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Pete's Turkish Fantasy

Chapter Two


The two Americans, a father and his son, walked through the bustling city of Izmir, Turkey. It was just after 12.30 PM. Jim Millard and Pete were on their way to Mehmet Yilmaz' wrestling club. The boy was looking happy and excited. His father loved the way his slender young blond kid looked in the Turkish wrestling club's red and white satiny tracksuit. The suit was a little too small and Jim sometimes would walk a bit behind his son to admire Pete's small, strong butt. He also enjoyed the soft swishing sound of the ultra-thin shiny fabric as his son walked along with him.

The tracksuit and the club's singlet were delivered to their hotel room earlier that morning, just as Mehmet Yilmaz had promised to Mr. Millard. Pete had unwrapped the neat package and when he saw its contents, a tracksuit and a very low-cut red and white spandex wrestling suit, he had exclaimed:

"Wow dad! Look at this stuff. It's really cool. Can I wear it?"

"You must wear it, son", replied his father. "Mr. Yilmaz specifically told me that every new club member has to wear the suit and the singlet when meeting the club's president for the first time. Got a problem with that, boy?"

Pete looked at his dad with a mischievous smile.

"Nah... I think it's cool."

Jim Millard swatted his son's small butt while saying:

"And you're supposed to go freeballing. No undies for you today, buddy. I think our Turkish friends want to have a good look at your body."

"Yeah, all of it, I bet!" said Pete, while he grabbed his teen bulge in his fist and gave it a shake.

Jim laughed and grabbed his son in a tight hold and started to tickle the sexy boy. Although Pete was fourteen years old today and the teen tried to act really grown-up, he still liked to fool around with his hunky dad. They both liked to horse around for fun and for the pleasure of being close to each other. While a screaming Pete tried to escape the expert tickling from his father, Jim noticed how strong his pride and joy had become. He still could pin his kid, but soon he'd have to be careful not to end up on his back himself.

After a few minutes of horse play, during which Pete screamed and laughed and tried to get away from his father's fingers, Jim ended their little romp in the usual way. He grabbed his son's balls, squeezed them gently in their little sack, while saying:

"Who's your daddy, boy?"

And as usual, Pete looked deep into his sexy dad's eyes and replied:

"You are, sir."

"That's right, kiddo."

Jim leaned in and gave his son a deep kiss. Pete relaxed and gave in to his dad. Man and boy tongue wrestled for a while. Then, Jim helped his boy up from the floor and told him to put on the singlet and the tracksuit. Within a few moments Pete was dressed in his new sports uniform and they were ready to go.

Meanwhile, father and son had advanced into an area of Izmir where apparently very few tourists set foot. Soon, they were the only non-Turks in the small narrow streets. Pete noticed that sometimes men would turn their head as he and his dad passed. He grinned to himself, when he imagined they probably were checking out his little butt.

Jim was a bit surprised that his son wasn't asking more questions about the meeting with Mr. Yilmaz the previous evening, what the Turkish wrestler was like or about where they were going. He had only told his boy that Pete was going to visit a Turkish wrestling club. Pete had grinned, and had given his father a wink.

Jim looked at his map again and told Pete there were nearly there.

"Okay, we're nearly there. It's the next little street on the right, boy."

Pete smiled.

"Are you nervous, my boy?" asked Jim, while ruffling his son's soft hair.

"A bit, dad... But hey, it's cool."

Jim gave his sexy son a playful punch in the stomach.


Soon Jim and his son reached the small and dark street of Yilmaz' wrestling club. The two-storey building was old and had large windows. On the outside it looked just like any ordinary gym or sport club. The front of the building was grey and obviously in need of paint. A sign above the large wooden entrance door said in faded red letters "Izmir Ustalar Güreş Kulübü".

"Here it is, birthday boy," said Jim. "The Izmir Veteran Wrestling Club. Let's go in."

Pete was staring at the building's entrance; he swallowed and nodded to his dad.

Jim put a strong arm around his son's small shoulders and pressed his boy against him.

"Come on, kiddo. Think about the fun you'll have. And remember, I'll be with you all the time."

"Yeah dad... I know..."

"Okay, sport. Let's go!"

Father and son walked towards the entrance door. Just before Jim rang the bell, he saw his son quickly pull the shiny tracksuit pants out of his ass crack. Jim Millard grinned.

They heard a bell ring inside the building and after a few moments, the door opened. An old man holding a broom peered at them, grinned a toothless smile and without a word beckoned the two Americans to come in. When they had entered into a large entrance hall with peeling green paint on the walls, he told the two men in a heavily accented voice:

"Follow me... Mizter Yilmaz for you wait..."

