor towards Ben's room, who's 14. Brian and Ben's rooms are connected by a shared bathroom on one side, and Chris and April's room is the same on the other side of the hallway. As he approached the closed door, he heard some moans and grunts through the door. So Mike went through Brian's room to try and sneak in through the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, Mike saw that there was a small crack, yet big enough to see everything through it. So Mike positioned himself so he could get the best view point. Looking in, he saw Ben sitting in his chair at the computer. He could hear something from the speakers, but it was almost inaudible. So Mike continued to watch to see what Ben was up to. After about 5 more minutes, Ben had moved around enough in the chair for Mike to see that he was only in his boxers! For a 14 year old and being about 6 inches shorter, Mike saw that Ben had a beautiful 5 inch hard cock, with a great looking head and being almost as thick as Mike's. All of a sudden, Mike felt his own cock to twitch a little. After a minute, it grew to its full 7.5 inches.

After watching Ben for another few minutes, slowly stroking his hard cock and watching the porn that was streaming on the internet, Mike went to make his move. He slowly moved in, trying not to make a sound.

Only a few feet away now, Ben was still unaware that Mike was standing right behind him, with his hand down his pants. The minutes seamed to pass by so slowly, but after only a minute or two, Mike just had to break the silence.

"If . . . if you want, I can show you the best stuff." Scared, Ben jumps off the chair and turns around. For the next minute or two, Ben, with a scared look on his face, and Mike with a eager hungry look just stare at each other.

"How . . . how . . . how long have you been standing there?" Ben asked still with a full erection in his hand, giving a slight tug every once in awhile.

"Only for a few minutes . . few minutes. Looks like you're still at full attention there buddy," with a slight smirk.

"Mike, can you give me a couple of minutes? You know, to finish up?"

"Well if you want, I can show you the better material that's only. But you don't, fine, I'll lea . . "

"Wait! You mean there is better stuff online than this?" Ben asked as he started to soften up.

Mike, stating to slowly strip down to his boxers, said "Yeah man, you just need to know where to look. Plus, it looks like you need some help on your rhythm."

"My rhythm?"

"Yeah man, you know, on you monster there. You know, it's pretty damn big for a kid your age."

Starting to slowly stroke again, Ben responded "He he, yeah I know. I always check out the other guys in gym when I can. . . . So what's this new thing you want to show me? I hope it isn't anything too . . . . too weird. Even though I check out the other guys, I've never had thoughts of doing anything with them. I just wanted to compare."

"Ok, well, I'm gonna show you a few things that you'll like. But first, let me show how you can improve your hand technique. Come here and sit on the bed . . . and take off those boxers." Both Ben and Mike strip off their boxers and sit on the bed.

"Ok Ben, just follow what I do with my hands, ok?" "Ok." Mike slowly starts to stroke his now throbbing cock as Ben watches on. Slowly, Ben starts to follow what Mike is doing.

After about five minutes, Mike stops and repositions himself right behind Ben. "I'm gonna sit behind you for now so I can help you out. Let my hand glide with yours." "But Mike, I'm not feeling anything different." "Well, here, let me jerk you off for a bit so I can show you how to do it on your own cock." "Ummm . . . oook."

Slowly, Mike takes the 5 inch beast into his hand and works it until Ben is moaning and is staring bug-eyed at how amazing Mike's hand work is. After awhile, Mikes senses Ben is about to cum and stops.

"Why did you stop?"
"You'll see. You've cam before, right?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Ever try jerking off with a condom on?"
"How could I? I don't have any. Besides, where would I get one anyway?"
"Well, I happen to have some with me. Wanna try one on and see how it feels? I'm gonna put one on. Didn't they teach you this in school yet?"
"Well, the gym teacher went over Sex Ed. one day real quick, but nothing really special. All he said was wait till college, use a condom and that stuff. He talked about masturbation and all of that."
"Well, consider yourself lucky, your about to get a treat."

