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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
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This story was written in January of 2007. I feel that it is time that it should see the light of day.
    Somebody had their finger stuck in my doorbell and they were banging on my front door. Okay, so it isn't a bell but one of the stupid buzzers that irritate the dead as long as the button is held down and some ass wipe didn't know how to move their fucking finger.
    I was so going to kill whomever was at the door acting like a demented kid at one o'clock in the fucking morning. I was cussing up a blue streak but really reached my stride when I stumbled over a pair of jeans that had been left on the floor in my haste to get to bed. I stumbled for balance, stubbing my toe on the leg of the coffee table; that really set my four letter word vocabulary into a good workout.
    I threw the door open with a menacing growl and stopped dead. My sixteen year old brother dropped into my arms; tears were streaming down his smooth cheeks. "I'm sorry, I 'm sorry, please don't hate me. I ain't got no place to go. I..."
    He stopped dead and his body stiffened. I looked sideways to see him staring over my shoulder. I was naked and standing in the middle of the open door; I reached out into the hallway and gabbed his duffle bag and dragged it inside as Mr. Bimson, across the hall, shut his door tightly. That's all I need is for that old busybody to spread it around the building that I was naked with a young teenage boy in my arms in the middle of the night.
    Well, it was worse than that and had I not shut the door Mr. Bimson would really have something to spread around because my little brother was staring at a naked boy standing behind me. Dory wasn't that much older than Ralphy, my kid brother. I had met Dory, a young Russian boy whose real name is Dorofei-gift of God-, in a tea room three days before. As much as I loved his tea bag I learned that the boy is a hungry little cock jockey and would rather drink cum than eat; my kind of boy. We had just had a fantastic bout of oral sex and I was still up in him, pumping the last of my load in his sweet boi butt, when Ralphy broke our afterglow.
    I led Ralphy in and excused myself to go get dressed; he followed me into my bedroom. One look at the bed and a blind person could tell what I had been doing with Dory. Ralphy sat down on the edge of my bed and looked at me with his beautiful wide eyes.
    "You gay?" he quietly asked.
    What could I say? I was bent over to pick up a towel on the floor to wrap around myself when Ralphy knocked it out of my hand. "Dad found out I am gay and he threw me out of the house. I've been walking for three hours to get here. I was afraid to call you 'cause I thought dad would have called you and you wouldn't come get me." He sniffled and the tears ran like a river down his sweet face.

    I guess I better tell you now that I love my little brother and because of that I did not resist when dad threw me out of the house. "Ralphy, I am gay, well actually I am just a full blown queer. I thought that dad could handle it better so I sat down on my eighteenth birthday and told him how I had these feelings. I know it sounds sick but I had a dream of being with him..." I teared up and Ralphy threw his arms around my neck so that we could cry together.
    "I had done a few things with Mike when I was in junior high school and then in the eleventh grade I started hangin with Cliff. I spent the night with him on Halloween weekend. We sat on his bed eating the candy that we had gathered in and he had this long round sucker; he was playing it around as if he was sucking a cock. I offered him my cock and he grinned at me and told me he would do me if I would do him then I could fuck him.
    "I sat there with my mouth hanging open but I guess that my cock twitched because he pushed me back and pushed the waist band of my briefs down and sucked my soft cock until it was hard. He wrapped his hand around it and looked me in the eye.
    I pushed him away and rose up to get over him with my cock in his face. I pushed his underwear off of his long legs and swallowed his cock. He put his arms around my butt and pulled me down. I have to tell you that he gave a much better blow job than Mike ever did. I did fuck Cliff that night and we decided that we were in love.
    "I didn't tell dad about Cliff, I just told him that I was pretty sure that I was gay. He looked at me as if he didn't know me then a few minutes later he got up and walked away. I sat there in disbelief because I had read my dad wrong after so many years. He is always telling gay jokes to us and he used to flirt with us in a gay way. You know how he is, I thought that he would...well, I hoped that he would, you know...
