Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER FIVE: Wakeup call

By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it. It is my first attempt, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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The quiet buzzing of my cell phone brought me out of my contented sleep after a busy night of multiple rounds of sex with my son Channing and our new lover, Dave, who is on Chan's high school track team. The house alarm app alerted me that the driveway motion detector had been activated.

I rolled away from the soundly sleeping teens, walked around my king-size bed, and stood on the other side, admiring their beauty. Dave lay on his back, turned slightly toward his left. His muscular black body completely uncovered. His cut abdomen was crusted in cum. Dave's soft full lips were grazing Chan's forehead as he cuddled my son, blessing Chan with droplets of drool.

Chan lay on his right side to Dave's left, with his left hand resting comfortably on Dave's hairless scrotum. Chan was smiling in his sleep. Why wouldn't he be? He was drooling lightly on Dave's mounded shoulder.

I smiled at the sight of Chan's thick, loosely curled blond hair intertwined with Dave's thick tightly curled eight-inch black afro.

My phone buzzed again, and I knew I had to tear myself away from my fifteen-year-old son and our seventeen-year-old friend. I bent down and lightly kissed Chan's left ass cheek, remembering how I ate Dave's cum out of my son's ass a few hours before.

I made my way to the front door, feeling the crusted cum cracking on my own smoothly waxed belly as I moved. A full bladder encouraged my penis to tumescence, filling out to about five inches.

The clock on my phone read 7:03 a.m. as I looked out the front window to see a silver Jaguar convertible come to a stop behind my car.

The driver was unmistakably Dave's father. Though not nearly as cut as his son, the man's overall build was very similar, and his face gave a good indication of what Dave might look like when he is in his early forties.

He was alone but walked around to the passenger side to hoist a couple of bags from the passenger seat, his toned black arms showing definition but not his son's bulk as they extended from a loose Nike mesh tank top paired with matching workout shorts. He was shod in white canvas slip-on loafers.

I disabled the alarm, opened the front door and stepped onto the front porch to let the morning sun fall on my nakedness. Dave had told his dad last night that he would be naked when his parents showed up this morning, so I had little hesitation in exposing myself to his dad. I was relieved that his mom was not along.

"Good morning! You must be Dr. Peacock," I said cheerily in greeting the approaching man. His handsome face betrayed a hint of surprise at my choice of dress. I couldn't tell yet whether he thought it a pleasant surprise or not.

"Good morning to you, sir. I am Mike Peacock. Are you Channing or Andrew?"

"I'm Andrew. Please call me Drew. The motion alarm woke me. The boys are still asleep. You know how teenagers are: they can sleep through a hurricane combined with an earthquake," I quipped. "We weren't expecting you for another hour or so."

I admired Mike's physique in the morning light as he made his way to my front porch. He walked with easy, confident grace. I spent only a second admiring his cock bouncing under his shorts, obviously unencumbered by underwear. We shook hands and entered the house while Mike explained his early arrival.

"I remembered that Dave mentioned when he called last night that there wasn't much for breakfast. I decided to get an early start and bring breakfast with me," he said while handing the bags to me. "It's my little offering."

"Liz decided it was too early for her, so she sent me solo."

He wore a friendly smile as he proffered the first bag that was from a local diner.

"This one has scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and spicy tofu hash, so you might want to pop it in the oven till the boys are awake."

I took the bags and headed to the kitchen, instructing Mike to make himself comfortable.

I put the warm things in the convection microwave and pulled out the items from the other bag: plain yogurt, diced avocado with red pepper flakes, bananas, a bottle of unsweetened tea, and a single oatmeal bran muffin.

I put everything where it needed to go and returned to the living room to find Mike standing naked in the half-empty room.

"You don't have to disrobe if it makes you uncomfortable. I can put on shorts, too, if you'd be more at ease," I said.

"I'm good," Mike answered. "You're good too. We frequently hang out nude at home, so ... ." Mike shrugged his muscled shoulders and casually turned to look around the living room.

