Lucio: A 35 year old, Italian, HULK-like man-6’3’’ 295. An elaborate tapestry of tattoos cover his shoulders and arms. His eyes like his hair are pitch black. You know he could kill you with one move, but you also know he never would.

Kevin: 33 years old. Lucio’s training partner. A slightly smaller man he stands 6’0’’ 260 pounds of rock-hard muscle. He’s the kind of pretty boy you’d see on the cover of one of those fitness magazines. With blond hair and deep blue eyes he’s as American as it gets. Divorced and wealthy, Kevin shares his mansion with his son Tommy.

Tommy: An uninhibited boy of 13, Tommy is right on the cusp of manhood. His body is tight & smooth except for the curly mop of black hair on his head and a few sprouts around his cock. He is thought of as cute more than sexy.

Poolboy Massage: CHAPTER 6

The men’s hands rubbed oil up and down the teen’s rippling body. He stood there proud of his newly sculpted physique, striking a double-bicep pose. His cock was as hard as a rock and starting to peek out of his skimpy speedo. He liked the feel of the men’s rough touch sliding all over his muscles. He knew he was getting close to cumming but wanted to hold back to savor he moment.


This was Tommy’s first soccer game as goalie and the score was 7-1, they were losing badly. The triple whistle sounded and Tommy was relieved the game was over. He grabbed his gear and went to meet his dad on the sidelines.

TOMMY: Dad, I suck. Did you see me out there?

KEVIN: You weren’t so bad son. The other team just had a few really good players.

He tried to comfort his son as best he could.

TOMMY: I’ve gotta get bigger…you know stronger so I can stop the ball better.

KEVIN: I can help you get bigger if you’d like son. You can train with me and Lucio.

Tommy had developed quite a crush on Lucio since they first fooled around a few months ago and the thought of getting to train with him caused a stir in his soccer shorts.

TOMMY: That sounds cool dad. When can we start?

KEVIN: Lucio is coming over tomorrow to lift; we’ll start you out then.

Tommy could barely sleep that whole night thinking about getting to lift with Lucio and his dad. His hard 8 inches were tenting his sheets and his precum was soaking through. He ran his finger over the tip spreading his juice all over his cock head. He wasn’t going to get any sleep until he took care of this that was for sure. He pulled the sheets back and wrapped both hands around his mighty pole. He closed his eyes and imagined Lucio lifting his weights—his huge muscles flexing, veins popping, growing with each rep. He imagined being beneath Lucio as he did squats and having his cock ram into Lucio’s hot ass with each down thrust. He loved that man’s ass—so muscular and hairy.

The “squats” fantasy was too much and Tommy’s cock erupted, spraying his teen juice all over his face and chest and stomach. He ran his fingers though the thick liquid rubbing it all over his torso. He brought two fingers to his mouth and tasted it as he drifted off to sleep.

Tommy woke up at 7 AM ready to start his training. He ran into his dad’s room and jumped on the bed. He pressed his lips to his father’s just as his eyes began to slowly open.

KEVIN: Now that’s a good way to wake up. Hi Buddy. What are you doing up so early?

TOMMY: We start training today, dad. Can we start?

KEVIN: You gotta give me a chance to wake up. Besides your boyfriend Lucio won’t be here until 10.

TOMMY: My boyfriend?

KEVIN: Kid if you’re gonna yell out someone’s name when you get off, you should keep the door closed.

TOMMY: Oh. I didn’t know you could hear me. Sorry dad.

KEVIN: There’s nothing to be sorry about champ.

Kevin took his sons head in his hands and kissed his forehead. He got out of bed put on his robe and they both went downstairs. Kevin made breakfast and they talked about what kind of goals Tommy had for his training. Tommy told his dad that he wanted more upper body strength to help him better tend goal. Kevin had his son open his robe so he could get a good look at him. Kevin loved his son’s body. Each muscle was defined; they just weren’t built up yet like most 13 year olds.

KEVIN: You’ve got a great body to start with, champ. It’ll be easy to bulk you up. You’ll be as big a Lucio in no time.

TOMMY: Really???

KEVIN: Well no. But you’ll see a difference. Hey there’s the doorbell.

