The Opening Moment Part 3

As I opened my eyes I looked up into the smiling face of dear Gordon. He had raised himself up, leaning over me and was surveying my naked body, lying flat out on my back on the clean white sheets.

"Good morning my dearest boy," was the welcoming soft voice of this new man in my life. "I just know that you slept well".

"Oh yes," I replied, "I have never slept so well in all my life".

"I know you enjoyed what we did last night. You cuddled me all night and your beautiful young cock was stiff the entire time".

"That was the very nicest feeling I think I have ever had", I replied, smiling up at this beautiful man.

Then he leant down and his smooth moist lips found mine. My body glowed with a feeling that I was enjoying at every instance.

My arms went up over his naked body and I pushed my cock up against his, feeling the great flow of his slippery clear cock juice.

Gordon's left hand found the bowl of lubricant and his fingers transferred some to my hairless arse hole. One finger slipped in, then another and this time I felt a third finger seeking out the inner side of my shit tube. I felt an instant desire to have Gordon's hard cock inside me again, and the message passed electrically to him as he withdrew his slippery fingers.

Immediately his cock was pressing against my hole and with a very gentle thrust his bloated knob opened me and found the way inside me. It was an opening moment.

My legs were now wrapped around his rhythmically thrusting body and my own body was pulsing in return. I couldn't believe the tingling feeling coursing through my twelve-year old body.

Gordon rode me with sure, smooth strokes and then his pace and pressure increased. He thrust faster and harder and then with a soft guttural sigh, I felt his cock expand and deliver shot after shot of his juice inside me.

His cock remained in me for a long time. Then, ever so gently, his face moved down to mine. His long moist tongue licked my eyes and nose and finally found my open lips. His tongue darted inside and I greeted him with mine and we kissed. The passion between us was sublime.

I looked longingly at this exciting and beautiful man. His eyes were now filled with tears.

"You are so beautiful young master William. You are my prince".

Following a delightful breakfast in the Club where I was warmly greeted by many of the men I had noted the previous evening, we decided to explore the British Museum. My mind was racing with pictures of the cocks of these men as they entered the young lad the evening before and I wondered how they would feel inside my body. It was exciting and kept my young cock hard all morning.

At the Museum we had morning coffee and within the half hour I needed to pee.

Gordon showed me the lavatory and I urgently un-buttoned my fly to get my stiff cock out. I needed to pee so badly that I was able to let the piss fire upwards onto the porcelain wall. So intent was I at my own relief that I failed to register the arrival of an older lad beside me. Once I realised he was there, my eyes dropped to his cock, which he didn't bother to hide with his hand or clothing.

It was long and thick and had a lot of foreskin, which he slid back revealing a dark brown knob. His piss was fast and the stream was thick. I looked up into his eyes and he smiled as his hand drew the foreskin over his knob and became bloated as the piss continued, trapped inside the ballooning skin.

Then he took his hand away and a great flood of piss splattered against the wall. He laughed and his hand now found my very stiff cock. He rubbed up and down making my legs start to feel wobbly.

"Do you shoot semen yet," he enquired.

"What is that," I replied, knowing full well that I had shot my first two loads just two evenings previous.

"I will have to show," he continued and then dragged me, gently, by my cock into the far lavatory cubicle.

He closed the door but didn't lock it. My short grey trousers were instantly around my ankles and his fingers were running merrily over my little hairless balls and stiff cock. He bent forward and that electric feeling as his lips swallowed my cock sent me swimming with pleasure. Having not shot since the previous night with the men in the club, I could feel that moment rapidly accelerating through my body. I gasped and let out a little scream as I shot my clear young juice into the manipulating mouth of the lad.

He swallowed every drop. His face was glowing as he looked up at me. Then he stood up. His own trousers were now also around his lower legs. His boy cock was large, bigger than Gordon's. He had a small patch of pubic hair atop his shaft. His balls were tight up under cock and were still completely hairless, despite being very large.

His hand pushed my head down onto his cock and he thrust his dripping cock onto my lips. My mouth opened and I gagged as he pushed hard into me. I pulled back, and at the same time swirled my tongue across his large knob. I tried to suck but before I could begin to move my head up and down on the flesh tube, he let out a small gasp and started firing shot after shot of his fresh boy semen into me. I swallowed as quickly as I could, but lost a small amount onto my chin.

His hand held my mouth on his cock as he continued to pump into me. Then he let go and fell against the cubicle door. I looked up as I heard a noise and there were two smiling faces from a pair of his school chums.

My fast shooting friend gathered up his trousers and opened the door as the two friends entered. Both had their hard cocks wagging from their flies, one much larger than the other and dripping clear liquid.

They both tried to push into my mouth at once, but I decided to accept the larger cock first. Again I had little time to start sucking before the back of my throat was plastered with glob after glob of boy semen. As he pulled out the smaller cock was thrust forward and this time I was able to swirl my tongue around the hard head and slip my lips up and down the thin shaft. But it only took less than one hundred seconds before again my throat had to open to absorb three weakening volleys of new boy juice.

I stood up in the crowded cubicle and both new lads rubbed their hands over my still stiff cock. Then we heard a noise outside and we all pulled up our trousers. It was at this time that I noted that none of the lads wore underpants, just like myself.

