Kevin: 33 years old. He stands 6'0'' 260 pounds of rock-hard muscle. He's the kind of pretty boy you'd see on the cover of one of those fitness magazines. With blond hair and deep blue eyes he's as American as it gets. Divorced and wealthy, Kevin shares his mansion with his son Tommy.

Tommy: An uninhibited boy of 13, Tommy is right on the cusp of manhood. His body is tight & smooth except for the curly mop of black hair on his head and a few sprouts around his cock. He is thought of as cute more than sexy.


Poolboy Massage: CHAPTER 2

Tommy had had a rotten day at school, but it was about to get much better. He kicked the stones as he walked up the long walkway that led to the front doors of his house. He opened the door and turned around to close it, dropped his backpack on the marble floor and kicked off his tennis shoes. As he turned around he saw something that made up for his lousy day...heck, it made up for 1000 lousy days.

Leaning against the large round table in the entryway was his father, Kevin, totally nude, pumped up, hard and visibly dripping. A huge smile came over Tommy's face as he ran into his father's arms, jumping and wrapping his legs around his dad's taut waist, his arms around his dad's thick neck.

Kevin: Hey Slugger, how was school today?

Tommy: It sucked as usual.

Kevin: Well, let's see if we can change that.

He pulled his son off of him and let the boy slide to his feet. He took the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled it up and over the 13-year-old's torso and head. He ran his hands over the smooth skin and savored its newness. He got on his knees and pulled Tommy's pants down around his ankles and Tommy stepped out of them. The outline of the teen's massive cock could be seen in his shorts snaking toward his belly button. Kevin pulled Tommy's shorts off and took a minute to admire the magnificent piece of boy meat before him. He was still in awe not only of its length but of its thickness as well.

His son now totally nude Kevin stood up and opened his arms which prompted Tommy to jump back up as before. He could feel the tip of his father's wet cock rubbing against his asshole; a sensation which drove him crazy. Tommy leaned in to his dad's ear, brushing his lips over the 2 gold earrings.

Tommy: I want you inside me daddy.

Kevin was a bit taken aback. He didn't know if young Tommy's body could handle it yet.

Kevin: Are you sure son.

Tommy: Yeah dad, I can take it.

By this point Kevin's pre-cum had lubed up the youth's hole rather well.

Kevin: Do you want it slow or all at once?

Tommy: I want it all at once. I want to be part of you.

Tommy reached back and lined up his dad's cock with his hungry hole.

Kevin: Are you ready son?

Tommy: Rea...

Before Tommy could finish answering Kevin thrust his cock into his son's tight hole. Tommy's grasp around his father's shoulders tightened as he let out of a loud sigh.

Kevin: It's OK baby, the pain will pass in a second.

Tommy: It's OK it feels incredible

Every muscle in Kevin’s body was flexed as he began to lift his son’s ass off of his cock every so slightly…then thrust back in. Tommy’s cock was a fountain of pre-cum dripping between their two bodies. Kevin bent his head forward and could just reach his son’s long, hard, wet boy meat. He licked the head and felt a shudder go through the boy’s body. His pre-cum was like liquid candy, sweet and thick. He started to suck his son's cockhead as deeply as he could.

As they stood there in the entryway of their estate, their faint sighs and gasps could be heard echoing through all 5 floors. Without notice, Kevin let out a loud cry though his clenched teeth and began pumping his cum into his son's ass. The warm feeling made Tommy lose control and his cock sprung forth, covering both of them with his sweet boy nectar. The convergence of these events caused the chandelier above to shake so was the force of each.

Both men spent and covered with cum, they began to lick each other's faces and kiss, sharing Tommy's cum between them. Each drop was savored and none was aloud to go to waste.

Kevin: I love you slugger.

Tommy: You too, pop.

Kevin's dick still hard and inside his son, who still clung to his body, the man walked up the marble staircase to their bedroom. Kevin fell to his bed on his back with Tommy on top of him. The two made out for awhile and then fell asleep in that same position.

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