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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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From my earliest recollections my dad was the one I wanted to be with. My mother never wanted to let me hang around her. As a baby I can remember my dad holding me and being with me, well, I guess I was about four but anyway I was young. My mother and my two sisters would go into mom's bedroom and lock the door. I could hear them laughing and having fun while I would sit by the door and cry. Daddy would come and find me and pick me up. He would carry me to the den and sit down in his chair with me in his lap and hug me and kiss me and tell me how much he liked my company. We would play and he would tickle me for a long time and I loved it. I loved being with this man. Then he would say, "Ewww, you smell like boy sweat. You need a bath." Oh, how I loved this time of night as off to the bathroom we would go. He would fill the tub and tell me to get undressed as he went to my room to get my pajamas. Coming back to the bathroom I would still be standing there dressed with my arms stretched up waiting for him to take my clothes off. I would wait until hell froze over for him to undress me.

He pulled my shirt off and always 'accidentally' tickled me. He'd say, "Oops, bad fingers." Then he'd tickle me again. He would slap his hand and scold his fingers as his hands sped up and down my ribs making me laugh so hard I couldn't stand up. I would fall to the floor and he would take off my shoes and socks and his fingers would start a spider dance on my bare feet. He would slap his hands and tell them to calm down as I lay there weakened with giggles. Finally my pants would come off and then my undies. He would pick me up and place me into the warm water and let me play as he sat on the toilet, with the lid closed, and watched me. I would always get a hard on and start too pee. He would make sick sounds and tell me I was sitting in potty water as he drained the tub. He would start the shower and wash me all over. I loved having him wash my hair. This routine lasted until I was almost eleven.

Mom and dad had quit having sex when I was three. I heard them argue about it and she just told him that she didn't like it. She told him that he had three kids what else did he want. He told her relief. They fought all the time about it when they thought that we couldn't hear.

One Saturday morning when I was about five my mother was gone shopping with her mother. My older sister looked in my door and said, "daddy is toast." I jumped up and ran to his room to help in the attack. Daddy always slept naked, I know because I had been going in to his bed and sleeping next to him, on the side away from my mother, since I was about three years old. He would hold me close and let me sleep on his strong arm. I would awaken the next morning in my bed but I always loved to lay there at night and feel his hard peter poking into my belly as I ran my hands through his hairy chest and he kissed my face.

This particular morning wasn't to different than many others in that we would gather around daddy as he slept and then both of my older sisters and I would pounce on him and start to tickle him. He would fight to keep the sheet pulled over him and would fight us off. He tickled us unmercifully as he fought to keep the sheet pulled up. This morning something changed. Daddy got a hard on.

It was so neat. There was something stiff holding up the sheet. I knew what it was because I had felt it every night of my life. Shawna, who had just turned thirteen knew what it was. I knew that she and her girlfriends talked about boys and dicks all the time. I could hear them in her room and her friend had told her about seeing her dad hard before.

Susan was nine but she would do anything that Shawna did. Shawna grabbed dad's peter, sheet and all, and started using it like a gear shift. She was making sounds like a car motor as she jerked his dick around. Dad looked as if he were really enjoying himself even though he kept telling her to stop. Susan got up and went to the kitchen but I stayed to watch even though I was hungry. Suddenly white wet stuff started coming up through the sheet and daddy was bucking up and down off of the bed. Shawna had her hand going up and down on dad's peter and she had a big smile on her face. Dad pushed her hand away and she bent over and kissed him on the cheek. "Gotcha," she said and took of for the kitchen.

Dad got up and headed for the shower. His dick was still kinda hard and it was dripping white stuff. I pulled my underwear off and followed him into the shower. We took showers together a lot by then. I put my hand to his peter and got a lot of the white stuff on it. I looked up and dad and asked him what it was. He told me that was what a daddy gave to a mommy to make babies. I licked my hand. It tasted kind of good. He smiled at me and patted me on the top of the head as he turned the water on.

Over the next two years Shawna would go off alone with dad when mom was gone and she would jack him off. I used to hide where I could see or at least hear her. Daddy would not do anything to her. I heard him tell her many times that this was wrong and that she shouldn't do it but she said she wanted to. Daddy spent a lot of time with her and bought her a lot of new stuff. He even bought her a car when she turned sixteen but she had quit jacking him off by then. I know I had taken over.

