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Playing Buggie With Charlie chapter 4


When I was fifteen my mom and dad got devoiced. I was glad, because my dad was an ass-hole and he did many things that I thought was wrong. He never molested me, but he did beat me more than once. And I witnessed him beating two of my older brothers as well. I hated my father! ( a man should never beat his children ) Mom and I moved into a small apartment in town. Leaving the only home I had ever known. For the first time in many years I felt safe. My mother was a great, loving person. I'm sure she knew I was queer, but she never called me on my sexuality.

At the age of fifteen, my gay, teen, sex-life was nearing an end. I had limited time to spend with the boy cousin my age and the distance from my old home and the neighbor boy now, that I had had so many sexual experiences with was also increasingly drawing to an end. The neighbor boy started to date girls, as well as my cousin. I also started to date girls from school, but I didn't get much sexual gratification with them. I missed the queer, boy-sex I had enjoyed for over five years. Back in the mid 70's in high school, the last thing you wanted, was to be labeled a queer.

When I was seventeen my mom and I moved into a mobile-home that was parked in a mobile-home park near the edge of town. Actually only about two miles from where I was raised.

My mom and Charlie's mom reunited their friendship, without the interference of my dad. Charlie and his mom would come over to visit my mom and me. I still had the desire to play naughty with my younger cousin Charlie. He was becoming a very nice looking young man. He was thirteen at this time. Even at thirteen he was a small boy. He may have been near five feet tall, weighing I guess, ninety or one hundred pounds.

One summer day, Charlie and his mom came to visit. I hadn't had sex with anyone in almost a year. I was a very horny, young man! And the presents of my cousin just made matters that much more worse. I could smell him, as I had four years ago. He still smelt like Charlie. ( funny how you can remember someone's scent.)

Charlie's mom took me off to the side and asked me to have a talk with her son, concerning his poor grades in school. I felt pleased that she trusted me as an older-boy to guide he little-boy in the right direction, but I also felt guilty with the ideas of having `secrete' sex with him years ago. My excitement of having time alone with him again quickly over-came my guilt.

I didn't waist much time asking Charlie to go outside and take a walk with me. His mother smiled as we walked outside. ( If she only knew of my true intentions with her young son )

We walked down the country road a ways just talking, getting re-acquainted. I had only seen him a few times in the past four years. And naughty play never had a chance to happened since the last time in the old basement near our Grandma's house.

It was like leading hogs to the slaughter. ( I was a very naughty boy, with a purpose ) Charlie fallowed me into the woods.

Once in the woods, I took a joint from my pocket and we shared it. This seemed to have the effect I was hoping for. Once we were stoned we started laughing and talking more freely, walking merrily along our way, but I knew better. I knew where we would land.

Being the deviant, queer, cock-sucker that I was, I wanted to get him alone, far enough away from my home that I could control of the situation. I knew the woods like the back of my hand and lead him farther away to a large hay-field.

We came to a place I knew all too well. I had came to this secluded area many times to be alone and jack-off. ( I have always enjoyed sex outdoors )

We stopped and sat down at the edge of the field. As we sat, I lusted for his young, hard body, but was unsure of how he would react if I made sexual advances towards him.

We were both only wearing cut-off blue-jeans ( which was common in the day ) and were shirtless in the summer heat. His hairless legs and smooth, firm tummy only fired my lust for my younger cousin. I just had to get his shorts off of him and play with his boy-cock!

As we sat very close to one-another I reached over and felt the inside of his thigh. He flinched back.

I asked him, "Do you still like to play with boys?"

He told me, "I don't do that stuff anymore."

"Why not? I asked.

He told me, "The last time we played in that basement was the last time I did that." ( not me! )

I asked him if he would suck my dick again. He quickly turned toward me with a scowl and squeaked, "No! The last time... you cum in my mouth." I told him I was sorry, but that didn't help the situation. He started to withdraw farther away from me.

I wanted him so bad! Short of down-right raping him right then and there, I wasn't going to stop trying to convince him to have sex with me again. I was bigger than he was and I knew I could force myself on him, but I didn't want it to be like that. I wanted him to feel good that we could have sex together again and enjoy it.

I calmly told him, he wouldn't have to suck my dick, but I wanted to suck him off.

He said, "No. I don't like that anymore."

I asked him, "You don't like to have your dick sucked?"

"Yeah, but I don't want to suck your dick anymore." I reassured him he wouldn't have to suck my dick, that I would be happy, just to suck him off.

He thought for a moment, then nodded his head with approval. I couldn't believe my luck, I was going to get to suck this thirteen year old boy off. I felt so naughty and excited!

I told him to stand up and pull his shorts down. He stood up and un-snapped his button and pulled his zipper down. He pushed his shorts and white undies down to his ankles. I told him to kick them off. He did as I asked and with-in seconds I was looking at his hard young cock.

He had grown considerably since the last time we had played Buggie together. He was about four and a half inches long, but his shaft was thicker than my seventeen year old five and a half inch cock. He had a small, thin line of short, black pubic hair growing above his prick. The ridged gland of his boy-cock was even thicker than his shaft. His shaft tapered at its end and his circumcised gland-head was pronounced. His testicles were pulled up tight to his groin in their hairless, wrinkled, pink scrotum. This confirmed to me that he, indeed was excited.

The insides of his thighs were still hairless as a young boy. A young thirteen year old boy that he was. I inhaled his boyish scent. My cock was hard as hell inside my shorts as my heart beat uncontrollably in my chest. I wanted to have Charlie's hard, teen-boy cock in my mouth so bad!