Mike whips out two condoms from his book bag, since we brought it up originally for showing his cousin some other things. Both boys sit back onto the bed and Mike shows Ben how to put a condom on.
"Take the package, and rip it open carefully, you don't want to rip the condom. Next, take it out a very small bit. This way, it'll be easier to put on your cock. Next, pinch the end so there is no air and place it on you cock like so. Now roll the rest of the condom down the shaft of your cock. There you go buddy. How does it feel?"
"It feels kinda different, but good."
"Now go ahead and start jerking, but don't cum yet, I wanna show you one more thing before dinner."

Both boys start jerking again for another couple of minutes. Mike and Ben even sit so their cocks are touching and one is jerking both at the same time. Both boys were in heaven. Soon Mike felt himself about to lose it soon and he was sure his cousin was about to also. So he told Ben to take a break.

"Ok, I wanna show you one more thing. Just let me get a towel."
"Why the towel?"
"Well, lots of times when I masturbate, I like to humph something cause it makes it feel more like the act of sex. I thought why not have you try it."
"Alright. Why not, I'm game for it."
"OK, lay down with your cock on the towel. . . . There you go, now go ahead and start moving back and forth. ...Feel good?"
"Yeah man, it feels good. But should I keep the condom on?"
"Yeah, this way you don't make a mess on the towel. Now I'm going to do something to add to that pleasure. Just do not be alarmed for what I am about to do."
"Ok, but what are you going to do?"
"I'm going to play with you ass with my fingers. Trust me, it feels really really good."

Mike lets Ben humph the bed a little slowly and then slowly spreads his ass cheeks and starts applying some lub to the teen's virgin hole. Slowly, Mike pushes in one finger: in and out, in and out, as Ben winces slightly but gets used to the pain. After a minute, Mike puts in two fingers repeating the same thing, and then finally three fingers. After two minutes with all three fingers, Mike pulls out with Ben moaning in pleasure.

"How come you stopped Mike?"
"Don't worry, it'll start again real soon." Mike applies a little bit of lub to his aching cock with the condom still on it. Slowly, he brings his bulbous head to the virgin hole of his cousin and slowly pushes in. Mike slowly pushes the first three inches in and out pleasuring his cousin. Finally, he pushes all 7 inches inside of his cousin.

"Mike, how come it feels so much fuller inside of me this time? And how come you're not up against me?"
"Well little cuz, that is because I now have my cock inside of you."
"What!?! Get it out of me!"
"Shhhhhh. Listen, just a second ago, you thought it was my fingers and you enjoyed it. So please let me continue, I really need this."
"Fine, I guess so. It does feel good actually."

Brian was coming up to his room to get a game he left up in his room. He heard some noise coming out of his brothers room, so he went through the bathroom to spy on his brother and Mike. When he peered in, he saw Mike on top of his brother, both naked. He couldn't believe his eyes. He wanted to run and tell his mom, but at the same time it caught it curiosity. He knew what they were doing and that they both were about to cum. Without even giving a second thought, Brian just sat down there in the bathroom where he can still watch and pulled out his cock, straining against his jeans, which popped out straight at 6.5inches, as thick as a roll of quarters at least, and a beautiful mushroom head.

Mike and Ben started to reach their orgasm at the same time. As they quickened their pace, so did Brian. Ben was the first to cum, and as his butt muscles tightened, it caused Mike to cum as well. By watching all the excitement and the other two cum, Brian was able to shoot out his load. Mike and Ben started to get off the bed, so Brian quickly cleaned up and headed downstairs and didn't say a word to anyone. But he did like what he saw and wanted some himself.

Soon after Ben and Mike where all cleaned off, it was dinner time.


Part 2- After Dinner
After dinner, everyone was hanging out over in the TV room watching one of those stupid reality shows. Mike was on the computer that was in the eating area between the kitchen and the TV room. Ben came over to see the web site Mike was working on for his internship at his school. As they were navigating through it, Brian came over to see what they were up to.

"What are you guys up to?"
"Just showing Ben the web site I've been working on for my internship."
"Looks pretty nice man. . . . Ummm, guys?"
"Yeah?" both Mike and Ben said.
"What were you guys doing upstairs?"
"Nothing much, I was just showing your brother some things online."
"I see," Brian said giving them a small look since he knew the truth.
After Brian walked away, Ben said to Mike "Later tonight, can you experiment some more? I wanna put my cock up your ass like you did to me."
"All right, once everyone is pretty much asleep, sneak on down to the guest bedroom and come in. I'll leave the door unlocked and have everything ready. Maybe we'll try some things in the shower as well."
"The shower? Hmmm, sounds interesting."