I would go to bed with dad. He had to get up at five to get his employees working. He owned a repair company and his guys would come by here for coffee and their work assignments every morning. Then dad would awaken us and prepare breakfast for all of us and take us to school while mom slept in. So dad and I would go to bed about eight or eight thirty and we would play. I started jacking him off about the time I turned twelve and one night dad did the greatest thing ever. He picked me up and lay me on top of him. I never missed a stroke as I kept pulling on his huge dick. Daddy took my whole dick, balls and all into his mouth and started sucking. I had my first orgasm that night just as he shot cum all over my face and hair. He hugged me tight then after a little time took me to the shower. He explained what had happened to me and I wanted to do it again. He said we would the next time but we needed to get to sleep because five o'clock came early. He let me sleep with him all night that night and I woke up when he got up to get the coffee ready for his crew.

I had a best friend when I started the fifth grade. We were both ten years old and almost inseparable. Johnny was as loved by his dad as I was and we used to talk all of the time about our dads.

During Christmas vacation of the seventh grade, I spent the night at Johnny's house and I learned his secret. We were then twelve years old. His dad had been on the road all week. When he came home he didn't know I was asleep in the other bed. We had been in bed several hours when his dad came home and I heard him talking to Johnny's mother. A little while later he opened our bedroom door and came inside. I was against the wall with my eyes wide open so I saw everything. Johnny's dad was naked and he had a big boner. I thought to myself that he was much smaller than my daddy, but I was shocked at what he did next. He pulled the covers back off of Johnny and pulled his undies down. He started kissing Johnny on the back of his neck and rubbing him all over. Johnny scooted up so that he was on his knees with his head still on his pillow. I could tell by his breathing that he was still asleep. His dad bent down and put his face in Johnny's butt and was moving around. I could tell that Johnny was really liking this. Then his dad made a spitting sound in Johnny's butt and raised himself to his knees. He pointed his hard peter at Johnny's butt and pushed in. Johnny moaned and moved back toward his father as the man began to push in and out.

Johnny was moaning loudly and it seemed like he was enjoying himself. I quietly slipped out of bed and moved over to Johnny's bed just as his dad started to cum in his son's butt. He opened his eyes and looked down at me and yelled, "Who the fuck are you?"

Johnny woke up and saw me and yelled at his dad. The bedroom door burst open and the lights came on to reveal Johnny's mother standing there with her eyes wide open and her hand to her mouth. Johnny's dad jumped up and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. Johnny's mother told us to go back to bed and turned off the lights and shut the door. Johnny was crying. I put my arms around him and held him close.

"I didn't want you to know about that. I'm sorry." He was crying so hard I thought that he couldn't get his breath. I just continued to hold him. Finally he started to talk and he told me that his father had been doing that since he was nine and that he really liked it. He usually didn't wake up anymore. He just let his dad do him and he had great dreams and he felt so good inside the next day. He told me how he liked to suck his daddy's dick and drink the daddy milk that he could get. He told me how he would lay on top of his dad as he sucked the big dick in. He said now that he could take the whole thing in without gagging like he did at first. All the time his dad was sucking him and making him feel really good. I thought about what my dad and I had done just a week before and I was going to go home and suck him.

About that time Johnny's mother came in and told Johnny to come into the other room and a policeman came in to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. He asked me what I had seen. I was scared and didn't want to tell him. He told me that Johnny's dad had done something very bad and had hurt Johnny. I told him that Johnny wasn't hurt that his dad did that all of the time and that he liked it, oops. I didn't know it but I had just let my mouth overload my ass. The cop questioned me forever and made me tell him everything I saw. He made me start crying as I thought about my own dad and I was scared I might say something wrong. Finally he left and I went into the living room. Johnny was sitting in a chair crying. His mother was sitting on the sofa staring at Johnny's dad as the police put handcuffs on him and took him away. The doorbell rang and my dad came in. I ran to him and he scooped me into his arms. The policeman that talked to me, told dad I was a brave boy and they left. Johnny wouldn't even look at me. I went to the bedroom and got my clothes on. Johnny came in to help me look for my stuff. "Why did you tell the cops? My dad will be in jail forever and it's your fault. I hate you."

I got my stuff and ran out of the house to the car. Johnny's mother was saying how sorry she was and how I could come back sometime. I just shut the car door and waited for my dad. He got in the car and started for home. I asked him if we could go talk somewhere. He took me to Dunkin Donuts and we had donuts and milk, him coffee. I told him everything that had happened. He cried with me. He then did something that I will love him for forever. I was sitting beside him on the inside of the booth. No one else was in the place except the clerk who was busy in back making donuts. My daddy prayed to God. He asked God to forgive him for what he had done to me. He asked God to protect me from him and not let me be affected by the things we had done. He told God that if he couldn't stop messing with me maybe God needed to take me away from him so that he wouldn't corrupt me.