Without looking at each other, Jim and Pete followed the old man into the building. The walked through the entrance hall and then went up a bare, concrete staircase. On the first floor they saw several doors. The old man guided them towards a door at the end and softly knocked. He then turned towards the father and his son and pointed to the door. He bowed a little and walked away.

As Millard Senior and Junior reached the door, they heard a strong, deep voice saying:

"Evet. Içeri girin!" (Yes. Come in!)

Pete looked at his dad questioningly and his father said to him:

"Yes Pete, that's Mr. Yilmaz' voice. Let's go in." and he pushed open the door.

They entered an office. The first thing Pete saw was a Turkish flag hanging on one of the walls. The flag was large and made of a very shiny material, which made the white crescent moon and star almost silver on the deep-red background of the flag. Underneath the flag was Yilmaz' desk and the big Turk stood up when they entered.

"Welcome, my friend!" Mehmet Yilmaz said. Pete noticed that the Turk only addressed his father.

"Hello Mr. Yilmaz. How are you?" Pete's dad replied and walked towards the big man.

"I'm fine, thankz... Call me Mehmet."

"I'm Jim," replied Mr. Millard.

The two men laughed and shook hands and Pete saw that Mehmet Yilmaz patted his father on the back, like they were old friends.

Pete was really impressed by Mr. Yilmaz. He thought the Turk with his big, strong frame looked just like the men he had seen on the pictures of Turkish wrestlers he had found on the net: big, strong, masculine and hairy. He could see a mass of chest hair poking out of Mr. Yilmaz' open shirt. He swallowed nervously. This man looked really sexy and impressive. Mehmet Yilmaz was exactly the sort of man Pete wanted to meet, get seduced by, and have hard, raw sex with...

Meanwhile, Mehmet Yilmaz pointed to another man in the room and said:

"And thiz is my friend Ramazan Yerlikaya. He'z wrestler too and secretary of our club."

Jim Millard and his son looked at him. Mr. Yerlikaya was a tall, muscled man in his mid-forties, his black hair already receding a bit from his forehead and he too had a big, neatly trimmed moustache. His eyes were smoldering and Pete instinctively took a step back. This man commanded authority!

Ramazan Yerlikaya walked towards Pete's father and the men shook hands.

Pete was standing a bit behind his dad now, unsure of what to do or say. He felt left out a bit, but then he realized it must be part of the game. He looked at Mr. Yilmaz and Mr. Yerlikaya again and this time, he noticed the full crotches of the two men. They both wore old, shiny red tracksuit pants and Pete could see that the Turks' bulges were really big. He softly sighed. Everything he ever fantasized and jerked-off about was about to happen here, with these men.

Suddenly, he felt the gaze of the three men resting on him. His dad gently laid his hand on his shoulder and pushed him towards the two Turkish wrestlers.

"And this is my son Pete."

Pete felt the Turks scanning his body through his too tight tracksuit. Then Mehmet Yilmaz stepped up to him and said:

"Welcome to my club, Pete. And happy birzday."

He didn't offer the fourteen-year old boy his hand and Ramazan Yerlikaya remained immobile, too. They just looked at the young blond kid in front of them. Pete had no idea if they liked him or not. But then he felt his father giving him a reassuring pat on his teen butt and he smiled weakly.

Mehmet Yilmaz said to Pete:

"Your father told us, you're interezted in our wrestling club. That's good. We like to see new boys coming. But I'm club prezident and we have rule here: when I or Mr. Yerlikaya or other man speak to you, you stand straight, with your handz behind your back and looking up. Like proud, but respectful little man. You understood?"

"Yes sir," Pete answered softly and he assumed the position. His father, who had taken a seat behind the boy, noticed how tall and strong his kid looked.

Mehmet Yilmaz admired the boy in front of him. He really liked the young American's body and the Turk took his time to have a good look at the boy. He slowly let his eyes roam over the kid. The boy's skin looked so soft and creamy. He noticed the firm developing pecs, the strong, long legs and the boy's thin but muscular arms. He saw that Pete's face was a bit flushed and little drops of sweat had appeared on his forehead and that he nervously licked his lips. Mehmet Yilmaz felt his lust growing.

"Turn around, boy" Mehmet said softly.

Pete slowly turned; he knew that the horny Turk wanted to check him out completely. When he was face to face with his dad he saw his father winking at him. Pete smiled weakly, while he could feel Mehmet's and Ramazan's stare burn into his body. He trembled a bit, like he expected to feel Mehmet's large hands at his butt any moment. But nothing happened.

"That'z good," said Mehmet softly. "You can turn around again." And he walked back to his desk. Pete remained standing, the sweat making the shiny tracksuit clinging even closer to his body.

"Pete, I want to ask you questions", the club president said in his low voice, while sitting down in front of his desk. Ramazan had taken a seat, too. Jim Millard could see the whole scene: his young son standing in front of those two adult men. As if the kid was going to be interrogated...