Later that night, as Brian was getting ready for bed, he knew something was up with Mike and Ben, and he wanted to see what was going on. He knew his brother was changing himself next door; he hadn't seen him naked since they were both a couple years younger and were changing at the pool club. Brian sat down on his bed smiling about those memories of how they used to compare their cocks and touch each other. While stroking his cock through his pajama pants (and not wearing boxers), Brian heard a door open and close. Carefully, he peaked out to see who it was and saw Ben heading towards the stairs. So, he followed his brother to see if he was going to where Mike was sleeping.

Ben walked into Mike's room and closed the door. Mike was already stripped down to his boxers and was playing with his balls a little, which are a nice huge size. Without being told to, Ben stripped down to his boxers as well and started to get his cock hard as well. As they were doing this and talking about a TV show that was playing on the TV, Brian got to the door and sat on the floor and positioned himself to listen in.

"Ok, before I let you penetrate my ass, I think we should just lube up a little and get ourselves half way to cumming. This way we can loosen up."
"Ok, no problem."
While watching some late night shows and slowly stroking away, Mike looked down at his cousins cock. He licked his lips looking down at it. Mike hadn't sucked on a cock in a few months and his cousins was looking mighty good right now. After thinking about it for a couple of minutes, Mike went for it. He adjusted his sitting position and saw that his cousin's head was laid back on the pillow, and Mike leaned in and took his cousins cock in his mouth and started to slowly suck on the head.

With the went feeling on his cock, Ben almost jumped and saw that his cousin was now sucking on his cock.
"Mike! . . . What the! . . . Ooooohhh God. . . . Please stoooo . . Oh God, keep doing that! It feels sooooooo good. Where did you find out about doing this?"
Mike continued to suck and now all the way to his cousins base. The smell of his pubic hairs and the musty smell of his cousin's balls drove Mike wild.
Mike stopped giving his cousin a blow job, "Wanna suck on my cock too?"
"Sure, but how can we do it at the same time cause that was feeling good."
"Here, lay completely down on you back. Then I'll lay on top of you in the other direction, so my cock will be over your mouth and my mouth will be above yours. This how you do what's called a '69.'"

As both Mike and Ben got into position and started sucking on each other, Brian started to move inside the room and into the bathroom where he could watch what's happening instead of just listening. Brian was watching the two suck each other and it was turning him on so much, he had to start stroking on his cock. About 15 minutes went by and both Mike and Ben were starting to loose it, they started to fuck each other's face faster and faster, and Brian stroked faster and faster himself. Suddenly Ben shot his load first, Mike catching all of it in his mouth, Brian shot his load all over the floor, and finally Mike shot his load into Ben's mouth, which leaked out a little.

Rolling off Ben, Mike was breathing a bit heavy. Still with some of his cousin's cum in his mouth, he went and kissed his cousin, letting both of their cums mixing and letting each other tasted each other.
"That was great, Mike," Ben said as Mike rolled off him.
"Yeah man. But don't forget we still gotta get that cock of yours up my ass."

With that, Brian came out of the bathroom saying "I knew there was something going on between you two. I want in and there is nothing you can say otherwise."
"Ok, I have no problem with that. I was hoping to have both you and your brother like this for the past few years. Now drop those pants and let me see your cock to see what you got to offer."
With that, Brian dropped his pants and his brother and cousin on the bed and before doing anything, they just had a long talk like they used to have. They talked about how each masturbates, whether they ever had any dreams of other boys, who they would like to do some things with, and other things related to sex.

Before all three went to bed that night, Ben finally got to fuck Mike up his ass. While Ben was doing this, Brian and Mike 69ed each other. For the following day, all three agreed that Ben would be the one to get fucked, and then Brian at night so all three had their chance to be fucked by the other two.

Ever since this weekend, all three chatted online in a private chat to do some cyber sex, and they used their webcams to show each other their hard-ons. Finally, whenever the three were able to meet up, they spent some time in whoever's bedroom sucking and fucking.

The End. Questions, comments, email me.