    "I heard him on the telephone and I had to move closer to hear what he was saying. It was clear that he was talking to Cliff's mother and he was telling her that he had just learned that I was a queer. He told her that Cliff and I were so tight and always had our hands on each other so he thought that she ought to know in case I was molesting her son.
    "That made me burn. I went to my room and locked my door. About noon Saturday morning dad walked into my room, he had a key to my door in his hand. 'I want you to get your stuff together and move out of my house, today. I just talked to Cliff's dad; he just returned home from taking Cliff to his doctor. Cliff's mother has found his underwear to be...shall we say, crusty, for several months. She first noticed it after the two of you started spending nights together but the doctor confirmed that he has been having anal sex. Todd, that is just plain sick and I thought better of you, but I won't have you around Ralph, period. Get out and don't you dare call Ralph or I will have the police after you.'
    "He turned and walked away without listening to a word I had to say. As I packed I realized that I really didn't have anything to say. He had verified that I was what I said I was and with you only being fifteen he wanted to protect you. I left and never looked back. I am glad that I had money saved for school, I had to use it to rent this apartment, but I don't have to answer to him anymore."

    "Do you know what happened to Cliff?" Ralphy asked me.
    "I don't know, I tried to get in touch with him but he is never around where we used to go. I have parked up the street from his house so that I might see him when he comes home but I have never seen him. His car was for sale and then it was gone and I worry about him."
    "His dad sent him away. He is never to come back here or try to see you or his dad will put him in a hospital for sick people."
    "But Cliff is eighteen, he is a month older than me. He doesn't have to listen to his old man anymore."
    "Cliff has been told that you are in prison for sex crimes against him. He has been told that the police will put him away if he ever comes back to this state."
    "And he believes that?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
    "Yeah, he does, or he did. I talked to him today and I was going to come see you on the weekend when dad wouldn't know. That is what got me caught..." he started to cry again.

    "I cout go an make for you a cup of kaffee perchaps?" I nearly jumped out of my skin, I had forgotten all about Dory sitting there listening to us.
    "Yeah, oh babe, I am sorry, I am ignoring you." I reached over to him and drew him in for a kiss.
    "I vas tinking dat ve haf de badnana pie and ve cout haf a cup of kaffee und..." he had tears in his eyes. I took his hand and grabbed Ralphy to head to the kitchen. Ralphy told me that he had to use the bathroom but he would be right there. Dory and I both smiled when this super long cock came around the doorway of the kitchen and a few minutes later Ralphy followed it in.
    "Ralphy, you're grown up!" I exclaimed.
    "Yeah, I am and from now on you will call me RJ." I smiled at him. I would hate to have his name and if the kids at school ever knew his whole name they would tease him relentlessly. Mom was a Johnson so both of us have her family name as our middle name and, of course, we have dad's last name of Dix. If you can imagine going through life with three dick names, Ralph Johnson Dix. I was just glad that the rents didn't hyphenate our last name. It is pretty easy to hide a middle name but if they had chosen Johnson-Dix, that would have just been too much.
    "All right my man, you are henceforth and always RJ and if you wear a mask I will boil your ass and eat you with collard greens and onions, like coon meat. We both laughed because he always calls me "Verne" and I call him "RJ" after our favorite cartoon characters in the daily comic strip "Over the Hedge" Michael Fry & T Lewis; United Feature Syndicate. Verne is, of course the know it all turtle while RJ is the mischievous raccoon. Every time I tell Ralphy...er, ah, RJ to do something he calls me Verne and I retort with how RJ is acting up again. "I am proud to call you RJ, you are not a rascal but a grown man, and with a cock like that you are more of a man than I am."
    "Not! Bet head that I ain't."
    "What? You saying mine's bigger and you want to bet a blow job that it is. Dude, I am so ready to suck your cock you can't imagine; I am about to pop a load on the kitchen floor."
    "No, if, as I know, your cock is bigger I get to suck you first."