"Why do you like wrestling?" asked Mehmet.

Pete thought for a second and then answered in a soft voice:

"I think because I like the sport, I guess... I like being around other dudes and practice together and go to meets."

"Okay... but is that all?"

Pete grinned.

"Yeah well... I guess I like to grapple with my buddies too. You know, being close to them, feeling their bodies... you know the stuff."

Mehmet Yilmaz just looked at him.

"Uh... I guess it kinda turns me on too..." Pete added.

The Turk grinned.

"So... wrestling makes your cock hard?"

Pete nodded sheepishly. He had never admitted that to someone else but his dad.

Mehmet said: "That'z good. Wrestling is sport for men and makes cock hard. That happens often to me. To all wrestlers here... It'z good."

Pete closed his eyes for a moment, picturing a group of older wrestlers with full hard-ons in their small, worn spandex singlets.

"At this club, we wrestle and sometimes we train young wrestlers too. They stay with us for a few days and we'll have... a good time," Mehmet Yilmaz continued with a lewd grin. "You understand?"

"Yes sir..." Pete answered with a small voice. The whole situation was really making him horny.

"Pete, why did you come to Turkey? No veteran wrestlers are in the U.S.?"


Mehmet stood up and approached the young boy. He stared into Pete's clear blue eyes.


Jim Millard decided to help his son a little.

"Why don't you tell Mr. Yilmaz about that hidden folder on your computer, boy? The folder with all those pictures and videos of Turkish wrestlers?"

Pete's face turned red... This was a really embarrassing! Mehmet Yilmaz was still looking into his eyes, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah well... I uh... kinda collect pics of... Turkish wrestlers. They sorta make me uh... kinda feel sexy..."

Mehmet grinned down at the brave kid in front of him.

"Make you feel sexy, huh? You get hard cock from looking at them?"

Pete nodded again.

Mehmet continued: "You have pictures of big, masculine Turkish wrestlers? Oil wrestlers... or Olympic wrestlerz?"

"Both, I guess... Yeah, oil wrestling and Olympic wrestling..." He paused. "I uh... They turn me on... sorta..."

Pete swiftly wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Mehmet Yilmaz asked, still staring into the kid's eyes:

"And what do you like about them?"

The tension in the room was massive. The young boy realized all eyes were on him. He had to come clean now. He had persuaded his father to take him to Turkey, to meet older Turkish wrestlers, to submit to them... Pete shook a little, trying to find some courage. Finally, he said:

"I like the way they look, sir. I like their bodies... very big and... and strong... I love the hair on their chests, their attitude... And I like to see them in wrestling singlets... or those leather pants, too. It uh... makes me feel... horny!"

Mehmet Yilmaz smiled at him.

"You're brave little man, Pete. I like that."

Pete looked at his feet. He felt relieved he finally admitted his sexy thoughts to a stranger. He trusted this Mr. Yilmaz; the big Turk seemed to understand him.

Mehmet meanwhile had sat down again. He talked briefly in Turkish to his friend Ramazan. Then he said to Pete, who was still standing "at attention":

"Before we begin your special training, Mizter Yerlikaya and I want to see better your body. Take off your tracksuit now, boy."

"Yes sir!" said Pete. His father noticed that his son's voice sounded eager again.

Within seconds Pete had removed the tight, shiny tracksuit and he stood there just in the club's red and white spandex singlet. The wrestling uniform was tight and extremely shiny; it was a little too small for the kid and the three men enjoyed the young jock's body on display.

"Do some warming-up exercises, boy." Yilmaz said. "So we can see how looks your body..."

"Yes sir", said Pete. He shook his long legs and arms. It felt good to move again. He put his hands on his hips and started to gyrate his pelvis. The three men watched him.

For the next fifteen minutes nobody said a word. Pete did all the warming-up exercises he could think of. The two Turks and his dad just watched him. Pete really got into the thing now. He knew fully well that he was giving the men a hot show. They could see every detail of his tall, developing teen body. Pete felt their hungry gaze on his nearly-bare chest, his nipples standing out close to the singlet's thin shoulder straps, on his flat spandex-covered belly, on his small butt when he bent over to stretch his back and legs, on his flushed face, on his smooth milky-white thighs, so strong and visible in his low-cut uniform and on the small lump of his boy cock, snugly packed inside the spandex singlet. Pete really got a kick out of the situation. He started to do bolder and more seductive exercises. And the men watched him.

Suddenly, Mehmet lifted up his hand and said: "Enough, boy!"

Pete assumed the position again, his arms behind his back, his chest extended and his crotch pushed out a bit.

"That was very good, boy." Mehmet Yilmaz said. "You have healthy, strong body... yez, we like to work with you..."

