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By Lee Mariner

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Family re-unions can be great fun. It was sometime in mid-March that I received an e-mail from a long lost cousin, notifying me that she was trying to organize a reunion of the family for some time in August. She stated August would be when most vacations would be completed and it would be before school started in September. My family had never held a re-union, and to be honest, it was exciting to think about seeing cousins that I hadn't seen since our teen years.

My three younger brothers and sister were pretty well spread out between Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Ohio and me in Virginia. Our cousins were scattered from Texas to Florida and a few lived in states in-between. When I called Helen, the youngest of my cousins for additional information, I mentioned this to her, and she said she had already contacted the oldest of our cousins in each branch of the family, and they would take care of getting everyone together. The elders of the family were pretty much living in the same areas as their offspring, and wouldn't be a problem. Getting everyone together would be the bigger problem.

It took several weeks of telephone calling and e-mailing before the date was set as the second Saturday in August; and Helen had taken it upon herself to make motel arrangements for those that would not be bunking with local relatives.

The re-union would be held on the grounds of a local swimming club, where Barbara Anne, one of the younger cousins who lived locally, was a member. She managed to wheedle the recreational facilities and clubroom, with bar and kitchen, from the clubs Board of Managers at a decent rental fee for the re-union. Barbara Anne didn't mention it at the time, but we later found out that the fee was to be paid by a general collection when everyone was pretty well mellowed out. When this happened, I smelled the hand of her husband, Pete. Pete could have easily absorbed the cost, but he was known for being a cheapskate amongst his family and friends.

My youngest brother, Edward, my favorite sibling, insisted that I stay with him and his family instead of a motel. When I asked where Deb and Douglas, our other two siblings would be staying, he told me they had made advance reservations and would be staying at the recently opened Savannah Suites off of Springfield Pike.

I continued to decline his offer, but Eddie was not to be put off, regardless of my reasons for not wanting to cause him any trouble with Deb and Douglas. He promptly said, "Look, Bro, you let me worry about them, it won't be the first time they were pissed with me; but, you know as well as I do that if you don't stay here with us while you are in town, Jeff will have a fit. So you may just as well make up your mind that is what you are going to do."

Jeff was Eddie's son, and like his father, he was my favorite. He was the youngest of my nephews and in many ways he was like his father when he was younger. He had thick dark brown hair, haunting hazel eyes, inherited good looks, and it was obvious from his sturdy frame that he was not destined to be a ninety-pound weakling. It didn't surprise me at all when Eddie told me that he had bought a Nautilus Home Gym for the two of them to work out on; and if Jeff had his father's determination and stick-to-it-ness, he would improve his physique.

Eddie had taken up bodybuilding with some of his buddies when he was in high school and he soon got into wrestling and football. With the help of his coaches and his stubborn perseverance he developed a magnificently muscled body of which he was justifiably proud, and more so after joining the Marines.

I knew guys that would drool and pant with desire to get in bed with a nineteen year old Adonis, as well endowed as Eddie was at that age. I was sure that Jeff, under Eddie's tutelage, would do no less well than his father had, and I had to admit that I was anxious to see the results.

Jeff was eight years old when I was transferred to The San Diego Recruit Training Center for duty as a personnel classifier. After a two-year involvement in the training of recruits, I was assigned sea duty on board a new class of ship, the USS Thor, a stateside and trans-oceanic cable layer based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I had considered taking en-route leave, stopping off to see Eddie and the family for a few days. However, as it was only two weeks or so after the holidays, the kids would be returning to school, therefore we wouldn't have had much to visit, nor could we have done very much together in a short time. I opted to report for duty and save that leave time for later.


It was after I had finished my sea tour and had been assigned to shore duty with the ComServLant Staff on the Naval Operating Base in Norfolk, Virginia, that I saw my youngest brother and his family.

Being gay and putting little faith in the governments policy of 'don't ask, don't tell', I had taken a two-bedroom apartment in the city rather than living on base in the barracks. It gave me more freedom and lessened the possibility of something untoward happening, although there was always the chance that I might meet someone from the base. I had protected my career by not being overly promiscuous or excessively frequenting gay bars. The reviewing of courts-martial's involving men that had been discovered in sexually compromising activities in gay hangouts, public restrooms, or public parks was more than sufficient enough to discourage any involvement in such dangerous areas. There was a certain safety in the anonymity of wearing civilian clothes, but discretion overrode the need for physical relief that might result in ending a military career.