Tommy ran to the door and opened it to see Lucio, bag in hand. He had on a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a tight white t-shirt. Tommy could feel the drool going down his chin and he quickly wiped it off.

LUCIO: Hey little man. I hear you’re gonna be joining us.

That Brooklyn-Italian accent got Tommy every time. It was so hyper-masculine.

TOMMY: Yeah. Dad said he could help me bulk up.

LUCIO: Well, if you ask me you’re perfect just the way you are.

Lucio winked and brushed his hand across the teen’s cheek as he entered the foyer. Kevin walked into the room.

KEVIN: Hey Lucio you’re early. Just give Tommy and me a sec to get dressed.

LUCIO: Take your time I’ll be out back.

A few minutes later, Tommy and Kevin were out back dressed in just in shorts—bare chested.

LUCIO: So we’re going shirtless today?

Lucio grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and slowly lifted it over his head putting on a little show for Tommy who couldn’t take his eyes off the stallion’s huge body.


Tommy’s progress was astounding. In just a little over 5 months he had managed to pump up his biceps to the size of softballs, each one perfectly symmetrical. His forearms were bigger as well and heavily veined. His pecs were puffed up as well defining his thick chest. His almost always erect nipples seemed to be bigger too. His abs were a work of art--a perfect 8-pack with ridges deep enough to hold a nickel. They ended right where his newly grown-in treasure trail started. His thighs and calves were heavily muscled and snaked with thick veins. In short, he was a little Hulk.

He had just gotten out of the pool and was drying off when he heard his dad call to him.

KEVIN: Hey kiddo. Let’s see that new body.

Tommy finished drying off and walked over to where his dad and Lucio were sitting side-by-side in lounge chairs. The two men were sunbathing nude, one of their favorite activities. Tommy stood between the chairs and started to do poses for them. First the single bicep, slapping the hard muscle with his other hand. He moved on to a double bicep. He flexed his pecs making them dance like he had seen his dad do a million times. He then showed off his legs, one at a time watching the men’s cocks start to harden the more he flexed.

LUCIO: Kev, you really turned this kid into a stud. Come closer Tommy let’s get a feel.

Tommy was only too happy. He walked between the men and hit a “most muscular” pose. Lucio grabbed the baby oil and squirted some into his large hands. He handed the bottle to Kevin. Lucio’s hands went right for the large thigh in front of him. He began to oil the teen like he was preparing for a competition. His hands kneaded the rippling legs from the edge of Tommy’s speedo down to the base of his calve. Kevin went for the biceps oiling them up as his son flexed and relaxed them letting his dad feel them grow.

Both men were fully erect in seconds, lusting after the mini-Hulk in front of them. Lucio worked the boy’s thighs with one hand as he stroked himself with the other. Kevin moved to the pecs and tweaked Tommy’s nipples as he oiled him up.

Tommy stood there proud of his newly sculpted physique, striking a double-bicep pose. His cock was as hard as a rock and starting to peek out of his skimpy speedo. He liked the feel of the men’s rough touch sliding all over his muscles. He knew he was getting close to cumming but wanted to hold back to savor he moment.

Lucio’s hand slid up Tommy’s thigh and grasped the teen’s heavy balls. Tommy winced, it felt so good. Lucio saw the top of the boy’s cock and started stroking him though his speedo. He then leaned in and ran his lips up and down the 8 inches of hard teen meat. Tommy put his head back and enjoyed the waves of pleasure that engulfed his body.

Kevin stood up and planted a deep kiss on his son’s soft full lips, parting them and putting his tongue into his mouth. Lucio had Tommy’s speedo off by now and was deep throating the boy’s man-sized cock as he stroked Kevin. The passion of the kiss was overwhelming to both Tommy and his dad. Both men began spurting their sweet nectar---Tommy down Lucio’s throat, and Kevin on Lucio’s face. Tommy must have unloaded a gallon with Lucio not missing a drop. The stallion’s face stubble was covered with Kevin’s equally big load.

Once Tommy had stopped cumming, Lucio stood up and joined the kiss—three tongues darting around, intertwining with each other---three naked bodies all rubbing together. Lucio’s cock began to bounce and without a touch he shot his juice most of it landing on Tommy’s muscular oiled legs. Tommy let out a sigh as he felt the warm liquid run down his new muscles.

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