"Thank you, sir." Pete replied.

Mehmet thought a bit. The kid's sexy show had really made him hot. Judging from the smile Ramazan gave him, his friend thought the same. After adjusting his heavy cock in his track pants with a routine gesture, he said to Pete:

"Yez... you're a hot kid. There'z just one thing... In this club we put cock upward in our...singlet."

It took Pete a few seconds to understand what the wrestling club president wanted him to do. When he did, he grinned devilishly at the Turks in front of him and put one of his hands into his singlet. Looking straight at Mehmet and Ramazan, he rubbed his teen cock inside the singlet to get it a bit firmer and bigger. He always liked to play with his dick in his wrestling singlet. The sensation of his cock being rubbed by the silky smooth spandex was incredible. Pete liked having an audience, so he made a real show of it. It made him so hot to look at the Turkish men in front of him, getting excited while he was slowly jacking off. Soon his pecker had grown to its full 4-inch size and he pointed it upwards. He neatly tucked his balls underneath. It all felt very snug and comfortable. Pete liked the way his stiff boy tool was encased by the spandex fabric. He stood at attention again, presenting himself.

"Very good. Now you look like a real proud young man!" said Mehmet.

"Thank you, sir."

"Show it to your father, boy."

Pete turned around to his dad. His father drank in the image of his son, whose teen dick proudly pointed towards his navel.

"Looks great, champ! Very sexy!"

"Thanks, dad." smiled Pete. He turned towards Yilmaz again.

Mehmet sat in his office chair, his strong legs apart. He smiled at Pete and beckoned the boy to come closer. Pete slowly approached him and with a quick movement of the Turk's strong hand on his little ass, he was pulled between Mehmet's legs.

"Good boy..." murmured Mehmet Yilmaz.

Pete shot him a quick smile, but it was easy for the three men to see how excited and slightly nervous the kid still was. Jim Millard felt proud of his son again. He wondered whether he would have been so forward and brave at Pete's age as his fourteen-year old son was at this moment.

The Turk looked at the kid's steel hard teen cock in the tight, shiny singlet and very lightly started to brush his blunt fingertips over Pete's spandex-covered ball sac. Pete let out a loud moan. It was the first time the big, horny Turk actually touched him.

"Yes little man, let'z see how hard you get..." Mehmet Yilmaz growled. He always loved to stroke a young boy's nuts, feeling them draw up in the tight, little sac. Years of experience with young wrestlers (and his own sons) had made him an expert.

Pete had a difficult time standing still. The Turk's fingers were driving him crazy. He had never imagined that his balls were so sensitive.

"Ohhhh fuck...." Pete groaned.

The Turk shot a smile at Ramazan, who was sitting very close to him. He continued to pat, stroke and sometimes grab the young wrestler's balls. He gently kneaded them in his large hand. Pete moaned:

"Yeahhhh.... oh man.... that feels so good...." He was getting so horny now. He desperately wanted the sexy Turk to play with his rock hard dick. He even tried to push his pecker into the man's hands but Mehmet just kept stroking his balls.

"Fuuuuck.... please sir....please"

With some force, Mehmet Yilmaz grabbed Pete's nuts in his big fist and said:

"What do you want boy? You don't like?"

Pete shook his head and moaned:

"Yesss....ohhhhh... it feels so good..."

The Turk grinned and continued to massage and gently stroke the kid's little nuts through the silky spandex singlet. He looked at Jim and said:

"He'z a hot boy, your son."

"Yeah, I know." said Pete's dad. "Why don't you run those big fingers of yours under his balls, down to his ass? He sure will like that!"

"Okay..." said Mehmet, giving a sly wink to the boy's father.

Pete felt the Turkish wrestler's strong fingers pushing and stroking the ridge between his balls and his butt hole. As his father had expected, he jumped and Mehmet had to steady him.

"Quiet boy... MMMM, you are a hot kid. You like thiz?"

Pete could only moan again. He felt Mehmet's fingers getting closer and closer to his butt hole. He really wanted the man to touch him there, to play with it, to get it wet and ready...

Jim Millard saw the pleasure his boy was having. He adjusted his hard cock in his pants and said to Mehmet:

"You probably can't see it, my friend, but that sexy little jock stud of mine is really getting hot. The way he wriggles that cute little ass is so horny to see..."

Pete felt a bit embarrassed when he heard his father say that but Mehmet's stroking and rubbing of his young sex-crazed body was just too good.

Suddenly, Mehmet stopped his expert finger work. He turned towards Ramazan and said in Turkish:

" Dostum, sira sende." (Your turn, buddy.)

