Phelan's Awakening

Chapter 02

By: CJZ♂

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By the time Mike got out of the shower, it was almost 7:00 a.m.

His skin felt raw and tender due to the scalding hot shower he had taken(yes, another one.)

At least he felt a bit better and cleaner, plus he had also taken care of a much needed, release.

This was out of character for Mike(and I don't mean, jacking off).  

Afterall, he was a healthy, athletic, sexually active and normal 40 year old male and every guy jerks off.

The part that was out of character for Mike, were the sexual images that were bombarding his head as he furiously pumped his rigid cock.

He tried his best not to think of the things he had done just a few nights ago.  But, it was just too fresh in his mind to forget.

And as Mike pistoned his hard cock up and down, he kept seeing that annoying grin on his buddy's face.

It was that usual and irritating grin that told Mike that Brett had been right all along.  And the worse part was that Brett never had to say anything.  

That shit eating grin of his spoke volumes.

So, what had Brett been right about, exactly?

Could it be that Mike actually, took some sort of enjoyment in brutally fucking the snitch, 
Fernando Villa-Lobos back in Cartagena?  

Or that Mike had revelled in crossing over to the dark side by throwing caution to the wind.  And for the very first time, didn't follow procedure or do things by the fucking book.

Nah, fuck that!

It couldn't be.
 Could it?

Afterall, Mike did what he had to do for God and country(at least that's what he's been telling himself all this time.)

He, along with the rest of his team had been living in Cartagena for the last couple of weeks.  

For months and even years before all this happened, his team had been putting hundreds of hours doing reconnaissance, gathering information, tapping phone lines and doing surveillance in and around Cartagena and Medilĺn.

All this work had taken a toll on his team.  

The guys were exhausted, overworked and home sick(afterall, there's only so much Colombian rum and "high class" hookers you can stomach, before missing the wife and kids).

But, many sacrifices were done in order to bring down one of the wealthiest, most bloodthirsty and cruel South American drug lord, El Cuervo to justice and extradite him to American soil.

And luck had been on their side on that particular day.

The DEA had caught wind that Fernando "El Lobito"(wolf pup) Bernàrdez
had been seen in going into a gay bar, in a seedy part of Medillin.

El Lobito happened to be the 
nephew of El Cuervo.  And since Fernando was extremely close to his uncle, he might be "coerced" into revealing his whereabouts.

So, Mike and his team pounced on poor Fernando the moment he left the bar.  

And even though
El Lobito had been caught, he was a cocky, and snobby little fuck.  He wouldn't talk to the DEA until his army of lawyers arrived.  

However, that all changed when the DEA showed El Lobito some damning evidence that they knew would make him co-operate.  

The DEA had photos of Fernando doing some very interesting things inside the club and they knew that would be enough for Fernando to want to spill the beans on the whereabouts of his uncle.

The crystal clear photos, along with a blurry video were shown to El Lobito's and his face instantly  turned pale.  Poor Fernando had been photographed in numerous and very compromising positions.

The grainy and dark video showed 
Fernando "El Lobito" Bernàrdez, a young, handsome 20 year old, baby-faced and wealthy playboy doing some very nasty things.  

nephew of the most powerful, drug kingpin in South America had been videotaped in an orgy.

A gay orgy...

Now, it probably wouldn't have mattered if this would have been a hetero orgy.  It might have  actually helped Fernando raise the ranks in his uncle's vast drug/weapons empire.  

Unfortunately, for Fernando this was sexist South America where machismo and bravado ruled the land.

Poor Fernando could be seeing, enjoying himself in a queer orgy.  

Fernando was quite the trooper as he took many cocks in his mouth and ass.  This damming video woulf certainly destroy his reputation for being a faggot, as well as his family's.

El Lobito almost fell faint when he was shown the video.  His handsome and youthfull face lost all colour and Fernando was almost in the verge of tears.

Fernando knew that if he's uncle, El Cuervo ever saw the photos or the video, he'd be a fucking dead man.

He would end up, buried six-feet under or most likely thrown half dead into a mountainous ravine for scavengers to eat.

Fernando's entire family knew that he was a faggott.

That was one of his many nicknames, and that's how the family referred to him...

Here comes, el
maric̣n(the faggott)the dissappointment, the aberration, the mistake and so on.

