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Playing Buggie With Charlie

I learned what an orgasm was when I was very young. I had always been a little nudie boy. Mom had a hard time keeping clothes on me. It was the summer of my tenth year that I got a new puppy. It was a hot summer day. I was playing with my puppy in my backyard. My older brothers had a make-shift fort near the end of our property. Wanting to escape the hot summer sun, with my puppy happily tagging behind me, I retreated to the shade of the fort. The fort wasn't much but I knew it would be cooler there. It was made of used lumber in the form of a big tent, open on both ends with a dirt floor.

Once inside the fort, I decided that I could be even cooler if I took off my clothes. All of which consisted of a pair of cut-off shorts and my little, white fruit-of-the-loom undies. It felt nice with a slight breeze flowing through the fort.

With my bare butt on the dirt floor, and my legs stretched out, I picked up my puppy and put him in my lap. It didn't take long and the puppy found my little wiener. Thinking it was his mommies nipple, he started to suck on it. Oh My! I never knew my little willy could feel like that. The longer I let the puppy suck on my dink the better it felt. My wiener got longer and hard as the puppy sucked on the tip. It didn't take very long and I felt something happening in my groin. My little body started to quake with my first dry orgasm. With the puppy sucking on the tip of my wiener it started to tickle. After only a brief moment it tickled so bad I had to pull the puppy away from my little boy-boner. Needless to say, me and that puppy spent many times alone in that fort that summer.

It was a couple of weeks after the first time the puppy sucked me off, that my aunt and younger cousin stopped by to visit. Charlie was only 6 at the time. It was my job to entertain the lad, while our moms talked in our kitchen. We played in the yard for a while, eventually walking toward the back of our property where the fort was.

I hate to say I molested the little boy, but I lead him into the privacy of the fort. I told him I was going to take off my shorts, because it felt better that way and suggested he do the same. He happily followed my lead and soon we were both naked sitting on the ground facing each other.

Being the horny 10 year old that I was, I wanted to play naked games with him. I asked him if he wanted to play Buggie. He asked me what kind of game that was. Buggie is what my mom called my willy. I told him Buggie is when 2 boys rub their wieners together. Being naive, he quickly agreed to my new game. The fort was tall enough that we could stand up in the middle.

By this time, I already had a little boy-boner. He noticed and made the comment how big my wiener was. It wasn't very big, maybe 2 inches, but in his eyes I was huge compared to his little dink.

As we stood looking at each other's privets I walked closer to him. I pushed my hips outward and touched his wiener tip with the tip of mine. I shouldn't have to tell you of the bolt of adrenaline that shot through my young body.

We stood in front of each other for several minutes rubbing our boy-boners against one another. He giggled and said that it tickled. I wanted to take our little game to the next level.

In my mind, I thought if I were to suck his little dink, he would like it, like how I liked the puppy sucking mine. And maybe he would be willing to suck me too.

I knelt to the ground and took his little prick into my mouth. He tasted a little like piss, but I didn't care. I had another boys dick in my mouth and I loved it. Even if he was only 6 years old.

It didn't take long and he was squirming around. He wanted to back away from me, but I held onto his butt and kept him in place as I continued to suck his Buggie. He started to whimper and whine almost to the point of crying, that it tickled too much and begged me to stop.

I stopped my assault of his little boy-dick. He staggered backward and quickly sat back down onto the ground, before his small legs gave way.

He looked at his wet wiener, then looked up at me. I smiled at him and asked him if he liked it. He giggled and told me it, "tickled good." I felt confident I had the little boy hooked and he would do almost anything I asked of him.

I sat back down on the ground next to him. My own little boner pulsing to the beat of my heart. He looked at my boy-boner then looked up at me. I asked him if he wanted to make me tickle good too. His eyes got wide and he nodded his head yes.

I laid back against my elbows and opened my legs for him. He crawled up between my legs on his belly. He looked up at me again and I nodded my approval. He looked back down at my Buggie. He was a good, little boy and sucked my wiener into his mouth. My body jerked at the feel of his warm, wet mouth as he went all the way down my short shaft. The puppy could only suck on the tip of my wiener, but Charlie could put all of it into his mouth as he sucked.

It was wonderful. A real boy was sucking my dick and I was loving it. This was much better than the puppy. Charlie was a natural. He sucked and moved his tongue around the end of my boner. It didn't take long and he had me quivering around on the ground. My body shook as I had my dry orgasm. I had to tell him to stop because it tickled too much.

He sat back up and asked if he made my wiener tickle. I told him yes, it felt really good. He asked if I would suck his Buggie again. I told him yes.

He leaned back against his elbows, and I was just getting ready to take his tiny cock into my mouth again, when we heard his mom calling.

We both jumped. We both looked at each other as if we had been caught.

Somehow we both knew we shouldn't be doing this with each other. We scampered back into our shorts.

As we walked back to my house he asked me, "Can we play Buggie again, the next time we come over?"

I told him, "Only if you keep it a secrete."

He giggled and said, "I won't tell. I like to play Buggie with you. It's fun."

That was just the beginning of playing Buggie with my little cousin Charlie.

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