The 45-year old Turk smiled and stood up. The bulging outline of his heavy semi-erect cock was clearly visible in his tight track pants. He walked behind Pete, who was still panting from the wonderful teasing treatment Mehmet had given him. Ramazan Yerlikaya put his big hands on Pete's shoulders and turned him a bit sideways. The three men could easily see Pete's raging hard-on in his shiny red and white singlet. The young, hard teen boy's cock was pointing upwards. Ramazan quickly pulled off his shirt, revealing his strong, hairy torso. Then, the tall Turk pulled down the shoulder straps of Pete's singlet and let his big hands roam over the boy's smooth chest. Pete instinctively pushed his body against the man. Ramazan Yerlikaya let his hands rest on the kid's pecs and took the boy's small pink nipples between his long fingers. He started to pull and twist them. Immediately, Pete's thin body shuddered like he was under an electric current. The boy moaned loudly and the three men saw that the teen had oozed a big, wet glob of boy precum into his singlet.

"Yeah boy..." growled Mehmet. "Let looze your juize..."

Pete moaned again and pressed his back really into Ramazan's broad, hairy chest. The Turk continued to work the young dude's hard tits. Pete felt himself leaking a steady flow of precum now. This was so good! He always liked it when his dad played with his tits and the way the Turk was turning and twisting them now was just too fucking hot! Meanwhile, Mehmet grabbed the kid's singlet and roughly pulled it all the way down. Now the 14-year old was completely naked. The three men saw how Pete's angry red teen dick bounced up and down, leaking watery globs of precum. The boy's body was sweaty and flushed. His slim, muscular body thrashed and twisted under Ramazan Yerlikaya's hands. Jim Millard stood up, his big stiff cock pointing towards his son and he joined the hot trio.

Mehmet Yilmaz growled something and Ramazan released Pete's nipples. But before the boy could do anything, Mehmet pulled him down on his knees. Panting, the boy heard him say to Ramazan:

"Ramazan, çıkar sikini!" (Ramazan, get your cock out!)

Mehmet Yilmaz quickly stripped off his shirt and pulled down his track pants, letting loose his very heavy cut cock. Pete gasped when he saw it: 12 inches long, very thick and with a deep purple head. He could smell the man's spicy funk on the big, shaved balls. At the same moment, he felt another cock brushing his shoulder. Ramazan Yerlikaya had also taken out his Turkish dick and was now standing in front of Pete as well. The boy looked over to his right and found his dad grinning down at him, waving his steel-like fuckstick at his son. Three hard, leaking cocks were in front of him. Pete swallowed anxiously, anticipating how he might service them...

Mehmet grinned at the boy and then said to Jim Millard:

"Go ahead, Jim. Ramazan and me watch."

Pete's dad slapped the Turk on his back and pointed his rock-hard cock at Pete.

"Show them, boy. Let them see what a good little cock sucker you are!"

Pete opened wide and, like so many times before, Jim drove his dick home in one clean stroke.

"Attaboy!" he said, when he felt his daddy dick lodged deep into his young son's throat.

Pete swallowed and sucked. He always loved sucking his own father's cock. The familiar taste and smell and girth made him happy. Today was the first time he was blowing his dad in front of other men. The thought made him very horny.

The two Turks were slowly jerking off now. Jim Millard was determinedly fucking his kid's face. His boy sure had a sweet mouth! After a while, Mehmet said to him:

"You think he'z ready for his first Turkish cock now, my friend?"

Jim asked his son: "Well, boy?"

Pete moaned and nodded vigorously. After his father slowly pulled out the very cock that made him, he slurped back some saliva and he heard his dad say to Ramazan:

"You want some of that little sucking mouth? Go ahead, buddy..."

Ramazan Yerlikaya grinned and stepped up to the kid.

"Open, boy" the club secretary said in a raspy voice. He batted his cut pole on Pete's face, leaving a trail of thick precum on the boy's cheeks.

Pete opened his mouth and looked up to the tall Turk. Ramazan gave his cock a firm tug, making it even harder and then brushed it across the boy's wet lips. With his other hand, he firmly grabbed the kid's head and Pete felt that Yerlikaya was ready for the attack.

"First Turk cock now, boy," Ramazan said and with that, he pushed his big cockhead into the young teen's mouth. Pete quickly opened his mouth wider and started to work his tongue around the large, velvety cockhead. It had a tangy taste and Pete slowly sucked in a drop of precum. Then he felt that the Turk grabbed his head with both hands. Pete took a deep breath through his nose and immediately, Ramazan started to push more and more of his big man dick into the boy's small mouth. Mehmet and Jim looked on as Pete sucked his first Turkish cock. Both men played with their cocks as they watched the young boy sucking and slurping on Ramazan's sizeable dick.

"Mmm.... Good..." moaned Ramazan. He had just pushed the last few inches of his Turkish meat sword into Pete's mouth and now his big, hairless balls were slowly swinging against the kid's chin.