El Lobito had been "warned" many, many times that he had to keep appearances for family's sake. He was constantly reminded, not to parade around with a cock in his mouth, like a flaming maric̣n.

Fernando knew that the DEA had him by the balls(quite literally).  

He knew that if he didn't help the Americans, that they in turn would without any remorse, release the photos along with the fucking video.  

Fernando wouldn't last an hour, much less a day.  Once the video and photos would start circulating around the country and great shame brought down to his family, the order would be given to have him killed.

No matter where he went or where he'd hide, his uncle's men would find him and then he's be one that dissapeared.

Fernando, was a marked man.

But, now it was the time to play some hardball.  

If these fucking gringos wanted a fight, he was going to give them one.  Afterall, what else did he have to lose?  

Fernado's brain was on overtime and he was thinking of ways to get around this.  He had the advantage, no matter what these fucking gringos told him, no matter what they had on him.

And he figured he could even get revenge on his fucking uncle.  

Fernando's last boyfriend had disappeared without a trace, and he knew deep in his heart that his boyfriend had either been killed or paid off to go away.  

He hoped the latter, but he knew that Mauricio was most likely, dead.

El Lobito wanted to do the right thing, but he wasn't going to go with his tail between his legs, or quietly.

He would only agree to assist the Americans, but on his fucking terms and conditions.

And his terms were very specific and straight to the point.

Fernando would only talk and let the Americans know where his uncle "El Cuervo" was hiding, only after the deed had been done.

Fernando wanted "three wishes" granted.

No questions asked, no backsies, no counter-offer.

Take it or leave it.

So, as Fernando sat in the interrogation room with Mike and his parthner Brett, it was Mike who asked Fernando what he wanted for his first wish.

Fernando looked composed and sat very straight faced.  And without an ounce of shyness, or remorse, answered...

"You...the both of you."

Mike and Brett looked at each other in confusion, not sure if they had understood "El Lobito".

Maybe, something had gotten lost in translation?

Then again, Mike and Brett weren't stupid or naive and they both spoke over 8 languages.

But, this was different.  Mike and Brett, were playing a game.

Brett, looked at "El Lobito" and said.

"Come, again?"

Fernando batted his long, dark lashes and even managed to blush.  His light hazel eyes, sparkled in the bright room.

"I, want both of you, to fuck me.  That's, my first wish."

Now, that had been crystal clear.

Both Mike and Brett looked at each other in disbelief and the look on their faces was fucking priceless.

Mike's face turned an angry shade of red and he slammed his huge fist hard on the table.

Brett knew that Mike had a short fuse, and wasn't going to stand for any bullshit.  But, Fernando didn't even flinch.

He just batted those long lashes and smiled.

Mike, however was less than thrilled...

"You, think this is funny?  You think this is a fucking joke, a fucking game?  We, hold the fucking cards here, asshole.  Not, you!"

Fernando yawned and took a sip of water from a glass on the table.

He put the glass down, took out an ice cube and slowly, almost teasingly ran it over his pink and pouty lips.

Brett looked at Mike and he wanted to laugh, but knew better.

Brett knew the script and he would play the "good cop" on this interrogation.

"Listen, umm Fernando.  Mike and I aren't gay and ..."

Fernando raised his right hand in the air showing a very expensive, diamond rolex and heavily jeweled fingers.

"Please, stop right there Agent Magnum.  But, don't you see?  That's the best part.  I want the two of you, gorgeous, strong, muscular and heterosexual American agents to fuck me every way possible for an entire evening.

I want to suck your cocks...

I want to swalllow your loads...

I want to be bred by both of you...

I want to be covered head to toe in your precious and delicious cum.


Mike's face went completely pale and he even looked ill.  While Brett forgot what he was about to say and almost choked on his gum.

"In return, I will deliver the whereabouts of my uncle,"El Cuervo" and all of his men.  From the very top, down to the very bottom."

He grinned as he said those last words.  

Fernando didn't know if the agents had gotten the insinuation/joke.

That had been just three nights ago...

Mike suddenly jumped from his skin, as he heard Breandàn's voice call him from downstairs.

"Dad, I'm leaving soon.  You, coming?"

Mike looked at the bathroom clock, it was 7:50 a.m.  

He had plenty of time to meet with the Deputy Director and his Supervisor, since their meeting was around noon.

Right now, he felt a bit confused, but otherwise relaxed.  