Mike had the same narrow hips and cut Adonis Belt as Dave. His penis looked just like Dave's in its flaccid state. His complexion appeared to be a shade or two lighter than Dave's, but it was just as hairless and smooth, with an innate luster. I wondered what it would feel like to have him inside me. Focus, Drew. Focus.

"Well. I can see where Dave gets his good looks. Speaking of Dave, I have to say how surprised Chan and I were at how open he was with you last night. We were sitting here on the couch with him when he called, and he didn't seem to mind our witnessing his call.

"Does he always tell you everything? I mean, I think it's great that you guys communicate like that."

I took a seat on the couch, and Mike sat right next to me, pretty much in the same spot where his son sat last night. I appreciated his smooth lower abdomen and the sixpack that revealed itself as he settled on the couch. He obviously kept himself very fit.

Mike sat in an open, confident posture and explained, "Well, of course, I have no way of knowing how much he doesn't tell me. Both Liz and I have tried to raise him without fear of telling us anything.

"He has to face the consequences when he does something wrong, but we try to encourage him to share with us so we can better advise him on how to take responsibility for his actions and correct his mistakes when possible."

I told him, "I think you are raising a spectacular young man. There's not much here that I am going to miss, but I am going to miss Dave something fierce. I can't believe we just met. I could so easily fall in love with your son. Actually, I'm sure that I have already fallen in love with him. How long have you suspected he is gay?"

Mike shifted position on the couch and absentmindedly dislodged his scrotum from between his thighs. As my eye scanned his naked body, I couldn't find a single blemish or scar.

"I knew for sure by the time he was eight or nine, when I saw how transfixed he was by Corbin Bleu on the Disney Channel. That boy was smitten.

"But there was always something holding him back. Both Liz and I always made sure we were inclusive when we talked about him growing up and dating a nice girl or a nice boy. Or maybe a few of each.

"We made sure that he knew how accepting we are no matter a person's orientation or gender identity. And we have always been sex-positive with him in speaking about his maturation.

"We taught him about every variation on the sex act that we could think of to impress upon him that whatever kind of sex interested him, we would encourage him to pursue it with willing partners.

"Sex should be a natural part of everyone's life. It shouldn't be the center of your existence, but it should be an enjoyable part of it. We feel it's part of our responsibility as Dave's parents to encourage him to reach his full potential as a student, as an athlete, and as a lover. Maybe we scared him off with too much information?

"Dave seemed to be sublimating his sexuality into sports. As far as I was concerned, he was ready to be sexually active three or four years ago. By the time he was thirteen he was experiencing powerful ejaculations when Liz and I demonstrated different masturbation techniques on him. And he really seemed to enjoy masturbating me in return.

"He was not as enthusiastic about masturbating Liz, but he developed his skill enough to bring her several orgasms. We told him that we were proud of his ability to please a partner, whether male or female. He used to ask to bring me off a few times per day, but he never initiated it with his mom.

"Liz laughed and told him that she couldn't blame him for loving my penis. He did pay rapt attention when she taught him how to give me a blow job. He took to it as if he were born for it. We had many good times sucking each other, and I think he surpassed both his mom and me in his oral skills very quickly.

"But Dave told us he didn't think he was ready to ask another boy out, so we tried to take a step back and be supportive. We were concerned that he might sink into depression if he felt the need to hide his true self much longer.

"That's why I was so relieved last night when he finally said the words. Now he can explore what being gay means to him. We're so happy for him."

Mike leaned in, so his handsome dark face was less than a foot from mine. He had short-cropped black hair that faded to almost nothing on the sides and a thin mustache above his full lips.

I wondered if he tasted like his son. Focus, Drew.

Mike asked, "Can I confess something to you Drew?"

"Sure," I replied, trying to sound more assured than I felt.

"When Dave said that had sexual intercourse with you last night, I was both relieved and concerned."

I felt myself blushing and was afraid where this conversation might lead.

Mike continued, "I thought you might be some creepy older guy taking advantage of my son. I've seen the lust in the eyes of both men and women when they look at him.