Jim laughed and said: "From what I could see, you and I have the same size of equipment, man. Pete has been chowing down on my daddy cock for more than three years now, so I guess he's used to the size now.

Pete moaned, his mouth and throat full of Ramazan's cock. The man grabbed Pete's head even tighter and then started to really fuck the kid's face. His heavy nuts were wet with Pete's saliva. Ramazan Yerlikaya loved the way he was driving his fucktool into Pete's sucking mouth. Sometimes the boy would gag and splutter and the men saw more and more spit leaking out of his mouth, making Ramazan's cock and heavy balls completely wet. Ramazan was now force-feeding his dick to the kid and he just grabbed Pete's head tighter and tighter. He didn't mind when he heard the boy splutter and cough; he just battered the kid's throat harder.

Suddenly, he hauled his dick out of Pete's stretched mouth. He immediately grabbed his shaven ball sac and pushed the two heavy wet orbs into the kid's gaping mouth. He growled when he felt the little American cocksucker easily handling his nuts and giving them a hot, wet sucking treatment.

Pete's steel-hard dick continued to leak and throb. He really wanted to play with his boytool to get some relief, but he remembered his dad's lesson that he always had to focus on the cock he was sucking. His own pleasure would come later. His mouth was getting already a bit tired but he knew he had to be a good boy. Pete loved it when Ramazan's cock bounced into his face while he sucked the tall, powerful Turk's balls. He moaned and sometimes hummed, knowing well that the vibrations would add more pleasure to the man whose big balls he was licking and sucking.

Just as Ramazan pulled his sac out of the kid, ready to ram his leaking cock back into the boy's mouth, Mehmet Yilmaz growled something and reluctantly, the tall wrestler stepped back. Pete was staring up at him, with wet eyes and strands of saliva dripping from his chin. He knew that Mehmet Yilmaz' monster cock would be next...

"Ready for REAL man cock now, boy?" asked Mehmet grinning, while tugging the heaviest balls Pete had ever seen. He pointed the enormous piece of Turkish meat at the kid. Yilmaz' purple cockhead was bloated and Pete could see right into the deep piss slit. The Turk was leaking thick, clear globs of fucklube. Pete sighed. That was some cock! He couldn't wait to get that magnificent tool in his mouth, though it might be a hard job at first. Mehmet Yilmaz' cock was so big!

Pete's dad and Ramazan stepped aside. Mehmet teasingly rubbed his Turkish flesh hammer into the young American's face. Soon, the little boy's face was even more wet and sticky with fuck juice. Mehmet chuckled when he saw Pete desperately trying to lick up as much of the Turk's prejizz as he could.

"Yeah... that boy is real hot!" Mehmet Yilmaz thought. "His father trained him well... Just fourteen and already a good little cock slut. Mmmm..."

He then grabbed his cock and slapped Pete in the face with it. Pete groaned. The Turk's cock was incredibly heavy. He offered his face to the man's fuck drill. Mehmet grinned and slapped his bouncing cock harder and harder into the boy's face.

"You like rough, boy? That'z good... me and my wrestlers like that too. As rough as you like, pretty angel..."

"Yeah..." moaned Pete.

"You'll have good birthday prezent here boy..." continued Mehmet Yilmaz, while he kept rubbing and slapping his erection into the boy's face. "Me and other wrestlers will take care of that. We made lots of suprizes for you... lots of men... lots of hard Turk cock!"

Pete could only moan. His eyes were closed. Deep inside he felt what the Turk's words meant. He'd see and meet more men like Mehmet, like Ramazan. All hot Turkish wrestlers, ready to have sex with him, ready to get sucked by him, ready to fuck his boy butt. Pete felt his head spinning.

Then, he felt Mehmet's slick hard-on at his lips. Instinctively, Pete opened his mouth wider. Before he could do anything else, the Turk had already stuffed his mouth with his extremely wide, flaring cockhead. Pete tried to get his lips and tongue around it, but very soon he discovered that Mehmet's cockhead was too big. The boy tried to open his mouth wider, but still the Turkish cockhead hardly fitted in. The three men saw how Pete began to sweat. He had just managed to engulf Mehmet's cut dickhead and was working hard to take in more.

"Fuck," he thought. "This guy is big! How am I ever going to give him a good blowjob?"

Mehmet slowly stroked the boy's soft blond hair. He moved his hips very slowly and steadily and in doing so, he was able to push two or three inches into Pete's small mouth. The kid moaned and sucked like a good little trooper, a fact not unnoticed by his father.

Soon, Pete felt the Turk's massive cock hit the back of his throat. He swallowed deep and at that moment Mehmet pushed another few inches into the eager kid's throat. Not once did he pull back. He was going to make the lad swallow his 12-incher just as he had made so many other boys: in one, slow but straight go. Some of the boys he had trained to suck his master cock had been even younger than Pete- like his youngest son Sinan, for example.