Mike thought that a jog around the neighborhood might do him good, and it might also help to clear his mind and distract himself.

"I'll be right down, sport."

Mike walked over to his dresser and looked for his black running shorts and jockstrap.

Mike still had his favourite running shorts which were given to him along time ago, at the Academy. These shorts were the standard attire given to young officers for doing exercises, drills, jogging, etc.

As Mike put them on, he smiled.

He suddenly remembered the looks he got back then, and even today actually.  Afterall, Mike may have graduated in the '90s, but he still looked pretty damm and the shorts still fit him to a tee.

He looked at myself in the mirrow and felt pumped.

"I need to get out of this fucking house and distract myself."

He grabbed his keys, put them his back pocket and headed downstairs.

Breandàn was in the kitchen, holding a hot cup of coffee for his dad and in his school uniform.

The boy looked handsome and sharp.

"Here you go, dad.  Scalding black, just the way you like it."

Mike took the mug and took a sip.

"Fuck ya!  Damm, that hits the fucking spot.  Thanks, sport."

Breandàn smiled, but was surprised by his dad swearing.  

There was a cardinal rule in the house and it was, no swearing of any kind, period.  

This rule had long been instated, even before
Breandàn had even been born.  Yet, here his dad had just dropped an f-bomb.

That, was weird?  
Breandàn thought as he looked at his dad from head to toe.

"Umm, dad?  Are you going to work dressed like that?"

Mike smiled and took another sip from his mug.

"No, smartass.  I got a few hours to kill before I have to meet with my Supervisor.  I thought I'd jog to the park and do a few laps.  You know, the old man needs to keep in shape."

Mike ran his free hand over his hairy six pack, and winked at the kid.

Breandàn blushed and smiled.

Something is off.  
Breandàn thought.  

But, the clock was ticking and he grabbed his back pack from the kitchen's counter and headed towards the front door.

"Well, you may want to grab a sweater, dad.  The news says that the temperature is going to dip this morning 
and it might be raining throught the day."

Mike walked over to the closet, took out his running sneakers and tied them on.

"I've still got some youth in me, kiddo.  I'll, be fine."

Breandàn rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Whatever, old man.  If you end up catching a cold, don't say that I didn't warn you."

Breandàn looked at his dad, as he tied his sneakers.  He wanted to say something to him, something about those running shorts that his dad, always wears.

Mike's had those shorts, since before
Breandàn was born.  And after so many washes and heavy duty wear, they've become pretty much see through.

Transparent, would be another word.  Afterall, one could clearly make out the jock that Mike was wearing, the shorts were that see through.

Breandàn was the one that did the laundry at home and that included his dad's dirty clothes too.  He smiled as he recall seeing the worn out, stretched out, no longer white jock.  

The jock had probably seen so much use and action, that it could hardly contain the heavy package it was meant to carefully protect.  

As Mike turned around and walked over to the sink,
Breandàn could see his dad's fuzzy, bubble butt very clearly through the fabric.

"Umm, dad about..."

Mike turned around and put his big hand up in the air.

Breandàn, I'm sorry to interrupt you.  But, I would like to discuss our deal this evening."

Breandàn looked at his dad curiously.

"Our, deal?"

Mike smiled and shook his head.

"Yes, our deal."

Mike he leaned against the sink, set his mug on the counter and crossed his huge, muscular, hairy arms.

"Yes, son.  I want to say, that I'm very proud of you for making the honour roll, once again."

Breandàn smiled.

Mike took another step towards his son and put his massive right hand on
Breandàn's shoulder.

"I can't tell you enough, how immensely proud I am, that you're my son.  A deal is a deal and it's time that you get the Mustang."

Breandàn's jaw dropped and his eyes popped out of his head.

"What!  Seriously?  You, mean it?  You're, not joking with me?"

Mike nodded and gave 
Breandàn a bear hug.

"A promise is a promise.  It's all yours, sport."

Breandàn was practically beaming and practically jumping up and down.

"Oh, man.  Thanks, dad!  Everyone at school is going to be so jealous..."

Mike tried to calm his son down.  

Afterall, he didn't want his gift to go to
Breandàn's head.

"Now, settle down sport.  I want you to listen to me.  Tonight, you and I are going sit down and go through all the rules in regards to the car."

Breandàn couldn't stop smiling, but nodded.  He knew that his dad was completely anal, when it came to rules.

"Allright, dad.  I promise, I'll take good care of it."