Late on a mid-summer evening in June, right after my birthday, my phone rang; it was Eddie calling from a tourist information center, located in Commodore Acres, just off of Interstate Sixty-Four. They were lost, but that did not surprise me, Eddie would get lost in a paper bag. Instead of giving them directions, I told them to stay put and I would drive out. It took me twenty-minutes to reach the information center, and when I drove onto the parking lot, a beautiful fourteen-year old young lady came running toward me, followed by a handsome twelve-year old lad. A feeling of love swept over me as they drew nearer. I couldn't help but feel both sorrow and compassion for those that didn't have such a beautiful niece or and equally handsome nephew. Kelly, Jeff's sister was blossoming into an extremely attractive, well-developed young lady, and Jeff was probably one hundred or so pounds of solid muscle. His shoulders had broadened, and when he flung his arms around me, I could feel the latent power lurking in the adolescent strength of his arms, as we hugged. Jeff was tall for a twelve year old, but then, most of the men in our family were tall. I was six-foot one inch, and the top of his head reached my chin.

Eddie, like me, was not much of a writer and it was Karen, his wife, who would write and send me pictures of the kids; so I could keep track of their development, as they grew older. From what I saw as they bounded toward me, Kelly was, in all respects, her mother's daughter and with Jeff standing beside Eddie, there was no mistaking their relationship or in the considerable improvement in Jeff's physical development.

They spent an event packed week with me. Karen more or less assumed kitchen duties for what few times we didn't go out for breakfast or dinner. Eddie and Karen were using the second bedroom and Kelly used the smaller bedroom, where she spent considerable time when we were not out exploring. Jeff was assigned the hide-a-bed in the living room. I didn't really pay any attention to it at first, but it seems Jeff had voluntarily assumed the duties of being my alarm clock each morning, and thereafter, he was not very far away. Once or twice, for some inane reason, he would pop into my bedroom when I was dressing, but fortunately, he never caught me in less than a presentable state of dress. I was not always completely dressed but there was nothing he could have seen that could be considered compromising. I wasn't exactly sure if a twelve-year old boy seeing his uncle naked would be considered pedophilia, or that he would inadvertently say something that could be embarrassing regardless of how innocent, or be taken out of context. I didn't see any reason to chance it.

We visited the local Zoo that was nationally recognized for its excellence in animal husbandry, a few of the other historical tourist sights, and I took them on the mandatory naval base tour to see the ships. Eddie was just as bad as Jeff, exclaiming over or asking about each ship and what its functions were, how many guns were on board, where did it go, on and on. Karen and Kelly were for the most part, only along for the ride. Both Jeff and Kelly wanted to visit Busch Gardens located outside of Williamsburg, but Eddie and Karen wanted to see the MacArthur Memorial, and that took precedence of what the kids wanted. After we were there they all became interested in the two floors of exhibits and the outlying building, housing a theatre and the general's 1950 Cadillac limousine. Both kids seemed to enjoy themselves, but Eddie in particular, being an ex-mariner, lingered longer over the historic displays of military equipment, battle scenes and locations, along with their histories.

When our week together came to an end, they left to meet up with Karen's family, who were vacationing in a rented cottage located in Duck on the Outer Banks of N.C.

It was only a few months after their visit that, I completed my twenty years of service and retired from the Navy. It was a little over a year later that I received Helen's unexpected e-mail and that I called her about the re-union.


The trip home usually takes a little over eleven hours, but I stopped driving straight through, especially when there was no urgent reason. The Marriott in Huntington, W. Virginia made a good halfway stopping point. I had stayed there frequently during my trips.

After checking in, I called, Eddie to let him know where I was, and what time I expected to be at his home. When he answered the telephone, and heard it was me, he said, "Deb just called a few minutes ago from her motel, and asked about you."

"Did you tell her that I would be staying with you?" I asked.

"She already knew, and so does Doug, so there is no reason to be worrying your ass over nothing," he answered.

I've always thought my other brother and sister, were not comfortable with my being gay but there was nothing that I could do about that. It was there problem.

"And Jeff and Kelly?"