I was stunned. I tried to tell dad that I wanted to do those things. That he didn't make me. Daddy told me that I was just playing around doing what felt good and that I thought that by doing these things I was showing him love. He assured me that it was wrong. He told me that I was to young to really know what I wanted but in time I would have more life experience and then I could decide for myself what I wanted to do.

We got home and mom was asleep in sixteen year old Susan's room. When Shawna had turned eighteen she had moved out to live with...are you ready....her fourteen year old girlfriend. My sister was a lesbo. Wow, who knew. Oh well, I knew I was a queer and I was going to prove it tonight. I went to dad's room with him and while he took a piss I locked the bedroom door. I pulled the covers back and waited for dad to get in bed. I then crawled up on top of him. He kept saying, "No, no, no. We can't do this. This is wrong, no." I took his half hard dick in my mouth and started sucking just like Johnny had told me too. Daddy lay back and in a few minutes he was sucking me. He made me cum in just a few moments then he pulled my dick out of his mouth and spread my legs. He started sucking and licking my ass hole and then I knew what Johnny's dad had done to him. I was excited and scared. Did daddy want to fuck me? His dick is so big. I was going crazy with the feelings of his tongue up my butt and I started sucking and stroking his dick as fast as I could. I was surprised that I could take his whole dick all the way down my throat. It felt so good when it passed the back of my mouth and went into my throat and I was bobbing up and down on it as fast as I could. I was taking it all the way down my throat and pulling off until just the head was inside. Dad was sucking on me again and I was going into my third orgasm as I felt his dick get larger in my mouth. Dad told me to stop. He said he was about to cum. He tried to pull my head off but I knew what I wanted. I wanted my dad's love inside of me. I got it. I didn't expect the cum to be so forceful. I had jacked him so many times by now I knew how much he could shoot but when it went in my mouth it seemed like there was so much more. It was leaking out of my mouth and it even came out of my nose, that burned, a lot, but I kept that dick in my mouth until it quit spitting. I then pulled off and licked his whole dick clean and wiped it all over my face to get the cum off of my chin and out of my nose then licked it clean again.

Dad picked me up and turned me around to lay me on top of him. I reached behind me and tried to put his soft dick in my butt. He slapped my hand away and told me, "No."

He asked me if I wanted to see him go to jail and I cried, "no, never."

He told me that if he kept doing this to me someone would find out and it would be just like with Johnny's dad. He would go to jail. He kissed me for a long time. I stuck my tongue out and tried to do what Johnny had told me was french kissing but dad wouldn't open his mouth. He told me to wait a few years and then, if I wanted we could see about doing these things.

Five o'clock came before I was ready. Daddy took a shower and got dressed. When his men came by he left with them. I had wanted to go to work with him today. It was two days until Christmas and I didn't want to be at home alone with mom and bitchy Susan and hear all about her precious black boyfriend.

Turned out that home was not where I would be. At eight o'clock Susan's boyfriend and two of his buddies showed up with a rental truck and a bunch of boxes. Everybody went to work packing boxes and loading them in the truck. I kept asking mom where we were going. When I realized that they weren't packing my dad's stuff I got real scared. Mom told Susan that since I was there they might as well pack my stuff too. She told Susan that, " that would really frost the bastard's balls."

She had planned to move out on dad and me and leave us alone together. I figured that out and told her to do it. I wanted to stay here. I didn't want to move. She told me to shut up and that she didn't want to hear another word about my dad or she would have him arrested and thrown in prison for the rest of his life. I shut up. I didn't know what she knew and I was scared, especially after last night with Johnny's dad.

When we got to the new apartment I was kind of excited. The manager was real nice and be patted me on the head and told me what I good boy I was. He took me down and showed me the swimming pool and the weight room and they had Foosball and a pool table. I thought this was going to be fun.

I didn't see or hear from dad the whole rest of the holidays. When school started back Johnny wasn't there. The teacher said he and his family had moved away. I slunk down in my desk in a real frump and began to sulk. I lost my dad and my best friend, happy new year. An hour or two later the teacher sent me to the principal. He wanted to know what was wrong so I told him. He assured me that many children had lost families and friends but it would all work out. I called him a bunch of names, I don't now know what. I told him that I lost all of them in one day and it wasn't fair. He tried to telling me that life wasn't fair and I told him to fuck off. He expelled me. He made a phone call and about an hour later my mother and Shawna came to get me. My mother grounded me, which is all she ever does, so I stayed in my room for two weeks.