Mike grabbed
Breandàn by the shoulders and looked deep into his son's grey eyes.

"I'm not concerned about the car, son.  I only care about you and your safety.  The car is just an object.  So, we'll be going everything in detail, tonight."

Breandàn nodded and gave his dad another hug.  

Suddenly, a car 
honked loudly outside.

"It's Mr.Miller, dad.  Drake and his dad are giving me a ride to school.  I gotta go..."

Mike furrowed his brow.

"Millers?  Have, I met them before?"

Breandàn tried to remember if his dad had met the new neighbours.

"I don't think so.  They just recently moved from Arizona while you were gone.  Drake goes to my school and we're actually in a few of the same classes."

Mike made a mental note to meet the Millers and see what they were like.
 He then walked his son to the front door.

"Allright then, have a good day at school.  I'll see you, tonight."

Breandàn waved at his dad, as he walked down the steps and got into the car.

Mr.Miller and his son, stared speechless at the half naked, muscular, giant-of-a man that towered over the front door.

As the car pulled away, it was Drake that broke the silence.

"So, that was your dad?  Man, he's built!"

Breandàn blushed as he looked at the window and at his dad.  He really wished his dad would cover  up, instead of walking around half naked all the time.

"Umm, yeah.  He just got back from his business trip, and he's going jogging before work."

Mr.Miller looked at
Breandàn through the rear-view mirror and smiled.  

He then quickly glanced at Mike Phelan through the side mirror and the only word that came to his mind was...


Jack Miller had to agree with his son.  

Mike Phelan was indeed, "built".  

Built, like a fucking brick shithouse.

He also made a note to drop by the Phelan's and introduce himself, soon.

Mike felt the cold and chilly November wind on his naked skin, but it didn't bother him(actually, it didn't even phase him.)  He closed and locked the door behind him, did some stretching and took off jogging.

He needed the jog.  

He need to get out of that fucking house, and
jogging always made him feel better.

Mike decided to jog towards Timber Creek Park, which was just a few blocks from his gated

Timber Creek Park was a beautiful, municipal park that covered about 161 hectares(400 acres) of untouched and pristine wilderness.  The park and it's sorrounding area, had long ago been protected from land development back in the 1950's.

The park was situated in a ravine and the big homes sorrounding it, pretty much obstructed the view from the street.  Unless you knew that the park was there, you'd most likely miss it as you drove by.  
From the outside the sheer size of the park was quite misleading.  Tall oaks, maple and pine trees along dense brush covered the main entrance.

Mike loved coming to this park, whenever he had the chance(which was not often) due to his long and grueling schedule.  

The park was his sanctuary.  A place where he found inner peace and silence.

But, the park sorta had a reputation.  

"Shake & Bake" neighborhoods had sprung around the park, since the early 1950's.  Large and monstrous homes, many with swimming pools had enclosed in and around a wild, fragile ecosystem.

Urban planners didn't really give this idea a lot of thought.  They just started building and pushing further into forest, while "enclosing nature" around the neighbourhood.  

City planners probably thought that it would be a nice idea to have a wild park, co-habitating with suburbanites.  But, that in turn would and had become a recipe for disaster.

And when the decision came to fence the
park, you really couldn't confine the wildlife that called it home.  Afterall, nature always finds a way to sneak up to your doorstep and knock at your door.  

So, due to the large wildlife that dwelled in the park(deer, fox, raccoons,
falcons, geese, rabbits, coyotes, ducks, hawks, etc.) most people decided to stay clear of it.  

People, always feared what they didn't know or didn't understand.  

There had been a few "incidents" with rabies(mostly raccoons) a couple of years ago.  And a few "attacks" from coyotes, and some unfortunate little, yapping dogs being swooped away by hawks, but otherwise it was safe place.  

Afterall, these "attacks" had been rare, at least that's how the Mayor put it.

And as always, it had been the fucking "concerned parents" that made a big stink and try to ruin it for everyone else.  

The neighbourhood watch, even warned people to stay away from the park, and some assholes even wanted this to go further and close the park altogether.

But, Mike felt completely safe whenever he was there.  

His rule was always be aware of your sorroundings and never feed the wild animals.

No matter how cute they look, no matter how docile or innocent they might appear.  And especially no matter how much they beg for scraps.  

Do not, give them any food and do not approach them.  

