Lucio: A 35 year old, Italian, HULK-like man-6’3’’ 295. An elaborate tapestry of tattoos cover his shoulders and arms. His eyes like his hair are pitch black. You know he could kill you with one move, but you also know he never would.

Chad: A 16yo skate rat who hangs out at the City Park. His body is not muscular, but you know in a few years it will be. His hair is dyed blue, he has multiple earrings and he always wears a T-shirt and shorts that are so loose you can see the top few inches of his boxers.

Kevin: 33 years old. Lucio’s training partner. A slightly smaller man he stands 6’0’’ 260 pounds of rock-hard muscle. He’s the kind of pretty boy you’d see on the cover of one of those fitness magazines. With blond hair and deep blue eyes he’s as American as it gets. Divorced and wealthy, Kevin shares his mansion with his son Tommy.

Tommy: An uninhibited boy of 13, Tommy is right on the cusp of manhood. His body is tight & smooth except for the curly mop of black hair on his head and a few sprouts around his cock. He is thought of as cute more than sexy.

Trevor: 18yo High School senior and coach of Tommy’s soccer team. Born in Brazil, he has that sultry look about him. He stands at 6 feet and weighs around 165. His hair is jet-black, including the soft mat of hair on his muscular chest and the treasure trail that leads to 9 inches of uncut Brazilian cock. His body is lean but muscular and quite defined. To say he’s sexy would be an understatement.


Poolboy Massage: CHAPTER 3

City Park…

Lucio was finishing his 3 lap around the park when he spotted him. Another cute teen boy. Before Tommy he wasn’t even into teens, but now he couldn’t help himself. As he approached the bench that this hottie was sitting on he noticed the kid watching him. As he passed him Lucio got a few quick glances—noticed the boxers, the loose shorts, the smooth calves. He jogged past the bench and decided to turn around for one more glance. As he did, he saw the kid staring at his ass. Lucio went on with his running going past the kid 2 more times with a similar reaction. The third time Lucio stopped and sat on the bench next to his admirer. They sat in silence (both being nervous) for a few minutes. Then…

Chad: You’ve got a great body man, if you don’t mind me saying so.

Lucio: Thanks—I don’t mind. You’re pretty cute yourself. I like the hair. So, what are you doing here today?

Chad: Just chillin’. I hung out at the Skate Park for a while. So you wanna go and fool around in the woods?

Lucio: You read my mind.

Lucio and his new friend Chad headed for the forest that bordered the park.

Kevin’s Mansion…

After making love for the first time, Kevin and Tommy had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. They were both awakened by the sound of the doorbell.

Kevin: Are you expecting anyone sweetie?

Tommy: Yeah. I totally forgot my soccer coach is coming over to practice with me. He’s gonna show me how to be the goalie.

Kevin: OK. Why don’t you slip on some clothes and I’ll get the door.

Kevin slipped on his white robe and went downstairs to the front door. What he saw when he opened it took his breath away--this cocoa-skinned stud wearing a brightly colored soccer uniform. Trevor introduced himself and Kevin shook his hand and let him in.

Kevin: Tommy should be here in just a second. So you’re the soccer coach?

Trevor: Yes sir, for almost 2 years now.

Kevin and Trevor heard rustling and as the turned to see the source of this sound they saw one of the cutest scenes ever. Tommy had changed into his uniform. Kevin thought ‘there is nothing sexier than a boy in a soccer uniform’.

Tommy: Hey, Coach. Sorry I was late.

Trevor: No problem Tommy.

Trevor: Where are we gonna practice.

Tommy: The backyard. We set up a net back there. See ya later dad.

Kevin: Have fun you guys.

As Tommy and Trevor made their way out the back door Kevin went up to his bedroom and got a pair of binoculars.

City Park…

Lucio and Chad made their way to a private spot in the woods. Chad ripped off his shirt exposing his smooth flat chest with hard nipples and pretty nice abs. Lucio did the same. Chad saw the tattoos that covered his arms and shoulders.