I reached out and took hold of his boy-boner. It felt so hard, yet soft in my fingers. I felt the fine line of new pubic hair he was starting to grow. It was so soft. I felt his smooth scrotum and the small testicles inside. They were about the size of one of my thumbs. I wondered if they could shoot sperm yet. ( I was soon to find out )

His foreskin was shinny as it was pulled tight along his swollen shaft. I could see little blue veins run the length of his cock. I inhaled deeply. His scent fired my desires even more.

I leaned forward and licked between his scrotum and the inside of his thigh. He tasted a bit salty, but it was Charlie and I loved the taste of him. He moaned as I tongued at his hairless sack. I sucked the smooth skin into my lips, then I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. His hips jerked back, then he relaxed and moved forward again. I sucked his other nut into my mouth. I now had his full scrotum in my mouth, working his balls from side to side with my tongue. He moaned loudly, as his body jerked again and again. "Oh, fuck!" he cried.

With my mouth full of his balls, I looked up into his face, as he looked down at me. His eyes were glazed and void.

I released his balls from my mouth and started to lick all around his smooth groin, lapping at his genitals like a dog drinking water on a hot July day. I couldn't get enough of his boyish flavor. I licked up his shaft as it held tight to his tummy. He jerked again as my tongue rubbed the erogenous zone of his frenulum.

I pulled his erection down from his tummy. I couldn't believe how stiff it was. I thought it might break. I studied his cock with two fingers and a thumb while my eyes studied what I didn't feel. His pretty, pink gland was looking right at me, only inches away. In my eyes, it was a perfect teen-cock. The corona was ridged and flared. The lips of his pee-hole were pouted and puffy. I licked under his gland again and his legs started to tremble. "Oh fuck!" he groaned again. I was having fun teasing him. I wanted to bust his nuts so bad, but I wanted to play with him as long as I could, before the inevitable happened.

I rubbed the tip of his man-meat against my lips and cheeks. I felt so dirty doing this with my younger cousin's cock. I had him right where I wanted him. In my control.

As much as I wanted to make this last, I couldn't control myself and engulfed his blood engorged prick into my mouth. It was hot, smooth and hard. I went all the way down on him in one swift movement. He gasped as my wet lips and tongue slid back his boner.

His hands instinctively went to the back of my head, pulling me tighter onto his screaming prick, burying my nose in his thin line of pubic hairs. I sucked and swirled my tongue around his cock as he started to hump my mouth. I grabbed his firm, little ass with both hands, pulling him tighter and ground my face into his groin. I just wanted to bite his cock off and swallow it!

We got a good rhythm going. Me bobbing up and down on his cock while he was fucking my face with his thrusting hips. I played with his tiny nuts with my finger tips as I sucked. They were drawn up tight to the base of his boner. I was loving sucking this kid off and so was he! It only took about two minutes and he was gasping with stuttered breath.

He squealed, "Ah... Ah... Ah... Oh fuck!"

His body started to quake and shudder, jerking uncontrollably. I felt his cock jump in my mouth and I felt the first blast of boy-cum pump through his urethra and hit the back of my throat. I was taken aback at how strong the jet was. It was so strong it almost hurt. His testicles jumped in my finger tips. Then came the next blast. It was just as strong as his first, filling the back of my mouth with his hot, boy-juice. He shot several more times, but not as strong as the first two. Each time he shot a wad, I felt his nuts pump his seed forth. His cum now coated the whole inside of my mouth and tongue. I swallowed several times, rubbing my tongue around inside my mouth tasting his cum. I was joyful to have my cousin's hot seed in me.

He stopped humping his cock into my mouth, but I kept sucking his twitching prick. His legs trembled and his body shook.

"Oh my God... Oh my God!" he cried. "Stop... Stop!" he begged me. I laughed to myself to be the one to give Charlie such great pleasure. I wanted to suck his dick the rest of the day and make him cum again and again, but I knew he was spent for now and I had to let him go.

His legs buckled and I caught him by his butt before he fell over back-wards. His hands went behind him to catch himself. When he fell backward, his groin was pushed back into my face. I couldn't help myself but to suck his kid-cock into my mouth again, hoping for another drop of his cum.

As if in pain, he cried out again, "Oh God... Oh God... Please stop Steve! Please stop!"

I laughed and lowered Charlie's quivering, naked body to the ground. His chest was heaving up and down, trying to catch his breath. I laughed again as I watched his cock twitch with the aftermath of his powerful orgasm.

My own cock was so hard it hurt! I quickly stripped off my own shorts and knelt down beside him. I grabbed my straining cock and stroked it a few times. Blasting my cum all over his boy-cock and hairless balls, covering him with my hot, teen-seed.

I bent over farther and rubbed my stiff meat through the cum I had just shoot on him. Feeling his tight little balls with the tip of my dick. I fell over him, grinding my cock through the mess.

After we recovered, I rolled off of him and I picked up his undies. I wiped my cum off his body and tossed them into the weeds. We stood up and re-dressed.

We didn't talk much walking back home. I smiled inside, as I had Charlie's seed in my belly.

On the way back home, I told him his mom had told me he was flunking-out in school. I told him he better get his shit together or he would be a dumb-ass all his life.

I only saw Charlie a few times after that and we never played around again. But I'll never forget that sweet, little, black haired boy and his sweet little cock.