But, the stupidity and ignorance of people always amazed him.

Overall, the park was a haven in a concrete jungle.  Yet, the vast park could get eerily quiet most of the time.  

And even though there was a 
large neighbourhood around it, few people ventured into the park. Even at the peak of summer, you hardly ever saw a soul.

You'd might run across a male jogger or cyclist, but you would never see a woman in the park.  It was a shame because as always, it seemed that a few people were responsible for ruining it for others.

There were also many hiking, bike and trekking trails in the park that even Mike hadn't had a chance to inspect them all.

Mike loved and truly enjoyed being alone, in such open and wild, untouched space.  The park was simply gorgeous.  

There was even a river and smaller brooks running through it.  And if you were a wildlife lover there was always something interesting to see.  

From deer and their fawns running across a field, to herons catching fish in the river, to a fox chasing a squirrel, rabbit or field mouse.

This place was heaven for a nature lover like, Mike.

This was his fucking park.

As Mike jogged towards the park, both men and women on the street would actually pause, take a quick look and get an eyeful at the half-naked, wet and hairy stud jogging by.

Mike, however paid no attention.  He kept his gaze and mind focused on one thing, reaching his park.  

Mike would do
some calisthenics, a couple of laps, even some push-ups and then head home to change, shower and head to work.

By the time he reached the park, it was 9:00 a.m.  And as he reached the main entrance, he noticed that there were two cars parked in the main parking lot, down below.

Now, this park was quite far from the downtown core.  It was practically hidden by the large neighbourhood in which it co-habited with, so not a lot of traffic came this way.

And after working so many years in the force, Mike felt that something was off.

As he jogged towards the bottom of the main parking lot, he also noticed that there was no one inside the parked vehicles.


As Mike started his
calisthenics, followed by some push-ups, he caught out of the corner of his eye,  a glimpse of two men heading into one of the many trails in the park.

That's, odd.

Mike shook his head from side to side, sighed and murmured to himself.

"I'm not looking for trouble, I'm off duty.  I came here to jog and relax, that's it!"

But, his gut told him otherwise.

He, felt something...

Something, that he couldn't quite put into words.  And as Mike did some more streching
and push-ups, he thought he heard a faint voice.

Go, and check it out...

"Is someone, there?"

But, no one was around.  

"Now, I'm fucking hearing things."

Suddenly, a strong gush of wind started to pick up.  If Mike stood there long enough without being in motion, he was going to start feeling the bitter cold and the freezing rain on his skin.

Mike decided to ignore whatever he thought he'd heard.  He then dropped to the ground and started doing push-ups.

"Get, a fucking grip."  He told himself.

Go, and check up on those men...

Mike got startled, stopped his exercises and stood up.

"Who, the fuck's there?  Show, yourself!"

Mike looked around, but again there was no one there.  

Just trees swaying back and forth in the cold and chilly wind.

"You're messing with the wrong guy, fucker!  Come on, out!"

Mike started walking around the parking lot.  He even went back to the cars and peeked inside(just in case).  


"Is, someone there?  Answer, me..."

Again, nothing.

Mike looked towards the trail that the men had taken and then at his wristwatch.  They had been gone, roughly eight minutes.  

Another odd detail was that these men weren't dressed for jogging, hiking or even trekking in the woods.  The men had been wearing business suits(and expensive ones at that).

Something, wasn't right.  

So, the first thought that went through Mike's mind was.

Could, it be drugs?  

Or, perhaps some shady deal?

Well, whatever the fuck it wasn't good.

Mike then started shivering.

He had been standing motionless far too long.  Now, he was beginning to feel the bitter, icy cold air on his wet and soaked skin.

He quickly did some push-ups and that got his blood flowing.  Mike would then take quick looks towards the trail.

His gut was telling his something...

He had an urge to inspect this...

He felt that he needed to do this...

"Fuck it!"  Mike, then took off towards the trail.  

It had now been fifteen minutes, since he had seen the men go into the woods.  

So, he carefully and very quietly entered the trail leading into the forest.  Yet, as far as his eyes could see, everything looked fine and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  

For the exception that it was quiet, too quiet.

Mike looked around and listened.


He then kneeled and looked at the grass.

And as he knelt, he studied the blades of grass.  In the wild, the specific way in which the grass grows, can point you in the right direction when someone or something has stepped on it.  