"They are excited about your coming home," Eddie answered. "Jeff is all excited, and couldn't understand why you didn't come in tonight. Kelly is too but she is entering that teen aged stage where boys take precedence over everything else, and it's hard to tell where her mind is."

"That's not really that unusual, Eddie," I said chuckling audibly. "I can remember a teenager who was pretty much the same way where girls were concerned."

"And, he stayed horny," Eddie replied, chuckling along with me. "You have a safe trip on in tomorrow."

"I will, see you about noon."


The remainder of the trip was uneventful, partly because it was a Saturday morning. The temperature had been hovering around seventy degrees when I left the motel, but by the time I parked four hours later in front of Eddies garage, it was in the upper eighties.

"Man, it's going to be a sure enough August scorcher," I thought to myself, as I got out of the Isuzu. Ohio weather conditions can be a real bastard in August and September, and it was one of the reasons I stayed on the coast after retiring from the Navy. Dad had told me there wasn't much work, unless I wanted to do manual labor in one of the local factories, and if I didn't, I should find something where I was. It was another subtle way of telling me he still did not approve of my gay lifestyle. I found a job with a national finance firm.

Extracting my luggage, I started toward the side entrance when the storm door was suddenly flung open and a dark haired bundle of energy emerged running down the sidewalk and crying out, "Uncle Kevin."

I barely had time to drop my bags before Jeff encircled me with arms that felt like steel bands squeezing the air from my lungs. "Damn, Jeff, your going to break my ribs," I gasped, managing to push him back a little.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Kevin," Jeff said stepping back as he released me.

Inhaling deeply several times to re-inflate my lungs, and recover from the pressure of his vice like embrace, I saw Eddie coming toward us smiling broadly. "He has been checking the clock every five minutes ever since I told him you would be here around noon," he said as he drew closer.

"I have not Uncle Kevin, don't believe him, Dad's just exaggerating. I've only looked a couple of times," Jeff said defensively, lowering his eyes and blushing slightly.

"Well, maybe not every five minutes, but often enough," Eddie replied, grinning and glancing at Jeff as he extended his hand, saying, "It's good to see you."

"You to, both of you," I responded, rubbing my ribs and grinning at Jeff.

I couldn't help noticing the twinkle in his eyes as he apologized again, "I'm sorry Uncle Kevin, I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I'll remember that the next time I come home," I said, breathing in deeply.

"Jeff, get your uncle's bags and take them to his bedroom," Eddie ordered as we turned toward the house.

"Still a marine," I commented casually, taking note of Jeff's rippling muscles as he retrieved my bags.

"Always will be, Bro," he replied, as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, steering me toward the side patio entrance where Karen and Kelly were waiting.

The greetings were warm and affectionate. Kelly was becoming a very attractive young lady, and when I complimented her she protested and blushed appropriately. Jeff squeezed past us and Eddie held the storm door to assist him in going inside with my luggage.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in convivial conversation over a light lunch and drinks afterwards. Everyone joined in, asking the usual questions in a generally futile attempt to cover in only a few hours, the events of years past since their visit. With the exception of a pronounced and pleasant change in her physical attributes, Kelly had not changed very much. She was not an affluent conversationalist, and after a socially acceptable period, she excused herself, and retreated to her private domain ... her bedroom. Karen busied herself cleaning the kitchen while Eddie and I talking about the re-union and who might be there, but otherwise nothing in particular as we both enjoyed a bourbon and branch water.

I noticed that while Eddie and I were talking, Jeff seemed to be listening intently. Every now and then when I glanced in his direction, he would quickly avert his eyes. I could not help but think that he was the fly in an erotic ointment; and deliberately or not, nephew or not, his sitting across the room less than eight feet away with his legs spread invitingly, and right in my direct line of sight, was not helping my mental composure. He was drinking an iced tea and except for an occasional comment or question about who was who, he listened to us talk, his hazel eyes shifting back and forth between us. I couldn't help but notice a sly impish grin playing at the corners of his mouth when every now and then his hand, seemingly absentmindedly, would drop into his groin, and he would seemingly absentmindedly grope the obviously generous package that rested between his legs. He was almost fifteen years old but he had improved his physique to the level of an eighteen or nineteen year old, and his equipment had probably improved considerably since I had seen him as a twelve year old.