    I had to go get my tape and check him out. My little brother swings a solid eight inch hard cock that is a mouth stretching five and three quarters of an inch around. Dory was watching me closely so I measured him while I was on my knees. He has a very nice seven and an eighth inch uncut cock; I have learned that I truly love an uncut cock and had to push the skin back to take a lick of the boi juice that was collecting there. RJ dropped beside me and took Dory's cock in his hand then spoke into it like a microphone.
    "Mr. Dory, I am sorry to interrupt you and my fag brother but I would like to make it up to you. May I suck this bad boy for you?" Dory pushed forward and for the first time ever I actually watched someone suck a cock, live. I have seen pictures and videos, but to be inches away and hear the slurping and watch the drool and hear both of them moan... My little brother is a cock sucker and from the sounds he was making he really likes it.
    I know a bit about Dory and I knew that he was pumping out his great tasting Russian boi juice. I don't know what Russians eat, but damn, if Dory is any representative of his people I like Russian boys. RJ pulled back and aimed Dory's cock at his face as Dory shot a huge load five more times that streaked RJ from nose to ear.
    RJ pointed Dory's cock at me and I cleaned the last few drops of cum from his five and a half inch thick cock quickly then turned to lick my cocksucking bro's face clean and share our first intimate kiss.
    Dory turned and filled coffee cups and placed them on the table as RJ and I kept up our tongue hockey for a few minutes longer. I have had my fantasies about him but I have fought my desires as being unnatural. I wanted my dad and then I hoped that maybe RJ would maybe allow me to eat him. I never dreamed that he was into this, I was ecstatic.
    "Your turn, stand up," RJ had the tape measure in his hand. I stood before him as he held my cock and looked it over from top to bottom. I have had guys hold my cock and I have had guys suck my cock but my kid brother had my most precious possession in his muscular hand and it felt better than anything I had ever felt.
    My mind raced back to when I was thirteen and Mike and I finally got up enough courage to stroke each other. It felt so good to have someone else touch us for the first time that we both nearly cried. We held each other's cocks and kissed each other for the first time. That feeling is something that I thought that I would never feel again, believing that it came from that first touch. I was wrong, that same feeling charged through my whole body and I fell even more in love with the wonderful little kid that I used to throw rocks at to make him go away and leave me alone. I regretted every rock and I knelt before him and told him so as we enjoyed our first Eros kiss.
    He has always kissed me on the cheek and when we were little he liked to peck at my lips; I thought I was to old for that sissy stuff. As I became more sexually aware I feared my thoughts drifting to him so I avoided those moments. When his tongue touched mine a 12 billion mega watt generator blew up and sent all of its electricity into my body.
    I pulled RJ to me and ground my cock against his. His hands were on my ass and mine grabbed the twin globes of his. I have never held a firmer ass. RJ plays football and he likes to run. His body is more than that of a highschool athlete, he could compete in the Mr. Universe contest and I think he would come away with honors.
    "I gotta have your cum, bro, sit down in that chair."
    I stood up then set down. He had me lay back as he took the tape measure and pressed it against my cock root. He licked a bead of precum from my glans then stretched the tape measure down my length. I was watching him and not the tape. His eyes smiled up at me as he took all of me into his mouth in one gulp. I have had a lot of guys over the past fourteen months and most of them could not suck worth a damn and until I met Dory none of them could throat me. Dory is also the only one who would let me fuck him. RJ was purring like a kitten with a bowl of warm milk as he held me deep in his mouth and nursed on me.
    "So, I take it that I'm not as big as you," I chided.
    "No Verne, the bet was head to the biggest and I bow to you. I will go on my knees to you from this day forth. You are an exact eight and one quarter inches long and you beat me in girth with five and seven eighths inches. You are my master."
    "Dude, you are sixteen and still growing. Look, you only stand what, five foot six-seven? You are at the pinnacle of your growth cycle. I am willing to bet my virgin ass that you will reach six foot tall within the next two years and that baby muscle is growing with you."
    "Virgin ass? I thought that you and Cliff..."