We all exited the cubicle without drawing the attention of the older man pissing at the urinal porcelain. Outside the lavatory the boys gathered around me. I couldn't find Gordon so sat with them on a long bench.

The elder lad, who I found was just 16, wanted to know if that really was my first orgasm, and again I assured him it was and it was ever so exciting and wonderful.

The other lads were both 15, and all were boarders at a very exclusive boy's school near Windsor. They were as excited as I was about my good fortune at being witness to my first wet orgasm. They had both been watching the entire time and it gave them a great thrill to see me 'come'.

We chatted away for a few more minutes, before I spied Gordon coming over, but as he saw me in conversation with the lads he motioned me to stay as he observed from a distance.

Most enlightening for myself was the vocabulary of words that these nice lads provide to me. They told me that I had cum, or had a shot. Playing with my cock was called spanking the monkey, or flogging the horse or having a pull. A cock could also be called a prick, a cock, a penis. When it was hard it was a stiffy, an erection or a hard-on. I knew I had balls, but new words were bollocks. My bum was also my arse and out of it came shit, all new and exciting words to me. They also told me at length about fucking. At last I knew what Gordon had done to me last night and this morning. I had been fucked.

They asked me about my school and suggested that I look at some of my masters because there were four of these teaching men at their school who regularly fucked the lads. The elder boy admitted that he had been fucked many times this last term by his music master and did enjoy it. He encouraged me to get a cock in my arse as soon as possible as it was a tremendous event. Naturally, I didn't let on that Gordon had done just that and it had been as they described.

Just as Gordon came back into view the others also admitted that they too had felt cock in their arses, and that they enjoyed it. The lad with the smaller cock had been fucked by his cousin. His cousin was 17, and the fucking took place during the last hols. His friend, whom I found the most attractive of the lot, told me that he had fucked the boy also, many times, at school, mostly in the sports equipment room.

I attempted to signal Gordon to wait a little longer, but he was eager to meet the lads as he noticed how handsome they all were.

Once introduced, Gordon invited them to join us for a light lunch and they eagerly accepted. The elder lad, whose name was Alex, whispered to me that he thought my uncle was so very handsome. Gordon was very keen on Tommy, the small cocked lad, but I noted that he also engaged in light banter with the other 15 year old, Eric.

We soon discovered that they were on a week-end leave pass from school, and had told their house master that they were meeting up with Alex's father. He was a Cabinet minister in the Chamberlain Parliament, so this notice of leave was never questioned by the overwhelmed schoolmaster. Of course, that was not the case and the lads were on a loose weekend, and there was no intention of meeting the important father. For some reason my mind started to tell me that there was another quest these nice lads had in mind, but I wasn't getting the correct signals, yet.

Gordon looked at me with a quizzical face. I lipped to him that I knew what he was thinking, for although it had not been openly stated by the lads about their sexual desires for the coming night, it was now becoming obvious that they were sexual ravers.

After we had finished our lunch Gordon suggested that we go to the Tate Gallery and then he smiled and suggested that the lads might like to enjoy the comfort of his club for the tea and then supper. The elder lad pulled me aside and asked about my uncle and if he had ever tried to have sex with me.

Now I didn't know how to answer this, as I didn't want to spoil the earlier experience for the three lads.

Carefully I answered.

"Whenever I come to stay with Uncle Gordon I always sleep with him". I softly told Alex that I had seen my uncle's cock hard and I knew he has no hair around it. Recently, he had also cuddled me and had touched my stiff cock as we slept.

Alex was excited and grabbed my hand and placed it on his very stiff cock under the table. I knew we were in for a great evening.

The art gallery was a rapid tour, and we arrived at the "club" in time for tea. The doorman was delighted to welcome three new lads, and hoped that they would enjoy their stay. He winked at me, and as I passed, being the last in the line, his hand came down and cupped and squeezed my little bum. He knew what was about to happen.

As we entered the foyer Gordon suggested that we all stay in the side area as he arranged their nights accommodation. His conversation with the reception clerk was a delight to note, with the clerk unable to move his eyes from the three new lads.

Gordon came over and said that everything was arranged and we would have a nice large room. We all moved now to the 'gentlemen's afternoon room', and soon were delving into platters of sandwiches and small cakes, with our tea. Several of the older members came over to chat with Gordon, and it was obvious that their cocks were inflating as they conjured up the prospects for later that evening.

When tea was cleared Gordon suggested that it would be nice to have a swim and perhaps visit the steam room. Now my cock pulsed as I remembered what I had experienced in the steam room the evening prior. Tommy asked about swimmers and Gordon assured him that as it was a gentlemen's club, swimmers were not necessary. Alex smiled and kneed Tommy but both Gordon and I noted this action and smiled inwardly to ourselves.

In the change room the boys were initially a little hesitant when they noted all the men standing around naked. Eric quickly removed his school uniform and proudly turned to show the watching cluster his stiff 15 year old cock, its long foreskin pulled right back revealing his suckable knob. Tommy was next to give the gathering a thrill, his thin uncut cock having only a small patch of hairs at the base of its stiff shaft.

However, an audible gasp greeted the display of Alex's huge cock, and he winked at me. At that moment I knew that Alex had cottoned on to the situation and was well aware that his cock and arse were going to be well looked after over the next few hours.

I know you are all excited about what happens next. I tell you it is wonderful.

By the way William's father is not far away either.

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