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Playing Buggie with Charlie / chapter 2


Playing Buggie became Charlie's and my favorite game to play whenever he and his mom came to visit. He was always receptive to play our naughty game. It was relatively easy to fine the time and place to be alone together, as our mothers talked. His mom told me, it was nice that I took such an interest in her little boy. If she only knew what we would do out of her sight.

We played Buggie many times in that old, wooden fort. Rubbing our little wieners together was always a thrill and always ended with us sucking each other off to dry orgasms. The fort wasn't the only place we played Buggie. Living in the country, there were many places two young boys could go off and fine seclusion.

As how, this is a memoir of those days from years ago, there's not much story line to write. It'd be best just to tell of the most prominent times I remember playing Buggie with Charlie as we grew up.

Charlie had an older brother. I guess he was two or three years older than Charlie. His older brother was deaf and was a tattle-tail. So I had to be very careful fooling around with little Charlie when he was around.

Charlie's mom was a worthless, alcoholic, whore and most often would come to my home drunk with one or both of the boys. More often than not, once they were at my home, my mom wouldn't let her leave with the boys when she was drunk. So many times they would spend the night.

I felt free to speak with Charlie even if his brother would be near, he couldn't hear us talk, but he could read lips.

As I recall it was a Saturday morning after the boys had spent the night, that we were all watching cartoons. It must have been late fall or winter, because, I recall Charlie and I sharing a quilt as we laid on the floor, our heads propped up with pillows watching the T V. His brother was cuddled up with his own blanket sitting in a over-stuffed chair. It was common for us boys to only wear underwear in the house.


I looked over at Charlie's brother and he was sound asleep. I took the opportunity to reach my hand over, under our quilt and started to fondle Charlie's privets. He quickly got a little boy-boner. He in turn reached over and started to play with my stuff too. I pushed my undies down to my ankles and whispered to Charlie to do the same. He obliged and we fondled each other's Buggies as we watched cartoons. I felt an extra thrill doing this as his brother sat in the same room, with the chance of him waking up and realizing what we were doing. Charlie and I played with each other's genitals for at least an hour. I had never had a boner for that long of a period. I don't remember having an orgasm that morning, but I felt very content playing with Charlie's little penis while he fondled my privets.


I must have been eleven when Charlie and his mom came over. Naturally she was drunk and my mom insisted they spend the night.

At the time, I had my own bedroom in the basement, while my two older brothers still shared one bedroom upstairs. It was common for Charlie and me to sleep together when he would spend the night. If our parents only knew what we two boys did, they would have shit! This particular night, was the first real-time that Charlie and I spent a long time together playing Buggie.

It was kind of a fucked-up situation. He and his drunken mother had came over, and my dad raised holy-hell with his worthless, cunt sister. Charlie and I were sent to bed.

Things settled down upstairs and the house grew quit. Charlie and I didn't go to sleep right away.

Once in bed he started crying. He asked me why my dad was so mad at him. I cuddled up with the boy and assured him that my dad wasn't mad at him, that he was mad at his mom, and that everything would be okay. This calmed the young boy and he hugged me with deep love as he melted into me.

It wasn't long that I had Charlie laying on top of me. His small body felt so nice and warm against mine. He was purring into my neck as I rubbed his bare back and sides. I just loved how smooth his little body was. And his little-boy smell excited me even more.

I rolled over and pushed him off of me, then pushed my undies off. My kid-cock jumped out. He grinned. Charlie liked my bigger boy-dick. I told him to take his undies off too. He wiggled out of them. I spread my legs and I pulled his naked, little body back on top of me. Boy-boner against boy-boner.

I held him by his hips as I directed his smooth groin to grind against mine. As I humped up, he humped down. We soon got into a rhythm and were dry-fucking each other with urgency. As little boys do, we must have shared two or three dry orgasms. Our lithe, young bodies were all over the bed and each other, in spasms of ecstasy. I don't feel bad, because Charlie was as much into our sex-play as I was.

After about an hour of fucking each other silly, we rested for a while. I don't think either of our little boy-dicks ever went soft.

I felt very comfortable to further explore my younger cousin's body. I scooted down the bed, to where I was laying on my tummy, between his small naked legs, with his little two-inch boner sticking straight up for my inspection. I took my time to look at and feel all of his boy parts. His little penis was circumcised like mine was. The circumcision scar was around the center of his hard, little Buggie. His small, pink gland was ridged with blood. His hairless, scrotum was wrinkled and pulled up tight to his groin. His small testicles were still pronounced as they tried to hide. The smell of boy was driving me crazy!

I sat up and scooted up closer between his small legs, so that our groins were touching. As I knelt before him, I took my boner in my right hand and rubbed it back and fourth against his smooth scrotum. OH... Man!!! That was an awesome feeling!

I kept rubbing my penis-head against his tight, little balls, until I had another, blasting, dry orgasm.

Breathing heavily, I laid back down beside him to catch my breath. Before I knew it, Charlie was kneeling between my legs, rubbing his boy-boner against my hairless sack of nuts.

I really liked getting off rubbing my cock against Charlie's balls, but I liked him rubbing my nuts with the end of his boy-boner just as well. He worked my nuts back and forth until I couldn't stand it any more. My kid-cock was so had I thought it would bust.

I flipped around to where we were 69 and I started to suck his dick. Charlie was a good boy and took my dick into his mouth, sucking me to beat-the-band. ( I just loved this little cock sucker! )

Since we both had had several orgasms we sucked each other for a long lime. Charlie was so small, I could suck his boner and his entire scrotum and testicles into my mouth, all at the same time. He tried to do it to me, but he could only suck on one of my testicles at a time. And I loved it! We both had another orgasm, then we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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Playing Buggie With Charlie.