And sure enough, as Mike studied the grass more closely, he could see two sets of fresh foot prints on the bent grass.  

The footprints were faint, but to the trained eye, they were clearly visible.  Rain water was now collecting on them and making footprint puddles.

These were men's foot prints.  Leather sole on both of them, one about 8 1/2, the other probably a size 10.

Mike kept his slow and silent pace as he moved through the trail.  Suddenly, a fluffy white rabbit jumped out of a hole in the ground and froze as it saw Mike standing there.

When Mike didn't make any move, the rabbit bolted into the tallgrass on the other side of the trail.

There was no sign of the men in the trail.  They must have wondered off and gone really deep into the woods.  

But, then Mike thought he heard something.

A moan.

A, faint moan.

"The fuck?..."

As he walked deeper into the heavily wooded trail, Mike stumbled onto a large, decaying log that must have fallen a long time ago, and now lay in the middle of the path.  

The path was now obstructed, but there was another trail to the left of the log that led into the other side of the forest.  Mike took that path and carefully stepped into the heavy bush.  

It was dark in here, the leaves in the trees were falling and changing into beautiful colours, but the sunlight barely penetrated through the dense canopy of heavy branches and leaves.

As Mike carefully thread further in, birds fluttered away, squirrels scattered into the trees and a large crow made it's presence known.  

The crow was perched high on a branch, looking down suspiciously at the intruder.  Mike on the other hand, hoped that the fucking bird wouldn't give him away.  

The moaning was now getting louder.  

Mike was getting closer to whatever this was and just a few yards a head, he caught a glimpse of something that made his stomach turn.

There they were, the two men from the parking lot...


"Jesus H. Christ!"  Mike, cursed under his breath.

One man was bent over a log, while the second had his pants around his ankles and was fiercely fucking the other.

"Oh, fuck yeah!"

Mike sighed, blushed and looked down towards the ground.  There were lots of condom wrappers littered all over the forest floor.

A surge of anger hit him.

"These fucking degenerates are fucking in a family park!"

Mike stood still while shaking his head side to side.  

What, should he do?

Should, he make his presence known and interrupt?

Should, he yell out that he was a Federal Agent, and was here to arrest them for lewd conduct?

He wanted to, but he wasn't carrying his badge or even a cell phone to call the police.

He could make a citizen's arrest.  

But, seeing how he, himself was half naked it wouldn't look to good in the eyes of the law.  If he did arrest them, then he'd have alot of explaining and paperwork to do.

"Oh, yeah!  Pound me, man!"

Mike's blood was now, boiling.  

He wanted to arrest these two fags for such a brazen and depraved act.

"Fuck me!  Fuck me, harder!"

Mike slowly raised his head and looked at the men.  By the looks of things, the one getting porked was really enjoying himself.

Mike felt revolted and wanted to walk away.  But, he couldn't.

Mike was actually, stuck.  He couldn't move a fucking muscle.

"What, the fuck?  Why, can't I..."  

His legs felt like they weighed a ton and had been encased in cement.

"Give it to me!  Give me that fucking cock, man!"

Mike could hear the two men going and he wanted this to stop.  He covered his ears with his hands, but that didn't help a fucking thing.

And as he stood there frozen on the spot, he felt something that he couldn't quite explain to himself or even try to understand.

Mike started to get aroused...  

"Yeah, fuck me man!  Give me, that fucking load!"

Suddenly, he felt an instant rush hit his head.  

It was like a bolt of electricity had hit his brain and it had hit him hard.

He was now looking at the two homos fucking, but his mind was somewhere else.

Mike forgot where he was...

He forgot what he was doing...

And as he watched the raunchy act before him, he casually and quite involuntary grabbed his hardening dick and started to rub his penis against the fabric of his shorts.  

The more he looked at the men, the harder he got and the more excited he felt.

Mike then closed his eyes and licked his lips.  

Suddenly, an image of Fernando flashed before his eyes and he had somehow been transported back to Cartagena.  

Mike was back in his hotel room and by the looks of things, it was evening.  He stared at the starry sky and then at bay in the distance.  

There were many empty beer cans scattered around the floor.  And in his hand right hand, he held a half empty whiskey bottle.  He took a sip and felt a light "buzz" in his head.  He then noticed that he was naked and layed spreadeagle on the bed.

Fernando was also on the bed and on his knees, deep throating him.

Mike closed his eyes and 
felt fucking awesome!