I replayed images of Dave in my mind.

"Yes, that look. That exact look," Mike continued.

"But now that I have met you. I am happy that you were Dave's first sexual partner aside from his mom and me. You're not creepy, or old.

I laughed. Mike lifted his arm to drape on my shoulder. I caught a familiar scent of the same herbal body wash that Chan and I use.

"Drew, I wish he would have met you three or four years ago. Imagine the wonderful sex you and your son could have been having with my son all this time! But he seemed to enjoy sharing his body with you last night thoroughly. I trust you enjoyed his body too?"

I felt my blush deepen even as I felt relief over his comments. Remembering how good Dave made me feel last night caused me to go from having morning wood to a full-blown erection. I tried to remain casual about it.

Mike looked down at my erection. "Your penis appears to be saying that you enjoyed being with Dave too."

He smiled and shook my shoulder playfully. He had a smile almost as inviting as his seventeen-year-old son.

"Drew, do you mind if I ask how old you are?"

"Not at all," I replied. "Today is actually my twenty-ninth birthday. It's also Channing's fifteenth birthday."

Mike stood up and grabbed my hand to pull me up to him. He wrapped me in a warm hug and wished me a happy birthday. He seemed unconcerned about our penises bopping each other as we engaged in the embrace. His penis pressed my erection against my stomach.

I found myself inhaling while Mike pressed his cheek to mine. I felt my penis pulse.

As we dislodged from our embrace, I said to him, "Speaking of creepy, I'm sorry about the video Dave and Chan sent last night. I think they went too far and told them so."

Mike put his hands on my shoulders.

"Do not worry in the least, Drew. Now that Dave is out, he's bound to go from zero to sixty in no time flat. I didn't show it to his mother, although I am sure Liz will find it funny. I just hope he keeps meeting men like you and Chan."

He pulled me back in for another embrace. There was no doubt he was deliberately massaging my penis with his while holding me tight and kissing my neck. He sighed and then released me. I felt my cock pulse again and looked down to see a small runnel of precum on my glans.

With all the casualness of a handshake, Mike squatted down and kissed the tip of my cock, swiping his tongue over it to gather my precum. He stood up licking his lips and looking into my eyes as he patted my ass.

"Thanks. That was tasty. Oh! Speaking of that video, Drew, can I see that marvel of a toilet they demonstrated? Dave's right, I think we have to get one of those for our house."

I put my hand on Mike's back to direct toward my bathroom.

"I was just going to excuse myself to go urinate. I've been feeling the pressure since I woke up," I explained as I turned toward the bathroom. I gestured to my hardon which had only gotten bigger in the ten minutes we were talking.

"Oh, good. I'll come with you to check it out," Mike enthused.

I walked in a fog of anomie. I'm usually confident in social situations and know what is expected of me. Nothing in my interactions with Mike so far has been expected or familiar.

"Afterwards we'll have to rouse the boys and get a move on. Chan and I have to be at Schweitzer's Funeral Home before the visitation starts at 10:00."

Mike agreed, "Definitely. We'll eat a little something and then I'll get Dave out of your hair."

We entered my bathroom with our hands draped on each other's naked hips. I didn't remember getting into that position, but we were both at ease.

"Oh, but I love his hair," I proclaimed before thinking to censor myself. "I love the look, the smell. I love the texture of it when I rub my face on him. Of course, there's not a thing about him I don't love."

Mike pulled me close and pulled my head onto his shoulder. "You have it bad for my son, don't you?

"Oh, Mike, I fell for that boy instantaneously."

We were standing in front of the toilet, so I changed the topic before I let my emotions run away.

"Well, here is the Kohler Numi. The best toilet $6,500 can buy."

I lifted the rectangular lid to show Mike the seat and bowl. We were both facing the toilet, holding each other by the waist.

Mike lifted the seat, took his penis with his left hand, and started a stream of urine. I Held mine with my right hand and did the same. Mike had a full, powerful stream, while I took a little bit to get started because of my erection.