He was wearing a white tank top and black denim cut off shorts. The summer had burnished his skin to a reddish copper tone, and the fine hair on his forearms and legs were sun-bleached blonde along with lightening his thick dark brown locks, leaving not unattractive streaks of spun gold. His shoulders had broadened considerably; the muscles of his arms were lean and hid the bone crunching power that I had experienced when I had arrived. Every breath he took enhanced the sculpted definition of his broadening chest and the hard ripped muscles of his abdomen. His waist and hips were small, and a slight indentation in the center of his flat lower abdomen indicated he had an inverted naval. "A sensitive spot," I thought to myself as I discreetly evaluated Jeff's physical attributes, while talking with Eddie about the re-union. I was gazing at, but not obviously, Jeff's leanly muscled thighs; beautifully proportioned calves and probably size eight sneakers he was wearing. Exerting all of my will power had only prevented me from being completely aroused, and I was thankful that I was wearing jockstrap style briefs that partially concealed the stirring and swelling of my cock.

"Oh, Jesus," I moaned inwardly, jerking my eyes away from Jeff, and lifting my glass to my lips as I asked myself, "I can't be so fucking horny that I'm in heat over my nephew?"

No answer was forthcoming at that moment. A comment from Eddie brought me back to reality, even though for a second I thought Jeff was looking at me with a soft glint in his hazel eyes; his succulent lips parting slightly to reveal the pink tip of his tongue moving sensually over the inner portion of his upper lip.

"Doug and Deb should be here about seven thirty, and we are going to Johnson's Inn for dinner."

"Hey, that sounds good to me," I responded as I drained my drink, and stood up. "That should give me plenty of time to clean up."


Dinner with my other brother and sister was the usual family affair. The inane but seemingly expected questions and even more inane answers covering the more mundane aspects of our lives in separate parts of the country. They all knew I was gay, but being the oldest demanded a certain amount of grudging respect, and their comments and questions only occasionally flirted with that part of my life. I sensed the disapproval of Deb and Doug and even though they had never brought the subject up for discussion, I didn't believe it was my place to bring it up, and I went with the old say, 'let sleeping dogs lie'. Karen, Eddie and I, on the other hand, had discussed my homosexuality, and while they, like so many others, expressed a lack of knowledge about the why and wherefore of being gay, it didn't diminish their feelings for me.

I could see the kids squirming with boredom during the dinner, and while it wasn't shown out right, it was obvious that everyone was relieved when the dinner was over. Promises were made to meet at the re-union, and with the exception of having seen Eddie, Karen and the kids; I felt a twinge of regret at having made the trip.

The next day was filled with meeting cousins, great uncles and aunts that hadn't been seen in years. Kids of various ages and descriptions were underfoot, and teenagers tried with little success to not show their boredom. I asked Deb and Doug why their off spring were not at the re-union, and received a curt answer from both that they were getting ready for college and didn't have the time to spare. "Typical," I thought to myself.

My dad had joined us, and the coolness was evident when he shook my hand with a curt, "you're looking pretty good." Before I could reply, he dropped my hand and turned to his sister, Virginia, my oldest aunt.

Jeff was close by talking with one of his cousins; Eddie was involved in conversation with a cousin from the hills of Kentucky whom I knew nothing about. Most of the clan seemed to be involved either in eating in small groups, chasing children or standing in corners drinking the provided bottled beer.

Boredom had set in full tilt, and I was trying to think of a way that I could evaporate and continue with my plans to visit Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a few days on my way home. I had visited there several times before, and on those trips, I had discovered an active gay life that had proven to be very exciting.

Inhaling deeply, I extracted a cold beer from one of several ice filled washtubs, and started to walk toward one of the doors when I heard, "Are you okay, Unc?"

While I was commiserating with myself, Jeff had slipped up behind me. "Yes...yes, I'm fine," I answered quickly, recovering from being unexpectedly startled, I turned to face him, "I was going outside for some fresh air."

"Can I come with you?" he asked.

"I'm sure that you 'can' Jeff, but whether you may or not would be the better question," I answered, teasing him on his incorrect English.

"Yeah, I know," he answered blushing beet red. "Mom fusses with me the same way you do."

"It hasn't sunk in, has it?" I queried, placing my arm around his shoulders and hugging him to me as we continued toward the door leading outside.

