Lucio: A 35 year old, Italian, HULK-like man-6’3’’ 295. An elaborate tapestry of tattoos cover his shoulders and arms. His eyes like his hair are pitch black. You know he could kill you with one move, but you also know he never would.

Kevin: 33 years old. Lucio’s training partner. A slightly smaller man he stands 6’0’’ 260 pounds of rock-hard muscle. He’s the kind of pretty boy you’d see on the cover of one of those fitness magazines. With blond hair and deep blue eyes he’s as American as it gets. Divorced and wealthy, Kevin shares his mansion with his son Tommy.

Tommy: An uninhibited boy of 13, Tommy is right on the cusp of manhood. His body is tight & smooth except for the curly mop of black hair on his head and a few sprouts around his cock. He is thought of as cute more than sexy.

Trevor: 18yo High School senior and coach of Tommy’s soccer team. Born in Brazil, he has that sultry look about him. He stands at 6 feet and weighs around 165. His hair is jet-black, including the soft mat of hair on his muscular chest and the treasure trail that leads to 9 inches of uncut Brazilian cock. His body is lean but muscular and quite defined. To say he’s sexy would be an understatement.


Poolboy Massage: CHAPTER 5

Lucio: Well, well, well. 3 naked boys in the pool. Looks like a party to me.

Tommy: Come on in and join us.

Lucio began to strip. All 3 guys were transfixed on his massive body as he slowly removed his clothes. Trevor, who had never seen Lucio before, was especially into this strip show. Needless to say, all 3 guys had raging hard-ons by the time Lucio was done and his long fat cock was swinging back and forth.

Trevor swam over to Tommy.

Trevor: Who is that guy?

Tommy: That’s one of my dad’s friends. His name is Lucio.

Lucio sat on the edge of the pool with his feet dangling in the water. His cock was semi-hard at this point. Kevin spotted it first and swam over to him. He took Lucio’s meat into his mouth and sucked on it until it had reached its full 9 inches. He pulled the foreskin back and devoured the head, sucking and licking the swollen purple knob. A few minutes later Tommy and Trevor (who had been making out) swam over to Lucio.

Tommy: Hey dad, give us a turn

Kevin: Sure buddy. Why don’t you let Trevor go first since he is our guest.

Trevor: (bewildered) Really?

Kevin: Yes, it’s all yours. By the way this is Lucio. Lucio this is Trevor Tommy’s soccer coach.

Lucio: Nice to meet you. You’re a very cute boy.

Trevor: Thanks, you too.

With that Trevor took Lucio’s cock into his mouth and gently sucked the head while he slowly jacked him off. Lucio closed his eyes and moaned loudly. Tommy swam over and joined the action, sucking on Lucio’s hairy ball sac. As Tommy and Trevor worked over Lucio, Kevin jumped on a float and started to jack-off as he watched the hot scene in front of him. He loved seeing his son have sex with other guys.

Lucio’s moaning began to get even louder. He opened his eyes and looked down at the 2 boys giving him such pleasure. A 13yo and an 18yo—his favorite age group. He placed a hand on each of the boys heads and mussed their wet hair. Suddenly his grip got stronger. Trevor could feel he was close and began jacking him faster. The veins were popping out all along the shaft. He took his mouth off of the head and quickly jacked him off. In seconds, Lucio erupted. The first shot flew right into Trevor’s waiting mouth. He pointed it at Tommy, who caught the second shot of hot spicy cum. The third was Trevor’s, and the last shot went to Tommy. Both boys savored the thick cum, rolling it around their mouths. Then Tommy put his mouth on Trevor’s and the boys exchanged cum as they made out and slowly drifted away.

It was about this time that Kevin started to cum, spraying himself all over his chest and abs. Lucio jumped in the pool and swam over to Kevin.

Lucio: Hey bud. How’s it going?

Kevin: Not bad…not bad at all.

Lucio planted a long deep kiss on Kevin’s perfect lips. They kissed for a minute before Lucio started to lick up Kevin’s cum from his muscular pecs and rockhard abs relishing each tongue-full.

Kevin: What do you think of Trevor?

Lucio: The kid is HOT! Is he Brazilian?

Kevin: Yeah, I think he is.

Lucio: He’s got an awesome body, and he’s so cute. Are he & Tommy an item?

Tommy yelled from across the pool:

Tommy: Dad we’re gonna practice a little more now.

Kevin: OK, son. Have a good time.

Tommy and Trevor got out of the pool and grabbed towels off of the lounger. Once they were mostly dry, they picked up their uniforms and slid them over their moist bodies. Tommy planted a wet kiss on Trevor as they walked out to the lawn.

Lucio: I think Tommy is in love.

Kevin: Yeah it looks that way.

Lucio: Don’t worry Kev, he’ll always be your son.

Kevin: I’m not worried.

Lucio: I’m sure you aren’t.

With that, Lucio grabbed the float and turned it over tossing Kevin into the pool.


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