Mehmet Yilmaz gave Sinan a birthday to remember when he made his newly ten-year-old son swallow his powertool all the way to the base and then making the boy drink his entire creamy load. It had been a challenge that first night, but in the two years since, Sinan had become very experienced in both sucking his father's cock and taking it up his little ass. His father taught him well that a good boy was there to serve the sexual needs of older males in his family and anyone else that his father told him to. Under his father's instruction, he learned to use all parts of his young body to please first his father, then his brothers, and later other members of the wrestling club. As Yilmaz looked down at Pete, he couldn't help but think of his young son Sinan and how well the two boys might work together at one of the club's special meets.

Meanwhile, Pete sucked and licked as well as he could. Big drops of sweat appeared on his flushed forehead. The three men sighed with pleasure, seeing him working so seriously on the biggest cock of his young life so far. Ramazan walked around Pete and ran a stubby finger into Pete's sweaty ass crack. He licked his finger and said to Mehmet in Turkish:

" Patron, bunun gotu simdiden guzelce sulanmis durumda. Bak, got deligi bana goz kirpiyor." (He's already getting nice and wet, boss. His asshole is even winking at me.)

Mehmet groaned, he had just pushed a couple of more inches into Pete's throat.

"Daha sonra, Ramazan..." (Later, Ramazan...)

Jim knelt down close to his boy. Now he could see very well how Mehmet's cut flesh pole entered his son's mouth. He whispered into his struggling son's ear:

"Good boy, Petey. Yeah, you're doing a good job... Make your dad proud, okay son? You already swallowed more than eight inches of that fucker. Keep up the good work, pal. Remember that dildo we have at home? That's ten inches and you could suck that one. Mr. Yilmaz here is only two inches bigger..."

Jim knew how much his son loved it when he talked to him during sex sessions. It had already helped the kid to do more than he had expected. Now, Pete moaned louder when he heard his dad talking to him. Mehmet sighed deeply as he unexpectedly felt three more inches of his dick sink into Pete's throat.

"Almost there, sport!" Jim said.

Mehmet heard it too and with a sudden violent push of his strong hips, he pushed his cock all the way into Pete's mouth. He flexed it and for a second, Pete stared at him, wide-eyed and his small mouth stretched to the max.

"Good boy...." Mehmet smiled and patted the blond kid on the head. He slowly withdrew his megameat from Pete's mouth and showed the kid how big and dripping it was.

"Oh fuck... Did I really suck that whopper down?" gasped Pete, looking at his dad.

"You sure did, buddy!"

Mehmet Yilmaz grabbed Pete's head again. The boy quickly opened up again. He knew that Mehmet was in for business now. And he was right: the big Turk aimed his missile at the boy and with one ferocious stroke, he buried his twelve-incher deep into the kid's throat again. He yowled with pleasure, pulled out his cock and quickly plunged it in again. He began to hammer in and out Pete's small throat.

Pete went almost dizzy with the attack. He was glad that Mehmet had a very firm grip on his head, otherwise he might have slumped down because of the man's relentless, merciless throat fucking. He didn't know how to make all the necessary saliva, how to work his throat muscles, how to give this big Turk a good blowjob, he could only hang in and move along with the deep, violent thrusts Mehmet Yilmaz gave to him.

Ramazan and the boy's father both enjoyed the scene. Both men were jacking their leaking peckers like no tomorrow. The air in the room was hot; the only sounds were Pete's moaning and whimpering, Mehmet's heavy balls slapping against the kid's wet chin and the slick stroking sounds of Jim and Ramazan. The tall Turkish wrestler noticed the strong smell of sweat. That always turned him on.

Mehmet occasionally grunted. He was an experienced boy fucker and he was a perfect master of his dick and his body. He preferred the boy making noises; he, the man, would do all the work. His wet, huge cock slid in and out of the small kid's mouth. He fucked Pete's mouth as hard as possible. Sometimes, he would remove his cock almost completely from his new sex toy's mouth, only to plunge it in even deeper. Being a wrestler, Mehmet had an incredible stamina. He really knew how to use his hip muscles. Changing tactics, he started keeping his Turkish ramrod deep in Pete's sucking throat and jab fucking the kid with short, but unbelievably hard strokes. He really was spiking the kid! His muscular, hairy body started to sweat and the thick droplets fell onto Pete's contorted face. Both his friend Ramazan and the boy's dad noticed that Mehmet was going for the final stretch.

Pete, completely in a cocksucking trance now, felt the Turk's dick swell up even more and he knew the man would cum any second now. He moaned when he thought about the thick, bitter jizz the man would shoot down his throat.

