Lucio: A 35 year old, Italian, HULK-like man-6’3’’ 295. An elaborate tapestry of tattoos cover his shoulders and arms. His eyes like his hair are pitch black. You know he could kill you with one move, but you also know he never would.

Kevin: 33 years old. Lucio’s training partner. A slightly smaller man he stands 6’0’’ 260 pounds of rock-hard muscle. He’s the kind of pretty boy you’d see on the cover of one of those fitness magazines. With blond hair and deep blue eyes he’s as American as it gets. Divorced and wealthy, Kevin shares his mansion with his son Tommy.

Tommy: An uninhibited boy of 13, Tommy is right on the cusp of manhood. His body is big and muscular & smooth except for the curly mop of black hair on his head and a treasure trail leading to his pubes. He used to be thought of as cute, but with his new muscular body he’s graduated to sexy.

Ty: 37 years old African-American. The father of one of Tommy’s soccer teammates. His skin is a caramel brown with short curly hairs covering his tight chest and stomach. Standing 6’5’’ and weighing 280, he rivals Lucio in size. His most outstanding feature would have to be his cock and balls. A long, fat dark brown cylinder topped by a mauve colored head with a set of egg-sized balls in a dark brown sack. Even so, his best feature would have to be his hairy bubble butt.

Poolboy Massage: CHAPTER 7

Needless to say, Tommy was proud of his new body and showed it off every chance he got. He loved the looks he would get. At the end of each soccer game, he’d rip off his jersey and run to the team huddle. He could tell that a few of his teammates and his coach were interested in seeing more.

The huddle would break and Tommy would run over to his dad waiting for him on the sidelines. This particular day his dad was talking to one of the other fathers. He recognized him as the dad of one of his teammates, Marcus.

KEVIN: Great game sport! You really own that goal now.

TOMMY: It’s all thanks to you dad.

KEVIN: Oh, Tommy this is Mr. West.

TY: Call me Ty.

Ty and Tommy shook hands. Tommy’s small hand was enveloped by Ty’s big paw.

TY: Looks like you’ve been working out kid.

TOMMY: Yeah, for a few months. Dad helps me.

TY: Only a few months? You’re dad must be a great trainer.

Ty reached out and ran the back of his hand over Tommy’s chest and abs in an admiring way. When his hand reached the top of his soccer shorts he gave the kid a little wink.

KEVIN: Well, we better get going.

TY: It was nice meeting both of you. I’ll see you around.

Later that week Tommy went back to the soccer fields to kick the ball around with some of the guys. When he got there he was surprised to see Ty sitting on top of one of the picnic benches, wearing just a pair of grey sweat shorts. It was the first time he had seen Ty’s bare torso. Tommy had always had a secret fantasy about being dominated by a black man with a hairy chest. He walked over and said hi to him.

TOMMY: How’s it going Mr. West?

TY: Please call me Ty.

TOMMY: OK, how’s it going Ty.

TY: Pretty good, pretty good. You here for the scrimmage?

TOMMY: Yeah I can use the practice.

TY: You don’t need to practice. (pause) You wanna have some instead?

Tommy knew what he meant and he DID want to have some fun--especially with Ty. He nodded yes and Ty led him to his SUV which was parked in a deserted lot next to the fields. They got in and Ty reclined his seat then pulled down his shorts.

TY: Go ahead kid. It’s all yours. I knew you wanted me from the first time we met.

Tommy could just stare in amazement. He had never seen a cock that big—and it was only semi-hard. Tommy leaned over and started to lick the fat black dick as it started to inflate to its full mass. Sitting there Ty’s hard dick reached all the way to his pecs. Tommy started sucking on his bull balls making Ty moaning softly. Once he had saturated his sac Tommy put his tongue at the base of Ty’s cock and licked up the rigid shaft until he reached the top and took the head into his mouth sucking on it like a sweet sucker tasting the first drops of pre-cum.

TY: Ah yeah kid suck that cock. You needed a big black cock didn’t you? I could tell the first time I saw you. You’re just a little slut boy aren’t you? You’re my slut now.

Ty put his hand on Tommy’s head and force fed him all 10 inches of his cock. Tommy started to gag so Ty let him back off before forcing him down again. Tommy’s throat gradually opened so that he could easily take Ty’s entire dick without gagging. Ty put both hands on Tommy’s head and rammed his cock into the teen’s mouth. Tommy was in heaven.

For a minute Ty lifted Tommy’s head off of his cock and slapped the boy’s face with his wet pole.

TY: Yeah you’re my slut boy. My little white boy. Suck that cock.

Ty put his cock back in Tommy’s mouth and face fucked him as hard as he could holding his head still when his lips reached the base and his entire cock was down Tommy’s throat. Loud groaning sounds came out of Tommy’s throat—he was in heaven. Ty took one hand from Tommy’s head and put it down the back of the teen’s soccer shorts grabbing his ass and fingering his tight hole.

TY: Damn boy you got a tight pucker. You are one nice piece of ass.

Ty put his finger in his mouth and then went back to Tommy’s hot hole and entered him. While Ty was finger fucking him the teen shot a load in his shorts. Anytime someone played with his ass he would come instantly. Ty, meanwhile, was getting very close to coming. The young boy’s mouth was so hot and wet it felt like he was fucking one of his old girlfriends. He started to moan softly at first, then gradually getting louder. He began to clench his jaw as he moved Tommy’s head up and down faster and faster. His jaw clenched and he let out a yelp as he began filling Tommy’s throat with his sweet ebony cum. He continued to cum for minutes—Tommy savoring every drop. It was one of the most intense orgasms Ty had ever had. When he had finished, he pulled his cock out of Tommy’s mouth and rubbed the cum covered head against his lips.

TY: That’s my boy, clean off that big cock. Lick it clean—get every drop.

TOMMY: (moaning) I love your big black cock, Sir.

Finally cleaned off Ty pulled his shorts back up and gave Tommy a ride home.

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