    "I'm the tops dude, ain't never laid down for no one." RJ looked at me with a sideways grin then he gave me one fantastic blow job that curled my toes. He played around with my anus and when I didn't stop him he pushed a finger in to press against my prostate. I bet he will think about doing that again because I almost drowned him with cum. He moved my cock all of the way in to his throat again and nursed my cream from me. He can work his mouth and tongue better than a tight boy's ass has ever worked me.
    I sat back and looked at him staring up at me with that killer smile of his. "You said that you talked to Cliff today, how?" He sat down at the table while Dory cut into the four inch thick banana meringue pie that we had purchased earlier.
    "On the telephone, doof," I wiped a fork full of meringue across his nose as he giggled like the little kid I have always loved. "Well you told me so I will tell you. You know Karl, he is Cliff's cousin. He is in my class and he and I have been having sex with each other for about two years. Cliff told him about bum fucking and we wanted to try it. He sat beside us and showed me how to do Karl and it was so great. He told me how much he likes for you to do him but he begged me not to let you know that I knew. He let me fuck him to keep me quiet, he is a good fuck, even better than Karl."
    "So are you a top or a bottom?" I don't know why I asked because it is none of my business and I regretted the question before I finished saying it. I was staring directly into his eyes and could see him moving around inside his head. I wondered if I had over stepped myself as his face took on several different changes.
    "I have saved my ass for you. Wait, don't say anything, just listen. Cliff and Karl and I have talked about this, a lot. I want it, I want it bad and when I learned why you left home I had to figure a way to tell you without dad coming unglued. Cliff calls Karl every few days and if I am there we put his cell phone on speaker phone so we can all talk. Cliff loves to hear us fuck while he jacks off. Now that you have a telephone I gave him your number, he is going to call you tomorrow, he misses you, you know?"
    I didn't know but I damn sure miss him. RJ has been fucking my man and his cousin for almost as long as I had been fucking Cliff. In fact I learned when I got to talk to Cliff that it was only a week after I spent that Halloween night that he had RJ up in him; he and Karl had been fucking each other for a year before that. Cliff had stopped by to see if Karl could take care of him and RJ was there, Karl outed everybody to everybody and the three of them did their first three way with the cousins in a sixty nine and RJ moving around to fuck one then the other until all of them were exhausted.
    I sat in wide eyed disbelief as I asked RJ for details. He got off in each of them twice before midnight when Cliff had to go home, I remember his mother's strict curfew. When Cliff got his own car and was seventeen she let him stay out until one on Friday or Saturday nights but he had to get up and go to church or she would make him come home early enough to get his sleep.
    "So when Cliff calls do you two like, you know, do each other?" My cock was so hard that I had no blood in my brain to keep my thinking straight.
    "I fuck Karl. You will see tomorrow, he is a screamer when we really get it going. I swear that he could turn on a dead saint with his moaning and yelling. He loves to get fucked and he loves my cock to do the fucking. He and Cliff do it but he wants me again afterwards. One week end you took that trip with your science class and I spent the whole week end with Karl. Cliff came over too and the three of us fucked all day Saturday until Karl's mother came home then after dinner we fucked all night long.
    "Todd, I am not shittin you, I got off nine times that day. We started with me and Karl sucking when Cliff came in. He and I sucked each other then while Karl fucked him. I got off watching them fuck while I was right there in his ass with his cock down my throat. I didn't even have to do anything but lay there. Karl fucked him like crazy while Cliff just nursed my cock. When Cliff started to cum I did too. Karl was begging to get fucked while he sucked me so they just moved around while I laid there.
    "At first I thought about where Karl's cock had been but then I didn't care. I found out that Cliff knows about bum fucks so he took a good shit then he washed himself out really well before he came over. He fucked Karl so hard that Karl's cock was like a spike in the back of my throat. Karl had his fingers up my ass and was playing with my tight little nut while he just let my cock rest deep inside his throat. He can do things with his throat muscles that just send me wild, he doesn't have to bob up and down on me like I do him; he just starts yelling and lets his throat do the work. And what his fingers can do to my butt, I go wild. I went off again moments before he blew his load into my mouth and as he was cumming Cliff was sending baby batter up his ass. Man that was so hot."