His bicep muscles tensed under my fingers and then relaxed as I gently pulled him to me. It felt as if his body was melding with mine when he slipped his arm around my waist and unabashedly stroking my rib cage as he returned my hug.

"I'm almost as tall as you, Uncle Kev," he said as we approached several picnic benches that surrounded kiddy playground equipment, and we dropped our arms.

"Yes, you are," I replied, turning my head to look at him. His soft lips were almost aligned with mine, and the urge to kiss him was almost overpowering. Swallowing the excessive saliva that had collected in my mouth, I inhaled quickly to calm myself, and said, "Give it a couple of more years and you might be as tall. Most of the men in our family are tall," I continued, calming down and breathing a little easier as I spoke. "It probably has something to do with the genes."

"Yeah, that's what Dad says," he replied as I placed my hand in the middle of his back, feeling his muscles rippling as I maneuvered him in the direction of an outdoor kids merry-go-round where we could sit.

"He's probably right, Jeff," I continued, as we sat down. "Your grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather were big men."

"Yeah," he replied enthusiastically, turning as we sat down, facing me and grinning with a golden glint in the depths of his eyes. "Dad told me about them, and he said all of the McKay men were big."

"Yeah, they were and still are, Jeff," I said, detecting a play on words, but averting the hidden challenge to continue the game, not sure if I was totally right in my suspicions.

A heavy silence fell between us, and taking a couple of deep swallows from the by now lukewarm bottle, I was about to ask him if he would get me another when he inhaled deeply, and I hesitated.

"Uncle Kevin, how long will you be home this time?"

I hadn't expected the question, and I hesitated for several seconds before answering. "I don't really know, Jeff, I haven't made up my mind," I answered, succumbing to the temptation to play with fire and tease him. "You don't want me to leave now, or do you?"

"Shit, no!" he exclaimed loudly, suddenly clapping his hand over his mouth and looking around wide-eyed to see if he had been overheard using the wrong word.

He sat with his head down, breathing heavier than normal for several seconds, and I suspected he was anticipating a reprimand from me for cursing. Chuckling softly, I placed my hand on his bare knee, and said, "You let it slip big time, didn't you?"

"Yeah," he answered softly. "Dad gives me a dirty look when I say something wrong, but, Mom would wait until we were home, and then she would have a hizzy fit."

"Hizzy Fit?" I asked, curious as to what he meant.

"Yeah, she gets really mad, and complains that I've gotten to big for a spanking, but she'll restrict me from playing b-ball or swimming with Tommy and the other guys, until she cools off," he responded, smiling as he spoke.

"You and Tommy still friends?"

"Oh, yeah. Tommy is like a brother, we do almost everything together."

"Is his dad still teaching at your school?" I asked, remembering Tommy's father and how hot looking he was. Built like a brick shit house, handsome and from what I had seen when we were standing at the piss trough at the American Legion Post, he was well endowed. At the time, and from the inquisitive way he looked at me as he shook and milked his cock, the thought that he might be willing to be seduced, crossed my mind. At the same time, the thought that dogs 'don't shit where they eat', crossed my mind, and prudence overshadowed stupidity.

"Mr. Baxter? Yeah, he's still there, but maybe not for long," Jeff said. "Tommy told me that the school board wants to transfer him to Mixon High as the assistant principal."

"They probably need him there, Jeff, but it shouldn't effect Tommy."

"He was worried it might, but I think you're right," Jeff said, a note of hesitation in his voice before he continued. "Uncle Kevin, you didn't tell me how long you staying."

"Right, we got off on something else," I said. "Unless your dad kicks me out, I think I'll be leaving on Monday morning."

"That soon?" He asked, spinning on the stainless steel metal of the merry-go-round to face me.

"I'm afraid so, Jeff. I only took a week off to be here for the re-union, and I've got to be back next Friday so I can be at work on Monday."

"But...but," he started hesitating slightly, searching for words. "You said your leaving on Monday, Uncle Kevin, and that gives you a whole week to get home."

"I know that, but I'm going to drive south to Gatlinburg for a visit, and then on home from there," I said. "Besides, your dad told me that you guys are going to North Carolina for a visit with your mother's family."