One afternoon in mid February someone knocked on the door. I ran to get it and Susan's boyfriend knocked me down. He was living with us now. He opened the door and my dad was standing there. I yelled out and ran to the door. Mom grabbed me and made me go to my room. I tried to argue and she slapped my face. I tried to listen at my door but she went outside and closed the door behind her. A few minutes later she opened my door and asked me if I had called him or told him where we lived. I told her no. She told me that if he came around again she would send him to prison. And if I called him she would send me away where he would never ever see me.

I was scared but I lived by her rules, NOT. I had to take the bus to and from school as mom has no driver's license. One day after school I was headed to the bus stop and I saw my dad's car behind the McDonald's. I ran over there and he opened the door. As soon as I got in he drove off. He told me he wanted to get away from there so nobody would see us and we could talk. He asked how I was and if I was happy. I lied to him and told him I really liked being in the apartments and I started telling him about all of the neat stuff there. I could tell that it upset him but I love him so much and it would kill both of us if he went to jail. He took me to his new apartment. He told me he sold the house and buried the money so that mom couldn't get it. He closed all of his accounts and even got a new safety deposit box for the cash and gold coins he had been buying for his savings account. He told me to keep all of that stuff to myself.

As he was getting us some hot chocolate I saw a newspaper on the sofa. On the front page was a picture of Johnny's dad.. He had been found guilty of aggravated sexual assault of a minor under twelve years of age and had been sentenced to forty five years in prison with lifetime intensive probation. I knew that Johnny's dad was thirty, he would be seventy five when he got out and Johnny would never get to see him again because the paper said that he could have no contact with his victim ever again. My dad is forty, I would never see him again either. I started to cry.

Dad didn't know what was wrong. I just told him I needed to go home. He wrote his phone number in my notebook in code that only he and I knew and took me close to my house. The bus was just coming up the street so I jumped out and walked home with a couple of other kids that I had seen in the complex. As we came into the courtyard my mother was standing there talking to another lady. She introduced me and told me to go do my homework.

That evening she asked if my dad had contacted the school. I told her I didn't know. She told me to go to the office and ask and to see if they had a new phone number that even his business numbers were turned off. I asked why and she said that she had been thinking about it and maybe I should see him once in awhile. Later Susan's boyfriend told me that some of the other divorced women in the complex had told her that if she didn't let me see my dad then he could make it tough on her, maybe even get full custody. I smiled. Next day I came home with an envelope from the office with my dad's number on a note inside. I gave it to mom and she gave me a dime to go use the pay phone and call him and see if I could spend the night tomorrow since it was Friday. I got to stay Saturday too and dad brought me back to mom's at five Sunday. We had a ball and we were both very happy. He made me sleep on the sofa bed and wouldn't let me come in his room when he was undressed. I guess I understood and I tried to obey.

Every morning I would get on the bus for school then I would get off at the stop just two blocks from dad's apartment. He would be dressed and ready and we would go have a big breakfast together. He would drop me off away from the school so that I could walk in. We usually arrived in time for me to walk in with a group of kids so nobody ever knew that I wasn't on the bus. When I started Junior High dad moved into a brand new house that he built himself. It was a block from my Junior High and a half mile to the High School. He had covered all bases, unless mom moved to a different area. She did but it was still the same Junior High.

It was hell living with mom. She was so bitter and angry all of the time. I never knew what was going on. She had a friend that came over all of the time. She was a big woman and very dark skin. She told me she was Apache Indian from Mexico. I learned that her father was black and he was hiding in Mexico on the reservation. He had killed somebody and he couldn't come back to this country. She told me that with his killer blood and the Apache in her that I better not get out of line or I would regret it.

Then all hell broke loose. On my sixteenth birthday my mother and this woman who I now figured was my mother's girlfriend sat me down at dinner and told me they were in fact lovers and that the woman would be moving in. The woman told me that she would take none of my guff. She was now the father of this household and I would obey the rules or else. I like that or else. What does it mean? I told her that I had a father and he had a dick, not tits. I told her that she could never replace my father. I got up and ran out of the front door.

About two o'clock in the morning a police car shone its' spot light on me. I had always been raised to obey the law. The cops called me over and when I got to the car they threw me across the hood. They wanted to know where I had been and what I was doing out at this time of night. I told them I was walking and thinking. One of the cops shoved his night stick up between my legs and kept pushing. It hurt and I was screaming. He kept shoving it harder and harder and I felt it go into my ass along with my underwear and jeans. They kept saying that I had robbed the Lucky's store of beer and they could prove it. They told me to confess now or else. Again, or else. They took me to the Lucky's where there were three more cop cars. Some guys I knew from the neighborhood were there in hand cuffs. The manager of the store was brought over to see me as I got out of the car and someone said, "look, they got Randy." The police asked the manager if I was one of the boys that stole the beer and he said he didn't know. He had not seen me that night but it happened so fast that he wasn't sure.