Mehmet Yilmaz' cock expanded even more. The Turkish wrestler threw his head back, hammered his boyfuck tool deep into Pete's mouth and howled. At the same time, all his muscles went rigid and he came!

Thick, glue-like cum pellets started to shoot down Pete's throat. The boy was surprised at the force of Mehmet's ejaculation, but like a well trained cum boy he swallowed it all down. Mehmet had his head in a deadlock, so he just had to drink everything the Turk was giving him.

Mehmet Yilmaz kept cumming and cumming. After a while he roughly yanked his still shooting dick from Pete's mouth and started to coat the horny, young wrestler with his man cream. He shook his head and sweat drops fell down on the already dirty, clammy kid. Mehmet pulled his balls, as if he wanted to pull every drop of cum out of them.

"Yeahhhhhh... Pretty boy.... My seed you like?"

Pete nodded, his eyes half-shut because of Mehmet's thick streaks of cum and the salty sweat drops on his red face.

Ramazan Yerlikaya and Jim Millard came even closer to the cum-drenched kid. Both men groaned and cursed as they were getting close to cumming too.

"Oh baby boy," Jim Millard panted. "You sexy little cum boy... Yeah.... fuck YESSSSS!"

Mehmet finally stopped shooting and he rubbed his still semi-hard Turkish cock on the kid's hair, shoulders and face to clean it. He snorted, shook his head and gently ran his sticky fingers through Pete's white-blond hair.

"That waz great..." he grunted. Pete smiled weakly.

Jim couldn't hold it any longer. He just had to shoot his dad jizz. Getting red in the face, he got even closer to his kneeling son and shouted:

"Get ready for your daddy, boy! Arghhhhh!"

Six, seven hot ropes of cum shot out of his cock, splattering all over Pete's slim, sweaty body. Pete whimpered. He loved this moment. When Mr. Millard's cum spurts subsided, he quickly rubbed the last drops of his man jizz in his kid's face. Pete just sat there, his eyes glazed and licking off the cum on his face where he could reach it.

Yilmaz put a brawny arm around his friend Ramazan and encouraged the tall hairy man to shoot his load as well.

"Hadi kocum. Fiskirt sikinin suyunu! Iste boyle! (Come on, stud. Shoot that load! Yeah!)

Yerlikaya groaned, jerking his cock even faster and at the exact moment he started to shoot his jizz, he pressed his cock into Pete's face. His thick hot cockjuice splattered all over the kid's face and body.

"Ahhhh....Aghhhh..... AIIIIIIIIIIII!" Yerlikaya shouted.

Soon, all the men were coming down to earth again. They panted heavily and laughed. Pete was still on his knees, his young body shaking with excitement and lust. He felt how sticky and dirty he was with his dad's and the two Turks' cum all over his body. His cock was so hard now. He desperately needed to bust his nut. He reached down to stroke his boy dick but Yilmaz said:

"No boy. No touching. Stay az you are!"

Pete muttered:

"But... Oh please.... I need to.... ohhh FUCK.... I arghhhhhh need to cum!"

"I know, boy. But not now. It'z an order. Get up."

Pete looked pleadingly at his father, but Mr. Millard only said:

"Do as you're told, boy."

Pete sighed. His young stiff cock was driving him crazy. If he only could stroke it just a few times... But the Turkish wrestler had said no and being the well-trained boy he was, he had to obey him.

Yilmaz suddenly lifted him up in his arms and pressed the blond kid against his fur-matted sweaty chest. He paused for a second and then he kissed Pete. His thick tongue invaded Pete's sore mouth. Yilmaz breath was hot and Pete couldn't do anything more than to accept the deep, skilful kissing from Yilmaz. Pete felt someone's large hands roam over his sticky back; someone else was ruffling his hair.

The three men paid some loving attention to the little cocksucker.

"Well done, kiddo," Mr. Millard said.

"Fuck dad! That was so hot!" said Pete, trying desperately not to grab his teendick and jerk off.

After a while, Yilmaz put the young boy down again.

"You really dirty, he he. We go to hammam now."

"Huh? Where?" asked Pete.

"The hammam is a Turkish bath house, son, " his father explained. "You'll see. It's fun."

Pete shrugged and walked up to his dad, who gave his dazed birthday boy a strong hug.

The cum-dripping boy and the three adult men walked out of the office, Jim Millard with his arm round Pete's sweaty and cum-streaked shoulders.


Okay men, that was the second chapter. I had great fun writing it, wearing my worn spandex cycling shorts. (Shall I put them up for sale? I'm willing to trade them for a "vintage" low-cut spandex wrestling singlet as well.) I have thought a lot about the story's development of course, but please feel free to send me your ideas, comments and pictures. You can reach me at Thanks!