"Yeah, we are," he answered with a definite note of dejection in his voice. "Mom's sister, Uncle John, the two girls and Grandma are leaving early to get the cottage ready for when we get there, and some other relatives of Uncle John's who are supposed to be there."

"It sounds like you guys will have fun." I said, glancing up and seeing Eddie walking toward us.

"It might be if there was going to be anyone there for me to hang with," Jeff answered before seeing Eddie.

"I told you that you could invite Tommy to go with us, Son," Eddie said in an exasperated tone, and looking at me as he continued speaking, "Is he telling you all about his woes of being alone, and our trip to the Outer Banks?"

I started to speak when Jeff interrupted, "I asked Tommy, and he can't go Dad," he said in an almost mournful tone. "Tommy and his family are leaving for Canada on Sunday after church. His dad said he had to go with them, and that leaves me stuck with two female cousins and Kelly for a whole two weeks."

"That is the way the ball bounces, kiddo," Eddie replied, grinning and winking at me.

"Maybe not completely, Eddie," I said smiling and winking at Jeff as an audacious idea popped into my head. "If you and Karen agree, why not let Jeff go with me to Gatlinburg. We can hang out together while you guys are traveling, and when you guys reach the cottage, you can call me, and we can meet up with you. That way he will be out of your hair for at least one of the two weeks or however long you're going to be there."

Eddie stood looking at me, flabbergasted, and Jeff's eyes lit up with excitement. It was as if they both were suspended somewhere in outer space, as the incredible reality of what I was suggesting sank in. I was at a loss myself, concerned that I had stepped on someone's toes, and was on the verge of pooh poohing the idea when both Eddie and Jeff started to speak at the same time.

Eddie gave Jeff a torrid glance, rendering him speechless, his mouth momentarily hanging open as Eddie spoke to me.

"Are you sure you know what you are saying, Kev? You really want to take on this bundle of energy for an entire week?"

"Yes, I do, and yes, Eddie." I answered. "He's already been to the Outer Banks with you guys on earlier trips, and if you allow him to go with me, he will get to see something different. Besides, " I exclaimed, breathing in deeply. "It will be fun having Jeff along instead of traveling alone."

"Dad...," Jeff wailed, fidgeting with excitement and dying to say something. "Let me go with Uncle Kevin, please. I promise I won't be any trouble."

"I...I..., don't know, Kev," Eddie started to say and then looking at Jeff, changed quickly. "Go on inside, Jeff, your mother was wondering where you were at. I told her that you were probably pestering your uncle."

"Yes, sir," Jeff answered, his shoulders sagging as he walked away.

"He is big for fifteen, Eddie," I said admiringly as Jeff walked away.

"Almost fifteen," Eddie answered. "And yes, he is but, you need to think about taking him with you, Kev. He can be pretty rambunctious."

"Unh huh," I mumbled audibly and thinking out loud. "If I remember correctly, there was another teenager in the family that was pretty much the same way. He was a little hardheaded, had a temper, and inclined to pretty much do, as he wanted. You wouldn't know who he was would you?"

Visions of Eddie as a teenager flashed through my head, and the usual ridiculous pranks and trouble that most teenagers get into. Eddie solved his independent streak and curtailed his temper by joining the Marine Corps when he turned eighteen. But for Viet Nam and a tour of security duty in Cuba, with the possibility of another tour in Viet Nam, he probably would have made the marines his career.

"You know how to push the right buttons, don't you?" he responded, grinning broadly with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Not always, Ed, but Jeff is your son and my favorite nephew. He is in so many ways the same as you when you were his age, and in some small way, I see a little of me in him. He is almost at the same point as you and I were, and feeling his oats. I joined the Navy; you joined the Marine Corps, to get away and on our own. You can't keep Jeff on a short leash Ed or he will balk. He is at the age when he has to learn who he is, but above all of that he needs to know that you and Karen trust him."

"The 'feeling his oats' is what worries me, Kev; he doesn't have an older brother to talk with or show him what's what. Him and Tommy hang with each other, and I'm sure they have experimented but that's not the same really," Eddie said, breathing in deeply before he continued talking. "I've talked with him about the birds and bees, but he is a healthy, virile, good looking boy and more than one girl calls him in the evenings."

"You've done all that you can do, Eddie," I said softly, placing my hand on his shoulder and squeezing gently. "The rest is up to him. The two of you have trained him, and I don't think you need to worry about what he will or will not do."