Chad: Fuck man that is one big tat.

Lucio: You wanna touch it?

Of course Chad did. He ran his hands over Lucio’s massive rock-hard shoulders and down to his biceps where the tat ended. Lucio playfully flexed his biceps for the kid. Chad was in heaven—he had dreamed about a moment like this for years. His hands continued to Lucio’s chest, feeling his hard pecs and amazing abs. While Chad was worshiping the musclegod in front of him Lucio had his hand down the kid’s pants rubbing a cock so hard it felt like marble.

Chad’s hands wandered down to the waistband of Lucio’s spandex running shorts. He ran his hand over the fat bulge that had developed. Lucio pushed Chad to the ground and pulled his face against his erection. The kid went crazy from the smell of man musk. Lucio pulled his shorts down and let them drop to his ankles freeing his 8 fat inches of uncut meat. Chad put the monster in his mouth and immediately came in his boxers. He sucked and licked Lucio’s piece, taking time to service his heavy balls. He tried to fit it all in his mouth, but it was too much for him. Besides, just sucking this musclegod was enough for him.

Lucio: You wanna fuck?

Being a virgin, Chad had to think about that for a second. He trusted Lucio and told him ‘yes’. Lucio pulled Chad up from his knees and gave him a long deep kiss tasting his own pre-cum on the kid’s tongue. The kiss eventually broke and Lucio told Chad to put his arms around a tree. Lucio came up behind him and reached around undoing the button on Chad’s shorts. They fell immediately to the forest floor. He grabbed the boxers and dropped them off too. The kid had a great ass, a perfect bubble butt. Lucio cupped each white globe and squeezed. He ran his finger up and down the crack feeling for the hole. He found it and noticed how tight it was.

Lucio: Just relax I’m not going to hurt you. Are you a virgin?

Chad: Yes and I want you to be my first.

Lucio was almost touched by the boy’s comment. He got on his knees and lubed up Chad as much a he could.

Lucio: This might sting a little.

Chad: OK

Lucio put the tip of his cock right on Chad’s hungry hole. He pushed and popped the head in. Chad let out a sound that was more like a moan than a scream. Lucio pushed a little more. Chad was gritting his teeth to distract himself from the pain. Lucio made one final push and Chad could feel his pubic hairs on his smooth ass.

Lucio: You OK?

Chad: Fuck yeah. I’m great.

Lucio: OK, here we go.

Lucio started a frenzy of activity, fucking the kid, reaching forward and pinching the kid’s nipples, and kissing all over his body. Chad felt like he was on eXtasy he had so many pleasure points at once. His cock was erupting every few moments spewing his cum all over the tree. Lucio leaned in and put his lips to the kids ear.

Lucio: Where do you want me to come?

Chad: Inside me.

Lucio gave Chad’s ear a little nibble. Chad turned his head around and their mouths met as Lucio’s cock kept ramming the kid’s tight hole. Lucio’s cock was getting thicker in anticipation of his upcoming orgasm.

Lucio: (whispering) I’m almost there boy. You ready?

Chad: Give it to me daddy. Fill me with you juices.

Lucio’s cock blasted its first shot of cum. Chad could feel it deep in his gut. His cock started cumming again just as Lucio shot another lode into his ass. As things slowed down Chad could feel a few more shots in his ass. Lucio took his wet, cum-covered, ass out of the kid and slapped on his tight smooth ass. Chad turned around leaning on the tree to keep from passing out from all the stimulation. Lucio leaned in and they kissed for minutes.

Suddenly, off in the distance they heard laughing and kids running through the forest. Both of them quickly put their clothes on and made their way out of the woods.

Chad: I should probably get home.

Lucio: OK. I jog here every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.

Chad: I’ll be looking for ya.

Lucio: Hope you’re not too sore tomorrow.

Chad: It’s cool.

Chad got on his skateboard and whisked off into the sunset. Lucio stood there for a minute thinking about what just happened. It brought a smile to his face. He just shook his head and made his way to his car.

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