    "I guess you paid attention because I have never had anyone's mouth do what you just did to me."
    "I had to pump up and down to get you off then I nursed the rest out of you. I like it that way, I don't get so sensitive and can let him suckle me without stopping."
    I could see that; I had not wanted him to stop when he sucked me; I felt like I could have gone on to a second cum. Dory has made me cum twice and Cliff did it once. I like that and want to do it again. My phone rang so I went to the sofa and set down to answer it. "This is Karl, is Ralph over there?"
    "Yeah, let me call him...."
    "NO! I want to talk to you for a minute. Is he okay, I mean did he tell you everything?"
    "I mean like, everything?"
    "I think so, why?"
    "Are you okay with it, with him?"
    "Hey little dude, he's my brother, of course I am okay with him. No matter what." I got a real shock next.
    "Todd, this is Mrs. Hall. I had to know that RJ is okay..."
    "He calls him Ralph, mom," Karl said into the phone so I knew they were on extension phones.
    "Well, actually it was Ralphy but he is kind of grown up now so he has asked me to call him RJ. I guess that is what you call him?" I heard giggles on the other end of the phone then Mrs. Hall would have knocked my socks off had I not been naked.
    "I guess that your dad caught the boys having anal sex and he has cast RJ out the same way he did you and my sister did to Clifford. I despise those self righteous people. Anyway, Karl has been crying all night because he is worried about RJ so I told him that it is late but he won't calm down until he knows that his boyfriend is okay."
    "Let me call RJ and he can talk to Karl himself."
    "Okay but can you stay on the phone, I think that there is something that the two of them want to talk to you about." I told RJ to take the phone and I led Dory back to my bed and lay down with his cock in one hand and the telephone in the other. I listened to the two boys make small talk as if they were old time lovers. I wondered if Mrs. Hall was still on the phone then I heard her sniffle. I was embarrassed that she should hear the two horn dogs' banter, it was sexually charged.
    After several minutes of this Mrs. Hall asked me if RJ and I would meet her and Karl for breakfast at the all-you-can-eat buffett down the road from my apartment. I agreed but Karl whined that he wanted RJ to come to him or maybe he could come over to my house. I was trying to figure a way out of that when RJ spoke, plainly, too plainly with Mrs. Hall on the phone.
    "Babe, you know how much I love you and we all know how much you like for me to fuck your sweet ass. I am going to get my cherry broke tonight and, well babe, Todd already has company so could we wait until breakfast to see each other?"
    Mrs. Hall told her son that it would be best if RJ and I had the time to get to know one another and I got off of the phone to allow the boys to say goodnight then took RJ a box of tissues. He had matters in hand and offered it to me. What the hell, I really like the taste his stuff.
    I got down between his wide spread legs and took his giant cock into my mouth. I had to work at it as I have never had such a large cock in my mouth. I put a finger up his tight ass chute and listened to him moan as he told Karl what I was doing. I could hear Karl over the telephone, he is a screamer. I wondered what his mother must be thinking.
    RJ pumped me full of the best tasting cum ever, I had to compare his juice to Dory and I had no problem deciding who tasted best. I had come to really like Dory in the three weeks he had been with me but now I wondered how he would be with me and my little brother having incestuous relations.

    I pulled both boys to me and put on my grown up face. "Dory, listen to me and hear what I have to say to you. I love you. I have never loved anyone the way that I do you and I don't ever want to loose you. I hope that you can see your way clear to staying with me for a long, long time and I hope, forever. I know that you are young and that you may change your mind overtime but I will have to deal with that when, or if, it ever comes along.
    "Dory, I don't have much to offer. I don't have a good paying job and since things happened like they did then I can't go to college now but maybe I can save enough to go later. Anyway, and here's the biggy, RJ is my baby brother and I love him. Wait babe, don't cloud up on me, hear me out. I love my brother but I am in love with you. I don't know if our language barrier can get that into your head but you are the one that I want for a lover.
