Lucio: A 35 year old, Italian, HULK-like man-6’3’’ 295. An elaborate tapestry of tattoos cover his shoulders and arms. He’s uncut and about 7 inches. His eyes like his hair are pitch black. You know he could kill you with one move, but you also know he never would.

Kevin: 33 years old. Lucio’s training partner. A slightly smaller man he stands 6’0’’ 260 pounds of rock-hard muscle. He’s the kind of pretty boy you’d see on the cover of one of those fitness magazines. With blond hair and deep blue eyes he’s as American as it gets. Divorced and wealthy, Kevin shares his mansion with his son Tommy.

Tommy: An uninhibited boy of 13, Tommy is right on the cusp of manhood. His body is big and muscular & smooth except for the curly mop of black hair on his head and a treasure trail leading to his pubes. He used to be thought of as cute, but with his new muscular body he’s graduated to sexy.

Poolboy Massage: CHAPTER 8

Tommy had long had a crush on his dad’s best friend, Lucio. Every masturbatory fantasy the teen conjured up included the Italian hunk. His muscles, his tats, the black bush around his big uncut cock—they all drove him crazy. They had fooled around in the past but just in groups, Tommy wanted him all to himself. He was about to have his prayers answered.

Around 4PM Tommy was in his room doing his homework. Every once in a while he’d flex a bicep or tricep and watch himself in the full-length mirror on the back of his door. He still got off on himself. The phone rang. It was his dad, Kevin, telling him that he’d be home a little late because he was held up at the gym. He told Tommy to go ahead and eat dinner without him and that he’d see him later.

Tommy went back to his homework, now with his shirt off so he could admire his pecs and abs too. After about 30 minutes he put down his books and went over to the mirror to flex for himself. ‘Damn, I’m sexy’ he thought to himself. Midway through his routine, the doorbell rang. ‘Fuck, who could that be?’ went through his head. He buttoned up his shorts but left his shirt off and went downstairs to the door.

He opened the door and standing there in his usual tight white t-shirt and cut-off shorts was the object of all of his desires. He immediately got nervous.

LUCIO: Hey bud. Is your dad here?

TOMMY: Um….no he’s still at the gym working.

LUCIO: Oh. He called me like a half hour ago and said to come over.

TOMMY: Come in. You can wait for him….I don’t think he’ll be much longer.

Lucio came in and put his gym bag on the foyer floor.

LUCIO: Feel like a dip in the hot tub ‘til he gets home?

TOMMY: Uh….yeah….sure. Let me get my suit.

LUCIO: You don’t need a suit bud. I’ve already seen it all.

Was this really happening? He was about to be naked and alone with Lucio in the hot tub! Lucio took off his shorts and t-shirt right there in the foyer, dropping them on his bag. Tommy’s jaw dropped as Lucio bent over to get his shorts off his ankles. Tommy took his shorts off the same way giving the Italian stud a clear view of his sweet teen ass. His hard cock slapped up against his abs. He was embarrassed and his face turned red.

LUCIO: Don’t worry about it little dude. When I was your age I was hard 24/7.

Shortly, both guys were in the hot tub on opposite sides facing each other. Tommy so wanted to make the first move, but he jut couldn’t. They sat there in silence as the jets and bubbles massaged their bodies. Every so often their legs would touch as they moved around and electrical currents would run through Tommy’s body. Then out of the blue…

LUCIO: So I hear that you have a crush on me.

TOMMY: What? No…who told you that? It’s not true.

LUCIO: It’s cool little dude. I’m kind of flattered that a sexy pup like you would be interested in an old guy like me.

TOMMY: Old? You’re not old. You’re….You think I’m a sexy pup?

Lucio walked over to Tommy and pressed his hard body against the teen. Placing his hands on the back of Tommy’s head he brought the kids mouth to his, giving him a long, deep, wet kiss. As they continued to make out Lucio’s hands made their way over Tommy’s shoulders and muscular arms until they submerged and grabbed Tommy’s large, hard cock. Lucio broke their kiss for just a second.

LUCIO: (whispering) Boy, you’ve got a great cock.

Their mouths met again and their tongues continued to parry and thrust in and out of the others mouth. Lucio pulled on Tommy’s cock getting it even harder and longer.

LUCIO: I want you inside of me, Tommy.

Tommy was taken aback for a second. In his fantasy it was always the other way around. But he had to admit the thought of dominating his idol was thrilling. Tommy nodded at Lucio half drunk on the passion that surrounded him. Lucio knelt on either side of Tommy and slowly lowered his ass onto the teen’s 9 inches of ever-hard meat. Tommy let out a loud moan as he felt Lucio’s ass muscles grab his cock. When he had taken all 9 inches he again put his mouth to Tommy’s. Slowly he began to slide up and down on the rigid pole. He could hardly believe that he had a 13 year-olds cock up his ass, but the feeling was so incredible he wasn’t thinking about age at that point.

Unbeknownst to both of them, Kevin had arrived home a few minutes earlier and was watching them from the upstairs bedroom window. It was one of the hottest scenes he had ever witnessed—watching his kid fuck his best friend. He watched as Lucio pulled off of Tommy and put one leg on the edge of the hot tub. Tommy stood up and came from behind him--first, eating him out for a bit then plunging his cock back into the stud. Tommy had such control as he rammed Lucio’s ass harder and harder. Kevin could see Lucio clenching his jaw in a mixture of pain and ultimate pleasure.

Kevin looked down and saw that his cock was dripping pre-cum onto the carpet. He slowly started to jack off as he continued to spy. Tommy rammed harder and harder, every muscle in his body tensed up. He seemed to be twice as big as his muscle popped out. Lucio yelled as he came all over the edge of the hot tub--thick cords of cum shooting out of his uncut cock. Tommy was still working his ass, pounding it harder and deeper than before. He knew he was getting close. He put his hands behind his head causing his biceps to flex. The sight sent Kevin over the edge and he came all over the bedroom window.

Finally Tommy felt himself about to cum. He grabbed Lucio’s shoulders tightly as his cock exploded inside of the stud’s ass. Lucio could feel each shot of warm teen cum fill his hungry hole and Tommy’s grip tightened on his round shoulders. Gradually Tommy started to loosen his grip, and his torso fell onto Lucio’s strong muscular back. He reached around and felt Lucio’s chest and stomach just rubbing them softly as he basked in the afterglow of a fantasy come true.

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