I went to Juvy. I was questioned over and over again. Then they asked me why I didn't want to go live with my dad. I told them I did want to live with him but my mother had told me that he didn't want anything to do with me now. She had told me that he had a new girlfriend and I would be in his way. I was in juvy about four days when I was told I had a visitor. I was led out to the dining room and my dad came in the other door. The guard told us we could hug, once and then to sit down and not touch each other. We talked for an hour. He assured me that he did not have a girl friend. He told me that my mother had told him that I did not want him around anymore that I didn't want anything to do with hm. We both caught on real fast that we had both been played.

My counselor came in and sat down with us. "Well, anything new?"

Dad started in telling her that my mother had lied to both of us. He told her that of course he wanted me to live with him. She looked at me and I told her the same thing. The door opened again and a woman stuck her head in, "He's in." was all she said. My counselor told us to follow her and we went out the door she and dad had come in. She took us into a court room. The judge was sitting at the bench and a man got up and introduced himself as my court appointed lawyer. Another woman got up and started reading a list of charges against me. The judge listened and then he listened to my counselor then he turned to me. He told me he was going to release me to the custody of my father and that we had to be back in front of him in two weeks. I felt like I was flying. Then the judge added that I should avoid any contact with my mother until my trial date.

Dad took me home. He had new clothes in the dresser of the small bedroom and there were new clothes hanging in the closet. He told me to get a shower and get dressed and he would take me anyplace I wanted to go eat. Of course I wanted to go to Hidden Valley. They had the best steaks anywhere and the miniature circus displays were amazing. It's a shame, that place burned down in ninety five and they just couldn't recreate all of the wonders they had there before. I was having a hard time sitting down so dad talked to me and I told him about the cop and the night stick. He took me to the hospital on the way home and had them take pictures of my naked ass hole. Dad told me that it was very bruised then he added that it was still cute.

The next morning dad really fixed me. He took me to a highschool close to his house and enrolled me. He told me that if I missed one day of school that he would beat me like an orphan step child.

Two weeks past and we were back in court. Mom was there as well as her girlfriend. My lawyer asked me about them and I told him who they were. The judge called the court to order and the prosecutor again started telling the court how bad I was. My lawyer got up and showed a video from the store that showed me nowhere near the scene of the crime. He introduced sworn testimony from all four of the boys that I had seen at the store that night. They all swore that I had not been with them. They all knew me from the neighborhood but had not seen me for several days and that I didn't hang with them, ever.

Then the lawyer presented evidence of police brutality and informed the court that he had taken this opportunity to get it on the record that there would be a civil suit against the two officers. They were both in the courtroom. He then started in on my mother and pointed out to the court the 'effrontery', as he called it, of them showing up to court together. He sited my mother as totally unfit, a sexual deviant whose other children were sexually deviant themselves. He told the court that the only chance I had in life was to live in the stable household of my father, a Christian man who owned his own business and had an impeccable reputation in the community.

The judge made me stand up. He found me not-guilty and dismissed all charges against me. He ordered my father to take full and total custody of me with supervised visitation, at my discretion, with my mother. He ordered the two police officers be placed on administrative leave pending investigation and wished dad and me good luck.

The city settled out of court for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Dad put it in the bank for me and helped me to invest it so that today I am worth more than eight figures. Through out high school I dated every girl I could find and I fucked way more than half of them. My friends used to tell dad that I had fucked a different girl every night and never fucked the same girl twice. I had a baby boy by one of those girls in ninety one and I moved in with another in ninety two. We had a little girl together. I just couldn't make a go of being a family man and split out on my own in ninety five.

I just turned thirty two and I guess it is time I come clean with my dad. I have always been gay. I have had so many short term affairs with boys that I can't even recall them all. I have tried several men but I keep looking for something they don't really want to give. I tried to cover it all up with girls. I had used them and their bodies to hide what I really am.

My big fear is now that my son is thirteen and has already come out to me that he is gay. I am afraid that I will do something with him. I'm going to go and sit down with my dad at Thanksgiving dinner and tell him that I love him and I want to move back in with him or have him move into my house. I want to live with the one person I have always loved. Right or wrong, dad or whatever, I love that big ole bear and I want him in my bed every night.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fisherman@iname.com.

Hangin' hard, dude.

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