We both finished and performed the obligatory three shakes of our lambs' tails, and I showed him how to flush using the control panel. Then Mike sat down and asked for a quick wash and dry.

Mike looked up at me.

"Hey Drew, you know what would be funny? Let's make our own video and send it to Dave!"

I looked at him. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir. I'll be back."

Mike ran out to the living room and retrieved his cell phone and returned in a few seconds, his cock extended about six inches but was still floppy and bobbing.

"Ok. Let's get this thing going."

Mike put the camera in selfie mode and took a shot of the two of us, our dicks clearly visible, my erection deflating somewhat after having relieved myself. He introduced himself to Dave and explained that he was going to demonstrate the toilet.

We went through the bidet cycle, and Mike's face indicated he had never felt anything quite like it. He changed camera angles to show himself and then he panned over to me demonstrating the control panel. I was framed from the mid-thigh up.

We finished drying, and Mike stood up and got us both in the shot.

"So, Drew, is it true that my butt is now clean enough to eat?"

I froze.

"Is it true, Drew? I guess there's only one way to find out. Go ahead, give it a taste."

Mike bent over and held the camera in one hand while prying open an ass cheek with the other.

He whispered to me, "Come on, Drew, be a good sport and lick my ass as Dave did to Chan. It will be funny. Hurry up!"


I bent down and pulled his other cheek to expose his pristine anus to the camera. Well, he asked for it, I thought, so I wiggled my eyebrows at the camera, tucked my hair behind my ear, and then swiped Mike's hole with my tongue.

Mike hissed his approval and told me to keep going. I take direction well. I circled his anus with my tongue and kept lapping at it until Mike stood up and turned around. His anus had an alluring umami flavor, and I was disappointed to have to remove my tongue from it.

Mike's penis was almost nine inches now and as fat as his son's. It wasn't curved like Dave's but was standing a little above horizontal.

"So, Dave, that's our demonstration. Did we do as well as you and Chan?"

With that, he laughed, stopped the video, addressed it and sent it to Dave.

I still couldn't believe what just happened.

Mike said to me, "OK. Let's go wake up the boys. Let me play a joke on Chan too, since I already played one on Dave.

"You wake up my son, and I'll wake up yours and pretend I'm Dave. Be quiet about it, so the other doesn't know what's going on."

We opened the door to the bedroom to find our sleeping beauties.

Mike went to the right side of the bed next to Chan, who was now sleeping curled on his left side facing away from Dave who was flat on his back with his right leg bent to the side, exposing his balls and erect penis to all of us.

Mike glanced at his naked son approvingly and then lay next to my son. Mike kissed Chan's cheek and said, "Chan, darling, it's time to wake up."

Chan roused and wrapped his arms around Mike, but did not open his eyes. Mike kissed him again and told him it was time to go eat breakfast.

Chan said a grumpy, "Uh-uh" as he brought his hand to Mike's chest and then caressed down the front of his ersatz lover and felt the massive dick.

"I want breakfast in bed. I need a happy meal," Chan said as he moved down to take the head of Mike's dick in his mouth and started slurping at Mike's piss slit.

I was shocked, but Mike looked over at me smirking, a thumbs-up gesture indicating that his plan was working. He gestured to me the universal blowjob sign while pointing to Dave's penis.

I licked Dave's hairless balls and then deep throated his fat eight-inch cock. If Mike doesn't care, why should I?

My oral stimulation caused Dave to moan, but he seemed uninterested in discovering who was servicing him.

"Yeah, that's the way to wake up. Keep going like that, and I'm going to spray that throat with my load in about one minute, Dave said, stretching.

"Chan took his mouth off Dr. Peacock's dick and said, "That's what I'm counting on, my love."

Dave moaned again, and it started to register with Chan that the voice moaning behind him couldn't be coming from the man attached to the penis in front of him.

Chan kept sucking the cock in his mouth, but looked up, expecting perhaps to see me. He blinked as he realized he was looking at dark brown skin and then took in the face of Dr. Peacock whose broad and prominent lips spread into a delighted smile.

