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Playing Buggie With Charlie chapter 3


There was a time frame of about two years, that my dad wouldn't associate with his sister, Charlie's mom and forbid her to come to our home. I can`t say as I blamed him, but it did put a temporary stop to me and Charlie playing Buggie with each other. This period was when I was between eleven and thirteen.

I started puberty shortly after my twelfth birthday. My birthday is in February, and by mid-summer I was growing some pubic hair above my wiener and I was getting bigger and my testacies were getting bigger too. It seemed I had a boner all the time.

During this time I started to mess around with a neighbor boy, who was my age and another boy cousin that was my age as well, so being the queer little boy that I was, I was still having sex with other boys despite the lack of attention from Charlie. I even played around with a couple of school friends a couple of times, but they weren't into boy sex like I was and those relationships faded quickly away.

During that summer of my twelfth year I learned how to masturbate and I shot sperm for the first time. I was in seventh-heaven. I beat my poor little wiener raw more that once. I just couldn't stop jacking off. Even though I was getting blow-jobs several times a week from the neighbor boy and once or twice a month with my other cousin, I still jacked off several times a day.

These two boys also started to shoot sperm about the same time as I did and it was just common to swallow each other's stuff. At first our spunk was just watery, but it didn't take long and we were all blasting the thick creamy cum. They seemed to like swallowing sperm more than I did, but I did it, because it was only fair.

During my thirteenth summer we had some kind of family get together at my dad's mom's home. Charlie, his mom and brother were there. It had been almost two years since I had seen Charlie and I was taken aback at how much he had grown. He was growing up to be a strikingly attractive young man. Long black hair, still with that cute little boy face and smile. With his cut-off jeans and no shirt, he was looking very fit for a nine year old. I knew my chances of getting to see him naked again was getting less and less, as my dad and his mom were still on the outs. They were only putting up with each other for the day for their mother's sake.

We kids were ushered outside to play, while the adults stayed in the house to talk. There were seven of us grand-kids that day at Grandma's. Left to our own devices, it was soon decided that a game of hide-n-seek was in order.

Being one of the oldest kids, I wasn't all that interested in playing hide-n-seek with a bunch of little kids, but I was interested in playing hide-and-suck with cute, little Charlie.

After several rounds of the game, the kids started hiding farther and farther away, to the point of hiding in the neighbor's yards, behind cars parked in the street and even down the ally. I thought this would be a good chance to hide with Charlie in the basement of a new home under construction next door. There was no one at this new home. In fact, this house had been under construction for as long as I could remember and it was only a blocked-in basement with a deck on top. ( I guess the guy didn't have the money to finish the job, and it was basically abandoned )

Having hid with Charlie a couple of times before and feeling each other up a bit, I suggested the next time, we hid in the old basement.

When the time came to run, Charlie and I made a mad dash around Grandma's house, down the hill and into the dark, damp basement next door. I knew we couldn't stay gone long.

We started to feel each other up good this time, reaching inside each other's shorts, stroking each other's young, hard boners. I started to unsnap Charlie's shorts, I told him I wanted to see how big his wiener had grown in the last couple of years. He obediently allowed me to pull his shorts down to his feet.

His hard, thick, three-inch, cut dick looked nice. His small testacies were hanging down now in their smooth, scrotum sack. I wasted no time in kneeling to the floor and sucking his tender meat into my wet mouth.

Charlie must have been really excited, because he almost immediately started humping his hard, little boy boner in and out of my mouth. I loved the taste of his sour, dirty, boy dick. I grabbed his naked butt and pulled his cock into my face as hard as I could. I worked my tongue around the head of his prick, as I had learned that, that's what boys like. It didn't take very long and Charlie was shaking in my arms having his dry orgasm. When I look back on it, it was funny to see the little boy experiencing such a retching climax. And knowing I was the cause of it with my mouth and tongue.

I let him slide down, through my arms to meet me kneeling on the floor. I held him closely for a moment. Once he had regained himself, I stood up and unzipped my zipper.

Letting my boned, four and a half inch, teen cock out of my shorts, I asked him, "Suck me too?"

He gasped when he saw how big my dick had grown and said, "You have hair there!"

I knew we didn't have much more time to fool around and I was so excited, that I needed to cum, Big-Time! I stroked the back of his head, letting my fingers flow through his dirty, greasy, black hair, pulling his face and mouth against my cock.

I didn't have to tell him as he quickly took my meat into his mouth. I don't know if maybe he had been practicing with other boys also, but he really sucked my dick good that day! I never even thought about shooting my sperm in his mouth. I had never done that before, I was just used to cuming in the other boy's mouths.

After only a minute of Charlie sucking my dick, I pulled his mouth tight onto my spewing prick and blasted several squirts of fresh boy cum down his throat.

Evidently he had never had a boy shoot cum in his mouth. He started to cough and gag on my seed. I couldn't let him away as I pumped more of my cum down his gullet.

When I finished ejaculating I let him go. He spit and coughed as he stood up. He was really pissed-off that I cum in his mouth. He called me a few choice names and pulled his shorts back up and ran back to the other kids.

It would be another four years before Charlie would get his revenge.

One more chapter to cum.