"Damn, Kev. That sounds just like something that the Old Man would say." Eddie exclaimed as we walked back to rejoin the others.

"He did, several times," I replied, thinking back to the day when our father had sat on the porch swing with me explaining the difference between boys and girls.


Eddie looked at me askance as we walked into the clubroom. Jeff was sitting next to his mother talking and waving his hands at the same time. "When did you tell your nephew you were leaving?" He asked as I bumped into him.

"Monday morning or maybe after church Sunday. Why?" I replied.

"That will give him time to pack." Eddie said, nodding in the direction to where Jeff and Karen were sitting. "She has a hard time saying no even though at times she seems like a real hard case. Jeff can charm her when he wants something, and right now she is putty in his hands."

I had to admit that Jeff had more charisma than an awful lot of people that I had known, and he knew how to use it to his advantage. I had never seen him using the ability to charm others maliciously, and I was pretty sure he knew better than try it with me.

Karen glanced at Eddie and then smiled at me, "You do enjoy living dangerously, don't you, Kevin?" She asked.

"Not really, but I think I know why you ask, and I can handle it," I answered, glancing past her shoulder at Jeff who was smiling like a Cheshire cat. "Do you really think he will be that difficult?"

Turning to look in the direction that I was looking, she laughed melodically as she replied, "No, not with you he won't be."

"Thanks, Mom," Jeff exclaimed, leaning forward and hugging Karen tightly.

That pretty much settled the issue. Jeff would be with me on the remainder of my trip, and we would eventually meet up with his parents in North Carolina.

Everyone pitched in to help clean up the swimming clubs facilities, and slowly the crowd diminished as less inclined cleanup people slipped out. Dad left with his older brother and his wife, ostensibly to visit with each other at Uncle Curt's home, but Eddie and I were pretty sure they would be going to Lichtys located in Glendale on Springfield Pike. It was one of their hangouts when they were younger, and they were a lot more comfortable mingling with people that they had known most of their lives.

We dropped Jeff off at Tommy's, and I had a pretty good idea what he would be telling him. Kelly excused herself and went to her room, as was her wont to do. Eddie, Karen and I indulged ourselves with a bottle of good Chardonnay before retiring.

It was a little after eleven o'clock when, after undressing, I was starting to remove my briefs to get into bed when there was a light scratching at the door and then Jeff came inside.

"I'm sorry Uncle Kevin, I didn't think you would be in bed."

"Just getting ready, Kiddo, what's up?" I asked, a little self-conscious at being almost naked.

"Noth...nothing really," he stammered nervously as he moved toward me. "I...I just wanted to thank you for taking me with you, and getting mom and dad to go along with it."

"You should be thanking yourself, you did most of it, not me." I replied gazing at him intently, and watching the way his eyes moved as he looked at me.

"Uncle Kevin, can...can," he started to say and then he stopped, looking past me out the window into the darkness.

He didn't know what to do with his hands, and I could see he was embarrassed and struggling with what I had a hunch he wanted to say, except he didn't know how to say it.

"Can you what, Jeff," I said softly moving a step closer to him.

"I...I want to hug you," he said, moving quickly to wrap his arms around me, squeezing us tightly together.

I felt the rapid beating of his heart and the quickness of his breathing as he held me. After a few seconds, I responded by slipping my arms around him and locking my fingers behind his broad back. He surprised me by kissing my cheek and whispering, "I love you Uncle Kevin."

I felt my resolve slowly melting and a fire kindling in my groin as we stood holding each other. The touch of his lips sent a bolt akin to electricity rushing into my loins. I knew what the inevitable result would be if I didn't break it off quickly or risk succumbing to the surge of desire building in my loins. Breathing in deeply, I released my hold around him, and said, "I love you Jeff, but its late, and we had better get some sleep if you want to leave after church tomorrow."

"Yes, Sir," he said meekly, dropping his arms and moving toward the partially open door. Hesitating for a moment, he looked at me his eyes glowing in the soft subdued night-light. As he went out the door, he said, "I'll be ready."

I couldn't help but wonder if I would be, I thought as my briefs dropped to the floor releasing my aching cock. Kicking the briefs to the side, I went into the bathroom and "spanked the monkey" thinking, "It's been a hell of a re-union."