"Tricked you, didn't I? Admit it. I got you good," Mike said, very pleased with himself.

Chan's brain finally recognized what was happening and he pulled off Mike's penis, his hand still wrapped around it.

"Dr. Peackock? I don't understand. Oh. My. God. What did I just do!" Chan was in a panic.

Dave looked over and exclaimed, "Dad? What the hell?"

I couldn't think of a reason to stop deep throating Dave, so I kept it up. Let them sort it out.

Mike repeated, "We did the old switcheroo. I tricked Chan into thinking I was you," he said to his son, his brown nipples erect as he puffed out his chest in pride.

"You should have seen Chan's face. This was the best joke I've pulled in a long time," Mike said.

"How the hell is that a joke? Oh, yeah, Drew, that is so good," Dave said, his attention drawn back to the exquisite sensations I was giving him.

Mike looked at his son, ignoring the fact that he was approaching an orgasm. "Dave, you never did have a great sense of humor. Let me explain again."

"Do not explain, dad," Dave yelled at his dad. "I understand what you did. I just don't see how it is funny."

"I guess if I have to explain it, it's not a good joke," Mike conceded. "I should have made a video of it so you could watch it back later. Maybe then you would understand my comic genius."

Mike pulled Chan up to him and kissed both cheeks.

"I almost forgot to wish you a happy birthday, my friend!"

Mike followed up with two more kisses. His glistening erection as hard as ever.

"Dave, honey, give this boy a good blowjob for his birthday," Mike said while helping Chan to maneuver into a sixty-nine position so he could get sucked by Dave and help me pleasure our lover. I moved to Dave's balls to let my son have a go at the substantial dick.

Dave swallowed my son's penis and then pulled off and turned to his father.

"You know dad, this is the worst case of helicopter parenting, ever in the history of forever."

Dave went back to work on Chan.

Mike got up and stood at the side of the bed, his erection like a boom crane over us, and said, "Well, I guess I'll go check on breakfast. Don't take too long, guys."

With that, I felt Dave's testicles constricting in his scrotum, and Chan lifted off his penis to watch the geyser.

Dave shot four powerful ropes into the air, two of which landed on Chan's back, one landed in my hair and on my forehead, and the fourth hit Dave's father on the chest.

Dave continued to fellate Chan as his own ejaculation continued. Chan and I shared Dave's glans in a kiss and lapped up five more spurts of delicious cum.

Mike looked at the mess and said, "Hmm. He takes after his old man."

Dave lifted Chan from his mouth and panted to his dad, "Prove it, old man."

Mike paused for a moment and turned to me.

"Drew, do you think you and your son could help out an old man?"

I smiled up at him with my lips still on his son's penis and my face pretty much covered in his cum.

"It will be our good deed for the day."

Chan hoisted the weight of his upper body onto his powerful arms while keeping his penis buried in Dave's mouth, and started licking Mike's penis for the second time this morning. This time he knew whose penis was in his mouth.

I bent down and lapped up a wad of Dave's cum from his laser-smoothed belly and then straddled Dave's thigh to get closer to Mike while lifting up to join my son around the impressive phallus. I left my tongue hang out to show Mike what I brought with me.

"Are you going to rejuvenate me with my son's ejaculate? I don't think there's any basis in science for that to work."

Chan pulled off Mike's cock to allow me access. In reality, Chan pulled off because he needed to yell out his orgasm.

Every honed muscle in his fifteen-year-old body tightened as he face fucked Dave and unloaded what I assumed to be a large volume of cum into our lover's mouth. I watched his gorgeous ass flexing as he pistoned in and out of that lovely mouth.

Chan lay down atop Dave's cum covered belly and parted his lips to pant himself back to reality while nuzzling Dave's spent penis.

I looked at Chan's ass and then removed Mike's penis from my mouth to suggest, "You know Mike, if your son's cum isn't enough to rejuvenate you, I'm sure my son's `well of happiness' would do the trick." I patted and rubbed Chan's ass to make clear my meaning.