Fernando looked like he was in pure ecstasy.  He was very lovingly sucking Mike's cock.  But, this wasn't a mere blowjob, it was like Fernando was making 
love to his, uncut, thick cock with his mouth.  

Fernando was in hog heaven.  

He was tenderly looking straight into Mike's grey/green eyes and he lapped at Mike's penis.  He licked it and lapped at it like he was a puppy.

The only thought that came to Mike's mind was...

Fernando, had a velvet mouth!  

Mike was receiving the best blowjob, he'd ever been given.  And that was saying alot, since he'd  never had any problem getting pussy and he had gotten plenty of blowjobs in his life.  

As Mike opened his eyes ever so slightly, he caught a glimpse of his buddy Brett butt fucking Fernando with total abandon.

Mike's and Brett's eyes locked for a split second and then his buddy winked at him.  That made Mike came out of his haze and stupor, and he shook his head from side to side.

"What, the fuck is happening to me?"

He looked down and realized that he had been furiously masturbating.  

He felt disgusted...

He felt ill...

He wanted to throw up...

He barely managed to stuff the thick python back in his shorts, as he started walking away.  

Mike needed to get out of the woods and back into the open trail.  

He felt a bit disoriented and as he stepped into the blinding bright light, he almost bumped into a young man walking his dog.

"Fuck!" Mike, yelled out.

The young guy jumped back, and almost choked the poor dog on it's leash.

"Holy shit, dude!"  The young man kept his distance, as he looked warily at the half naked stranger.

Mike's head was pounding and he felt dizzy, even lightheaded.

"Sorry, about that."  Mike apologized.

The young man, probably in his early twenties looked cautiously at Mike.

"No worries.  Are you, allright?"

Mike was just standing there looking confused and disoriented.


Mike, felt lost.

"Yeah, I'm fine.  I'm...good."

Mike was now looking at the young man, who in turn was looking at him.  But, the young man wasn't looking at Mike's face, but rather at his bulging crotch.

Mike's behemoth cock had managed to scape freely from the confines of it's jock.  And his huge and massive ballsack dangled freely in the cold wind.

Mike blushed, pushed his dick down and shoved his big balls, back in his tight fitting shorts.  

But, that just made it worse.  

Now, his shorts were lewdly and obscenely tenting, and looking like they might rip at any minute. Mike had to regain his composure and distracted the kid by jumping into his work routine.

"What the fuck are you doing here, anyways?"

The kid's handsome face finally looked up, as he blushed fiercely.

"Umm, what?"

Mike rolled his eyes and crossed his muscular, hairy arms.

"Did, I fucking stutter?  I said, what the fuck are you doing here?"

The kid took a big gulp and now, looked scared.

"I'm sorry.  I...I was just walking my dog."

Mike looked at the wet dog, then at the kid and sighed.

"Listen kid, I'm sorry for barking at you.  I'm a Federal Agent and I'm in the middle of an investigation."

The poor kid looked like he was about to piss his pants.  So, Mike decided to ease his harsh tone with him.

"Listen, this is not a safe place.  You're going to have to leave the area with me, right now."

The young man nodded, took another quick look at Mike's obscene, bulging crotch and started walking away with his dog.  

Mike trailed the kid from behind, and would on occasion take a quick look to see if the men in the woods emerged.

Once they were both in the open parking lot, the young man turned around.

"I'm sorry officer, I didn't know that..."

Mike smiled and put his big paw on the kid's left shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, you didn't know.  But, I want you to be careful and aware when walking on any of the park's trails."

The young man managed a smile and nodded.

At that moment the two fags emerged from the forest.  They were laughing, exchanging glances and holding hands.

Mike gave them an angry stare.

The two fudge packers hadn't seen Mike or the kid as they casually walked towards their cars.

"You two ladies had a good time?  I know, I did."  Mike shouted.

The two fairies, let go of their hands and looked stunned.  

They looked at each other and quickly headed to their separate cars.  They would take quick glances at Mike and then kid, but they didn't reply.  They just looked embarrassed and quickly got into into their cars and drove away.

Mike made a mental note and remembered both licence plates.  These two fuckers weren't going to get away that easy.

It just wasn't Mike's style.  

Mike tugged at his huge balls and an itch needed to be scratched.  He was going to find out who these two fuckers were, and pay them a social visit.

To be continued...