    "I am going to show my love to my brother and I am going to ask him to do something very special for me. My fervent hope is that you aren't upset by what I am about to say. You told me, when we first met, as long as I fuck you that you are fine. You told me that you have never topped but that you don't care about that. I think you do care.
    "Tonight I am going to share a truly remarkable experience with my brother. He has told his boyfriend that he wants me to take his cherry ass for a ride. I love him and I can't imagine anyone that deserves my ass more than he does. I want him to be the first in me too. I want you in me Dory, I really do, so if you could stand sloppy seconds..." Dory was all over me with hugs and kisses.
    "Da, I heret RJ say dat he vantz to haf you to do dis ting and I vill go und make ze cooking room clean for ze morning after tonight, da?"
    "No you won't. You are going to keep your ass right here in this bed and love your man while we learn things about which we have never experienced. Dory, I hope that I am not out of line but you love my brother, I can see how much you love him. Maybe you would let me suck your cock while he fucks you and I would be happy to have you fuck me too, after he gets me first." I can almost count the number of times that I have heard RJ say that much at one time and this was the first time that he sounded so grown up in his delivery.
    Dory and RJ crawled up on top of me to kiss the sweetest kiss I have ever watched. They moved their faces to me and the three of us took turns licking tongues. I had never experienced two tongues in my mouth at the same time and my only regret was that we couldn't get close enough for their tongues to go deeper in my mouth. Suddenly I was totally in love with two very hot sixteen year old kids.
    We had a bit of an argument but Dory had a great solution. To decide who would do what first we flipped a coin with two out of three getting bottom. To make it absolutely even I flipped the coin first and RJ called it. It came up heads, he called tails. RJ flipped it and Dory had already set tails for me and heads for RJ, it came up heads, again, we each had one so one more toss would decide. Dory flipped the coin and I called it, could heads come up three times? I didn't think so, so I called tails and was correct.
    I laid back on the bed and pulled my legs back to my chest. "Lube or spit?" RJ asked me.
    "I'm as virgin as you are so do what you want me to do for you." The little shit shocked me as he dove into my crack face first. I am going to see to it that Dory takes lesson in how to eat an ass from my little brother. He had some of Cliff's technique but he was a lot better. I could lay like that all night long.
    I pulled at Dory to kiss me, but he had his face in RJ's business. He told me that he, "vas lernting vat to do". I had to hug a pillow, RJ gave me the best ass chewing of my life. Next he had his fingers do the walking and he walked all over my prostate. I could not help myself, I screamed for someone to suck my cock. RJ was ready for that and I filled his mouth but he shared with Dory, which made me feel real good. I hope there is no jealousy and that Dory does not worry about the incest.

    Dory is a runaway. His father abused him and he went to live with an uncle who also abused him. By the time he turned sixteen he enjoyed being a bottom boy but he did not want to be bottom to his own family. The age of consent in Pennsylvania is sixteen. Dory turned both men in to the law. He told a school counselor of the abuse when he was fourteen and then the week before he was sixteen he turned his uncle in to a passing police car. He was naked in the front yard as his drunken uncle stood naked on the front porch yelling at him to get back in bed. I wonder if the two brothers are sharing a cell at the state prison or if they have their own boyfriends.
    Dory went to a shelter, but his attorney helped him apply to be emancipated rather than to go into the foster home program-which, at his age, he could walk away from. Dory has a large trust fund from his maternal grandfather and is entirely self sufficient. He will go before a judge this next week to learn the outcome of his petition.
    I don't want him being upset about RJ and me or to allow him to start thinking of what he had to endure for so many years. I couldn't dwell on that because my brother had lined his monster cock up to my ass for some abuse of his own. Fuck, did that boy abuse me. Cliff always liked me to go up in him and so does Dory so I had to suck it up, so to speak. Actually, what I have heard so many of my young partners tell me, during my nineteen months of life on my own, once it is in and you relax, it becomes pure pleasure. I was anxious for the pleasure.

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