Then I asked Chan, "Would you like that, Bunny? Would you like Dr. Peacock's beautiful penis inside you, where his son's beautiful penis was last night?"

I had no doubt of his answer. He nodded vigorously and raised his ass up, finally pulling his own spent cock from Dave's mouth. I saw Dave was saving at least part of the load and suggested he use the cum to lubricate Chan's anus.

Dave tried to lift his head, but Chan was kneeling on his afro. I helped Chan free Dave from his entrapment. Dave used his large, powerful tongue to deliver sufficient cum into Chan's ass to ease the way for his father's penetration.

I looked at Mike, only now realizing that I didn't ask if he actually wanted to fuck my son.

"His ass is ready when you are. But, to prove the volume of your load, you have to pull out when you ejaculate. Deal?"

Mike wordlessly answered when he knelt on the bed in the same direction as Chan, so his balls were dragging across his son's face as he brought his nine-inch joystick to my son's ass.

Chan groaned low as he felt the largest cock he's ever taken slip into his rectum and stretch his insides. He turned his head and smiled at me hazily as Mike proceeded to plow him. My own penis was a stone fountain of precum. Chan finally was able to refocus his eyes and took me into his mouth.

My son is never more content than when he has a penis in his ass and another in his mouth.

Mike moaned out his own pleasure and said, "This ass is so nice. I haven't had an ass like this in months. Happy birthday, Channing.

"Oh, Dave, I love what you're doing to my balls. Use that tongue the way it was meant to be used. Thank you, son. Oh, yeah. So good."

Months? Did Mike just say it's been months since he's had an ass that good? I stored that away for future reference.

I watched Chan feasting on the seven-inch penis that made him fifteen years ago this day. It was a beautiful sight.

When I looked up, I saw that Mike had grabbed his camera again and was recording Chan's fellation of me while he narrated.

"Hey Liz, baby. Sorry that you couldn't be here with us. This is Chan. Today's his birthday. He is pleasuring his dad, Drew. It's also Drew's birthday."

Mike moved the camera to my face. It seemed only polite to say good morning to Liz.

Then he moved the camera to his own penis going in and out of my son.

"This is my penis, as you are well aware. I am penetrating Chan's anus. It feels so nice, Liz honey. That's an understatement. Chan's ass is a miracle. He is massaging my penis with his rectum so tenderly. I hope I'm giving him even half of the pleasure he is giving me."

Chan groaned loudly. Then Mike moved the camera to his side.

"And this, of course, is our son Dave. He is doing a wonderful job on my balls. Drew tells me that Dave has an extraordinarily talented tongue. Dave's doing nothing to dissuade me from agreeing.

"Say hi to your mom, Dave."

Dave's eyes bugged out, but he stopped licking his dad's balls long enough to unsteadily greet his mother on the video.

Mike put the camera in selfie mode and then continued.

"Well, that's about all that's happening here. Just want to tell you that I love you and we'll see you soon. Bye, darling."

Mike tapped away on his phone to send the video to his wife and then tossed aside the device. He noticed the disbelief in my face.

"She likes watching me have intercourse with other men as much as I like having it. We love each other to the ends of the earth, but we both feel free to explore however we choose. We tell each other everything."

Perhaps that helps explain Dave's openness last night.

Mike brought his face to mine.

"I haven't given you a birthday present, have I?"

With that, he kissed me with the skill and passion that took my breath away. His tongue, like his son's, is broad, long and talented.

Mike seemed capable of lingual gymnastics I didn't know were possible. I allowed him to explore my mouth. I could tell he was sampling and trying to identify the various flavors he was picking up.

I explored his mouth too and luxuriated on his pillow lips. I picked up some flavors with which I was unfamiliar. I went back for another taste.

Mike pulled off me for a moment and said, "Is that my wife's juices you are tasting? I ate her out this morning before coming over here and gave her a good orgasm to start her day. Three orgasms, actually."

I went back in for more. I guess that's what a vagina tastes like. Reheated vagina anyway. I'll reserve my opinion.

Chan was grunting around my penis. My beautiful son started his second cum on Dave as Mike was plowing his ass. I was so happy for him to be having this experience on our birthday morning. I was unsure how much Chan pumped out, but it is always a substantial volume. He recharges very quickly.

Mike entered my mouth again with his tongue. He was breathing harder against my face as his tongue slid to the back of my mouth and into the entrance of my throat. How long is that thing?

I used all the skills I knew to make his tongue feel good. Mike pulled off me. And asked where he should ejaculate.

"On your son," I said without hesitation.

Mike withdrew from my son's ass and tapped his hip. Chan got up on all fours while still sucking me and his penis was drizzling more cum onto Dave. I was getting close too.

Mike grabbed his enormous cock and started pumping out his load. And pumping. And pumping.

Three shots fired up onto Chan's torso, and then Mike aimed lower to spread several long ropes onto his son's chest and abs. Then he sat up a bit and aimed his enormous cock directly at his son's face and put another three powerful shots all over Dave's beautiful black face.

More cum flowed smoothly onto Dave's chest as Mike neared the end of his orgasm.

"I'm cumming too, sweet baby. Let me add my load to Dave so you can have a breakfast buffet," I panted to my son.

He sat up, and I took my penis in hand and started firing. I felt like an amateur next to Mike, expelling only five or six healthy shots of semen onto Dave's wet torso.

Mike pulled Chan back to his chest and slipped his spent but still hard cock back into Chan's ass while Dave reeled out his tongue to lick around Chan's ass lips as his dad pumped in and out. Dave worked his tongue inside Chan's ass, gliding next to his father's penis as they alternated their strokes, so Dave got to taste not only my son's glorious ass but also the full length of his father's penis.

Chan, who had just finished an orgasm, was sent into another shuddering spasm by the father-son team in his ass. Three more offerings flowed out of his lovely penis to join the copious amount already on our lover's chest.

Chan was near collapse, but Mike held him up with his strong arms. Things slowly quieted. My dwindled penis was rubbing against Dave's as I leaned forward to take Chan from Mike's arms and into my own.

"Happy birthday, my sweetest, sweet baby," I said as I held him.

"Happy birthday, dad. I love you so much," he answered.

We shared a soft loving kiss for a minute. Chan sighed into my mouth at the feeling of his ass being abandoned by his lovers.

We were interrupted by Dave saying, "The breakfast buffet is open."

We moved to surround him in awe of the huge amount of all our cum that covered every inch from hairline to scrotum.

Mike said, "Please only take a couple tastes, everyone, because I want to save this for his mother. I can't wait to take him home and show her this beautiful coating of cum."

Dave looked up, "Wait. What? But it will come off when I get dressed, won't it?"

Mike answered, "What makes you think you're getting dressed?"

"You didn't bring me anything to wear home?"

"Of course not. You're going home like this. So am I."

Dave just smiled while cum ran off his forehead and chin. Then he got a panicked look.

"You mean mom's going to see me like this?"

"You bet," Mike answered. "When we get home she and I are going to lick you clean and see if we can guess which cum residue came from whom. We love that game. She's going to be so proud of you for becoming such a wonderful man."

We each took two tastes of the cum smoothie presented so enticingly on the deep-hued serving board of Dave's cut abs. We ambled to the kitchen to make quick work of the eggs, bacon, and tofu hash, along with the other items. We were all a crusty, cummy mess.

We cut the muffin in quarters, calculating that would be our carbohydrate limit for the morning.

Mike then said that he and Dave were going to head out so we could get ready for the funeral. Neither Channing nor I wanted to see them go and our eyes were moist as made a round robin of loving kisses, and we walked them out to their convertible, all four of us thoroughly naked. Mike threw his clothes into the convertible's tiny back seat.

We kissed again once they were in the car and they told us they would see us at the funeral home. I couldn't resist one more taste of Dave's mouth.

"I love you," we proclaimed to each other. Mike put the car in reverse and they were off.

It was time for Chan and me to get showered and dressed.